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 [ Ra-Re Rh-Ro Ru
 Title     ( HK -  All ) Year   Director(s)
 Rhapsody 1968 Chu Yuan
 Rhapsody Of BMW 2012 Li Qi Lin
 Rhapsody Of Spring 1998 Teng Wen Ji
 Rhythm Of Destiny 1992 Andrew Lau Wai Keung
 Rhythm of the rain 2013 Vincent Fang Wen Shan
 Rhythm Of The Wave 1976 Lee Hsing
 Rice 2003 Huang Jian Zhong
 Rice Rhapsody 2004 Kenneth Bi
 Rich And Abundant 1948 Lee Hang , Leung Sam
 Rich And Famous 1987 Taylor Wong Tai Loy
 Rich And Happy 1953
 Rich And Prosperous 1964 Wu Pang
 Rich Girl And Her Double, The 1955 Mok Hong See
 Rich House, The 1942 Hung Suk Wan
 Rich Man 1992 Joe Ma Wai Ho
 Rich Young Lady, The 1958
 Rickshaw Boy 1982 Ling Ji Fung
 Rickshaw Puller, The 1974 Lin Bing
 Rider Of Revenge 1971 Hung Ting Miu
 Ridiculous Master, The 1946
 Riding Alone For Thousands Of Miles 2005 Furuhata Yasuo , Zhang Yimou
 Riding The Tiger: The Hong Kong Handover Years 2 Leong Po Chih , Leong Sze Wing
 Right Here Waiting... 1994 Joe Hau Wing Choi
 Right Overcomes Might 1983 Tang Cheung Da
 Right To Love 1968 Chan Man
 Righteous Fist, The 1972 Wong Hung Cheung
 Righteous Guards, The 1997
 Righting Wrongs 1986 Corey Yuen Kwai
 Rigor Mortis 2013 Juno Mak Jun Lung
 Rikisha Kuri 1974 Joseph Kuo Nam Hung
 Ring Of Death 1980 Ng See Yuen
 Ring Of Spies, The 1965 Ng Wui
 Ringing Sword 1968 Kim Lung
 Riots at the Studio 1957 Evan Yang
 Riots in Outer Space 1959 Wong Tin Lam
 Ripples Across Stagnant Water 1992 Ling Ji Fung
 Ripples Of Desire 2012 Zero Chou Mei Ling
 Rise Of The Legend 2014 Roy Chow Hin Yeung
 Rise To Honor 2003
 Ritorno di Shanghai Joe, Il 1974 Bitto Albertini
 Rivals Of Kung Fu 1974 Wong Fung (2)
 Rivals Of The Dragon 1983 Joseph Lai San Lun
 Rivals Of The Silver Fox 1982 Chan Siu Pang
 Rivals, The 1970
 River Dragon, The 1970 Chan Jing Boh , Hui Sin
 River Of Fury 1973 Cheung Chang Chak
 River Of Mandarin Duck (Part 1) 1960
 River Of Mandarin Duck (Part 2) 1960
 River Of Tears 1969 Chun Kim
 River, The 1997 Tsai Ming Liang
 Road Home, The 1999 Zhang Yimou
 Road Less Traveled 2010 Derek Chiu Sung Kei
 Road Of Dead, The 1999 Gary Mak Wing Lun
 Road To Dawn 2007 Derek Chiu Sung Kei
 Road Warriors 1988 Danny Lee Sau Yin
 Road, The 1959 Ng Wui
 Roar Of The People 1941 Tang Xiaodan
 Roar Of The Vietnamese, The 1991 Cheng Wing Chiu
 Roaring Dragon, Bluffing Tiger 2003 Kant Leung Wang Fat
 Roaring Lion, The 1972 Ng Tin Chi
 Roaring Wheels 2000 Aman Cheung Min , Albert Mak Kai Gwong
 Robbers, The 2009 Leon Yang Shu Peng
 Rob-B-Hood 2006 Benny Chan Muk Sing
 Robbing The Dead 1939 Fung Chi Kong
 Robin Hood, Junior 1950 Leung Sam
 Robo Vampire 1988 Joe Livingstone
 Robotrix 1991 Jamie Luk Kim Ming
 Rocambole 1967 Lau Daan Ching
 Rock n' Roll Cop 1994 Kirk Wong Chi Keung
 Rock On Fire 1994 Lung Sang
 Rogue 2007 Phillip G. Atwell
 Roller Blade Killer 1998 Chan Wai On
 Rollick Marriage, The 1978 Wong To
 Rolls Rolls I Love You 1982 Kong Lung
 Roma bene 1971 Carlo Lizzani
 Romance & Sex Of Sung Dynasty 1999 Ka Ka
 Romance Across The Miles 1967 Kwan Chi Kin
 Romance Across The Window 1962 Bao Fang , Chan Jing Boh
 Romance And The Adventure Of Roza 1961 Yeung Kong
 Romance at Sun Moon Lake 1956 Mok Hong See
 Romance At The Western Chamber 1956 Ng Wui
 Romance Forever 1949 Wu Pang
 Romance From Temple 1946
