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Guide to HK Videos around the world
Here is a guide whose purpose is to help people to find in America locations of HK videos, memorabilia, books and goodies stores. But there are still plenty of places to explore. Please help us to complete our address book.
Guide to HK Videos around the world


Info kindly provided by Eric Ku from http://aheroneverdies.tripod.com, Shelly Kraicer from http://www.chinesecinemas.org , and Lisa Roosen Runge from Toronto.

W.Y. Trading – http://www.wyvideo.com/
Three locations:

* Wa Yi Trading
482 Dundas Street West (east of Spadina)
Toronto, Ontario
Canada M5T 1G9
Sell legitimate DVD/VCD, not bootlegs [Lisa]

*Market Village Mall,
4350 Steeles Avenue West (at Kennedy)
Markham, Ontario
Canada L3R 9V4
Tel: (905) 477-9265
Fax: (905) 477-2958

*Times Square Store
Unit 96, 97, Building E 550,
Highway 7 East Richmond Hill,
Ontario Canada L4B 3Z4
Tel: (905) 886-8881
Fax: (905) 886-8339
This is the most reliable place for new releases, and at a good price. Their back catalogue is also easy to find, sorted by lead actor. If you know the release date, you can pre-order new releases. One can order through them as well, if you have the Chinese characters. Also sells music CDs. [Lisa]

There is another store with two locations,

*Cash & Carry Outlet in English, in Chinese Yule Cheng [= "Entertainment City"]
422 Dundas Street West (East of WY Trading)
Tel 416.351.8800

*Cash & Carry Outlet
4188 Finch Ave. E. Unit 5,6,7 (at Midland)
Tel. 416 609 0801
They have a vast selection, but not well organised. Slightly more expensive than WY Trading. [Lisa]

Pacific Mall
Kennedy and Steeles
I would say that in terms of buying movies Pacific Mall is the best place. Since there are more than 6 shops inside that mall [Eric]
Most of these stores do not sell legitimate products. One exception, with ever-shrinking stock, is AV Centre Unit [Lisa]

AV Centre Unit
B11, Pacific Mall,
4300 Steeles Avenue East
Tel. (905) 944-0959

Music Headquarters is a music store that also sells DVD/VCD, with two locations. [Lisa]

* Music Headquarters
Pacific Mall
Tel (905) 470-8038

*The other Music Headquarters is in another suburban mall [Lisa]
First Markham Place
3255 HWY 7 (east of Woodbine)
Tel (905) 513-0018

Leisure Palace Glen
Watford and Sheppard

Dragon Video
Brimley and Sheppard
2102 Brimley Road, Unit 109
Tel: 416-609-1279
For rental, the best place is dragon video since it's nice and cheap. But I'm talking about vcds not dvds. [Eric]

Dragon Center
Spadina and Dundas
All bootlegs here, as at Chinatown Centre, on Spadina South of Dundas I have never been to these others, they are quite far out. [Lisa]



Los Angeles

Giant Robot Store
2015 Sawtelle Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90025
Tel: 310.479.7311
Mon-Sat 11:30-8pm, Sun 12-6pm
Watch out, these are rare stuffs but quite pricey. They have a wide selection of cute stuffs & figurines, DVDs, and a large selection of cool books: art books, design books, funky & Jap stuffs, guides to HK places. They sell as well some of Christopher Doyle Books ( Buenos Aires Affair ) and even famous designer Michael Lau figurines! (The one who made figurines for HK band LMF)

Info below courtesy Asian film foundation. More at: http://www.asianfilm.org/links.html#Anchor-STORE-42291

Banzai Anime
2961 Sepulveda Blvd.,
West Los Angeles, CA 90064.
Tel: 310-231-6080
Large selection of Japanese anime DVDs, books games and soundtracks. Also offers Hong Kong, Korean and Japanese DVDs.

Five Star Laser
1045 E. Valley Blvd., #A113,
San Gabriel.
Tel: 626-281-7676
Huge selection of DVD and VCDs for sale. Hong Kong classics, current releases plus Japanese and Korean imports.

