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Statistics :
11630 Movies
19215 People
1448 Studios
29 Articles
73 Interviews
12 DVD Reviews
32452 Screenshots
3722 Videos
Stanley Fung Shui Fan

Other names : 冯淬帆
Feng Shu Fan
Stanley Fong Tsui Fan
Stanley Fung
Stanley Fung Sui Faan
Stanley Fung Tsui Fan
Nationality : Hong Kong
Workplace : Hong Kong
Activities : Director (9), Producer (2), Writer (3), Actor (100), Brief appearance (8), Cameo (1)


Though Stanley began his acting career in the late 1960’s and made some films in the 70’s as well, it wasn’t really until the 80’s when he became one of Hong Kong’s better-known film comedians.

In the 80’s he appeared in a multitude of comedies – often playing the straight man to the antics of Eric Tsang, Richard Ng or John Sham. He perfected the slow burn – initially taking the abuse or patiently watching the shenanigans of his co-stars until he would finally explode. This calm and dour mustachioed persona did him well and he appeared in many of the top comedies of that period.

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 Alternate lists by alpha / genre / year
Title    ( HK -  All )  Year Activity
 I Love Hong Kong 2013 2013 Actor
 Mortician 2013 Actor
 I Love Hong Kong 2012 2012 Actor
 Tai Chi 0 2012 Actor
 Tai Chi 2: The Hero Rises 2012 Actor
 I Love Hong Kong 2011 Actor
 Marrying Mr. Perfect 2011 Actor
 Accident 2009 Actor
 Hooked On You 2007 Actor
 Love Is A Many Stupid Thing 2004 Actor
 Kid Vs The Cop 1997 Actor
 How To Meet The Lucky Stars 1996 Actor
 Fight Back To School 3 1993 Actor
 Thrilling Story 1993 Director, Producer, Actor
 Ghost In Me 1992 Director, Actor
 Ghost Punting 1992 Actor
 Devil's Vendetta 1991 Actor
 Gambling Ghost, The 1991 Brief appearance
 Shy Spirit 1991 Director, Actor
 Spiritually A Cop 1991 Actor
 Blood Stained Tradewinds 1990 Actor
 Family Day 1990 Director, Producer, Actor
 Figures From Earth, The 1990 Actor
 Ghostly Vixen 1990 Cameo
 Jail House Eros 1990 Actor
 Look Out, Officer ! 1990 Actor
 Musical Vampire, The 1990 Actor
 Punch To Revenge, A 1990 Actor
 Raid On Royal Casino Marine 1990 Actor
 All Night Long 1989 Actor
 Armageddon 1989 Actor
 Iceman Cometh, The 1989 Actor
 Inspector Wears Skirts 2, The 1989 Actor
 Little Cop 1989 Actor
 Nobles, The 1989 Actor
 Return Of The Lucky Stars 1989 Director, Writer, Actor
 Romancing Star 3, The 1989 Actor
 They Came To Rob Hong Kong 1989 Actor
 Vampire Buster 1989 Actor
 Bet On Fire 1988 Actor
 Carry On Dancing 1988 Actor
 Crazy Companies 2, The 1988 Actor
 Crazy Companies, The 1988 Actor
 Dragon Family, The 1988 Actor
 Dragons Forever 1988 Brief appearance
 Fumbling Cops 1988 Actor
 Girls Without Tomorrow 1988 Actor
 How To Pick Up Girls 1988 Actor
 Inspector Wears Skirts, The 1988 Actor
 Love Soldier Of Fortune 1988 Director, Writer, Actor
 Romancing Star 2, The 1988 Actor
 Born To Gamble 1987 Actor
 Goofy Gang, The 1987 Director, Actor
 In The Line Of Duty 3 1987 Brief appearance
 Killer's Nocturne 1987 Brief appearance
 Promising Young Boy 1987 Actor
 Romancing Star, The 1987 Actor
 Ghost Snatchers, The 1986 Actor
 Lucky Stars Go Places 1986 Actor
 Lunatics, The 1986 Actor
 Naughty Boys 1986 Actor
 Pom Pom Strikes Back 1986 Brief appearance
 Watch Out ! 1986 Actor
 Where's Officer Tuba ? 1986 Actor
 Intellectual Trio, The 1985 Actor
 Mr Vampire 2 1985 Brief appearance
 My Lucky Stars 1985 Actor
 Those Merry Souls 1985 Actor
 Twinkle, Twinkle Lucky Stars 1985 Actor
 Unforgettable Fantasy 1985 Actor
 Finger On Trigger 1984 Actor
 My Darling Genie 1984 Actor
 Owl VS Bumbo, The 1984 Actor
 Pom Pom ! 1984 Brief appearance
 Three Stooges Go Undercover 1984 Actor
 Winner Takes All ? 1984 Actor
 Crazy 83 1983 Actor
 Lost Generation 1983 Actor
 Mad Mad 83 1983 Actor
 Oh ! My Cops ! 1983 Actor
 Radio Tycoon 1983 Actor
 Sketch 1983 Actor
 Winners And Sinners 1983 Actor
 Interpol 1982 Brief appearance
 Man From Vietnam, The 1982 Actor
 To Hell With The Devil 1982 Actor
 Phantom Killer, The 1981 Director
 Security Unlimited 1981 Actor
 Conflict 1978 Actor
 Proud Youth, The 1978 Actor
 Eight Hundred Heroes 1975 Actor
 Frigidity 1975 Actor
 Hong Kong Superman 1975 Actor
 Lover's Destiny 1975 Actor
 Looks Of Hong Kong, The 1974 Director, Writer
 Young Tiger, The 1973 Actor
 Hurricane, The 1972 Actor
 Comet Strikes, The 1971 Actor
 Deadly Duo, The 1971 Actor
 Hooded Swordsman 1971 Actor
 Mad Killer 1971 Actor
 I'll Get You One Day 1970 Actor
 Singing Killer, The 1970 Actor
 Charming Killer, The 1969 Actor
 Fragrant Sword, The 1969 Actor
 Joys And Sorrows Of Youth, The 1969 Actor
 Manli, I Love You 1969 Actor
 Sky Dragon Castle 1969 Actor
 Right To Love 1968 Actor
 Young, Pregnant And Unmarried 1968 Actor
 To Rose With Love 1967 Actor

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 Stanley Fung Shui Fan pictures :  (Hide)
How To Meet The Lucky Stars
Ghost Punting
The Gambling Ghost
A Punch To Revenge
Blood Stained Tradewinds
Ghostly Vixen
Jail House Eros
Jail House Eros
Look Out, Officer !
The Figures From Earth
The Iceman Cometh
The Romancing Star 3
Dragons Forever
Girls Without Tomorrow
How To Pick Up Girls
How To Pick Up Girls
The Inspector Wears Skirts
The Romancing Star 2
The Romancing Star
Lucky Stars Go Places
The Ghost Snatchers
Mr Vampire 2
My Lucky Stars
Unforgettable Fantasy
Finger On Trigger
Pom Pom !
The Owl VS Bumbo
To Hell With The Devil
Security Unlimited
The Proud Youth
The Young Tiger
The Comet Strikes
The Comet Strikes
The Comet Strikes
The Deadly Duo
The Singing Killer
 Other Stanley Fung Shui Fan pictures :  (Hide)
Accident (1)
How To Meet The Lucky Stars (3)
Ghost In Me (1)
Ghost Punting (2)
Blood Stained Tradewinds (1)
Jail House Eros (3)
Look Out, Officer ! (4)
The Figures From Earth (1)
Return Of The Lucky Stars (5)
The Inspector Wears Skirts 2 (1)
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