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Interview Siu Yam Yam : a "sexy movie star"
Chinatown Kid, Big Bad Sister, present HK cinema 1/1 - Page 3
Author(s) : King-Wei Chu
Date : 15/4/2007
Type(s) : Interview
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People :
Chang Cheh
Alexander Fu Sheng
Li Han Hsiang
Run Run Shaw
Sun Chung
Movies :
Big Bad Sis
Chinatown Kid
You Shoot, I Shoot
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HKCinemagic : How did you get involved with Chinatown Kid?
Shaw Yum Yum: Chang Cheh was asked to go back to HK to Shaw Bros by Run Run Shaw. One of his films back in HK was Chinatown Kid. I still owed him some films, so I did Chinatown Kid for him. The new DVD version has different ending; Alexander Fu Sheng goes to jail rather than dying. In Malaysia , if the bad guy doesn't die, it won't pass the censors. But the censors in each period were different. That may explain why that version exists.
HKCinemagic : What did you think of Big Bad Sister?
Shaw Yum Yum: I loved Big Bad Sister because it gave me a chance to fight. But I can't fight for real. When I was at Chang's Films, I received two to three month basic training. The director for Big Bad Sister, Sun Chung was quit violent. Very tough on the actors on the films. It was very demanding physically. He likes to make things bloody.

Big Bad Sis
HKCinemagic : Do you prefer working for a major company or smaller one?
Shaw Yum Yum: When working for a small company, we can afford to buy a flat. Before it was fast, for a small company, the production process is faster. When we were outside Shaws, we were treated like big stars. But at Shaw's we were medium stars. Just working there as a job.
HKCinemagic : In You Shoot, I Shoot, you have a Taiwanese accent.
Shaw Yum Yum: I studied in Taiwan , they hated people from Mainland. If you couldn't speak it properly, they would beat you. I am a very quiet person. I kept quiet, listened and learned.

You Shoot, I Shoot
HKCinemagic : How would you compare acting today versus yesterday?
Shaw Yum Yum: Back then, we had to listen to the director, if right or wrong, they'll always be right. Now they just ask you to do things, they don't teach. Today, it's so different. Now it's very casual, What's up? before that same line would be Mr. Chu, how are you?

If Li Han Hsiang was still alive, he would be making a Ching Dynasty film. Before he passed away in Beijing , he was working with actress Lar Yu Hing.

HKCinemagic : You've recently were involved with some short films.
Shaw Yum Yum: Phoenix/Star TV gave us $1 million HKD to shoot 10 short films, 3 minutes each to commemorate the 10 th anniversary. The HK Artist Guild is a non profit organisation; we depend heavily on others, so we used the $1 million to make the short films. Whatever was left over, we used to help the association.
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Page 2 : Li Han Hsiang, Moods of Love
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Page 4 : Falling star

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