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Statistics :
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Andy Lau Tak Wah

Other names : 刘德华
Andy Lau
Lau Dak Wa
Lau Tak Wah
Liu De Hua
Liú Déhuá
Birthdate : 27/9/1961
Nationality : Hong Kong
Workplace : China, Hong Kong
Activities : Director (1), Producer (13), Executive producer (5), Singer (6), Voice dubbing (1), Actor (155), Brief appearance (2), Cameo (3), Presenter (3)


Andy Lau stars in over 100 films and is one of Asia's most popular stars. Born in Hong Kong in 1961, upon graduating from high school, he entered the TVB acting academy, where he studied acting and martial arts. After working in television for almost a decade, Lau made his big screen debut in the critically acclaimed “Boat People” in 1982.

Since then, Lau has continue to be one of the most prolific and bankable actors in Asia. He has worked with the best directors including Johnnie To, Andrew Lau, Feng Xiaogang and Jiang Yimou.


 [ 2010 - 2000 - 1990 - 1980 ] 
 Alternate lists by alpha / genre / year
Title    ( HK -  All )  Year Activity
 Bodyguard, The 2016 Producer, Actor
 Election 3 2016 Actor
 From Vegas To Macau 3 2016 Actor
 Great Wall 2016 Actor
 Mission Milano 2016 Producer, Actor
 Lost And Lonely 2014 Actor
 Angry Kid 2013 Actor
 Better And Better 2013 Actor
 Firestorm 2013 Producer, Executive producer, Actor
 Singing When We Are Young 2013 Executive producer
 Switch 2013 Actor
 Blind Detective 2012 Actor
 Cold War 2012 Actor
 I Love Hong Kong 2012 2012 Actor
 Founding Of The Party 2011 Actor
 Simple Life, A 2011 Executive producer, Actor
 Detective Dee - The Mystery Of Phantom Flame 2010 Actor
 Future X-Cops 2010 Singer, Actor
 Gallants 2010 Presenter
 Johnnie Got His Gun ! 2010 Brief appearance
 Shaolin 2010 Actor
 What Women Want 2010 Actor
 Founding Of A Republic, The 2009 Actor
 Look For A Star 2009 Actor
 Three Kingdoms - Resurrection Of The Dragon 2008 Actor
 Brothers 2007 Singer, Actor
 Protégé 2007 Actor
 Warlords, The 2007 Actor
 Battle Of Wits 2006 Actor
 Crazy Stone 2006 Executive producer, Presenter
 I'll Call You 2006 Producer, Actor
 Invisible Waves 2006 Producer
 My Mother Is A Belly Dancer 2006 Producer, Cameo
 Shoe Fairy, The 2006 Producer, Actor
 All About Love 2005 Actor
 Wait 'Til You're Older 2005 Actor
 House Of Flying Daggers 2004 Actor
 Jiang Hu 2004 Actor
 Magic Kitchen 2004 Actor
 McDull, Prince De La Bun 2004 Voice dubbing
 World Without Thieves, A 2004 Actor
 Yesterday Once More 2004 Actor
 Cat And Mouse 2003 Actor
 Give Them A Chance 2003 Cameo
 Infernal Affairs III 2003 Actor
 Love Under The Sun 2003 Director, Actor
 Project 1:99 Rhapsody 2003 Actor
 Running On Karma 2003 Actor
 Fat Choi Spirit 2002 Actor
 Golden Chicken 2002 Actor
 Infernal Affairs 2002 Producer, Actor
 Wesley's Mysterious File, The 2002 Actor
 Dance Of A Dream 2001 Producer, Actor
 Fulltime Killer 2001 Producer, Actor
 Love On A Diet 2001 Actor
 Duel, The 2000 Actor
 Fighter's Blues, A 2000 Producer, Actor
 Needing You 2000 Actor
 Century Of The Dragon 1999 Actor
 Conmen In Vegas, The 1999 Actor
 Fascination Amour 1999 Actor
 Prince Charming 1999 Actor
 Running Out Of Time 1999 Actor
 Conman, The 1998 Actor
 Longest Summer, The 1998 Executive producer
 True Mob Story, A 1998 Actor
 Armageddon 1997 Actor
 Island Of Greed 1997 Actor
 Made In Hong Kong 1997 Producer
 Moment Of Romance III, A 1996 Singer, Actor
 Shanghai Grand 1996 Singer, Actor
 Thanks For Your Love 1996 Actor
 Adventurers, The 1995 Actor
 Full Throttle 1995 Actor
 What A Wonderful World 1995 Actor
 Drunken Master II 1994 Brief appearance
 Drunken Master III 1994 Actor
 Taste Of Killing And Romance, A 1994 Actor
 Three Swordsmen, The 1994 Actor
 Tian Di 1994 Producer, Actor, Presenter
 Come Fly The Dragon 1993 Actor
 Days Of Tomorrow 1993 Actor
 Future Cops 1993 Actor
 Sting 2, The 1993 Actor
 Arrest The Restless 1992 Cameo
 Casino Tycoon 1992 Actor
 Casino Tycoon 2 1992 Actor
 Gameboy Kids 1992 Actor
 Gun N' Rose 1992 Actor
 Handsome Siblings 1992 Actor
 Moon Warriors, The 1992 Actor
 Prince Of Temple Street, The 1992 Actor
 Saviour Of The Soul 2 1992 Actor
 Sting, The 1992 Actor
 Thief Of Time 1992 Actor
 What A Hero ! 1992 Actor
 Banquet, The 1991 Actor
 Casino Raiders 2 1991 Actor
 Dances With The Dragon 1991 Actor
 Days Of Being Wild 1991 Actor
 Don't Fool Me 1991 Actor
 Hong Kong Godfather 1991 Actor
 Island Of Fire 1991 Actor
 Last Blood, The 1991 Actor
 Lee Rock 1991 Actor
 Lee Rock 2 : Father And Son 1991 Actor
 Saviour Of The Soul 1991 Actor
 Tigers, The 1991 Actor
 Tricky Brains 1991 Actor
 Zodiac Killers 1991 Actor
 Dragon In Jail 1990 Actor
 Forbidden Imperial Tales 1990 Singer, Actor
 Gangland Odyssey 1990 Actor
 God Of Gamblers 2 1990 Actor
 Home Too Far, A 1990 Actor
 Kawashima Yoshiko - The Last Princess Of Manchuria 1990 Actor
 Kung Fu Vs Acrobatic 1990 Singer, Actor
 Moment Of Romance, A 1990 Actor
 No Risk, No Gain 1990 Actor
 Return Engagement 1990 Actor
 Bloody Brotherhood 1989 Actor
 Casino Raiders 1989 Actor
 China White 1989 Actor
 City Kids 1989 Actor
 Crocodile Hunter 1989 Actor
 First Time Is The Last Time, The 1989 Actor
 Fortune Code, The 1989 Actor
 God Of Gamblers 1989 Actor
 Little Cop 1989 Actor
 Long Arm Of The Law III 1989 Actor
 News Attack 1989 Actor
 Perfect Match 1989 Actor
 Proud And Confident 1989 Actor
 Romancing Star 3, The 1989 Actor
 Runaway Blues 1989 Actor
 Stars And Roses 1989 Actor
 Three Against The World 1989 Actor
 Truth, The : Final Episode 1989 Actor
 As Tears Go By 1988 Actor
 Crazy Companies 2, The 1988 Actor
 Crazy Companies, The 1988 Actor
 Dragon Family, The 1988 Actor
 In The Blood 1988 Actor
 Lai Shi, China's Last Eunuch 1988 Actor
 Romancing Star 2, The 1988 Actor
 Truth, The 1988 Actor
 Walk On Fire 1988 Actor
 Heir To The Throne 1987 Actor
 Rich And Famous 1987 Actor
 Sworn Brothers 1987 Actor
 Tragic Hero 1987 Actor
 Lucky Stars Go Places 1986 Actor
 Magic Crystal 1986 Actor
 Yangs' Saga, The 1986 Actor
 Shanghai 13 1985 Actor
 Twinkle, Twinkle Lucky Stars 1985 Actor
 Unwritten Law, The 1985 Actor
 Duke Of Mount Deer, The 1984 Actor
 Everlasting Love 1984 Actor
 Return Of Wong Fei Hung, The 1984 Actor
 Home At Hong Kong, The 1983 Actor
 On The Wrong Track 1983 Actor
 Return Of The Condor Heroes, The 1983 Actor
 Boat People 1982 Actor
 Legend Of Master So, The 1982 Actor
 Once Upon A Rainbow 1982 Actor
 Faces And Places 1981 Actor

