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 [ C'-Ch Ci-Co Cœ-Cr Cu-Cy
 Titre     ( HK -  Tous )     (  Fr. - Int. ) Année   Réalisateur(s)
 Ca branle dans les bambous   (Blind Boxer) 1972 Cheung Sam
 Cabbie, The 2000 Chen Yi Wen , Cheung Wa Kwan
 Cabin By The Lake 2000 Leong Po Chih
 Cadet In Love's Battle, A 1953 Cheung Wai Gwong
 Cadets On The Beat 1986 Wong Wah Kai
 Cafe. Waiting. Love 2014 Chiang Chin Lin
 Caged Beauties 1992 Yuan Ching Lee
 Cageman 1992 Jacob Cheung Chi Leung
 Caïd de Chinatown, Le   (Chinatown Kid) 1977 Chang Cheh
 Caïd de Shanghaï, Le   (Hero) 1997 Corey Yuen Kwai
 Cala, My Dog ! 2003 Lu Xuechang
 Calamity Of Money, The 1924 Lo Gaau Fai
 Calamity Of Snakes 1983 William Cheung Kei
 Calendar Girl 1959 Doe Chin
 Call For Love 2007 Zhang Jianya
 Call Girl 92 1992 Andy Chin Wing Keung
 Call girls   (Call Girls, The) 1977 Ching Gong
 Call Girls, The 1973 Patrick Lung Kong
 Call Me Brother 2000 Szeto Ying Kit
 Call Of The Sea 1965 Lo Wei
 Call To Arms 1973 San Kong
 Calmi Cuori Appassionati 2001 Isamu Nakae
 Cameroun Connection 1985 Alphonse Béni
 Camille 1950 Wan Hoi Ching
 Camille 1955 Evan Yang
 Camille's Tears 1951
 Camouflage 2000 Ng Kwok Shun
 Camp 731   (Men Behind The Sun) 1989 He Chi Chiang
 Camps d'amour pour chiens jaunes   (Bamboo House Of Dolls, The) 1973 Kuei Chih Hung
 Candlelight's Woman 1995 Richard Yeung Kuen
 Caning 1979 Wong Man (5) , Wu Fung
 Cannonball 1976 Paul Bartel
 Cannonball II   (Cannonball Run II) 1984 Hal Needham
 Canonnière du Yang-Tsé, La   (Sand Pebbles) 1966 Robert Wise
 Can't Stop The War 1982 Yue Ham Ping
 Cantonese Song Revue 1933
 Caper 1986 Allan Fung Yi Ching
 Captain And I, The 1981
 Captive 1972 Lee Ying (5)
 Carp Spirit, The 1958 Wong Hok Sing
 Carpooling Shock 2013 Zhang Li (3)
 Carry On Bangkok 1977 Luk Bong
 Carry On Con Men 1975 Wong Fung (2)
 Carry On Dancing 1988 Kam Kwok Leung , Leong Po Chih
 Carry On Doctors And Nurses 1985 Anthony Chan Yau
 Carry On Hotel 1988 Jeff Lau Chun Wai
 Carry On Pickpocket 1982 Sammo Hung Kam Bo
 Carry On Police 1982 Wong Wah Kai
 Carry On Wise Guy 1981 Lau Kar Wing
 Carry On Yakuza 1989 Philip Chan Yan Kin
 Cascadeur Chinois, Le   (Chinese Stuntman, The) 1984 Bruce Li Siu Lung
 Case Of Misadventure, A 2002
 Case of 'Missing Corpse', The 1960 Fung Fung
 Case Of The Blood Stain, The 1957 Law Chi Hung
 Case Of The Cold Fish, The 1995 Jamie Luk Kim Ming
 Case Of The Female Corpse, The 1959 Chow See Luk
 Case Of The Spirit Of Banana, The 1994 Chow Cheung
 Case Of The Wedding Night Twin-Corpse, The 1934 Sek Yau Yue
 Cash On Delivery 1992 Terry Tong Gei Ming
 Casino 1998 Billy Tang Hin Sing