141 N. Atlantic Blvd., #105,
Monterey Park.
Tel: 626-458-9857
Collectibles, magazines and Hong Kong, Japanese and Korean films on CDs, LDs, VCDs and DVDs for sale and rental.

988 N. Hill St., #108,
Los Angeles.
Tel: 213-680-4010
Chinese books, CDs, VCDs, VHS for rental and sale. Manga soundtracks, gifts and collectibles.



Neil Koch kindly reports that there really aren't any reliable sources for HK videos. There are a lot of Asian video shops, but almost all of them stock Vietnamese or Laotian videos. Those that do either carry overpriced Tai Seng imports or bootlegs.


San Francisco

Gift Entertainment carries a large number of dvds and vcds as well as cds. They seem to specialize in newer titles, but do have a good assortment of older ones as well. They also have a good (but dwindling) supply of now-out-of-print Shaw Brothers / Celestial releases on dvd and cd. These Shaws are the ones that require an all-region dvd player. The staff is generally knowledgeable, but the owner Stella, is the best if she is there. They get new releases quickly and I've never bought a defective product from them.
This place is cool for finding something like Shaolin Traitorous or Seven Steps of Kung Fu used so you only need to spend $5.99 instead of taking a chance on buying it new for $10 or $15, since you know it isn't going to be one that visits your dvd player too often! I've found Shaw / Celestial releases there and plenty of other gems. (Chris Wolter, Nov 2010)

Gift Entertainment
724 Jackson Street
San Francisco, CA 94133
(415) 773-1151

It is between Grant Street and Stockton Street in the heart of Chinatown.

Although a used and new music store first, Amoeba has a very large room full of all sorts of dvds. In this room is an always changing collection of Kung Fu and Martial Arts dvds as well sections for Hong Kong, China, Thailand, Korea, Japan and even some sections by directors such as Wong Kar Wai, Zhang Yimou and others. Some that are imported can be pricey, so the real allure is finding them used!

This place is cool for finding something like Shaolin Traitorous or Seven Steps of Kung Fu used so you only need to spend $5.99 instead of taking a chance on buying it new for $10 or $15, since you know it isn't going to be one that visits your dvd player too often! I've found Shaw / Celestial releases there and plenty of other gems. (Chris Wolter, Nov 2010)

Amoeba Music
1855 Haight Street
San Francisco, CA 94117
(415) 831-1200

Sun Entertainment:
716 Sacramento St.
San Francisco, CA 94108.
Tel: 415-986-6787
FAX: 415-986-6797
Any of the guys there can help you, but I suggest asking for Kent. He's particularly helpful.

Info kindly provided by Joelle Collier





You can do most of your shopping in London by Tube. In the following list we'll add the name of the tube station to get off in order to reach the locations.


Chinese Cultural Xchange
Pershore Street
B5 4RW
Tel: 0121 6666 838

Collection of past and present dvds, vcds from HK, China, Taiwan, etc. Specific titles can be ordered on request. They also carry Chinese and Korean TV dramas, martial arts training dvds, and music cds, etc. A pretty little shop selling other things such as Chinese pictures, clothes, ornaments, art materials, jewelleries, etc. Awarded Good Customer Service by the local Trading Standard. It is the only shop of this kind in the West Midlands. (Eva Golding, November 2010)

Tube station : Piccadilly Circus
The Tower Records is an American entertainment stores that has shops all around the world. There, you should be able to find CDs & DVDs. There is a huge choice of videos, but mostly UK distributor videos (HK Legends, Eastern Heroes, and Made in Hong-Kong).

The London Chinatown is right in Gerard Street (Leicester Square station). It has a very typical look with its Chinese doors, restaurants and shops. There is a bunch of stores worth visiting but be aware that London prices are more than often over the roof.

26 Gerard Street W1,
Tube station: Leicester Square
Plenty of VCDs, DVDs & Music CDs. There you'll have plenty to search for between the old VCDs at reduced price (5£) and news VCDs and DVDs from HK. Watch out for high London prices. They carry as well souvenirs and adult magazines.

9 Gerard Street W1,
Tube station: Leicester Square
Just opposite CD News. There is not only plenty of VCDs from HK, Korea and Japan but also music CDs and DVDs. They also carry Chinese souvenirs for tourists and a large quantity of Western, animation and erotic movies on VCDs. Watch out for high London prices. Sometimes it's worth comparing prices with CD NEWS.

