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Bruce Law Lai Yin

Other names : Bruce Law
Law Lai Yin
Nationality : Hong Kong
Workplace : Hong Kong
Activities : Director (1), Action Director (39), Assistant Action Director (1), Art director (1), Special effects (2), Actor (18), Brief appearance (1), Cameo (1), Original Story (1), Stuntman (116), Car Stunt (45), Fire Stunt (6)


Bruce Law has more than 15 years of experience in all aspects of stunt-work. His unique blend of high-action stunt design has made him one of the most acclaimed stunt co-ordinators in Hong Kong. He has set new standards for stunts in the Hong Kong film industry, by using advanced an innovative techniques and digital technology.

Law convinced super stars to perform incredible and dangerous-looking action scenes (Chow Yun Fat, Tony Leung Chiu Wai, Leslie Cheung, Andy Lau, Michelle Yeoh and Maggie Cheung Man Yuk). They have never suffered any accident. This is why Bruce Law is so well acclaimed.

His innovative and outstanding work made him many times nominated at Asian film festivals for Best Action Choreography Award (Hong Kong Film Awards and the Taiwan Golden Horse Awards).

Bruce's company, Bruce Law Stunts Unlimited, can offer a complete action package for films, consisting of stuntmen, stunt co-ordinator, and 2nd Unit Director, with a well experienced team. They are able to handle all phases of film production, from directing to camera work, from safety and stunt consultation over fight choreography to post production issues.

In 1998, Bruce Law directed a high-octane action movie, Extreme Crisis that proved his talent as a director and an action director. To get convinced about Bruce's skills, just check out his selected filmography.

