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Shing Fui On

Other names : 成奎安
Cheng Kui An
Cheng2 Kui2 An1
F. O. Shing
Shing Fai On
Shing Fooi On
Shing Quo On
Sing Fui On
David Tsui
Birthdate : 1/2/1955
Date of death : 27/8/2009
Nationality : Hong Kong
Workplace : Hong Kong
Activities : Actor (206), Brief appearance (10)


With his sinister mug, his huge stature (1.85 m) and bad manners, Shing Fui On was one of the most famous bad guys in the Hong Kong cinema during the 1980s and 1990s.

Those unfamiliar with Shings name will surely remember him as the merciless villain in John Woos The Killer.

Son of catholic peasants, Shing had a very poor childhood. He was born in a large family comprised of an older sister and five other brothers. Conditions at the time were hard: His siblings always fought for a bit of food or to get most of the blanket at night. Shing left school at 13 because his parents couldnt afford the tuition fees anymore. His first job was at the studios of the Shaw Brothers. He started there as a laborer, then worked with props and later became assistant to cameramen while sometimes appearing in front of the camera as an extra.

Shing confessed his teens and his life as a young adult was that of a hooligan. At 17, he left the Shaw Bros. With three other local kids he worked as a bouncer in nightclubs in Mongkok. Fights after fights, Shing gained a reputation with the police. He was in gangs and a member of the triads. Involved in a sordid affair, he was sent four years in prison. He was arrested just before his first child was born. Shing was released two years later for good behavior and coming home he was greeted by his own son calling him a hooligan. He then vowed to turn his life around.

Shing went back to the entertainment industry and took on odd jobs on sets, from extra to assistant choreographer to Bruce Leung (who was a star of the RTV/ATV channel and a friend of his elder brothers). At the same period he was spotted by Danny Lee. At the end of the 1970s, Lee, a star from the Shaw Bros, was planning to launch his own production company.

Lee was looking for actors able to help him out before and behind the camera. Shing became then a recurrent supporting role and sometimes a technician in Lees early productions in the 1980s. He worked alongside Wong Ching, Kent Cheng, Lung Tin Sang, Tommy Wong Kwong Leung and Parkman Wong who all were known for their work at the Shaw Bros.

Shing himself thought his first genuine acting experience was on Lees The Law Enforcer (86) in which he had a pretty important role for the first time in his career. The experience for Shing was difficult albeit revealing. His acting skills were considered awful by Lee who kept shouting at him on the set. One day, Lee almost strangled him for Shing had just damaged the superb Porsche lent for the production.

Shing wasnt handsomely paid for this part but he didnt care as he knew success wasnt far away after this role. He was right. His performance got him the HK Film Awards nomination for best supporting role. Since then, Shing was eternally grateful to Lee he considered his mentor.

Moviegoers and professionals gradually got used to Shings strange mug. He received more and more job offers and nine out of ten times he was the bad guy of the movie. His height (1.85 m), his boorish gait, his bad manners, his loud voice and threatening demeanor made him one of the most memorable and popular baddies in the HK cinema of the 1980s.

Shing was proud of this and was used to brag he was among the top four biggest bad guys of the HK cinema at the time, along with Roy Cheung, William Ho Ka Kui and Tommy Wong Kwong Leung. Indeed, them four were the perfect incarnation of the ultimate villains in the eyes of the local public.

Shing hit the jackpot with John Woos The Killer (1989), in which he faced Chow Yun Fat and Danny Lee. With this film Shing entered the very small club of the most hated bad guys. The audience was said to shout in anger and asked for his death during the screenings of The Killer because of what he did to the heroes.

In the movies, Shing had the habit to die in various atrocious manners after committing many awful deeds. Shing revealed that often, for economical reasons, producers refused to hire doubles for supporting roles and he ended up injured many times on the set of many productions.

Thanks to a few, albeit memorable, performances in films such as Liu Wai Hungs Chase A Fortune (1985) or Ringo Lams Prison On Fire (1987), Shing was nicknamed Daai So or Big Crazy in Cantonese. In truth, he was already named Daai So when he was kid for he was a bit crazy.

