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Statistics :
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3722 Videos
Elvis Tsui Kam Kong

Other names : 徐錦江
Elvis Kong
Elvis Tsui
Tsui Kam Kong
Xu Jin Jiang
Xu Jinjiang
Workplace : Hong Kong
Activities : Actor (136), Brief appearance (5)


Elvis Tsui has always been a supporting actor, but always an essential part of the cast, one who can turn a dull film into an interesting thing to look at and keep you on the edge of your seat for 90 mins. Even if his characters were some big brutes or crazy baddies, he always instilled something that separated them from the common bad guys.

Often cast as a baddie in films like The Lovers, Prison on Fire II, Tragic Hero or Seventh Curse, Tsui was also able to stay in the other side and deliver a great performance as a good guy, like in God Of Gamblers' Return, Dragon Inn or Gunmen. Yet this black and white simple division doesn’t do justice to this actor who has generally created ambiguous characters.

Tsui considered Long Arm Of The Law II as his first film, although he’d been already in the film industry for 5 years. With Michael Mak, Tsui made the series The Long Arm of the Law and Sex and Zen, as well as To Be Number One and many other good films. Mak was actually Tsui’s mentor and really launched his career in 1987.

Later, between 1992-1994 -at the peak of the wuxiapian craze- Tsui really was in every period film. He looks like a martial art expert, but he totally refutes that, explaining he just trains during production. The rest is called the magic of cinema. Tsui takes more care of is body than his kung fu skills actually -- he began as a model… and even had long hair.

In 1993, he was nominated for Best Supporting Role at the HK films Awards for the film All Men Are Brothers : Blood Of The Leopard and for Viva Erotica in 1997.

In France and the West in general, Tsui is most famous for some jaw-dropping roles in Category 3 films. He is a super sex acrobat in Michael Mak’s Sex and Zen, or as a man curse by a Thai witch and whose head become a penis in Cash Chin’s The Eternal Evil of Asia. Maybe the most surprising role was when Tsui played himself in Derek Yee’s Viva Erotica, a flick that parodies the local cinema industry and its porn productions.

Tsui doesn’t look back in anger and embraces all his films, but have turned the page on the exploitation flicks.

Currently based in Beijing, Tsui works mostly on TV productions and rarely comes back to haunt the silver screen.

Thomas Podvin (December 2008)