6 Gerard Street W1,
Tube station: Leicester Square
A bit further down the street. They carry a wide range of VCDs, Cantopop CDs and VCDs, posters, HK videos from Mainland China distributors, gadgets, and goodies. The welcome is mild until you purchase something. Watch out for high London prices. Sometimes it's worth comparing prices with CD NEWS and JENSEN TRADING Co.


4b Upper St.
Martins Lane WC2,
Tube station: Leicester Square
Books, videos and old magazines. Worth a look.



This huge chain of multimedia stores carries most of the Far East movie videos & DVDs released in France. They may have some import goods as well. There is at least a Fnac in all the main cities. Check out their website for more info or to order online. But be aware that it's pricey!


Lille is a big town right in the North of France (1 hour drive from Calais), close to the Belgium border. You can do most of your shopping in Lille by Tube or 'Métro'. In the following list we'll add the name of the Métro station to get off in order to reach the locations.



You can do most of your shopping in Paris by Tube or 'Métro'. In the following list we'll add the name of the Métro station to get off in order to reach the locations.

Videos & goodies

7 rue Dante.
Métro station: St-Michel Notre-Dame
They carry a large quantity of imported videos, DVDs and laserdiscs. They have plenty of HK and Japanese videos as well. However, it's rather expensive. But you might get a chance to meet director Christophe Gans ( Crying Freeman, Brotherhood of The Wolves ) whose favorite hobby is to hang out in such video shops!!

The Parisian Chinatown is in the 13 th 'arrondissement' of Paris. It is accessible by metro stations, get off at Tolbiac or Place d'Italie stations. Most of the interesting shops for HK videos are located in the mall 'Centre Commercial Oslo', Avenue d'Ivry.

New Top
37, rue du Disque
75 013 Paris
Tel: 01 45 82 75 64
Fax: 01 44 24 04 89
Métro station: Tolbiac
They carry a huge range of DVDs, VCDs, Books and music CDs. Unfortunately, one has to ask everything to the shop keeper to get to see something. They have videos to rent as well.

Centre Oslo,
44 avenue d'Ivry
75013 PARIS
Tel. / Fax: 01 45 86 63 64
Métro station: Tolbiac
Considered as the best shop in the capital. They carry as well one of the biggest ranges of HK VCDs & DVDs in Paris. There are Japanese and Korean DVDs as well, but quite pricey. Anyway, you'll get charmed by the warm welcome and the cool atmosphere. Posters, Lobby cards, Cantopop DVDs, Music CDs and Tape and Original soundtracks are also available. Watch out for high prices sometimes and do not hesitate to compare their price with Internet stores.

Centre Oslo,
44 avenue d'Ivry
75013 PARIS
Tel: 01 44 24 18 45
Métro station: Tolbiac
Amongst food, drinks or other grocery's stuffs, they've got a huge selection of inexpensive VCDs and DVDs. They carry as well Canto Pop DVDs and VCDs. But watch out for Mainland China editions or Chinese bootlegs.

Vincent AV Media
53 Rue Nationale
75013 PARIS
Tel: 01 45 86 11 88
Fax: 01 45 86 48 88
Métro station: Tolbiac
They have a wide selection of HK VCDs and DVDs, and their prices are sometimes the closest to Internet deals you can get in Paris. The warm welcome will make you come back often.


Rue Serpente,
Métro station: Cluny La Sorbonne
A true cinema specialist. They carry quite a few Far East movie press kits and American and English books on HK cinema. They have plenty of old cinema magazines too.

Cinema screening HK movies

3bis Rue Champolion,
Métro station: Cluny La Sorbonne
This is a theatre whose tradition is to screen foreign films and sometimes Asian movies.

Rue Hautefeuille,
Métro station: St-Michel
They propose quite often retrospective of Chinese cinema, but keep concentrating on Taiwanese films and Wong Kar Wai type movies.