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 Alternate lists by alpha / genre / year
Title    ( HK -  All )  Year Activity
 Bodyguard, The 2016 Car Stunt
 Monk Comes Down The Mountain 2015 Action Director
 Great Hypnotist, The 2014 Action Director
 Kung Fu Jungle 2014 Cameo, Car Stunt
 Transformers: Age Of Extinction 2014 Action Director
 Man Of Tai Chi 2013 Car Stunt
 No Man's Land 2013 Action Director
 Police Story 2013 2013 Car Stunt
 Special Id 2013 Car Stunt
 Together 2013 Car Stunt
 Armor Of God III : Chinese Zodiac 2012 Car Stunt
 Inseparable 2011 Action Director
 Law Of Attraction, The 2011 Action Director
 Racer Legend 2011 Action Director
 Warring States 2011 Action Director
 Here Comes Fortune 2010 Action Director
 Push 2009 Special effects
 Sniper 2009 Car Stunt
 Beast Stalker, The 2008 Car Stunt
 Chaos 2008 Car Stunt
 First 7th Night, The 2008 Action Director
 Mummy 3 : Tomb Of The Dragon Emperor, The 2008 Car Stunt, Fire Stunt
 Ocean Flame 2008 Action Director
 Flash Point 2007 Car Stunt
 There's Only One Sun (Philips advertising spot) 2007 Special effects
 Crazy Stone 2006 Action Director
 On The Edge 2006 Action Director
 Set To Kill 2005 Action Director
 A-1 2004 Car Stunt
 Papa Loves You 2004 Action Director, Car Stunt
 Shiver 2003 Car Stunt
 Fighting To Survive 2001 Action Director, Car Stunt
 Love On A Diet 2001 Art director
 Manhattan Midnight 2001 Action Director
 Visible Secret 2001 Car Stunt
 Help !!! 2000 Action Director
 Killer 2000 Action Director, Actor
 Roaring Wheels 2000 Action Director, Car Stunt
 Conmen In Vegas, The 1999 Action Director
 Fist Power 1999 Car Stunt
 King Of Comedy 1999 Action Director, Actor
 Legend Of Speed, The 1999 Action Director
 Masked Prosecutor, The 1999 Stuntman
 Never Compromise 1999 Actor
 Extreme Crisis 1998 Director, Action Director, Actor, Original Story, Fire Stunt
 Hong Kong Night Club 1998 Action Director
 97 Aces Go Places 1997 Car Stunt
 Armageddon 1997 Action Director
 Theft Under The Sun 1997 Stuntman
 Walk In 1997 Action Director
 Another Chinese Cop 1996 Action Director
 First Option 1996 Action Director
 Forbidden City Cop 1996 Stuntman
 Killer Has No Return, The 1996 Stuntman
 Shanghai Grand 1996 Stuntman
 Tristar 1996 Stuntman
 Viva Erotica 1996 Stuntman
 Chinese Feast, The 1995 Car Stunt
 Dream Lover 1995 Stuntman
 Full Throttle 1995 Actor, Stuntman
 Girls In The Hood 1995 Car Stunt
 High Risk 1995 Fire Stunt
 Man Wanted 1995 Stuntman
 My Father Is A Hero 1995 Stuntman
 Phantom Lover, The 1995 Stuntman
 Police Confidential 1995 Stuntman
 Red Zone 1995 Stuntman
 Romantic Dream 1995 Stuntman
 Teenage Master 1995 Stuntman
 Thunderbolt 1995 Actor, Car Stunt, Fire Stunt
 Drunken Master II 1994 Stuntman
 Fatal Encounter 1994 Action Director
 Final Option 1994 Action Director
 God Of Gamblers' Return 1994 Stuntman
 In The Heat Of Summer 1994 Car Stunt
 Long & Winding Road, The 1994 Stuntman
 Most Wanted, The 1994 Stuntman
 Returning, The 1994 Stuntman
 Rock n' Roll Cop 1994 Action Director, Actor
 Satin Steel 1994 Stuntman
 Strike Back 1994 Action Director, Actor, Car Stunt
 Taste Of Killing And Romance, A 1994 Stuntman
 Underground Banker 1994 Stuntman
 Whatever You Want 1994 Action Director, Stuntman
 Wonder Seven 1994 Car Stunt
 Wrath Of Silence, The 1994 Stuntman
 Angel Of The Road 1993 Stuntman
 Bogus Cop 1993 Action Director, Actor
 Boys Are Easy 1993 Stuntman
 Bride With White Hair 2, The 1993 Stuntman
 City Hunter 1993 Stuntman
 Crime Story 1993 Stuntman
 Eight Hilarious Gods, The 1993 Stuntman
 First Shot, The 1993 Stuntman
 Future Cops 1993 Stuntman
 Hero Of Hong Kong 1949 1993 Stuntman
 Heroic Trio, The 1993 Stuntman
 Holy Weapon 1993 Stuntman
 Incorruptible, The 1993 Stuntman
 Kidnap Of Wong Chak Fai 1993 Action Director, Actor
