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Statistics :
11630 Movies
19215 People
1448 Studios
29 Articles
73 Interviews
12 DVD Reviews
32452 Screenshots
3722 Videos
Eric Tsang Chi Wai

Other names : 曾志伟
Tsang Chi Wai
Eric Tsang
Tseng Chih Wei
Zeng Zhi Wei
Birthdate : 1/1/1954
Nationality : Hong Kong
Workplace : Hong Kong
Activities : Director (24), Producer (35), Executive producer (5), Associate producer (2), Writer (3), Singer (1), Voice dubbing (1), Actor (218), Brief appearance (12), Cameo (4), Original Story (4), Planning (12), Presenter (11)

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 Alternate lists by alpha / genre / year
Title    ( HK -  All )  Year Activity
 Skiptrace 2016 Actor
 An Inspector Calls 2015 Actor
 Jian Bing Man 2015 Actor
 Lucky Star 2015 2015 Producer, Actor
 Man From Macau II, The 2015 Actor
 Monster Hunt 2015 Actor
 Aberdeen 2014 Actor
 Breaking The Waves 2014 Actor
 Hello Babies 2014 Actor
 Horseplay 2014 Actor
 7 Assassins 2013 Director, Actor
 I Love Hong Kong 2013 2013 Producer, Actor, Original Story
 Ip Man Final Fight 2013 Actor
 Princess And Seven Kung Fu Masters 2013 Actor
 Rooftop, The 2013 Actor
 Saving Mother Robot 2013 Actor
 I Love Hong Kong 2012 2012 Producer, Writer, Actor
 If I Were You 2012 Actor
 72 Heroes 2011 Actor
 Fortune Buddies, The 2011 Producer, Actor
 I Love Hong Kong 2011 Director, Producer, Actor
 Killer Who Never Kills, The 2011 Producer, Actor
 Men Suddenly In Love 2011 Actor
 Mural 2011 Actor
 Racer Legend 2011 Producer, Actor
 Summer Love 2011 Actor
 72 Tenants Of Prosperity 2010 Director, Producer, Actor
 Future X-Cops 2010 Actor
 Just Another Pandora's Box 2010 Actor
 Just Call Me Nobody 2010 Actor
 Lover's Discourse 2010 Actor
 Panda Man Heroic Detective 2010 Actor
 Pandamen 2010 Actor
 Seven Arhat 2010 Actor
 Bodyguards And Assassins 2009 Actor
 Kung Fu Cyborg Attraction 2009 Cameo
 Treasure Hunter 2009 Actor
 Turning Point Laughing Gor 2009 Actor
 Claustrophobia 2008 Actor
 Happy Funeral 2008 Actor
 High Noon 2008 Producer
 Kung Fu Dunk 2008 Actor
 Lost Indulgence 2008 Actor
 Moss, The 2008 Actor
 Tea Fight 2008 Actor
 Two People Under The Same Roof 2008 Actor
 Winds Of September 2008 Producer, Actor, Presenter
 Beauty And The 7 Beasts 2007 Producer, Actor
 Bullet & Brain 2007 Actor
 Dangerous Games 2007 Actor
 Exodus 2007 Actor
 Happy Birthday 2007 Producer
 Magic Boy 2007 Producer, Executive producer, Actor
 Pye-Dog, The 2007 Actor
 Romantic Fool, The 2007 Actor
 Simply Actors 2007 Actor
 After This, Our Exile 2006 Actor
 Big Movie 2006 Producer, Actor
 Invisible Waves 2006 Actor
 McDull, The Alumni 2006 Actor
 Men Suddenly In Black 2 2006 Actor, Presenter
 Tokyo Trial 2006 Actor
 Wo Hu 2006 Actor
 2 Young 2005 Actor
 Bar Paradise 2005 Actor
 Colour Of Loyalty 2005 Actor
 Divergence 2005 Actor
 It Had To Be You 2005 Producer, Actor
 Mob Sister 2005 Actor
 Perhaps Love 2005 Brief appearance
 Wondrous Bet, A 2005 Actor
 Boxer's Story 2004 Producer, Actor
 Dumplings : Three... Extremes 2004 Executive producer
 In-Laws, Out-Laws 2004 Actor
 Jiang Hu 2004 Producer, Actor
 Love Is A Many Stupid Thing 2004 Actor
 One Stone And Two Birds 2004 Actor, Planning
 Papa Loves You 2004 Actor
 Three... Extremes 2004 Associate producer
 City Of SARS 2003 Actor
 Dragon Loaded 2003 Actor
 Fu Bo 2003 Actor
 Infernal Affairs II 2003 Actor
 Infernal Affairs III 2003 Actor
 Master Q : Incredible Pet Detective 2003 Voice dubbing
 Men Suddenly In Black 2003 Producer, Actor
 Project 1:99 Hong Kong Is The Best 2003 Actor
 Eye, The 2002 Executive producer
 Frugal Game 2002 Actor
 Going Home 2002 Actor
 Golden Chicken 2002 Executive producer, Actor, Presenter
 Infernal Affairs 2002 Actor
 No Problem 2 2002 Brief appearance