 Casino Raiders 1989 Jimmy Heung Wa Sing , Wong Jing
 Casino Raiders 2 1991 Johnnie To Kei Fung
 Casino Tycoon 1992 Wong Jing
 Casino Tycoon 2 1992 Wong Jing
 Casino, The 1972 Cheung Chang Chak
 Casino, The 1981 Ching Gong
 Casse du Siècle, Le   (Easy Money) 1987 Stephen Shin Gei Yin
 Casseur de tête chinois, Le   (Bamboo Brotherhood) 1974 Yau Goon Yan (2)
 Cast Aside The Beloved One 1949 Mok Hong See
 Cast Love 1970 Lee Siu Hung (3)
 Cat And Mouse 2003 Gordon Chan Kar Shan
 Cat Vs. Rat 1982 Lau Kar Leung
 Catch 2006 Chen Yin Jung
 Catch Me Now 2008
 Catching Monkey 3D 2013 Tsui Hark
 Catching Murderer Overseas 2003 Ng Kwok Hao
 Catman In Boxer's Blow 1993 Godfrey Ho Chi Keung
 Catman In Lethal Track 1990 Godfrey Ho Chi Keung
 Caught In the Act 1957 Ng Wui
 Caught In The Web 2012 Chen Kaige
 Cause To Kill, A 1970 Mitsuo Murayama
 Cause We Are So Young 1997 Vincent Kok Tak Chiu
 Cave Of The Silken Web 1967 Ho Meng Hua
 Ceinture noire   (Black Belt Karate) 1977
 Ceintures rouges contre dragon blanc   (18 Secrets Of Kung Fu) 1980 Chan Hung Man
 Cell Phone 2003 Feng Xiaogang
 Cendres du temps Redux, Les   (Ashes Of Time Redux) 2008 Wong Kar Wai
 Cendres du temps, Les   (Ashes Of Time) 1994 Wong Kar Wai
 Center Stage 1992 Stanley Kwan Kam Pang
 Centipede Horror 1982 Keith Li Baak Ling
 Century Hero 1999 Si Gaai Keung
 Century Of The Dragon 1999 Clarence Ford
 Cercle de fer   (Circle Of Iron) 1978 Richard Moore
 Cerf-volant bleu, Le 1994 Tian Zhuang Zhuang
 Certain Romance, A 1984 Yon Fan
 C'est La Vie, Mon Cheri 1993 Derek Yee Tung Sing
 Chacun son cinéma 2007 Theo Angelopoulos, Olivier Assayas , Bille August, Jane Campion, Youssef Chahine, Chen Kaige , Michael Cimino , Ethan Coen, Joel Coen , David Cronenberg , Jean-Pierre Dardenne, Luc Dardenne, Manoel De Oliveira, Raymond Depardon, Atom Egoyan, Amos Gitai, Alejandro González Iñárritu, Hou Hsiao Hsien , Aki Kaurismäki, Abbas Kiarostami, Kitano Takeshi , Andrei Konchalovsky, Claude Lelouch, Ken Loach, Nanni Moretti, Roman Polanski, Raoul Ruiz, Walter Salles , Elia Suleiman, Tsai Ming Liang , Gus Van Sant , Lars Von Trier, Wim Wenders , Wong Kar Wai , Zhang Yimou
 Chain Murder 1962
 Chaîne infernale du Ka-Tang, La   (One By One) 1973
 Chair, The 1997 Zhang Tie Lin
 Challenge 1997
 Challenge du dragon, Le   (Challenge Of The Dragon) 1974 Ngai Hoi Fung
 Challenge Of Chasing Girls 1984 Joe Cheung Tung Cho
 Challenge Of The Gamesters 1981 Wong Jing
 Challenge Of The Lady Ninja 1983 Lee Tso Nam
 Challenge, The 1969 Lee Ying (2)
 Challenger, The 1979 Eric Tsang Chi Wai
 Chameleon, The 1965 Chan Jing Boh
 Champ Against Champ 1979 Godfrey Ho Chi Keung