Info kindly provided by Adil

Here are VIDEOTHEKES in Berlin where you may rent DVDs. If you ask they even sell DVDs for good price and the films are mostly uncut. Video-paradies Grosse Seestrasse 23 13086 Berlin VideoTraum Brauhausstrasse 12 13086 Berlin Video-kollektion Lindenalle 5 13088 Berlin



Info kindly provided by Ricardo from http://hellnation.veryweird.com

Barcelona Shops:

c/ Roger de Flor, 70
08017 Barcelona
Tel: 686 52 99 52 - 93 244 47 62
Specialist in asian VHS and DVDs and horror movies.

Ali Bei, 10
Three comic and bookshops alltogether, the first with lots of DVDs and VHS on asian cinema and related magazines.



Info for Australia kindly provided by Mark Morrison & his team from

Brisbane : Chinatown (Fortitude Valley) , The City , Sunnybank


Info kindly provided by CY, Jeff & Jez
More details at http://www.heroic-cinema.com/shopping_adelaide.htm

* Videos

Alpha Video
419 Magill Road, St Morris
Tel: (08) 8332-9270
Ingle Farm Shopping Centre
Montague Rd., Ingle Farm
Tel: (08) 8265 1313
HK/Asian movies from your rudimentary action HK flicks to arthouse. [CY]

Kino at Hyde Park
114 King William Road,
Hyde Park
Tel: (08) 8373-1635
Fax: (08) 8373-1304
Arthouse video store. [CY]

Saigon Video
40c Hanson Road,
Woodville Gardens
Tel: (08) 8347 1797
Full Cantonese and Mandarin (subbed and non-subbed) TV serials and movies. They rent tapes, VCDs and DVDs of TV serials, movies and karaoke from HK and China. They also sell some movie posters, TV posters, audio CDs, VCDs and possibly DVDs. [Jeff]

Atlantic Video
358 Main North Road,
Blair Athol
Tel: (08) 8349 8555
This mainstream store has a reasonable but small number of old Shaw Brothers-type historical actioners and D&B-type actioners from the mid-seventies up to late-eighties. These are dubbed into English. [Jeff] For the last year Atlantic has had a fairly good selection of HK videos - they seem to have just about everything put out by Chinatown Video. [Chris]

Movie Mart
1/53 Grange Road,
Tel: (08) 8340-0499
This is a good place to buy Siren's Chinatown and Classic Hong Kong Videos. [Jeff]

* Goodies

Chinatown Bookshop
118 Gouger Street,
Tel: (08) 8231-7336
It's the only mainstream Chinese bookshop actually. Cantopop CDs, knick-knacks, baby posters etc. plus laser discs for hire. [CY]



Info kindly provided by Tim
More details at http://www.heroic-cinema.com/shopping_brisbane.htm


* Videos

Trash Video
Shop 1, 73 Vulture St,
West End.
Tel 07 3844-7844
Fax 07 3844-7877
Domestic-release HK film fare, including the entire Chinatown Video range and out-of-print kung-fu titles + various dubbed action flicks, and HK films can also be found for sale second-hand. Mail order is available too.

* Goodies

Oasis & HK Trading
153 Wickham Street,
Fortitude Valley.
Sealed original VCDs + HK glossy magazines, and various comics. Also worth noting is the large HK/Taiwan entertainment store across the road, specialising in music and books.



* Videos

Rockinghorse Records
Adelaide Street, opposite King George Square,
The upstairs video section offers a healthy selection of the Chinatown Video range for sale. Also on offer are a variety of kung-fu movies and occasional imports. Hong Kong movie books are also for sale.

Record Market
Top of the Queen St Mall,
A row of HK films includes several Chinatown Video releases and several other tapes for sale.



* Videos

Oriental & HK Products
Shop 18A, Market Square Shopping Centre,
Corner of Main Road & McCullough Street,
Tucked away in its corner, this shop holds an impressive rental selection of original HK videotapes (PAL format) organised by genres - horror, drama, sleaze, comedy and kung fu. Original VCDs are on sale, including several Korean and Japanese releases put out in HK. Collector photos of celebrities are for sale, as are several Hong Kong magazines.