 Partners 2002 Actor
 Shaolin - Let's Go 2002 Actor
 Troublesome Night 15 2002 Actor
 Accidental Spy, The 2001 Actor
 Cop On A Mission 2001 Actor
 Loser's Club 2001 Actor
 Merry-Go-Round 2001 Actor
 Take 2 In Life 2001 Actor
 And I Hate You So 2000 Actor
 Jiang Hu : The Triad Zone 2000 Cameo
 Fly Me To Polaris 1999 Actor
 Gen X Cops 1999 Actor
 Gigolo Of Chinese Hollywood 1999 Actor
 I.Q. Dudettes 1999 Actor
 Metade Fumaca 1999 Actor
 When I Look Upon The Stars 1999 Actor
 Anna Magdalena 1998 Brief appearance
 Hitman, The 1998 Actor
 Hold You Tight 1998 Actor
 Mr Wai-go 1998 Actor
 Sleepless Town 1998 Actor
 Final Justice 1997 Actor
 Task Force 1997 Actor
 Wedding Days, The 1997 Producer, Actor
 Yesterday You, Yesterday Me 1997 Actor
 Age Of Miracles, The 1996 Actor, Presenter
 Comrades, Almost A Love Story 1996 Actor, Presenter
 How To Meet The Lucky Stars 1996 Producer, Singer, Actor
 Those Were The Days 1996 Director, Producer, Actor
 Twinkle, Twinkle Lucky Star 1996 Actor
 Who's The Woman, Who's The Man 1996 Actor, Presenter
 Mack The Knife 1995 Producer
 Always Be The Winner 1994 Actor
 Drunken Master II 1994 Producer
 He's A Woman, She's A Man 1994 Actor, Presenter
 Moonlight Boy 1994 Actor
 Oh ! Yes Sir ! 1994 Actor
 Over The Rainbow, Under The Skirt 1994 Actor
 Always On My Mind 1993 Presenter
 Bogus Cop 1993 Actor
 Chez N' Ham Story 1993 Actor
 Come Fly The Dragon 1993 Director
 Drug Tiger 1993 Actor, Planning
 He Ain't Heavy, He's My Father 1993 Producer
 Lady Supercop 1993 Actor
 Master Wong VS Master Wong 1993 Actor
 Project S 1993 Cameo
 Tom, Dick And Hairy 1993 Presenter
 Vampire Family 1993 Director, Actor
 Yesteryou, Yesterme, Yesterday 1993 Actor
 Days Of Being Dumb, The 1992 Actor
 Ghost Punting 1992 Director, Actor
 Handsome Siblings 1992 Director
 Once Upon A Time A Hero In China 1992 Actor
 Taking Manhattan 1992 Producer
 Twin Dragons, The 1992 Brief appearance
 Yes Madam‘ 92 : A Serious Shock 1992 Actor
 Alan And Eric : Between Hello And Goodbye 1991 Producer, Actor
 Banquet, The 1991 Actor
 Last Blood, The 1991 Producer, Actor
 Shy Spirit 1991 Actor
 Tigers, The 1991 Director
 Zodiac Killers 1991 Producer
 Curry And Pepper 1990 Actor
 Farewell China 1990 Presenter
 Fatal Vacation 1990 Director, Producer, Actor
 Other Half, The 1990 Actor
 Outlaw Brothers, The 1990 Producer
 Sniping, The 1990 Actor
 Sunshine Friends 1990 Producer, Actor
 Bachelor's Swan Song, The 1989 Actor
 Dream Of Desire 1989 Actor, Planning
 Eat A Bowl Of Tea 1989 Actor
 Forever Young 1989 Director, Producer, Actor
 Fortune Code, The 1989 Actor, Planning
 It's A Mad Mad World 3 1989 Actor
 Little Big Man 1989 Actor
 Little Cop 1989 Director, Producer, Actor
 Lucky Guys 1989 Actor
 News Attack 1989 Actor
 Pedicab Driver 1989 Brief appearance
 Reincarnation Of Golden Lotus, The 1989 Actor
 Return Of The Lucky Stars 1989 Actor, Planning
 They Came To Rob Hong Kong 1989 Actor
 Three Against The World 1989 Planning
 18 Times 1988 Actor
 Carry On Dancing 1988 Actor
 Carry On Hotel 1988 Actor
 Criminal Hunter, The 1988 Actor
 Double Fattiness 1988 Actor
 Greatest Lover, The 1988 Actor
 How To Pick Up Girls 1988 Actor
 Into The Night, The 1988 Actor
 Lai Shi, China's Last Eunuch 1988 Planning
 Mr Mistress 1988 Actor
 Other 1/2 & The Other 1/2, The 1988 Actor
 Romancing Star 2, The 1988 Actor
 Women's Prison 1988 Associate producer
 Armour Of God 1987 Director
 Final Test, The 1987 Actor, Planning
 Final Victory, The 1987 Actor
 Golden Swallow 1987 Actor
 In The Line Of Duty 3 1987 Brief appearance
 It's A Mad Mad World 1987 Actor
 Naughty Cadets Of Patrol 1987 Director, Actor
 Romancing Star, The 1987 Actor
 Scared Stiff 1987 Actor
 Seven Years Itch 1987 Actor
 Sworn Brothers 1987 Original Story
 Trouble Couples 1987 Director, Actor