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 Alternate lists by alpha / genre / year
Title    ( HK -  All )  Year Activity
 Imprisoned: Survival Guide for Rich and Prodigal 2015 Actor
 Grandmaster, The 2012 Actor
 Legend Of The Condor Heroes 2008 2008 Actor
 Royal Tramp 2008 Actor
 Jun Zi Hao Qiu 2007 Actor
 Magazine Gap Road 2007 Actor
 Myth, The 2005 Actor
 Gun Affinity 2004 Actor
 Heaven Sword and Dragon Sabre 2003 Actor
 Spy Dad, The 2003 Actor
 Clueless 2001 Actor
 Moods Of Love 2001 Actor
 Sex Medusa 2001 Actor
 Sinful Confessions 2001 Actor
 Chinese Midnight Express 2 2000 Actor
 Duel, The 2000 Actor
 Duke Of Mount Deer 2000, The 2000 Actor
 Hong Kong Pie 2000 Actor
 Teacher Without Chalk, The 2000 Actor
 Warning Time, The 2000 Brief appearance
 Bewitched 1999 Actor
 Body Weapon 1999 Actor
 Doctor In Spite Of Himself 1999 Actor
 Hong Kong Spice Gals 1999 Actor
 Indecent Woman 1999 Actor
 Lawrence Of Mongolia 1999 Actor
 Love And Sex In Sung Dynasty 1999 Actor
 Love In Blue 1999 Actor
 Loving Girl 1999 Actor
 Man Called Hero, A 1999 Actor
 Millennium Dragon 1999 Actor
 Mysterious Story I : Please Come Back 1999 Actor
 Shui Hwu Legend 1999 Actor
 Tattooed She Killer 1999 Actor
 Wanted Convict, The 1999 Actor
 Water Margin : Heroes' Sex Stories 1999 Actor
 Wonton Love 1999 Actor
 Chinese Erotic Ghost Story 1998 Actor
 Deadly Illusion 1998 Actor
 Demon's Baby, The 1998 Actor
 Exodus From Afar 1998 Actor
 Faces Of Horror 1998 Actor
 Gold Rush 1998 Actor
 How To Get Rich By Fung Shui ? 1998 Actor
 Professionals, The 1998 Actor
 Severly Rape 1998 Actor
 Sex And Zen 3 1998 Actor
 Storm Riders, The 1998 Brief appearance
 Super Energetic Man 1998 Actor
 Take Five 1998 Actor
 02:00 A.M. 1997 Actor
 Chinese Midnight Express 1997 Actor
 Erotic Ghost Story - Perfect Match 1997 Actor
 Fruit Is Swelling, The 1997 Actor
 Midnight Zone 1997 Actor
 Romance Of The West Chamber 1997 Actor
 Too Many Ways To Be No. 1 1997 Actor
 Another Chinese Cop 1996 Actor
 Dangerous Duty 1996 Actor
 Devil's Woman 1996 Actor
 Dragon From Shaolin 1996 Actor
 God Of Gamblers 3 : The Early Stage 1996 Actor
 Growing Up 1996 Actor
 Hero Of Swallow, The 1996 Actor
 Hong Kong Show Girl 1996 Actor
 Sex And Zen 2 1996 Actor
 Street Angels 1996 Actor
 Streets Of Fury 1996 Actor
 Till Death Do Us Laugh 1996 Actor
 Twinkle, Twinkle Lucky Star 1996 Actor
 Viva Erotica 1996 Actor
 Yu Pui Tsuen 3 1996 Actor
 01:00 A.M. 1995 Actor
 China Dragon 1995 Actor
 Eternal Evil Of Asia, The 1995 Actor
 Full Throttle 1995 Actor
 Meaning Of Life, The 1995 Actor
 Meaning Of Love, The 1995 Actor
 Sixty Million Dollar Man 1995 Actor
 Spike Drink Gang 1995 Actor
 Ten Brothers 1995 Actor
 Trilogy Of Lust 2 1995 Actor
 1941 Hong Kong On Fire 1994 Actor
 Ancient Chinese Whorehouse 1994 Actor
 Chinese Torture Chamber Story, A 1994 Actor
 Deadful Melody 1994 Actor
 Fatal Obsession 1994 Actor
 Girls Unbutton 1994 Actor
 Give And Take 1994 Actor
 God Of Gamblers' Return 1994 Actor
 Great Conqueror's Concubine 1 & 2 1994 Actor
 Hail The Judge 1994 Actor
 Law On The Brink 1994 Actor
 Lovers, The 1994 Actor
 Three Swordsmen, The 1994 Actor
 Wonder Seven 1994 Actor
 All Men Are Brothers : Blood Of The Leopard 1993 Actor
 Butterfly And Sword 1993 Actor
 Lord Of East China Sea 1993 Actor
 Lord Of East China Sea II 1993 Actor
 Sword Of Many Loves, The 1993 Actor
 Sword Stained With Royal Blood, The 1993 Actor
 Dragon Inn 1992 Actor
 Lover's Tear 1992 Actor
 Royal Tramp 1992 Actor
 Shootout, The 1992 Actor
 Prison On Fire II 1991 Actor
 Sex And Zen 1991 Actor
 To Be Number One 1991 Actor
 Underground Express 1990 Actor
 Iceman Cometh, The 1989 Actor
 Long Arm Of The Law III 1989 Actor
 Sentenced To Hang 1989 Actor
 Gunmen 1988 Actor
 Moon, Star, Sun 1988 Brief appearance
 Born To Gamble 1987 Actor
 City On Fire 1987 Actor
 Long Arm Of The Law II 1987 Actor
 Tragic Hero 1987 Actor
 Inspector Chocolate 1986 Actor
 Seventh Curse, The 1986 Actor
 Crazy Shaolin Disciples 1985 Actor
 Flying Mr. B, The 1985 Brief appearance
 Girl With The Diamond Slipper, The 1985 Actor
 It's A Drink, It's A Bomb 1985 Actor
 Let's Make Laugh 2 1985 Actor
 Master Strikes Back, The 1985 Actor
 Hidden Power Of Dragon Sabre, The 1984 Actor
 Lust For Love Of A Chinese Courtesan 1984 Actor
 My Darling Genie 1984 Actor
 New Tales Of The Flying Fox 1984 Actor
 Opium And The Kung Fu Master 1984 Actor
 Return Of The Bastard Swordsman 1984 Actor
 Boxer's Omen, The 1983 Actor
 Enchantress, The 1983 Actor
 Flash Future Kung Fu 1983 Actor
 Holy Flame Of The Martial World 1983 Actor
 Lady Is The Boss 1983 Brief appearance
 Shaolin Intruders 1983 Actor
 Shaolin Prince 1983 Actor
 Shaolin Vs Wu Tang 1983 Actor

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 Elvis Tsui Kam Kong pictures :  (Hide)
The Grandmaster
The Spy Dad
Chinese Midnight Express 2
A Man Called Hero
Super Energetic Man
Take Five
Dragon From Shaolin
Sex And Zen 2
The Hero Of Swallow
Twinkle, Twinkle Lucky Star
Full Throttle
Sixty Million Dollar Man
God Of Gamblers' Return
The Three Swordsmen
The Sword Stained With Royal Blood
Dragon Inn
Royal Tramp
Underground Express
Underground Express
Underground Express
Long Arm Of The Law III
Sentenced To Hang
The Iceman Cometh
Moon, Star, Sun
Tragic Hero
The Seventh Curse
Crazy Shaolin Disciples
The Flying Mr. B
The Girl With The Diamond Slipper
The Master Strikes Back
Opium And The Kung Fu Master
Return Of The Bastard Swordsman
The Hidden Power Of Dragon Sabre
Holy Flame Of The Martial World
Lady Is The Boss
The Boxer's Omen
 Other Elvis Tsui Kam Kong pictures :  (Hide)
Magazine Gap Road (2)
The Spy Dad (2)
The Duke Of Mount Deer 2000 (1)
Chinese Erotic Ghost Story (3)
Super Energetic Man (2)
Take Five (1)
Erotic Ghost Story - Perfect Match (1)
The Fruit Is Swelling (2)
Too Many Ways To Be No. 1 (1)
Devil's Woman (2)
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