Hong Kong Video Q
Shop 11B
Market Square Shopping Centre,
Hong Kong laserdiscs for rent, as well as videotapes of movies and plenty of TV dramas. Catalogues of titles are at the counter and the staff is also helpful.



Info kindly provided by Mak + Rohan
More details at http://www.heroic-cinema.com/shops.htm

* Videos

KC's Virtual Reality Cafe
11 East Row,
Canberra City
Tel: (02) 6257 5558
KC's has a huge range of Eastern Heroes/Made in Hong Kong video tapes for sale & for rental. + VCDs for sale + PlayStation games and Manga videos for sale and hire. You can also order HK film related books, a pretty cool place and the folks there are eager to please.

Movie Scene
Level 1 Shop T1c Bonner Crt,
Tel: (02) 6260 4441
Rohan reports that you can buy Hong Kong tapes at this video store in Woden (Bonner court across from Woden plaza).



Info kindly provided by Mark Morrison & his team
More details at http://www.heroic-cinema.com/shopping.htm

The Chinatown is located in Little Bourke Street between Russell & Swanston Streets

* Videos

Anh Thanh Video
Shop 29, Mid City Complex,
200 Bourke Street,
Phone: (03) 9662-2827
VHS, VCDs, DVDs to rent. Cantopop CDs and karaoke VCDs

Chinatown Cinema
200 Bourke Street, Melbourne
Phone: (03) 9662-3465
The Chinatown Cinema has two screens showing new Hong Kong movie double-bills six days a week (closed on Tuesdays). Tickets are $12.00 for two movies. They have a range of Chinatown Video titles on sale.

* Music

Comics World
Shop 20-21,
108 Bourke Street,
Melbourne VIC 3000 (Paramount Centre)
Tel: (03) 9663-0779
Fax: (03) 9663-0797
Chinese comics + Japanese music CDs

Ha Ha Pty Ltd
208-210 Little Bourke Street,
Tel: (03) 9663-3791
Fax: (03) 9662-9099
Ha Ha carry a huge range of goods: cantopop CDs and tapes, latest release VCDs, Asian music section is the largest I've seen in Melbourne, and includes a handful of soundtracks

* Books

121 Elizabeth Street,
Tel: 9670-5414
Fax: 9670-7670
They also carry books on HK film, as well as current issues of magazines such as Giant Robot and Asian Cult Cinema.

China Books
2nd Floor, 234 Swanston Street,
Tel: (03) 9663-8822
Fax: (03) 9663-8821
Chinese art, literature, language and culture. They close early (5:30pm), Chinese literature: translated versions of all the wuxia classics are stocked.

* Goodies

Star Wall
Shop 9, Mid City Complex,
200 Bourke Street,
Tel: (03) 9662-3331
Fax: (03) 9662-3331
A goldmine of Hong Kong movie merchandise, including T-shirts, soundtracks, VCDs, postcards, posters, stills, phonecards, and more. You must go here. Open seven days from midday to 7:00pm (2:00pm to 7:00pm on Sundays.)

1st Floor, 349 Elizabeth Street,
Melbourne VIC 3000
Tel/Fax: (03) 9640-0304
They have movies from all over the world - martial arts, Italian horror, US sci-fi, it's all here. They buy, sell, rent and exchange, and carry videos, CDs, posters, books and magazines.

Stars Photo
Shop 23A, Mid City Complex,
200 Bourke Street,
Tel: (03) 9662-2626
Fax: (03) 9662-2626
Hong Kong Movie posters- Cantopop star photos



Info kindly provided by Andrea
More details at http://www.heroic-cinema.com/shopping_perth.htm

* Videos

Double Up Videos & News
Unit 2, 419 William Street,
Tel: (08) 9328-2485
They have masses of videos, though I'm not sure how many are subtitled. There is also a small selection of VCDs for sale and hire.

Laserbeam Audio & Video Centre
Shop 6, 369 William Street,
Tel: (08) 9227-1787
This place has a small selection of what appeared to be entirely Category 3 VCDs, but a rather larger selection of laserdiscs.

Planet Video
646 Beaufort Street,
Mt Lawley
Tel: (08) 9328-7464
Our long-time favourites. Many of the staff are HK film fans too, so have a chat with them about what's coming up, what's good and what's trash. Go there to get a list of their selection.