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 Andy Lau Tak Wah pictures :  (Hide)
Three Kingdoms - Resurrection Of The Dragon
Three Kingdoms - Resurrection Of The Dragon
Three Kingdoms - Resurrection Of The Dragon
Battle Of Wits
A World Without Thieves
House Of Flying Daggers
House Of Flying Daggers
Jiang Hu
Infernal Affairs
Infernal Affairs
A Fighter's Blues
Running Out Of Time
A True Mob Story
A True Mob Story
The Conman
The Conman
Island Of Greed
Shanghai Grand
Full Throttle
Drunken Master III
The Three Swordsmen
Top Fighter
Gameboy Kids
Gun N' Rose
The Moon Warriors
The Moon Warriors
Casino Raiders 2
Days Of Being Wild
Days Of Being Wild
Island Of Fire
Lee Rock
The Last Blood
Gangland Odyssey
Return Engagement
Bloody Brotherhood
China White
City Kids
City Kids
Long Arm Of The Law III
Proud And Confident
Runaway Blues
Runaway Blues
Stars And Roses
The Fortune Code
The Romancing Star 3
As Tears Go By
As Tears Go By
As Tears Go By
Lai Shi, China's Last Eunuch
The Romancing Star 2
Rich And Famous
Sworn Brothers
Tragic Hero
Lucky Stars Go Places
Magic Crystal
The Yangs' Saga
Shanghai 13
On The Wrong Track
On The Wrong Track
Boat People
Boat People
Once Upon A Rainbow
All About Love
Wait 'Til You're Older
 Other Andy Lau Tak Wah pictures :  (Hide)
Firestorm (3)
Cold War (1)
Detective Dee - The Mystery Of Phantom Flame (8)
Shaolin (7)
What Women Want (7)
Three Kingdoms - Resurrection Of The Dragon (4)
Protégé (3)
The Warlords (9)
Battle Of Wits (8)
All About Love (6)
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