 You're My Destiny 1987 Director
 Lucky Stars Go Places 1986 Director, Actor, Original Story, Presenter
 Millionaire's Express, The 1986 Actor
 Shyly Joker 1986 Actor
 Strange Bedfellow, The 1986 Director, Actor
 Thirty Million Dollar Rush, The 1986 Actor
 Affectionately Yours 1985 Actor
 Friendly Ghost 1985 Actor
 Funny Face 1985 Actor
 Funny Triple 1985 Actor
 My Lucky Stars 1985 Actor
 Those Merry Souls 1985 Actor
 Twinkle, Twinkle Lucky Stars 1985 Producer, Actor
 Why Me ? 1985 Actor
 Women 1985 Actor
 Beloved Daddy 1984 Actor
 Double Trouble 1984 Director, Producer, Actor
 Heaven Can Help 1984 Actor, Planning
 My Little Sentimental Friend 1984 Actor, Planning
 Aces Go Places II 1983 Director, Actor
 All The Wrong Spies 1983 Brief appearance
 Perfect Wife, The 1983 Actor
 Play Catch 1983 Actor
 Aces Go Places 1982 Director
 Can't Stop The War 1982 Actor
 He Lives By Night 1982 Executive producer, Actor
 It Takes Two 1982 Actor
 Once Upon A Rainbow 1982 Actor
 Till Death Do We Scare 1982 Actor, Planning
 All The Wrong Clues For The Right Solution 1981 Actor, Original Story
 Carry On Wise Guy 1981 Actor
 Chasing Girls 1981 Actor
 Crazy Chase, The 1981 Director
 Legend Of The Owl 1981 Actor, Planning
 Bolo 1980 Actor
 By Hook Or By Crook 1980 Brief appearance
 Loot, The 1980 Director, Brief appearance
 Read Lips 1980 Actor
 Challenger, The 1979 Director, Actor
 Crazy Couple 1979 Actor
 36th Chamber Of Shaolin, The 1978 Writer
 Bruce Lee - The Invincible 1978 Actor
 Dirty Tiger, Crazy Frog 1978 Writer
 Enter The Fat Dragon 1978 Cameo
 Warriors Two 1978 Actor
 Dragon Lives Again 1977 Actor
 End Of Wicked Tiger, The 1977 Actor
 Executioners From Shaolin 1977 Brief appearance
 Four Shaolin Challengers, The 1977 Actor
 Iron Fisted Monk, The 1977 Actor
 Money Crazy 1977 Actor
 Challenge Of The Masters 1976 Actor
 Kung Fu Stars 1975 Actor
 Spiritual Boxer 1975 Actor
 Five Shaolin Masters 1974 Actor
 Na Cha The Great 1974 Actor
 Stoner 1974 Brief appearance
 Tournament, The 1974 Actor
 Fourteen Amazons, The 1972 Brief appearance

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 Eric Tsang Chi Wai pictures :  (Hide)
Bodyguards And Assassins
Turning Point Laughing Gor
Kung Fu Dunk
Kung Fu Dunk
Beauty And The 7 Beasts
Jiang Hu
One Stone And Two Birds
Infernal Affairs II
Infernal Affairs II
Men Suddenly In Black
Infernal Affairs
Infernal Affairs
Jiang Hu : The Triad Zone
Gen X Cops
Gigolo Of Chinese Hollywood
I.Q. Dudettes
Metade Fumaca
When I Look Upon The Stars
Hold You Tight
The Hitman
Comrades, Almost A Love Story
How To Meet The Lucky Stars
Twinkle, Twinkle Lucky Star
Vampire Family
Ghost Punting
Once Upon A Time A Hero In China
The Twin Dragons
Yes Madam‘ 92 : A Serious Shock
The Last Blood
The Bachelor's Swan Song
The Fortune Code
The Reincarnation Of Golden Lotus
Carry On Hotel
How To Pick Up Girls
How To Pick Up Girls
The Romancing Star 2
Scared Stiff
Scared Stiff
The Final Test
The Final Victory
The Romancing Star
Lucky Stars Go Places
Heaven Can Help
All The Wrong Spies
He Lives By Night
Till Death Do We Scare
Chasing Girls
By Hook Or By Crook
The Loot
The Challenger
Warriors Two
The Iron Fisted Monk
Spiritual Boxer
Na Cha The Great
Beauty And The 7 Beasts
A Wondrous Bet
 Other Eric Tsang Chi Wai pictures :  (Hide)
Monster Hunt (1)
Racer Legend (1)
Just Call Me Nobody (1)
Bodyguards And Assassins (1)
Kung Fu Cyborg Attraction (1)
Turning Point Laughing Gor (3)
Kung Fu Dunk (5)
Beauty And The 7 Beasts (7)
Tokyo Trial (1)
Wo Hu (7)
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HK talents > Actors > Other actors and actresses
Author(s) : Gina Marchetti, Amy Lee, Thomas Podvin
Date : 14/12/2004
Type(s) : Interview
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