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Alan Tang Kong Wing

Other names : 鄧光榮
Alan Tang
Tang Kong Wing
Birthdate : 20/9/1946
Date of death : 29/3/2011
Nationality : China
Workplace : Hong Kong, Taiwan
Activities : Director (2), Producer (18), Writer (1), Actor (106), Brief appearance (2), Presenter (1)


Alan Tang was born on September 20, 1946, in Shunde in Guangdong province in southern China. He first appeared on screen at 16. It was a fluke, really. His good looks helped too. After some of his classmates shown his picture to a film crew shooting at his school The Student Prince, he was hired. Tang was nicknamed « Prince » ever since.

Yet, his professional actor career really began in 1967, after he graduated in Chinese history and started teaching in his old school. He first worked in Hong Kong as a lead in romantic films, but it was only after he left for Taiwan that he became a star. There, he was often the lead role of numerous drama/comedy romances, which were very popular in the seventies. He could be seen on screen opposite several young and promising actresses such as Jen Jen, Brigitte Lin, Joan Lin, Tanny Tien Niu or Sylvia Chang. These romantic films made him an Asian star.

In 1977, Tang founded his own production company in HK, The Wing Scope Film Production Ltd with his brother Rover Tang (the company would later become In-Gear Film Production Co.) and they specialised in more manly genres, namely film noir and heroic bloodshed. Alan Tang was behind and before the camera. Behind as a director (The Discharged, Law Don) but he was mostly producer (New York Chinatown, A Hearty Response and international acclaimed director Wong Kar Wai's first two films As Tear Go By and Days of Being Wild). Tang often teamed up with Stanley Siu Wing who co-directed with him or simply was the director of his own vehicles. Tang was still an actor (Don't Kill Me, Brother) even if his popularity had slowly faded away. He gave noticeable performances as a gangster with a noble heart in film such as Flaming Brothers with Chow Yun Fat or Gangland Odyssey.

Alan Tang is also the man who gave Wong Kar Wai to the HK audience, and subsequently to the world, with two films which were not too popular at the time but later gain a sort of cult status. Tang and Wong met in 1987 on the production of Flaming Brothers, a heroic-bloodshed movie directed by Joe Cheung produced by the Tang brothers and co-scripted by Wong. A year later, Tang produced Wong’s first directorial effort, As Tears Go By (1988), which enjoyed a great critical success. Two years later, Wong and Tang teamed up again for a new film, universally acknowledged as one of the most beautiful films from the former British colony, Days of Being Wild. Sadly, the local audience didn’t follow and the box office take was disappointing. But it gave Wong a solid reputation overseas. After one last job together, Return Engagement (1990), directed by Joe Cheung and co-scripted by Wong again, they took different paths. Wong founded his own film company while Tang kept producing and acting until 1994.

In the first half of the nineties, Alan Tang slowed down his output and gradually withdrew from the film industry. He invested in other businesses, such as restaurants or real estate, until he had finally no more connexions whatsoever with the cinema world.

His last public appearance was in 2008, for the funeral of his old friend actress Lydia Shum. Alan was angry with Lydia’s ex-husband Adam Cheng: he blamed him fiercely and publicly for his indifference toward Lydia’s misfortune and her daughter, singer-actress Joyce Cheng Yan-yee’s fate. Tang was also Joyce’s godfather and was against her decision to join the entertainment circle.

On March 29, 2011, Tang’s help found him lifeless in bed at his home of Kadoorie Hill, Hong Kong. When EMT arrived, it was already too late. The noble Prince of heroic bloodshed films, a man with a immense magnetism, a Hong Kong version of Alain Delon, no less, passed away peacefully at home and finally met again with his good friend Lydia Shum. May he rest in peace.