 Modern Girls 1993 Car Stunt
 Moment Of Romance II, A 1993 Stuntman
 Ms Butterfly 1993 Stuntman
 Murders Made To Order 1993 Car Stunt
 Project S 1993 Actor, Stuntman
 Tigers, The Legend Of Canton 1993 Stuntman
 Untold Story, The 1993 Stuntman
 Arrest The Restless 1992 Car Stunt
 Cat, The 1992 Stuntman
 Erotic Ghost Story 3 1992 Stuntman
 Fist Of Fury 1991 II 1992 Stuntman
 Forced Nightmare 1992 Stuntman
 Full Contact 1992 Stuntman
 Fun And Fury 1992 Stuntman
 Hard Boiled 1992 Car Stunt
 Kid From Tibet, A 1992 Stuntman
 Moon Warriors, The 1992 Stuntman
 Now You See Love, Now You Don’t 1992 Stuntman
 Once A Black Sheep 1992 Stuntman
 Police Story 3 - Supercop 1992 Stuntman
 Prince Of Temple Street, The 1992 Stuntman
 Saviour Of The Soul 2 1992 Stuntman
 Shogun And Little Kitchen 1992 Stuntman
 Shootout, The 1992 Stuntman
 Sisters In Law 1992 Actor
 Sting Of The Scorpion 1992 Actor, Stuntman
 Swordsman 2 1992 Stuntman
 To Miss With Love 1992 Stuntman
 Truant Heroes 1992 Stuntman
 Twin Dragons, The 1992 Stuntman
 Angry Ranger 1991 Brief appearance
 Blue Jean Monster, The 1991 Stuntman
 Blue Lightning 1991 Car Stunt
 Chinese Ghost Story 3, A 1991 Stuntman
 Deadly Deal 1991 Stuntman
 Don't Fool Me 1991 Actor, Stuntman
 Eternal Combat, An 1991 Stuntman
 Fatal Mission 1991 Stuntman
 Fist Of Fury 1991 1991 Stuntman
 Ghost For Sales 1991 Stuntman
 Godfather's Daughter Mafia Blues, The 1991 Car Stunt
 Mainland Dundee 1991 Stuntman
 Mission Of Condor 1991 Stuntman
 My Wife's Lover 1991 Action Director
 Once A Thief 1991 Stuntman
 Once Upon A Time In China 1991 Stuntman
 Queen's High 1991 Car Stunt, Fire Stunt
 Retreat Of The Godfather 1991 Stuntman
 Roar Of The Vietnamese, The 1991 Stuntman
 Robotrix 1991 Stuntman
 Running On Empty 1991 Stuntman
 Saviour Of The Soul 1991 Stuntman
 To Be Number One 1991 Car Stunt
 Today's Hero 1991 Stuntman
 Big Score, The 1990 Stuntman
 Bite Of Love, A 1990 Assistant Action Director, Car Stunt, Fire Stunt
 Bullet In The Head 1990 Car Stunt
 Chicken a la Queen 1990 Stuntman
 Demoness From Thousand Years 1990 Stuntman
 Family Honor 1990 Stuntman
 Front Page 1990 Car Stunt
 Here Comes A Vampire 1990 Stuntman
 It Takes Two To Mingle 1990 Stuntman
 Licence To Steal 1990 Stuntman
 Moment Of Romance, A 1990 Car Stunt
 My Hero 1990 Stuntman
 Point Of No Return 1990 Stuntman
 Punch To Revenge, A 1990 Action Director, Actor
 Raid On Royal Casino Marine 1990 Stuntman
 Rebel From China 1990 Stuntman
 Return To Action 1990 Stuntman
 Spooky Family, The 1990 Stuntman
 Spy Games 1990 Stuntman
 Sunshine Friends 1990 Stuntman
 Swordsman 1990 Stuntman
 Tiger On The Beat 2 1990 Stuntman
 Undeclared War 1990 Stuntman
 Unmatchable Match, The 1990 Stuntman
 When Fortune Smiles 1990 Stuntman
 Widow Warriors 1990 Actor
 Bloody Brotherhood 1989 Stuntman
 Burning Ambition 1989 Car Stunt
 Carry On Yakuza 1989 Stuntman
 Close Escape 1989 Car Stunt
 Eight Taels Of Gold 1989 Stuntman
 Excuse Me Please 1989 Stuntman
 Iceman Cometh, The 1989 Car Stunt
 Into The Fire 1989 Stuntman
 Kickboxer 1989 Actor
 Killer, The 1989 Car Stunt
 Missing Man 1989 Stuntman
 Mr Sunshine 1989 Stuntman
 My Heart Is That Eternal Rose 1989 Stuntman
 Perfect Match 1989 Stuntman
 Princess Madam 1989 Car Stunt
 Run, Don't Walk 1989 Action Director, Stuntman, Car Stunt
 Seven Warriors 1989 Stuntman
 Stars And Roses 1989 Stuntman
 Thunder Cops 2 1989 Stuntman
 Edge Of Darkness 1988 Actor
 Fatal Love 1988 Car Stunt
 Gunmen 1988 Stuntman
 Miss Magic 1988 Stuntman

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 A Stuntman in Hong Kong : Bruce Law (preview)
HK talents > Technicians > Stuntmen / Action Directors
Author(s) : Thomas Podvin
Date : 17/11/2003
Type(s) : Interview
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