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Interview with Wong Jing, guru of mainstream cinema
Art Vs Business 1/1 - Page 3
Author(s) : Thomas Podvin
Date : 10/12/2007
Type(s) : Interview
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People :
Tony Ching Siu Tung
Wong Jing
Wong Kar Wai
Zhang Yimou
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HKCinemagic: Critics only consider prestigious filmmakers from China like Wong Kar-wai or Zhang Yimou. They separate art with commercial and entertaining films, what do you think of this categorization?
Wing Jing: I have no idea. It’s like comparing a guy who loves to run 100m and a guy who likes to run for 1 mile. It is a different category.

Naked Wong Jing's style
HKCinemagic: Aren't you interested by art movie?
Wong Jing: No, because I am not professional in that category. I am professional in commercial movies. If I do an art film, I am an amateur, why should I do an amateur film?
HKCinemagic: What if Zhang Yimou and Wong Kar Wai want to do a commercial film? Can they fail?
Wong Jing: Usually they fail. Take Zhang’s last three action films. Actually he just sat there and [action director] Ching Siu-tung did everything. Zhang didn’t put his brain on it. He did nothing on the set.
HKCinemagic: How are you considered in the HK film industry? As a commercial and mercenary director? Are you happy with that?

Wong Jing: Yes. I don’t care. I only care about people that I respect. Everybody can say anything, without any qualification. Anybody can write anything on paper, tell anything on the radio. They don’t have to take any responsibility and they don’t need anyone to give them authority or qualification to say that. So why should I take it as something. I don’t give a shit.

The most important point is the result. If I set a target and reach it then it’s a success. If I don’t reach the target I fail.

Crazy Wong Jing's style
HKCinemagic : Is there a Wong Jing’s style?

Wong Jing : Yes, sure. I am sensitive to the market and know what to do the best for the market and the audience. And for the investors. Most film people never consider the investor. The directors, the actors, the critics want what they want. Do they consider what the investors want?

It is very selfish. The director wants the director’s fee and gets an Oscar or a Golden Bear in Berlin or whatever. The actor wants to be the best actor or actress and get a very high fee, the audience wants to get passion in the film, and the critics want something to write about. But they never consider about the investor. What about the money? If he put 10 dollars and then gets 2 dollars back, who cares about him? If you guys don’t care about investors, investors won’t care about you either.

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Page 2 : Wong Jing, the businessman
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Page 4 : People are selfish

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