Translated from French by Emmanuel Paul, updated by Thomas Podvin, 29/03/2011

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 Alternate lists by alpha / genre / year
Title    ( HK -  All )  Year Activity
 Kung Fu Scholar 1994 Producer
 Black Panther Warriors, The 1993 Producer, Actor
 Gun N' Rose 1992 Producer, Actor
 Requital 1992 Actor
 Days Of Being Wild 1991 Producer
 Hong Kong Godfather 1991 Actor
 Gangland Odyssey 1990 Brief appearance
 Return Engagement 1990 Producer, Actor
 Mr Sunshine 1989 Producer
 My Dear Son 1989 Producer
 Vampire Buster 1989 Producer
 As Tears Go By 1988 Producer
 Haunted Cop Shop 2, The 1988 Producer, Actor
 Flaming Brothers 1987 Producer, Actor
 Haunted Cop Shop, The 1987 Producer
 Miss Hong Kong 1987 Producer, Actor
 Hearty Response, A 1986 Producer
 Crazy Romance 1985 Producer
 Winner Takes All ? 1984 Producer, Actor
 Yellow Peril 1984 Actor
 I Do ! 1983 Actor
 Militarism Revival, The 1983 Producer, Actor
 Hong Kong Black Street Lady 1982 Actor
 New York Chinatown 1982 Producer, Actor
 Don't Kill Me, Brother 1981 Writer, Actor
 Twist, The 1981 Actor
 Absolute Monarch 1980 Actor, Presenter
 Law Don 1979 Director, Actor
 Over The Rainbow 1979 Actor
 Wickedness In Poverty, The 1979 Actor
 Chase, The 1978 Actor
 Lam Ah Chun 1978 Brief appearance
 Rascal Billionaire, The 1978 Actor
 Three Minutes Past Nine 1978 Actor
 To Love Or Not To Love 1978 Actor
 Who Holds The Golden Key ? 1978 Actor
 Discharged, The 1977 Director, Actor
 Forever And Ever 1977 Actor
 Mitra 1977 Actor
 Orchid In The Rain 1977 Actor
 Scoundrel, The 1977 Actor
 Beauty With Two Faces, The 1976 Actor
 Born Rich 1976 Actor
 Forever My Love 1976 Actor
 Game Of Love 1976 Actor
 Little Ancestors, The 1976 Actor
 Love By Post 1976 Actor
 Love In Hawaii 1976 Actor
 Love Is Like A Game 1976 Actor
 Morning Date, The 1976 Actor
 My Funny Intern 1976 Actor
 Yesterday, Today And Tomorrow 1976 Actor
 24 Hours Romance 1975 Actor
 Blood And Rose 1975 Actor
 Floating Clouds, The 1975 Actor
 Holocaust, The 1975 Actor
 Kiss By The Wolves 1975 Actor
 Land Of The Undaunted 1975 Actor
 Love Story Of Pian Pian 1975 Actor
 Run Lover Run 1975 Actor
 Colorful Ripples, The 1974 Actor
 Dynamite Brothers 1974 Actor
 First Come; First Love 1974 Actor
 One Year's Fantasy 1974 Actor
 Playboy, The 1974 Actor
 Silver Band, The 1974 Actor
 Splendid Love In Winter, The 1974 Actor
 Too Young 1974 Actor
 Where The Seagull Flies 1974 Actor
 Adultery Chinese Style 1973 Actor
 Back Street 1973 Actor
 Death Comes In Three 1973 Actor
 Death On The Docks 1973 Actor
 Hong Kong Nite Life 1973 Actor
 If Tomorrow Comes 1973 Actor
 Iron Bull, The 1973 Actor
 Love Is A Four Letter Word 1973 Actor
 Rats, The 1973 Actor
 Unsubdued Furies, The 1973 Actor
 Where Does Love Come From 1973 Actor
 Young Ones, The 1973 Actor
 Bloody Fight, The 1972 Actor
 Brutal Boxer, The 1972 Actor
 Changing Love 1972 Actor
 Cheating In Panorama 1972 Actor
 Hong Kong Criminal Crimes 1972 Actor
 Impetuous Fire 1972 Actor
 Love And Blood 1972 Actor
 Love In A Cabin 1972 Actor
 Notorious Ones, The 1972 Actor
 Peeper, The Model And The Hypnotist, The 1972 Actor
 Songs And Romance Forever 1972 Actor
 Stealing Love 1972 Actor
 Wild Horse 1972 Actor
 I Am Crazy About You 1971 Actor
 Invincible Iron Palm, The 1971 Actor
 Maria 1971 Actor
 Mighty Couple 1971 Actor
 Money and I 1971 Actor
 Oh My Love 1971 Actor
 Song Of Happy Life 1971 Actor
 Crazy Bar, The 1970 Actor
 Happy Angel, The 1970 Actor
 Happy Times 1970 Actor
 Miss Not Home 1970 Actor
 Modern School Life 1970 Actor
 Let's Sing And Dance To Celebrate A Peaceful Year 1969 Actor
 One In Yellow, The 1969 Actor
 Red Light, Green Light 1969 Actor
 Social Characters 1969 Actor
 Bride In Chains 1968 Actor
 Iron Fiddle 1968 Actor
 Time for Reunion, A 1968 Actor
 Bunny Girl 1967 Actor
 Glamorous Christmas Night, A 1967 Actor
 My Fair Lady 1967 Actor
 Student Prince, The 1964 Actor

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The Black Panther Warriors
Gun N' Rose
Gangland Odyssey
Return Engagement
Flaming Brothers
Miss Hong Kong
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Gun N' Rose (4)
Return Engagement (4)
Flaming Brothers (2)
Miss Hong Kong (5)

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