This nickname stuck until he passed away. First a bit offensive, this name became a friendlier moniker. Shing attempted to escape this pigeonhole and tried some roles in comedies and also as a fatherly figure or even as a brave cop. In public, he was perceived as a simple and funny man.

Shing did a lot of films until the early 2000. First paid HKD 100 or 200 per film in his early career, later on he obtained between HKD 500 000 and HKD 1 million a part. Used to supporting roles, he sometimes managed to grab the limelight and appeared in the lead such as in Ivan Lais The Blue Jean Monster (1991)

With the decline of the HK film industry end of the 1990s, Shing looked for more TV work and tried to break into the huge Chinese mainland market. He was an actor at the TVB for a while before starting a new career in China. In the early 2000, Shing, who hired a mainland Chinese agent, had a great career going on, with TV series, commercials and even music. He released two or three hit songs on friendship and honor. Shing claimed he worked in 350 films and 600 TV series episodes in his whole career.

In the 1990s, Shing churned out many films and had a great lifestyle, although he barely appeared in any category 3 films, a hugely popular trend at the time. He was a big spender and provided for his family and friends and also parasites and starlets. He was even into the food business with restaurants in HK and in China. He acknowledged that at this time he was like a big boss. Connected, he helped some friends and actors out. Nick Cheung owes him a great deal. Shing became a kind of big brother for newcomers and protected them from the threat of the triads.

Despite fame and fortune, Shing has never forgotten his rural origins. At the peak of his career he was even elected mayor of the Nam Wei village in the Sai Kung district where he grew up. He even took part in the legislative elections in HK. Ambitious and willing to erase his past mistakes, Shing developed his image of a good lad close to the people, a fake bad guy of cinema and a good Christian who had redeemed himself. He appeared on popular TV shows and in charity gatherings.

A sportsman, Shing was also known in HK for taking part in car races, another of his passions with cinema. He raced in Macau, Thailand, Japan and many more Asian countries. He confessed that his experience in overseas races taught him that Chinese drivers had still many more things to learn. He owned up to six racing cars.

He was also in the football/soccer team composed of the HK film stars. There, he became a very close friend with the likes of Alan Tam, Eric Tsang, Law Kar Ying, Andy Lau and even Wan Chi Keung, an actor and former football star and the mentor of the team. Shing pretended to be an excellent goal keeper and when he couldnt stop the ball, he was used to joke that Law Kar Ying was a bad defender.

In 2004, while shooting Wai Ka Fais Himalaya Singh, Shing had a nose bleed on the set. A medical check revealed that he had a nasopharyngeal carcinoma (a throat cancer) at an advanced stage. He was said to have only four months to live.

Eventually, Shing was miraculously saved by modern medicine yet was left very frail after his battle against the cancer. He had also spent all his fortune to fight a tumor the size of a chicken egg. People abandoned him too.

His illness helped him to find out clearly who his true friends were. Genuine but rare friends stayed by his side. Talking with Wan Chi Keung who suffered the same sickness, Shing said that he was broke and was worried for his family. Wan proposed to pay for his medical expenses.

A proud man, Shing didnt dare to borrow money from his friends. He had to carry on working. But job offers were rare. He nonetheless got a few roles in films and in TV series. He was seen very affected by the illness in the Pang Bros The Detective (2007) and Cheung Chee Keongs Bodyguard: A New Beginning (2008). Shing invested also more or less successfully in bar and restaurant businesses. He tried to lead a normal life despite the threat of a relapse.

Not devoid of a sense of humor, Shing liked to joke about cancer with his old friend Law Kar Ying, himself victim of this evil.

In spring 2009, the dreaded relapse happened. Shing was admitted in the ICU in July. His close friends came to visit him on his hospital bed -- they were Nick Cheung, Alan Tam and Eric Tsang. They all hoped for another remission but the miracle never happened.

Shing Fui On died in the Hong Kong Baptist Hospital on 27th August at 23:45.

VTL (August 2009) translated by Thomas Podvin
Sources: Sina and Baidu

For more info on the nasopharyngeal carcinoma, visit the wikipedia page: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nasopharyngeal_carcinoma

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