* Goodies

Wing Loong News & Books
268 William Street,
Tel: (08) 9227-7872)
They sell stickers, toys & figures + a small selection of VCDs.



Info kindly provided by Ian Adams
More details on Sydney & suburbs at http://www.heroic-cinema.com/shopping_sydney.htm



Hong-Kong - Japan - Singapore - Taiwan


Info kindly provided by Marla and her mates from The Fortune Cookie 500 Club , Tim Youngs from http://www.kowloonside.com , and from Joelle Collier.
More details at http://www.kowloonside.com/extras/shopping/index.html

Videos & Cie

The Win Win Shop
Sai Yeung Choi Street South
On the stretch between Mongkok MTR station Exit E2 and Shantung Street
has been a long-running favourite among both local film fans and tourists. They have a very strong range of titles on both DVD and VCD -- from modern HK fare through to the much less popular opera flicks. The main store at gets extremely crowded on weekends but the nearby branch at 49 Tung Choi Street is much quieter. [Tim]

Hollywood AV Centre and the Hollywood Centre DVD shop
on the 3rd floor shops a bit better (the one across the street from McDonalds with the giant fish tank, not the one next to McDonalds). Best time to visit these two is between 10 and 12 in the morning on weekends or during weekday office hours when things are less busy. [Marla]
Falls comparably short on VCDs but makes up for it with a great selection of DVDs and a much nicer shopping environment at the back of the shop.[Tim]

Hollywood AV Centre
Shop B, G/F., Rear Portion, Bank Centre,
636 Nathan Road,
Sai Yeung Choi Street, near the MTR "E" exit turn right
The cheapest DVD shop in Mongkok. It has a lot of HK movie DVDs with the lowest prices (both for old and new ones). [Marla]

P.O.V bookshop
Shop A, 1st Floor,
Hong Kong Mansion,
137-147 Lockhart Road,
which has VCDs (not DVDs) listed by director and lots of art films and mainland movies (including some English-subtitled early classics from China). This shop is HK's premier film buff store and their book section for Hong Kong movies is handy. [Marla]
Joelle reports bad news, however. P.O.V., every film buffs favorite store owned by producer/director Shu Kei, is no more. He closed the Yau Ma Tei shop a couple of years ago, but the Wanchai one--just meters from my flat--still existed when I was here last year for the film festival. Now it's gone. However, in the space where the Yau Ma Tei store used to be--next to the Broadway Cinematheque--is now the store "Kubric." The dvd/vcd store is inside the cinema (as is an unrelated poster shop). Next door is a cafe, bookstore, and lending library (for both books and films, for members only). Definitely the best one-stop-shopping for cineastes. [Joelle]

Chameleon Visual
M 35-36, M Floor, Sino Centre,
582-592 Nathan Road
If you're looking for DVDs from other Asian countries try: for all Korean English-subtitled DVDs, [Marla]
An international DVD shop named Chameleon Visual is an excellent place to shop. They have an up-to-date range of discs across the genres and friendly staff who really know what they sell. This was the first Hong Kong shop to bring in an extensive range of Korean discs.[Tim]

Shinsheido music store
G/F Miramar Shopping Centre,
corner of Nathan and Kimberly Roads,
Tsim Sha Tsui
for a few Japan releases, [Marla]
Shinsheido has a reasonable selection, including HK titles, Japanese titles and animation. [Tim]

Golden Arcade mall
Another good area would be in the Golden Arcade mall and the other mall
right at the Shamsuipo MTR station [Marla]

DVDShelf store
Kwun Tong.
If you get to meet Ricky Leung, he is also extremely knowledgeable. [Marla]

Cheapy's Movie Platform
on Cameron Road in Hong Kong. [Marla]
Cheapy Movie Platform,
in Tsim Sha Tsui,
opposite Tsim Sha Tsui MTR station Exit B2 on Cameron Road -- near KFC the best shop by far. The shopping environment is harsh thanks to loud music but the staff are helpful and accustomed to tourists stopping in to buy 30-or-so Hong Kong movies at a time. Prices are superb and the range of both DVDs and VCDs is extensive. [Tim]

