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Interview Siu Yam Yam : a "sexy movie star"
Li Han Hsiang, Moods of Love 1/1 - Page 2
Author(s) : King-Wei Chu
Date : 15/4/2007
Type(s) : Interview
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People :
Li Han Hsiang
Li Lihua
Lo Wei
Run Run Shaw
Siu Yam Yam
Yueh Hua
Movies :
Moods Of Love
Passing Flickers
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HKCinemagic : What was your first Shaw Bros film?
Shaw Yum Yum: It was Moods of Love (also starring Yueh Hua). It was written by Lu Sing which was based on the book Crescent Moon. I worked with Li Han Hsiang for many films and years. I learned so much from him, how to respect older people and how to be an actress. He inspired me to read lots of books. For example, if I played a scene, he taught me how to do the research. He was very meticulous, how to put on a hairpin in a period piece.

I had to do research on how to put it on. Slowly I developed a habit to read and research historical books. All the way to today, I still do it and it gives me a lot of value. He made me mature. He put his heart to teach me how to act. He would look after all details, for examples the props and the back story. He wanted to bring a reality to his films. He loved the Ching Dynasty. If the story occurs in a room of Ching dynasty, he makes you feel the atmosphere of life of the North in Ancient China. If a kid plays on the ground, it becomes history, he likes to document like history.

To Kill A Jaguar
HKCinemagic : What was the mood of HK society in the 1970s?
Shaw Yum Yum: People back then were fairly poor. To many, life was hopeless and boring. Cinema was very important to them. After watching the film, the experience brought happiness to them. After that they work and work. Movie was the happiest moment for them. My father discovered Li Han Hsiang and loved his films. He made several films with Li Lihua.
HKCinemagic : How did the inspiration for your role as the loud mouth director with tight shorts come about in Passing Flickers?
Shaw Yum Yum: In Passing Flickers, I played Lo Wei's wife, Go Bo Hsu. She's a director. Directing in shorts was because most men wanted to see a sexy Shaw Yum Yum. So director Li incorporated that into the film. If they see Shaw Yum Yum on screen, she had to be sexy.
HKCinemagic : Director Li had interesting film career. He made big epics in the 1960s and why did he suddenly make many of the soft-core/sex comedies in the 1970s?
Shaw Yum Yum: He made low budget sex films to make money for Mr. Run Run Shaw. Director Li's dream project was to make Ching Dynasty films. Mr. Shaw told him, if he can find a way to him make lots and lots of money, he can do his Ching Dynasty films. So that's why at that time, they were made, due to the profit these sexy films made. The Ching films were highly expensive.
HKCinemagic : How involved were you in your interpretation of your roles with Director Li?
Shaw Yum Yum: He would keep to himself. He will tell you on the day of the shoot. He tells you about the character you're going to play and then give you the dialogue.

Vengeful Beauty
HKCinemagic : Why you never dub your own voice?
Shaw Yum Yum: I never dubbed myself. At the time, the actors were so busy, no time to do their own voice. We didn't act very well, so we relied on the dubbers to enhance our performances. The audience would think we were good. We were kids back then, we wanted to play characters. For instance, we'll do “ah, ah” on set. In post-production, the voice will be re-dubbed into “Aaah, aaah,” which made it sound sexier.
HKCinemagic : What is your favorite film?
Shaw Yum Yum: My favorite film is Moods of Love (not yet available on DVD). Director Li told me: “It'll be your most remarkable film.” So far it turned out to be true. He put his heart into me and groomed me into the character. He also gave me a chance to demonstrate my calligraphy skills in the film.
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Page 1 : Nurse, singer, actress
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Page 3 : Chinatown Kid, Big Bad Sister, present HK cinema

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