 Champion Beauty And The Oil Vendor, The 1956 Chiu Shu San
 Champion De Tianjin, Le   (Wu Lin Zhi) 1983 Zhang Huaxun
 Champion du kung fu, Le   (Wonderman From Shaolin) 1979 Godfrey Ho Chi Keung
 Champion Of Champions, The 1972 Lee Ga
 Champion Operation 1986 Lau Hung Chuen
 Champion, The 1973 Chu Ko Ching Wan , Yeung Jing Chan
 Champions 2008 Tsui Siu Ming
 Champions, The 1983 Brandy Yuen Jan Yeung
 Chan le cobra   (Cantonen Iron Kung Fu) 1979 Li Chao
 Chan le léopard du Ta Kang   (Furious Dragon) 1973 Yao Feng Pan
 Chances For Love 1959
 Chandni Chowk To China 2008 Nikhil Advani
 Chang contre Dragon Blanc   (Killer In White, The) 1980 Joe Cheung Tung Cho
 Chang E's Flight To The Moon 1956 Wong Hok Sing
 Chang Family Saves The World, The 2002 Paris Barclay
 Change 1998 Ng Yi
 Change Of Destiny, A 2007
 Changing Love 1972 Faan Daan
 Changing Partners 1992 Andy Chin Wing Keung
 Chanson de l'orphelin, La   (Orphan's Song) 1955 Chin Daai Suk , Lee Gaai
 Chantage au karaté   (Dark Alley, The) 1972 Ng Woon
 Chaochow Guy 1972 Tien Han
 Chaos 2008 Herman Yau Lai To
 Chaos By Design 1988 Angie Chen On Kei
 Charlie And The Child 1948
 Charlie et ses drôles de dames   (Charlie's Angels) 2000 McG
 Charlie Meets The Spectres 1939 Yeung Kung Leung
 Charlie's angels - Les Anges se déchaînent   (Charlie's Angels : Full Throttle) 2003 McG
 Charlie's Bubble 1981 Philip Chan Yan Kin
 Charlie's Escape From The Tianxian Trap 1949 Fung Chi Kong
 Charming Killer, The 1969 Yang Fan
 Charming Little Bird, The 1967 Wong Yiu
 Chase 1961 Chow See Luk
 Chase A Fortune 1985 Liu Wai Hung
 Chase Game, The 1976
 Chase Step By Step 1974 Mo Man Hung
 Chase You In A Life 1998 Ng Kwok Soon
 Chase, The 1977 David Chung Chi Man
 Chase, The 1962 Fung Fung
 Chase, The 1978 John Law Ma
 Chase, The 1956 Yan Jun
 Chasing Girls 1981 Karl Maka
 Chasing The Killer In Vietnam 2000 Hwang Tzer Ching
 Chasse à l'homme   (Hard Target) 1993 John Woo
 Chasse à mort   (Death Hunt) 1981 Peter R. Hunt
 Chasseur d'aigles et le clan des mendiants, Le   (Brave Archer 2, The) 1978 Chang Cheh
 Chasseur d'aigles et le fils prodigue, Le   (Brave Archer And His Mate) 1982 Chang Cheh
 Chasseur d'aigles et le secret du moine, Le   (Brave Archer 3, The) 1981 Chang Cheh
 Chasseur d'aigles, Le   (Brave Archer, The) 1977 Chang Cheh
 Chasseur de ninja   (Ninja Hunter) 1983 Wu Kuo Ren
 Châtiment des traîtres, Le   (End Of The Black) 1973
 Cheap Killers 1998 Clarence Ford
 Cheat To Cheat 1973 Li Han Hsiang
 Cheaters, The 2001 Billy Chung Siu Hung
 Cheating In Panorama 1972 Li Han Hsiang
 Cheating Is All We Do 1964 Chan Lit Ban
 Cheeky Chap, The 1980 Lee Wing Cheung
 Cheeky Little Angels, The 1974 Sun Chung
