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Interview with Anthony Wong Chau San
Boys and girls 1/1 - Page 4
Author(s) : Thomas Podvin
Date : 1/7/2005
Type(s) : Interview
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People :
Sylvia Chang Ai Chi
Leslie Cheung Kwok Wing
Ann Hui On Wah
Johnnie To Kei Fung
Tsui Hark
Barbara Wong Chun Chun
Derek Yee Tung Sing
Movies :
Ordinary Heroes
Princess D
Time And Tide
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Page 5 : Small talks

HKCinemagic : We discussed earlier about Ann Hui's Ordinary Heroes and Sylvia Chang's Princess D. What are the main differences between this two director's ways of work?
Anthony Wong : Er... [After a long silence]. They are both women. And the interesting thing is Ann Hui is more masculine. And Sylvia, she is completely a woman, she is very sensitive, and very feminine.
HKCinemagic : Maybe Ann Hui will let you do a scene and then tell you what is good or not good.
A W : No, just do it! We respect each other. Normally, we read the script, if I got questions I ask. I ask where the camera is, and how good it is if you can shoot it. And I just do it. I ask what do you want, what do you want me to do? What do you want me to show the audience? What is the point, the main point? And I just go there and do it. That's it!
HKCinemagic : In HK I've seen people having different perspectives about movies than French people. For you, you think you are not a star, just an actor working casually on movies. From our perspective, we think you have the skills to do any characters possible. You can be anybody.
A W : Hum, that's what my teacher told me when I graduated from the Academy. He said you have to stretch yourself; a true artist has to stretch himself.
HKCinemagic : That's what can be called a good actor.
A W : Yeah, I try to be a good actor, not a star. But I really want to be a star [jokingly].
HKCinemagic : If you come to England of France, you'll be considered as a star.
A W : Oh, I went to England , but nobody knows me! [laughing]. It was a long time ago. But now maybe it's better, right?
HKCinemagic : Yeah.
A W : I met beautiful women...
HKCinemagic : You've done so much movies, sometimes 10 or even 20 a years!
A W : Not anymore, not anymore. The whole industry is almost finished [sipping again with an indifferent look].
HKCinemagic : So is it easy for you to find new challenging roles?
A W : There are always challenges coming, in life, everyday. You'd be surprised. If I got a good script that would be another challenge. Unfortunately we don't have lot of good writers.

Anthony Wong and Nicholas Tse in Time and Tide
HKCinemagic : You once said that you'd love to work with Tsui Hark.
A W : Sorry? I love to work with Tsui Hark?
HKCinemagic : In the past you said that. Since then you had an experience with him in Time and Tide
A W : No, no, no… Not Tsui Hark…Johnnie To
HKCinemagic : Can you talk about your experience on Time and Tide ?
A W : I didn't really enjoy what I did in the film, but it doesn't mean that I hated it. I don't like the directors who don't have any concept about acting. And Tsui Hark is the one of them.
HKCinemagic : Barbara Wong is a former actress, she is now a talented director. Would you like to do a movie with her?
A W : Yeah. She is very green. But with more experience, she'll get better and better. But she has something. She was my classmate. She's an interesting girl.
HKCinemagic : What are you future project? Derek Yee wants to do a movie with you. Any ideas about it?
A W : [Thinking] No, not yet. Still digesting. I had a script to read. I didn't like the one he offered me before, so I asked for another one. It's a love story about a lawyer. My daughter is with someone's son in it. It makes me very angry. It's about family love… I don't have a clue.
HKCinemagic : Any other projects?
A W : Ah yeah, another one. In a few days. A crap one. I am going to make it in Mainland China.
HKCinemagic : Do you like to work in Mainland?
A W : They don't have good coffee. And very terrible food.
HKCinemagic : Another point I'd like to discuss. I understand that you really liked Leslie Cheung. You stood up for him in 1995.
A W : Nice guy. He was always very nice to me. He was a big star and I wasn't famous in these days. Every time we met he was very nice.
HKCinemagic : How did you get to meet him?
A W : The first time, I can't remember… We meet everyone, everywhere. HK is a very tiny place. Everybody knows everybody.
HKCinemagic : As a final word to your fans, what would you say?
A W : I really appreciate that! Thank you. Merci. Merci beaucoup. [in French]
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Page 3 : Category 3 Syndrome
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Page 5 : Small talks

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