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Statistics :
11630 Movies
19215 People
1448 Studios
29 Articles
73 Interviews
12 DVD Reviews
32452 Screenshots
3722 Videos
Godfrey Ho Chi Keung

Other names : Benny Ho (1)
Ho Chi Keung
Ho Chieh Chiang
Ho Chih Chiang
Godfrey Ho
Godfrey Ho Jeung Keung
Ho Jang Cheon
Hoh Chi Keung
Hoh Jun Sing
Nationality : Hong Kong
Workplace : Hong Kong, USA
Activities : Director (63), Assistant Director (11), Producer (7), Executive producer (1), Writer (9), Actor (1), Presenter (2)


Born in HK, Godfrey Ho was the assistant director for Chang Cheh at the Shaw Brothers studio for a few years and worked alongside John Woo. Ho's first film was a low budget production entitled Parix Killer, followed by the now cult classic The Dragon Hero. He has also made well over 10 korean movies and a dozen or so Ninja movies, most of witch are available on video shelves all over the world. Godfrey Ho found fame with the modern day femme fatale genre and a series of films including Lethal Panther, Princess Madam and Born To Fight. He also directed Cynthia Rothrock in Honour And Glory and Undefeatable. Godfrey is currently working between USA and HK. (RB)

 [ Director - Assistant Director - Producer - Executive producer - Writer - Actor - Presenter ] 
 Alternate lists by alpha / genre / year
Title    ( HK -  All ) Year  Activity (  Year - Title )
 Bloody Mary Killer 1994 Director
 Deadly Target 1994 Director
 Narrow Escape 1994 Director
 Undefeatable 1994 Director
 Angel The Kickboxer 1993 Director
 Catman In Boxer's Blow 1993 Director
 Kickboxer From Hell 1992 Director
 Laboratory Of The Devil 1992 Director
 Thunder Kids 1992 Director
 Thunder Ninja Kids : The Hunt For The Devil Boxer 1992 Director
 Angel Protectors 1991 Director
 Kickboxer King 1991 Director
 Lethal Panther 1991 Director
 Power Force 1991 Director
 Thunder Ninja Kids : Wonderful Mission 1991 Director
 Angel Mission 1990 Director
 Catman In Lethal Track 1990 Director
 Thunder Ninja Kids In The Golden Adventure 1990 Director
 Angel Enforcers 1989 Director
 Princess Madam 1989 Director
 Aerolite Force 1988 Director
 Ninja : Silent Assassin 1987 Director
 Ninja Myth 1987 Director
 Dragon's Showdown, The 1986 Director
 Ninja Champion 1986 Director
 Ninja Fury 1986 Director
 Ninja Squad 1986 Director
 Ninja The Protector 1986 Director
 Majestic Thunderbolt 1985 Director
 Ninja Terminator 1985 Director
 Scorpion Thunderbolt 1985 Director
 Incredible Shaolin Thunderkick 1984 Director
 Mad For Vengeance 1984 Director
 Miraculous Flower 1984 Director
 Revenge Of The Drunken Master 1984 Director
 Fist Of The Golden Monkey 1983 Director
 Fury In Shaolin Temple 1983 Director
 Martial Monks Of Shaolin Temple 1983 Director
 5 Pattern Dragon Claws 1982 Director
 Duel Of The Tough 1982 Director
 Eagle Vs Silver Fox 1982 Director
 Justice Of The Ninja 1982 Director
 Mission Thunderbolt 1982 Director
 Raiders Of Buddhist Kung Fu, The 1982 Director
 Secret Executioners 1982 Director
 Warriors Of Kung Fu 1982 Director
 Imperial Sword, Crouching Devil 1981 Director
 Leopard Fist Ninja 1981 Director
 Magnificent Natural Fist 1981 Director
 Raging Rivals 1981 Director
 Shaolin Drunk Monkey 1981 Director
 Blazing Ninja 1980 Director
 Golden Dragon, Silver Snake 1980 Director
 Snake Strikes Back, The 1980 Director
 Champ Against Champ 1979 Director
 Dragon, The Hero, The 1979 Director
 Wonderman From Shaolin 1979 Director
 Deadly Sword, The 1978 Director
 Grandmaster Of Shaolin Kung Fu 1978 Director
 Bruce Lee's Ways Of Kung Fu 1977 Director
 Dynamite Shaolin Heroes 1977 Director
 Enter The Invincible Hero 1977 Director
 Zen Kwan Do Strikes Paris 1974 Director
Assistant Director
 Golden Ninja Warrior 1986 Assistant Director
 South Shaolin Vs North Shaolin 1984 Assistant Director
 Magnificent, The 1979 Assistant Director
 Friends 1974 Assistant Director
 Savage Five, The 1974 Assistant Director
 Blood Brothers, The 1973 Assistant Director
 Police Force 1973 Assistant Director
 Boxer From Shantung, The 1972 Assistant Director
 Water Margin, The 1972 Assistant Director
 Young People 1972 Assistant Director
 Deadly Duo, The 1971 Assistant Director
 Power Connection 1995 Producer
 Undefeatable 1994 Producer
 Ninja Squad 1986 Producer
 18 Golden Destroyers 1985 Producer
 Incredible Shaolin Thunderkick 1984 Producer
 7 Star Grand Mantis 1983 Producer
 Invincible Obsessed Fighter 1983 Producer
Executive producer
 Mantis Under Falcon Claws 1983 Executive producer
 Power Connection 1995 Writer
 Kickboxer King 1991 Writer
 Aerolite Force 1988 Writer
 Ninja Myth 1987 Writer
 Ninja Fury 1986 Writer
 Dragon Against Vampire 1985 Writer
 Majestic Thunderbolt 1985 Writer
 Mission Thunderbolt 1982 Writer
 Commando Fury 1981 Writer
 Magnificent, The 1979 Actor
 Dragon's Snake Fist 1979 Presenter
 Dragon, The Young Master 1978 Presenter

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