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Lo Wei

Other names : 罗维
Law Wai
Lo Wai
William Lowe
Luo Wei
Luo2 Wei2
Birthdate : 19/7/1918
Date of death : 20/1/1996
Nationality : China
Workplace : Hong Kong, USA
Activities : Director (50), Producer (30), Executive producer (2), Writer (25), Actor (91), Brief appearance (4), Presenter (2)


Instrumental in developing the careers of Hong Kong superstars Bruce Lee and Jackie Chan, Lo Wei began his film career in Shanghai during World War II and he achieved stardom soon after moving to Hong Kong in 1948.

His first major supporting role was in the landmark epic Sorrows Of The Forbidden City. Lo achieved leading man status with Prisoner Of Love in 1951, and graduated to the director’s chair in 1953 with The Husband’s Diary, in which he also starred. He was one of Shaw Brothers’ most prominent filmmakers between 1964 and1970, with nearly twenty features as director-actor.

He next moved to Golden Harvest, where he directed Bruce Lee’s first two mega hits, The Big Boss and Fist Of Fury. In 1974 he founded the Lo Wei Films Company and directed half-dozen features with Jackie Chan between 1976 and 1979.

Lo’s output slowed down in the 1980’s, but he continued to be involved in motion picture production until his death in 1996.

Source : Celestial Pictures

 [ 1990 - 1980 - 1970 - 1960 - 1950 - 1940 ] 
 Alternate lists by alpha / genre / year
Title    ( HK -  All )  Year Activity
 Blade Of Fury 1993 Producer
 Her Judgement Day 1993 Producer
 Chinese Legend, A 1992 Producer
 Forced Nightmare 1992 Producer
 Wizard's Curse 1992 Producer
 Triad Story 1990 Actor
 News Attack 1989 Actor
 Criminal Hunter, The 1988 Producer, Actor
 Edge Of Darkness 1988 Actor
 Split Of The Spirit 1987 Producer
 Heroic Fight, A 1986 Presenter
 Walking Beside Me 1986 Producer
 Young Taoism Fighter, The 1986 Producer
 Taoism Drunkard 1984 Executive producer
 Devil Foetus 1983 Producer
 Fearless Hyena II 1983 Producer
 Energetic 21 1982 Producer
 Crazy Chase, The 1981 Producer
 Dangerous Person 1981 Producer
 Heart Of Teenage Girl 1980 Producer
 Loot, The 1980 Producer
 Rebellious Reign, The 1980 Producer
 Big Boss Of Shanghai, The 1979 Producer
 Challenger, The 1979 Producer
 Dragon Fist 1979 Director, Producer
 Immortal Warriors 1979 Director
 Half A Loaf Of Kung Fu 1978 Producer
 Magnificent Bodyguards 1978 Director, Producer
 Snake And Crane Arts Of Shaolin 1978 Producer
 Spiritual Kung Fu 1978 Director, Producer
 Who Holds The Golden Key ? 1978 Producer
 Kung Fu Kid 1977 Director, Writer
 Wily Match, A 1977 Executive producer
 Killer Meteors, The 1976 Director
 New Fist of Fury 1976 Director, Producer, Writer, Actor
 Shaolin Wooden Men 1976 Director, Producer
 To Kill With Intrigue 1976 Director, Producer
 Bedevilled, The 1975 Director, Writer
 Little Sister In Law 1975 Producer
 Shantung Man In Hong Kong 1975 Director, Writer
 Chinatown Capers 1974 Director, Writer
 Naughty ! Naughty ! 1974 Director, Actor
 Shatter 1974 Actor
 Slaughter In San Francisco 1974 Director, Producer, Writer
 Back Alley Princess 1973 Director, Writer, Brief appearance
 Bruce Lee : The Man And The Legend 1973 Brief appearance
 Man Called Tiger, A 1973 Director, Writer, Brief appearance
 None But The Brave 1973 Director, Writer, Brief appearance
 Seaman No. 7 1973 Director, Writer, Actor
 Tattooed Dragon, The 1973 Director
 Fist Of Fury 1972 Director, Writer, Actor