 Cheerful Wind 1981 Hou Hsiao Hsien
 Cheetah On Fire 1992 Chui Fat , Hsu Hsia
 Chef, The Actor, The Scoundrel, The 2012 Guan Hu
 Chelsia My Love 1976 Sung Chuen Sau
 Chen le magnifique   (Magnificent, The) 1979 Chan Siu Pang
 Chen le tigre invincible   (Iron Bull, The) 1973 Tong Dik
 Chen Shimei Betrayed His Wife 1949 Chow See Luk
 Chen Shimei Betrays His Wife 1955 Ling Yun
 Chen Shimei, The Unfaithful Husband And Qin Xianglian 1955 Chan Chung Gin , Taam Ang Tong
 Chen Xingyuan Misses The Hairpin 1958 Chan Yik Ching
 Chen Yi-Shin lao shi 1986 Joseph Kuo Nam Hung
 Chen, la fureur du kung fu   (Infernal Street) 1973 San Kong
 Chen, le caïd des sampans   (Knight Errant) 1973 Ding Sin Saai
 Cheng Yaojin Crowned The King 1949
 Cherie 1984 Patrick Tam Kar Ming
 Cherish The Memory Of Jiangnan 1947 Ng Tin
 Cherries Are Red, The 2005
 Cherry Blossoms 1988 Eddie Fong Ling Ching
 Chess Board, The 1976 Terry Tong Gei Ming
 Chez N' Ham Story 1993 Blacky Ko Sau Leung
 Chiang Hu Liu Lang Lui 1988 Lam Ying (3)
 Chicken a la Queen 1990 Lee Hon To
 Chicken And Duck Talk 1988 Clifton Ko Chi Sum
 Chiens et chats   (Cats & Dogs) 2001 Lawrence Guterman
 Child In Need Of A Mother's Love, A 1969 Chan Cheuk Sang
 Child Of Peach 2 1988 Chiu Chung Hing
 Child Of Peach, The 1987 Chan Jun Leung
 Childless Wife 1964
 Children At War 2006 Kingman Choi King Man
 Children Of The Earth 1945 Yeung Kung Leung
 Children's Debts 1936 Nankai Juzaburo
 Child's Eye, The 2010 Oxide & Danny Pang
 Chilling Cosplay, A 2013 Wang Gwang Li
 Chilly Peach Field, The 1951 Mok Hong See
 Chin Ping Mei 1955 Wang Yin
 Chin Sha Yen 1977 Mo Man Hung
 Chin Siang, la panthère jaune   (Dragon And Tiger Joint Hands, The) 1973 Yeung Jing Chan
 China Armed Escort 1976 Chan Ming Wa
 China At Dawn 1961 Wu Pang
 China Doll 1958 Frank Borzage
 China Dolls 1992 Yeung Chi Kin
 China Girls 1993 Richard Yeung Kuen
 China Good Groom 2014 Liu Kim Wa
 China Heat 1992 William Cheung Kei , Yang Yang
 China O'Brien 1990 Robert Clouse
 China O'Brien II 1991 Robert Clouse
 China Strike Force 2000 Stanley Tong Gwai Lai
 China’s Next Top Princess, The 2005 Steve Cheng Wai Man
 Chinatown Capers 1974 Lo Wei
 Chinese 1972 Mo Man Hung
 Chinese Amazons 1975 Lee Ga
 Chinese Box 1997 Wayne Wang
 Chinese Boxing 1974 Lee Tso Nam
 Chinese Commandos 1975
 Chinese Connection   (Amsterdam Connection) 1978 Fan Mei Sheng
 Chinese Cop Out 1989 Chan Chuen
 Chinese Culture: Chinese Acrobatics, Chinese Lion Dance 2007
 Chinese Erotic Ghost Story 1998 Dick Cho Kin Nam
 Chinese Fairy Tale 2008 Lam Wai Lun
 Chinese Fairy Tale, A 2010 Wilson Yip Wai Shun
 Chinese Ghost Story : Eternity, A 2003 Wen Weiji
