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 [ Y’-Yo Yu
 Titre     ( HK -  Tous )     (  Fr. - Int. ) Année   Réalisateur(s)
 Y’a du jonc dans les bambous   (Gold Snatchers) 1973 Kim Lung
 Yakusa contre Triades   (Dragon Killer) 1995 Anthony Lau Wing
 Yamaha Fish Stand 1985 Cheung Leung
 Yang ± Ying   (Yang ± Ying : Gender In Chinese Cinema) 1996 Stanley Kwan Kam Pang
 Yang E 1955 Hung Suk Wan , Evan Yang
 Yang Sze la terreur de Bruce Lee   (Chinese Hercules) 1973
 Yang, l'implacable kung-fu-kind   (Challenge Of Young Bruce Lee) 1979 Raymond Chin
 Yangs' Saga, The 1986
 Yao's Young Warriors 1983 Wang Zhi Yu
 Yau Ching Tak Ching Chun 1982 Hsu Chin Liang
 Year In, Year Out 1955 Geung Ming , Man Yat Man , Zhu Shilin
 Yellow Dragon 2003 Kashima Tsutomu
 Yellow Muffler, The 1972 Inoue Umetsugu
 Yellow Panther, The 1977 Ricky Chan Ka Suen
 Yellow Peril 1984 Terry Tong Gei Ming
 Yellow Rain 1991 Robert Lau Chung Pak
 Yellow River Fighter 1988 Cheung Sing Yim
 Yellow Skin 1985 Wang Kuan Hsiung
 Yes Madam 1995 Chan Jun Leung , Wong Chung Yue
 Yes Madam 5 1996 Lau Shing
 Yes Madam‘ 92 : A Serious Shock 1992 Albert Lai Kin Kwok
 Yes, I Can See Dead People 2008 David Lee Kwong Yiu
 Yesman, The 1981
 Yesterday Once More 1992 Fu Oi Chu
 Yesterday Once More 2004 Johnnie To Kei Fung
 Yesterday You, Yesterday Me 1997 Jacob Cheung Chi Leung
 Yesterday, Today And Tomorrow 1976 Ding Sin Saai
 Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow 1970 Patrick Lung Kong
 Yesteryou, Yesterme, Yesterday 1993 Samson Chiu Leung Chun
 Yeung Yuet Lau Story 1999 Lee Tso Nam
 Yi Yi 2000 Edward Yang
 Yichun Leaves Behind An Umbrella 1959 Chan Yik Ching
 Yin Yang Qing Jen 2003 Wang Qiang (3)
 Ying Ku 1967 Cheung Sing Yim
 Yiu Mo Yeung Wai 2002 Kenneth Lau Hau Wai
 Yonder, My Love 1947 Jeng Siu Chau
 You Are A Nice Lady, But Why ? 1947 Chu Kei , Yeung Heung
 You Are My Soul 1958 Tu Guangqi
 You Are The Apple Of My Eye 2011 Giddens Ko Ching Teng
 You Are The One I Love 1967 Chu Kei
 You Are The Winds Of Spring 1957 Chiang Nan
 You Are Wonderful 1976 Lee Heung Kam , Lydia Shum Tin Ha
 You Bet Your Life 1989 Tommy Leung Ka Chun
 You Better Be Smart 1965 Lung To
 You Better Return 1949 Chu Kei
 You Can't Tell Him 1971 Sung Chuen Sau
 You Deserve To Be Single 2010 Cai Xin
 You Do Me Wrong 1966 Chan Wan
 You Don't Tell Him 1971
 You Light Up My Life 1998 Lee Biu Cheung
 You OK, I'm OK ! 1987 Fung Sai Wai
 You Shoot, I Shoot 2001 Edmond Pang Ho Cheung
 You Were Meant for Me 1961 Wong Tin Lam
 You, Me And Him 1970
 Young And Dangerous 1996 Andrew Lau Wai Keung
 Young And Dangerous : The Prequel 1998 Andrew Lau Wai Keung
 Young And Dangerous 2 1996 Andrew Lau Wai Keung
 Young And Dangerous 3 1996 Andrew Lau Wai Keung
 Young And Dangerous 4 1997 Andrew Lau Wai Keung
 Young And Dangerous 5 1998 Andrew Lau Wai Keung
 Young And Dangerous 6 : Born To Be King 2000 Andrew Lau Wai Keung
 Young and Dangerous: Reloaded 2013 Daniel Chan Yee Hang
 Young And Furious (Part 1) 1966 Ling Yun
 Young And Furious (Part 2) 1966 Ling Yun
