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Statistics :
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Brigitte Lin Ching Hsia

Other names : 林青霞
Lam Cheng Ha
Lam Ching Ha
Brigitte Lin
Lin Ching Hsia
Lín Qīngxiá
Venus Lin
Venus Lin Ching Hsia
Lin2 Qing1 Xia2
Birthdate : 23/11/1954
Nationality : Taiwan
Workplace : Hong Kong, Taiwan
Activities : Voice dubbing (1), Actress (102), Cameo (2)


Brigitte Lin Ching-hsia was discovered walking down a street in Taipei at the age of seventeen and made her film debut at the age of 19 in Outside the Window - and stardom soon followed. During the 1970’s this actress was a hugely popular star in Taiwan – churning out weepies and light comedies – and becoming basically the sweetheart of Taiwan and the many Chinese communities around the world. From her debut through the Taiwanese weepie days – through the uncertain period of her campy collaborations with director Chu Yin-Ping (Demon Fighter, Amazon Commandos, Fantasy Mission Force, Pink Force Commando, Seven Foxes) in the early 80’s to her “re-discovery” and “re-invention” under the direction of Tsui Hark in Zu and Peking Opera Blues. Finally to the glorious years of the early 90’s to her all too early retirement in 1994 on the cinematic highs of Ashes of Time and Chungking Express.

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 Alternate lists by alpha / genre / year
Title    ( HK -  All )  Year Activity
 Ashes Of Time Redux 2008 Actress
 Bishonen 1998 Voice dubbing
 Ashes Of Time 1994 Actress
 Chungking Express 1994 Actress
 Deadful Melody 1994 Actress
 Dragon Chronicles 1994 Actress
 Fire Dragon 1994 Actress
 Three Swordsmen, The 1994 Actress
 Black Panther Warriors, The 1993 Actress
 Boys Are Easy 1993 Actress
 Bride With White Hair 2, The 1993 Actress
 Bride With White Hair, The 1993 Actress
 Eagle Shooting Heroes, The 1993 Actress
 East Is Red, The 1993 Actress
 Dragon Inn 1992 Actress
 Handsome Siblings 1992 Actress
 Peach Blossom Land 1992 Actress
 Royal Tramp 1992 Cameo
 Royal Tramp 2 1992 Actress
 Swordsman 2 1992 Actress
 Portrait of Lin Ching Hsia, A 1991 Actress
 Red Dust 1990 Actress
 Web Of Deception 1989 Actress
 Starry Is The Night 1988 Actress
 Flag Of Honor 1987 Actress
 Lady In Black 1987 Actress
 Dream Lovers 1986 Actress
 Peking Opera Blues 1986 Actress
 Thirty Million Dollar Rush, The 1986 Actress
 True Colours 1986 Actress
 Police Story 1985 Actress
 Seven Foxes 1985 Actress
 Golden Queen Commando 1984 Actress
 Last Hero In China 1984 Actress
 Other Side Of A Gentleman, The 1984 Actress
 Phoenix The Raider 1984 Actress
 All The Wrong Spies 1983 Actress
 Big Surprise Of 1938 1983 Actress
 Black and White 1983 Actress
 By Love Obsessed 1983 Actress
 Four Shy Guys 1983 Actress
 Zu: Warriors From The Magic Mountain 1983 Actress
 Burn Phoenix Burn 1982 Actress
 Deadly Angels, The 1982 Actress
 Demon Fighter 1982 Actress
 Fantasy Mission Force 1982 Actress
 Hero Vs Hero 1982 Actress
 Lily Under The Gun 1982 Actress
 Pink Force Commando 1982 Actress
 Love Massacre 1981 Actress
 Women Soldiers 1981 Actress
 Magnificent 72 1980 Actress
 Marigolds, The 1980 Actress
 Poor Chasers 1980 Actress
 Choice Of Love, The 1979 Actress
 Journey Of Love, A 1979 Actress
 Love Seed, A 1979 Actress
 Love Under A Rosy Sky 1979 Actress
 Off To Success 1979 Actress
 That Unforgettable Day 1979 Actress
 Wild Goose On The Wing, The 1979 Actress
 Everywhere Birds Are Singing 1978 Actress
 Love Of The White Snake 1978 Actress
 Love's Many Faces 1978 Actress
 Misty Moon 1978 Actress
 Morning Fog 1978 Actress
 Story Of Green House 1978 Actress
 Cloud Of Romance 1977 Actress
 Dream Of The Red Chamber, The 1977 Actress
 Love Affair Of Rainbow, The 1977 Actress
 My Sweet Love 1977 Actress
 Orchid In The Rain 1977 Actress
 There's No Place Like Home 1977 Actress
 800 Heroes 1976 Actress
 Autumn Love Song 1976 Actress
 Beauty With Two Faces, The 1976 Actress
 Chase Game, The 1976 Actress
 Come Fly With Me 1976 Actress
 Different Love 1976 Actress
 Forever My Love 1976 Actress
 Love By Post 1976 Actress
 Love Forever 1976 Actress
 My Funny Intern 1976 Actress
 Tomorrow I'm Twenty 1976 Actress
 Yesterday, Today And Tomorrow 1976 Actress
 Eight Hundred Heroes 1975 Actress
 Evergreen Tree 1975 Actress
 He Loved Once Too Many 1975 Actress
 Hot Wave 1975 Actress
 Life God, The 1975 Cameo
 Little Sister In Law 1975 Actress
 Love Story Of Pian Pian 1975 Actress
 Misty Drizzle 1975 Actress
 Run Lover Run 1975 Actress
 Unforgettable Character, The 1975 Actress
 Ghost In The Mirror 1974 Actress
 Girl Friend 1974 Actress
 Gone With The Cloud 1974 Actress
 Green Green Meadow 1974 Actress
 House for Love, The 1974 Actress
 Long Way From Home 1974 Actress
 Love Love Love 1974 Actress
 Moon River 1974 Actress
 Pure Love 1974 Actress
 Outside The Window 1973 Actress

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 Brigitte Lin Ching Hsia pictures :  (Hide)
Ashes Of Time Redux
Ashes Of Time
Chungking Express
The Three Swordsmen
The Black Panther Warriors
The Bride With White Hair
The Bride With White Hair
The Bride With White Hair
The Bride With White Hair
The Bride With White Hair 2
The Eagle Shooting Heroes
The East Is Red
Dragon Inn
Dragon Inn
Royal Tramp
Royal Tramp 2
Royal Tramp 2
Lady In Black
Police Story
All The Wrong Spies
Zu: Warriors From The Magic Mountain
Fantasy Mission Force
The Wild Goose On The Wing
The Dream Of The Red Chamber
Ghost In The Mirror
Outside The Window
The East Is Red
 Other Brigitte Lin Ching Hsia pictures :  (Hide)
Ashes Of Time Redux (1)
Ashes Of Time (3)
Chungking Express (2)
Fire Dragon (4)
The Three Swordsmen (3)
The Black Panther Warriors (4)
The Bride With White Hair (7)
The Bride With White Hair 2 (5)
The Eagle Shooting Heroes (1)
The East Is Red (4)
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