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Statistics :
11630 Movies
19215 People
1448 Studios
29 Articles
73 Interviews
12 DVD Reviews
32452 Screenshots
3722 Videos
Joseph Kuo Nam Hung

Other names : Chang Ping Han
Chiang Ping Han
Guo1 Nan2 Hong2
Gwok Naam Wang
Kao Non Hung
Kong Bing Ham
Joseph Kou Nam Hung
Kou Nam Hung
Kuo Qing Chi
Birthdate : 20/7/1935
Nationality : Taiwan
Workplace : Hong Kong, Taiwan
Activities : Director (70), Producer (25), Executive producer (2), Writer (23), Original Story (4), Presenter (1), Production Manager (1), Executive Director (1)


One of the paramount directors of the Taiwanese martial arts genre in the 1970s, Kuo was born as Kuo Qing-chi in the 1935 Tainan. He joined the Asia Film and Drama Training Course in 1957 to study scriptwriting and directing, then worked in the film industry subsequently. His screenwriting debut was the Taiwanese-dialect film Gui Hu, and his directorial debut was Gu Hen Cheng which he also wrote. He and fellow helmer Lin Fu-di were heralded as the most distinguished directors in the Neo-Taiwan cinema.

Kuo has made films across many genres including romance, period martial arts films, Kung Fu action films and cop films. He is most well known for his Wuxia Kung Fu films and is one of the leading Wuxia directors in Taiwan in the 70s. His film, King of Swords, broke the box office record as the highest grossing Taiwanese film in Hong Kong. It earned him the nickname of “Million Dollar Director”. His films are not only well known for being very popular but also for having a unique and fresh style – the result of his strong imagination. He is currently still working in China and Hong Kong and is preparing to make his next film.

He then joined Li Han-hsiang’s Grand Motion Picture Company in 1966 and directed When Dreams Come True and Love Is More Intoxicating Than Wine. The Swordsman Of All Swordsmen, starring Shang-kuan Ling Feng and Tien Peng, was one of the defining works of Kuo as well as the Taiwanese-dialect martial arts genre.

Kuo joined Shaw Brothers in1970 and helmed Mission Impossible and The Mighty One for the studio. He later adapted the classic film Shaolin Wooden Men to become the phenomenal The 18 Bronzemen.

Kuo remains active in the film industry, and is currently the Permanent Honorary Chairman of the Movie Producers and Distributors Association of Hong Kong.