 Romance In China 1980 Woo Siu Fung
 Romance In Paris 1975 Lui Kei
 Romance in Singapore 1956 Lam Chuen
 Romance In The West Chamber 1955 Kwan Man Ching
 Romance Inn The Manor House 1962
 Romance Of A Fruit Peddler 1922 Zhang Shi Chuan
 Romance Of A Teenage Girl 1966 Chan Wan
 Romance Of A Teenage Girl 1967 Chu Yuan
 Romance Of Book And Sword, The 1987 Ann Hui On Wah
 Romance Of Fuji Mountain 1954 Mok Hong See
 Romance Of Jade Hall (2nd sequel) 1958
 Romance Of The Forbidden City 1964 Wong Tin Lam
 Romance Of The Golden Country 1948 Chiu Shu San
 Romance Of The Jade Cicade Pair, The 1963 Cho Kei
 Romance Of The Phoenix Chamber 1962 Wong Hok Sing
 Romance Of The Sword 1966 Ling Yun
 Romance Of The Three Kingdoms 1995
 Romance Of The Vampires 1994 Ricky Lau Jun Wei
 Romance Of The West Chamber 1997 Lam Yee Hung
 Romance Of The West Chamber 1947 Yeung Kung Leung
 Romance Of The Western Chamber, The 1927 Hou Yao
 Romance Of Western Chamber 1956 Chan Woon Man
 Romance On The Bus 1978 Cheung Sing Yim
 Romances Are Not For Me 1925 Chan Pei
 Romancing Bullet 2000 Sam Ho Shu Pui
 Romancing in Thin Air 2011 Johnnie To Kei Fung
 Romancing Star 2, The 1988 Wong Jing
 Romancing Star 3, The 1989 Sherman Wong Ching Wa
 Romancing Star, The 1987 Wong Jing
 Romantic Double Rings, The 1978 Cheung Paang Yik
 Romantic Dream 1995 Lee Lik Chi
 Romantic Fool, The 2007 Dennis Chan Kwok San
 Romantic Girl has Her Romantic Debts, A 1954 Wang Yin
 Romantic Girl Who Plays Hard-To-Get, The 1969 Mok Hong See
 Romantic Lady, A 1959 Yan Jun
 Romantic Musketeer 1964 Cho Kei
 Romantic Scatterbrain, The 1959
 Romantic Scholar 1977 Steve Chan Ho
 Romantic Spell 1953 Cheung Wai Gwong
 Romantic Thief 1962 Chan Man
 Romantic Thief, A 1968 Luk Bong
 Romeo Must Die 2000 Andrzej Bartkowiak
 Roof With A View, A 1993 Tony Au Ting Ping
 Rooftop, The 2013 Jay Chou Kit Lun
 Rookie Baby 1999 Stephen Yip Tin Hang
 Room, The 2006 So Fai
 Roomless 2011 Kingman Choi King Man
 Root Of All Evil, The 1938 Cheung Oi Man , Hung Chung Ho , Lam Chong , Mak Siu Ha , Tang Xiaodan , Yeung Kung Leung
 Roots And Branches 2001 Yu Zhong
 Rosa 1986 Joe Cheung Tung Cho
 Rose 1992 Samson Chiu Leung Chun
 Rose Cliff 1956 Ching Biu Go
 Rose I Love You 1954 Tu Guangqi
 Rose Of Summer, The 1961 Law Chun
 Rose Rose I Love You 1993 Jacky Pang Yi Wah
 Rose, Be My Love 1966 Chun Kim
 Rotary Kicks 1973 Ku Hsi
 Rouge 1988 Stanley Kwan Kam Pang
 Rouge 1925 Lai Bak Hoi
 Rouge Of The North 1988 Fred Tan Hon Cheung
 Rouge Tears 1938 Ng Wing Gong
 Rouge Tears 1954 Wu Pang
 Rouge Well, The 1958 Wong Hok Sing
 Roving Heroes 1980 Got Si Ho
 Roving Swordsman, The 1983 Chu Yuan
 Royal cat and his opponents, The 1963 Chan Cheuk Sang
 Royal Destiny 1997 Vincent Leung
 Royal Guard 2002 Alan Lo Shun Chuen
 Royal Scoundrel 1991 Jonathan Chik Gei Yee , Johnnie To Kei Fung
 Royal Seal, The 1969
 Royal Sperm 1999 Philip Ko Fei
 Royal Tramp 1992 Wong Jing
 Royal Tramp 2008 Zhao Jian
 Royal Tramp 2 1992 Wong Jing
 Royal Warriors 1986 David Chung Chi Man
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Rise Of The Legend (2014)

方文山電影同名主題曲【聽見下雨的聲音】完整MV 演唱:魏

The Rooftop (2013)

Rigor Mortis (2013)

Rob-B-Hood (2006) x11
Roaring Dragon, Bluffing Tiger (2003) x10
Rise To Honor (2003) x5
Roaring Wheels (2000) x10

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