 Hurricane, The 1972 Director, Writer, Actor
 Wild Horse 1972 Actor
 Big Boss, The 1971 Director, Writer
 Blade Spares None, The 1971 Writer
 Comet Strikes, The 1971 Director, Writer, Actor, Presenter
 Eunuch, The 1971 Writer, Actor
 Invincible Eight, The 1971 Director
 Shadow Whip, The 1971 Director, Writer, Actor
 Vengeance Of A Snowgirl 1971 Director, Writer, Actor
 Brothers Five 1970 Director, Writer
 Dragon Swamp 1969 Director, Writer, Actor
 Golden Sword, The 1969 Director, Writer, Actor
 Raw Courage 1969 Director, Writer, Actor
 Angel Strikes Again 1968 Director, Writer, Actor
 Black Butterfly 1968 Director, Actor
 Death Valley 1968 Director, Writer, Actor
 Forever And Ever 1968 Director, Actor
 Angel With The Iron Fists 1967 Director, Actor
 Madam Slender Plum 1967 Director, Actor
 Summons To Death 1967 Director, Actor
 Golden Buddha, The 1966 Director, Actor
 Call Of The Sea 1965 Director, Actor
 Crocodile River 1965 Director, Actor
 Squadron 77 1965 Actor
 Affair To Remember, An 1964 Director, Writer
 Crisis, The 1964 Actor
 Magic Lamp, The 1964 Director, Actor
 Romance Of The Forbidden City 1964 Actor
 Empress Wu Tse-Tien, The 1963 Actor
 Golden Arrow, The 1963 Director, Actor
 Little Lotus 1963 Actor
 Crusade Against Daddy 1962 Actor
 Fine Romance, A 1962 Actor
 Beauty Parade 1961 Actor
 Girl with the Golden Arm, The 1961 Actor
 Song Without Words 1961 Director, Actor
 Witch-Girl, He Yueer, The 1961 Actor
 Black Butterfly 1960 Director, Actor
 Nobody's Child 1960 Actor
 Shadow Over The Chateau, A 1960 Actor
 Tragic Melody 1960 Director, Actor
 48 Hours in Escape 1959 Actor
 Adventure Of The 13th Sister, The 1959 Actor
 All In The Family 1959 Actor
 Calendar Girl 1959 Actor
 Full Of Joy 1959 Actor
 Heroine, The 1959 Actor
 Love Letter Murder 1959 Actor
 Red Turn the Flowers When Down Come the Showers 1959 Actor
 Diau Charn 1958 Actor
 Golden Phoenix 1958 Director, Actor
 Little Darling 1958 Actor
 Torrents of Desire 1958 Actor
 Wild Fantasies 1958 Actor
 Booze, Boobs And Bucks 1957 Actor
 Lady Sings the Blues 1957 Actor
 Love And Crime 1957 Actor
 Mating Story, A 1957 Actor
 Beyond The Blue Horizon 1956 Actor
 Blind Love 1956 Actor
 Chase, The 1956 Actor
 Dangerous Beauty 1956 Actor
 Error, The 1956 Actor
 Flame of Love, The 1956 Actor
 Fresh Peony, The 1956 Actor
 Madame Butterfly 1956 Actor
 Miss Kikuko 1956 Actor
 Red Bloom in the Snow 1956 Actor
 Surprise 1956 Actor
 Beauty Of Tokyo 1955 Actor
 Lady Balsam's Conquest 1955 Actor
 Lady Balsam's Conquest Part 2 1955 Actor
 Yang E 1955 Actor
 Blood-Stained Flowers 1954 Director, Actor
 Romantic Girl has Her Romantic Debts, A 1954 Actor
 Rose I Love You 1954 Actor
 White Dappled Snake 1954 Actor
 Diary of a Husband 1953 Director, Actor
 Notorious Woman 1953 Actor
 Sorrowful Glory 1953 Actor
 Tears Of A Songstress 1953 Actor
 Woman of Throbbing Passions, A 1953 Director, Actor
 Prisoner Of Love 1952 Actor
 Troubled Love Of Wang Kui And Gui Ying, The 1952 Actor
 Forgotten Wife, A 1950 Actor
 Quest For A Long-Lost Husband 1950 Actor
 Fisherman's Honour, A 1949 Actor

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The Comet Strikes
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Angel With The Iron Fists
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The Comet Strikes (2)
The Shadow Whip (1)
Dragon Swamp (2)
Raw Courage (2)
The Golden Buddha (2)
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