 Chinese Ghostbuster, A 1994 Wu Ma
 Chinese Godfather 1974 Chien Lai
 Chinese Heroes 2001 Douglas Kung Cheung Tak
 Chinese Kung Fu 1974 Artis Chow A Chi
 Chinese Kung Fu 1973 Richard Yeung Kuen
 Chinese Kung Fu And Acupuncture 1973 Suen Sing Yuen
 Chinese Legend, A 1992 Lau Hung Chuen
 Chinese Midnight Express 1997 Billy Tang Hin Sing
 Chinese Midnight Express 2 2000 Kant Leung Wang Fat
 Chinese Odyssey 2002 2002 Jeff Lau Chun Wai
 Chinese Odyssey Part Three, A 2016 Jeff Lau Chun Wai
 Chinese Orthopedist And The Spice Girls 2002 Chow Jan Wing
 Chinese Superior Kung Fu 1975
 Chinese Tall Story, A 2005 Jeff Lau Chun Wai
 Chinese Tarzan, The 1940 Hou Yao , Wan Hoi Ling
 Chinese Tiger 1974 Teddy Yip Wing Cho
 Chinese Torture Chamber Story 2, A 1998 Dick Cho Kin Nam
 Chinese Torture Chamber Story, A 1994 Bosco Lam Hing Lung
 Ching Tin Yuk Lui Leung 1965 Joseph Kuo Nam Hung
 Chinois au bras de fer, Le   (Chinese Iron Man) 1974 Joseph Kuo Nam Hung
 Chinois fait la loi, Le   (Yellow Killer, The) 1972 Jimmy Shaw Feng
 Chinois se déchaîne, Le   (Snake In The Eagle’s Shadow) 1978 Yuen Woo Ping
 Chinois, Le   (Battle Creek Brawl) 1980 Robert Clouse
 Chivalrous Inn 1979 David Lin Ta Chao
 Chivalrous Legend 1997 Tsai Yang Ming
 Chivalrous Songstress, The 1957 Man Yat Man
 Chivalry Deadly Feud 1981 Tang Cheung Da
 Chivalry, The Gunman And Killer, The 1977 Hon Bo Cheung
 Choi Lee Fat 1970 Law Gei Sek
 Choi Lee Fat Kung Fu 1979 Chan Siu Pang
 Choice Of Love, The 1974
 Choice Of Love, The 1979 Lau Wai Ban
 Chong Qing Girl 2009 Yang Zi Ting
 Chongqing Blues 2010 Wang Xiao Shuai
 Chongqing Negotiation 1994 Lam Chin Foon , Siu Gwai Wan , Zhang Yi Fei
 Chor Lau Heung 1979
 Chow Ken 1972 Ding Sin Saai
 Choy Lee Fur Kung Fu 2010 John Ching Tung
 Choy Lee Fut : The Speed Of Light 2011 Tommy Law Wai Tak , Sam Wong Ming Sing
 Christ Of Nanjing, The 1995 Tony Au Ting Ping
 Christmas Rose 2013 Charlie Young Choi Nei
 Christmas Tree 1947 Wu Pang
 Chrysanthemum Terrace 2014 Tommy Faan Sau Ming
 Chrysanthemum To The Beast 2012 Zhang Lijia
 Chu Liu Hsiang And Hu Tieh Hua 1980 Lin Ying
 Chu Yuan 1977 Bao Fang , Hui Sin
 Chuang Tzu Tests His Wife 1913 Lai Bak Hoi
 Chungking Express 1994 Wong Kar Wai
 Chuntao - A Woman For Two 1988 Ling Ji Fung
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Cafe. Waiting. Love (2014)

Christmas Rose (2012)

A Chilling Cosplay (2013)

Chrysanthemum To The Beast (2011)

Choy Lee Fut : The Speed Of Light (2011) x5
Les Cendres du temps Redux (2008) x16
A Change Of Destiny (2007) x29
Chinese Culture: Chinese Acrobatics, Chinese Lion Dance (2007) x10

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