Source : Celestial Pictures

 [ Director - Producer - Executive producer - Writer - Original Story - Presenter - Production Manager - Executive Director  ] 
 Alternate lists by alpha / genre / year
Title    ( HK -  All ) Year  Activity (  Year - Title )
 Man And Woman In Love 1993 Director
 Journey Across The Mainland 1988 Director
 Ninja Death 1987 Director
 Chen Yi-Shin lao shi 1986 Director
 Shaolin Kung Fu 1983 Director
 Ninja Kids 1982 Director
 Shi Ren Guan Shi Ba Qi 1981 Director
 Unbeaten 28 1980 Director
 Winter Blossom 1980 Director
 36 Deadly Styles, The 1979 Director
 Dragon's Claws 1979 Director
 Immortal Warriors 1979 Director
 Ninja Checkmate 1979 Director
 Old Master, The 1979 Director
 Shaolin Master 1979 Director
 Treasure Of Bruce Le 1979 Director
 World Of The Drunken Master 1979 Director
 Born Invincible 1978 Director
 Incredible 3 1978 Director
 Seven Grandmasters, The 1978 Director
 Shaolin Kids, The 1978 Director
 Smart Cavalier, The 1978 Director
 Eight Masters 1977 Director
 Shaolin Brothers, The 1977 Director
 18 Bronzemen 1976 Director
 Blazing Temple, The 1976 Director
 Return Of The 18 Bronzemen 1976 Director
 Pleasure Girl, The 1975 Director
 Youngest Sister, The 1975 Director
 Chinese Iron Man 1974 Director
 Deadly Fists Kung Fu 1974 Director
 Hero Of Kwantung 1974 Director
 Rikisha Kuri 1974 Director
 Shaolin Kung Fu 1974 Director
 Triangular Duel 1973 Director
 Death Duel, The 1972 Director
 Battle Of The Mirror Guardian 1971 Director
 Evil Karate, The 1971 Director
 Five Devil Ghost, The 1971 Director
 Ghost's Sword, The 1971 Director
 Invincible 1971 Director
 Lost Romance, The 1971 Director
 Matchless Conqueror, The 1971 Director
 Mighty One 1971 Director
 Mission Impossible 1971 Director
 Seisure Soul Sword Of A Blind Girl, The 1970 Director
 Sorrowful To A Ghost 1970 Director
 King Of Kings 1969 Director
 Son Of Swordsman 1969 Director
 Superior Darter 1969 Director
 King Of Swords 1968 Director
 Salt Paddy Girls, The 1968 Director
 Swordsman Of All Swordsmen 1968 Director
 Sheng Qing Bi Jiu Nong 1967 Director
 Night Club Of Bloodshed 1966 Director
 When Dreams Come True 1966 Director
 When Is The Moon Round ? 1966 Director
 Bragger King, The 1965 Director
 Ching Tin Yuk Lui Leung 1965 Director
 Lin Rou Zhi Dao 1965 Director
 Qing Tian Yu Nu Hen 1964 Director
 Take Care, Sir 1964 Director
 Edge Of Sky And Sea 1963 Director
 Flower Selling Girl, The 1963 Director
 Queen Bee 1963 Director
 One Night In Taipei 1962 Director
 Dragon Palace Of Pu Island 1961 Director
 Sin Of A Man - Part 1, The 1959 Director
 Sin Of A Man - Part 2, The 1959 Director
 Lament Of the Ancient Palace 1958 Director
 5 Venoms Vs. Wu Tang 1986 Producer
 Shaolin Kung Fu 1983 Producer
 Unbeaten 28 1980 Producer
 36 Deadly Styles, The 1979 Producer
 Dragon's Claws 1979 Producer
 Ninja Checkmate 1979 Producer
 World Of The Drunken Master 1979 Producer
 Born Invincible 1978 Producer
 Incredible 3 1978 Producer
 Seven Grandmasters, The 1978 Producer
 Smart Cavalier, The 1978 Producer
 Shaolin Brothers, The 1977 Producer
 18 Bronzemen 1976 Producer
 Youngest Sister, The 1975 Producer
 Chinese Iron Man 1974 Producer
 Deadly Fists Kung Fu 1974 Producer
 Hero Of Kwantung 1974 Producer
 Rikisha Kuri 1974 Producer
 Shaolin Kung Fu 1974 Producer
 Triangular Duel 1973 Producer
 Death Duel, The 1972 Producer
 Five Devil Ghost, The 1971 Producer
 Matchless Conqueror, The 1971 Producer
 Seisure Soul Sword Of A Blind Girl, The 1970 Producer
 Ching Tin Yuk Lui Leung 1965 Producer
Executive producer
 Blazing Temple, The 1976 Executive producer
 Return Of The 18 Bronzemen 1976 Executive producer
 Journey Across The Mainland 1988 Writer
 Chen Yi-Shin lao shi 1986 Writer
 Shaolin Kung Fu 1983 Writer
 Unbeaten 28 1980 Writer
 Ninja Checkmate 1979 Writer
 Born Invincible 1978 Writer
 Seven Grandmasters, The 1978 Writer
 18 Bronzemen 1976 Writer
 Blazing Temple, The 1976 Writer
 Return Of The 18 Bronzemen 1976 Writer
 Youngest Sister, The 1975 Writer
 Chinese Iron Man 1974 Writer
 Deadly Fists Kung Fu 1974 Writer
 Triangular Duel 1973 Writer
 Death Duel, The 1972 Writer
 Five Devil Ghost, The 1971 Writer
 Matchless Conqueror, The 1971 Writer
 Mission Impossible 1971 Writer
 Seisure Soul Sword Of A Blind Girl, The 1970 Writer
 Sorrowful To A Ghost 1970 Writer
 King Of Kings 1969 Writer
 Ghost Lake, The 1958 Writer
 Lament Of the Ancient Palace 1958 Writer
Original Story
 Dragon's Claws 1979 Original Story
 18 Bronzemen 1976 Original Story
 Deadly Fists Kung Fu 1974 Original Story
 King Of Kings 1969 Original Story
 Angel Force 1991 Presenter
Production Manager
 Flying Over Grass 1970 Production Manager
Executive Director
 Love Is More Intoxicating Than Wine 1968 Executive Director

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