 Young And Idle 1964 Wong Hok Sing
 Young And Loveable 1978 Woo Siu Fung
 Young Avenger 1972 Griffin Yueh Feng
 Young Avengeress, The 1969 Wong Cheuk Hon
 Young Beat 1987
 Young Boss Of The Factory, The 1963 Lo Yu Chi
 Young Boss Who Pulls Rickshaw, The 1965 Lung To
 Young Cops 1985 Yau Fung Hung
 Young Couple, The 1947 Cho Kei , Mong Wan
 Young Daughter-In-Law, The 1967 Mok Hong See
 Young Dragons - Kung Fu Kids 1986 Cheung Mei Gwan , Chu Yen Ping
 Young Dragons - Kung Fu Kids 2 1986 Chu Yen Ping
 Young Dragons - Kung Fu Kids 3 1987 Lam Fook Dei
 Young Dragons - Kung Fu Kids 4 1987 Cheung Paang Yee (2)
 Young Dreams 1982 Albert Lai Kin Kwok
 Young Flying Hero 1970 Tong Chim
 Young Girl Dares Not Homeward, The 1970 Richard Yeung Kuen
 Young Hero 1980 Law Ga Foo
 Young Hero Fong Sai Yuk, The 2002 Wen Weiji
 Young Hero Of Shaolin 1975 Tsai Yang Ming
 Young Hero Of Shaolin II, The 1986 Ngai Hoi Fung
 Young Hero Of Shaolin, The 1984 Ngai Hoi Fung , Yon Fan
 Young Heroes 1983 He Chi Chiang
 Young Heroes 1949 Wang Yuan Long
 Young Heroes Of The Street, The 1982 Gwok Yuk Gei
 Young Illusionist, The 1979 Tong Lung
 Young Innocent Girls 1980
 Young Kickboxer 1990 Lam Maan Cheung
 Young Lady Sells Her Maid, A 1951
 Young Lady's Escort Army, The 1952 Chan Pei , Chow See Luk
 Young Love 1967
 Young Lovers 1970 Inoue Umetsugu
 Young Lovers 1979 Lam Mei Nin
 Young Lovers 1978 Lau Wai Ban
 Young Lovers On Flying Wheels 1974 Ti Lung
 Young Mistress' Fan, The 1928 Hong Shen , Zhang Shi Chuan
 Young Ones, The 1999 Steve Cheng Wai Man
 Young Ones, The 1967 Hoh Gin Yip
 Young Ones, The 1973 Lee Hsing
 Young Ones, The 2001 Lee Siu Kei
 Young Outcasts 1980 John Law Ma
 Young Passion 1974 Ho Meng Hua
 Young Patrol, The 1970
 Young People 1972 Chang Cheh
 Young Policemen in Love 1995 Chu Yen Ping
 Young Rebel, The 1975 Ti Lung
 Young Rock 1959 Chow See Luk
 Young Sparrow In Fright 1962 Leung Fung
 Young Taoism Fighter, The 1986 Chan Chi Hwa
 Young Vagabond 1985 Lau Shut Yue
 Young Vagabond 1958 Ma-Xu Weibang
 Young Wisely 1 1993 Clarence Ford
 Young Woman's Heart, A 1989
 Young, Pregnant And Unmarried 1968 Chu Yuan
 Younger Generation 1971 Ng Pooi Yung , Wong Wik
 Younger Generation, The 1970 Griffin Yueh Feng
 Youngest Sister, The 1975 Joseph Kuo Nam Hung
 Your Call Or Mine 1999 To Pak Hon
 Your Class or Mine 2008
 Your Infinitive Kindness 1965 Kwan Chi Kin
 Your Place Or Mine ! 1998 James Yuen Sai Sang
 Your Sweetheart Is My Concubine 1999 Chan Siu Hung , Ho Kam Chan
 You're My Destiny 1987 Eric Tsang Chi Wai
 You're Smart In One Way, I In Another 1947 Zhu Shilin
 Youth's Love 1967 Chun Man To
 [ Haut  Y’-Yo Yu
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Young and Dangerous: Reloaded (2013)

You Are The Apple Of My Eye (2011)

You Deserve To Be Single (2010)

Yes, I Can See Dead People (2008)

Yellow Dragon (2003) x10
You Shoot, I Shoot (2001) x16
Young And Dangerous 6 : Born To Be King (2000) x10
Your Place Or Mine ! (1998) x10

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