WideSight has shops in
*Mongkok (two shops on Sai Yeung Choi Street South, one near Win Win on the corner of Shantung Street and Sai Yeung Choi Street South)
*Jordan (on Nathan Road opposite the Eaton Hotel) and Causeway Bay.
They generally offer good prices but their range is compromised by stocking so many music CDs.
This is the same WideSight as the budget video distributor, so expect to find in-house products sold on the cheap. [Tim]

The WideSight branch in
Causeway Bay
Jardine's Bazaar street
has the largest selection of local discs and lowest prices among shops on Hong Kong Island. [Tim]

Original shops
with shops in Kwun Tong and Kowloon City.
The superior Kwun Tong shop underneath the Silver Theatre on Fu Yan Street
These are not convenient stores for tourists unless there's a good reason to be in the area but the range of out-of-print VCDs can be useful. Prices are fine and the staff are helpful if queries are asked in Cantonese. [Tim]

HMV has megastores at convenient locations in Tsim Sha Tsui, Central and Causeway Bay . Higher prices keep most local shoppers away from extensive racks of VCDs, DVDs and even some LDs, which in turn leads to more space to move around and some out-of-print titles remaining unsold on the shelves. HMV usually has a good range of Hong Kong soundtracks on CD too. [Tim]



Hong Kong Movie
Allied Plaza
MRT station Prince Edward
They should be on the second floor of the building (i.e. on the second floor above the ground level arcade) on the side with the escalators. In addition to Wong Kar-wai items, they sell posters, lobby cards and postcards. Their web site used to be hkmovie.com.hk, so shoppers might be familiar with them from online orders. Can be expensive but is well known. Signs in Prince Edward MTR Station will point to the exit for Allied Plaza. [Tim]

Sino Centre
582-592 Nathan Road
The best film memorabilia place is the Sino Centre in Mongkok. Film memorabilia shops on M Floor or 1 Floor sell many of the same things as Hong Kong Movie in Allied Plaza. Also, the basement of the Sino Centre has a record shop with '60s movie magazines and some old soundtrack LPs. [Tim]

Showroom at Rm.303,
Chung Ying Building,
20 Connaught Road West,
Sheung Wan
Hong Kong Island
On a big memorabilia shop wher there are posters, books, watches, lobby cards, postcards and more. Quite expensive. [Tim]

Emperor Group Centre
corner of Johnston Road and Mallory Street
Wanchai, Hong Kong Island
The basement of the Emperor Group Centre has a memorabilia shop with a lot of posters, lots of lobby cards (taken from the former Cathay Cinema) and Bruce Lee items. Imports include attractive Thai posters for HK films. Poster prices might be reasonable but the once-cheap lobby card prices shot up after some large early sales. [Tim]

In Causeway Bay there is a Japanese bookshop with some import film books, sometimes including WKW stuff but also photo books for Japanese films. Go to the end of Jaffe Road (behind the World Trade Centre) and walk to the undercover lane that goes through to Lockhart Road. The shop will be on the left. [Tim]

The Commercial Press
Some Chinese-language film books can be found in The Commercial Press, who have a large bookshop in Star House near the Tsim Sha Tsui Star Ferry piers . These include movie picture books (for films like Inner Senses) or books on old movie stars like Chan Po-chu. [Tim]

A dedicated look through junk shops in the Cat Street/Hollywood Road area in Sheung Wan and the ground floor of Western Market might result in some interesting finds. Items hiding in shops include original '60s star photos, some movie set pictures, original film scripts, handbills, old newspapers, original newspaper photos, posters and assorted general memorabilia. Some of these shops will set the prices too high, so haggle to bring them down to acceptable levels. [Tim]



Info kindly provided by Stephane Perrin (zeni [hon]) from http://www.cho-yaba.com



7-9-13 Nishi Shinjuku,
Excellent store located in Nishi Shinjuku, an area famous for its records and videos shops. There are several floors. One of them is dedicated not only to Far East movies, but also to movies B European movies, Z movies, Cult, horror movies and so forth. Their Japanese, Korean, HK and Indian productions are vastly available with other Asian country productions (e.g. Malaysia, Philippine). The thing is that it is pricey, as usual in Japan. But they have plenty of DVDs, VHS, VCDs and HK magazines. The only stuff missing is probably books about HK cinema.

Jasmin Tea
Broadway 3F
Nakano 5-Chome
Nakano-ku, Tokyo
This shop only deals HK stuffs: VCDs, DVDs and also music CDs. It's not too expensive despite a medium range of goods. They carry however items on sale and brand new movies in DVDs! Worth a try.

To rent & to buy

Several shops around: in Shinjuku & Shibuya (to buy). Please check out their Website for more details.
Usually dedicated to video rental, the Tsutaya shops or ("Convenient Culture Shops" as they say) propose a large selection of Japanese movies, but Far East movies as well as HK movies. Films are available in VHS or DVD and can be purchased in some of the Tsutaya stores. Probably not the best place to find some rare movies, but they are very popular for their rental activities.

Minami Aoyama 3-14-17.
A paradise for Asian cinema fans! That's at least what the flyer says… No Japanese cinema here but mostly mobvies from Hong-Kong and Korea. For that, oit's probably the best place in Tokyo. There are tons of magasine (from the French magasine HK Extreme Orient Cinema, to local pop & fashion & design magasine, passing by festival catalogue, press kits and so forth). They have VHS, DVDs, VCDs and audio Cds. All the best to make the afficionado happy! Be aware that this shop is however very serious and that yoiuwon't find any category 3, genre cinema or exploitation cinema. Here, Wong Kar Wai is the king alongside Godard! the other half of the ship is mostly dedicated to French cinema. That's one of the must-seen place, even if it's kind of weird to find it beteween some of the most expensive fashion store in Tokyo.



Info courtesy http://www.netkomlink.com
More details at: http://www.netkomlink.com/dvdSShops.htm

DVD Shops

200 Meters outside FUNAN CENTER
Very GOOD selection of DVDs Region 1 and 3. They have a very good selection and usually they offer about 10 % discount on the items in stock. They also have some of the more rare stuff like DVD audio/video test disks and a nice selection of MUSIC DVD's.

Sim Ling Square
Basement and 2 Floors
Small selection. Region 1 and 3

Small Selection. Region 1 and 3

Small Shops
Opposite Phoenix Hotel/Orchard
Reasonable Selection. Region 1 and 3

That's Music
220, Orchard Road #1-02 Midpoint Orchard
Good Selection. Region 1 and 3

Super Megahits
#01-18 Funan Center Ground floor
Reasonable Selection. Region 1 and 3

Changi Aiport
Reasonable Selection. Region 1 and 3. Very expensive.



The Fnac is a French Multimedia stores that has shops all around the world. There you should be able to find books, Cds, DVDs, and other multimedia things. It's worthwhile to have a look in the ones in Taiwan since they may have Chinese movies.

There are 2 FNACs, we recommend to get on touch with them to know their exact location in Taiwan.

Tel: (02)87120331
Fax: (02)27130466
Monday~Thursday: 11:00-22:00
Friday / Sunday: 11:00-23:00
Saturday: 10:30-23:00

Fnac, Future Center
Tel: (02)23816669
Fax: (02)27130466
Monday~Friday: 11:00-23:00
Saturday~Sunday: 10:00-23:00

Tower Records
The Tower Records is an American entertainment stores that has shops all around the world. There you should be able to find Cds & DVDs. It's worthwhile to have a look in the ones in Taiwan since they may have Chinese movies. More details at: http://www.towerrecords.com

Ding Hao
2F 71 Chung Hsiao East Rd.,
Section 4, Taipei, Taiwan
Open 10:30am - 10:30pm

Tower Records
Hsi Men Ding
9F-1 No.131, Han-Chung St.
Taipei, Taiwan
Open 10:30am - 10:30pm

Tower Records
Shin Kong Mitsukoshi Department Store
7th Floor, No. 190, Section 2, Chun-Hwa Road,
Hsin-Chu City, Taiwan
Phone: 886-3-515-1333

Tower Records
Hsin Yi
6F, No. 11
Son-Kao Road
Taipei, Taiwan
Phone: 886-2-8780-0665


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