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Statistics :
11630 Movies
19215 People
1448 Studios
29 Articles
73 Interviews
12 DVD Reviews
32452 Screenshots
3722 Videos
Lee Sau Kei

Other names : 李壽祺
Lee Suk Kei
Li Shao Chi
Li Shou Chi
Birthdate : 14/8/1920
Date of death : 31/12/2004
Nationality : China
Activities : Director (1), Assistant Director (2), Writer (5), Actor (140), Brief appearance (6), Script Supervisor (1)

 [ 1990 - 1980 - 1970 - 1960 - 1950 ] 
 Alternate lists by alpha / genre / year
Title    ( HK -  All )  Year Activity
 Running Out Of Time 1999 Actor
 Longest Nite, The 1998 Actor
 Only Fools Fall In Love 1995 Actor
 Formula, The 1993 Actor
 Erotic Ghost Story 3 1992 Actor
 Eternal Combat, An 1991 Actor
 Coup de Grace 1990 Actor
 Bloody Brotherhood 1989 Actor
 Royal Warriors 1986 Actor
 Demi-Gods And Semi-Devils II : The Legend Of Hui-Juk 1982 Actor
 Emperor And The Minister, The 1982 Actor
 My Rebellious Son 1982 Actor
 Bewitched 1981 Actor
 Corpse Mania 1981 Actor
 Executor, The 1981 Actor
 Notorious Eight 1981 Actor
 Sword Stained With Royal Blood, The 1981 Actor
 Crazy Crooks 1980 Actor
 Emperor Chien Lung And The Beauty 1980 Actor
 Hex 1980 Actor
 Shaolin Abbot 1980 Actor
 Struggle To Survive 1980 Actor
 Super Power 1980 Actor
 Tiger And The Widow 1980 Actor
 Choi Lee Fat Kung Fu 1979 Actor
 Scandalous Warlord, The 1979 Actor
 Two Wonderous Tigers 1979 Actor
 Bruce Lee - The Invincible 1978 Actor
 Flying Guillotine 2 1978 Actor
 Good, the Bad And The Beauties, The 1978 Actor
 Heaven Sword And Dragon Sabre, Part I 1978 Actor
 Invincible Killer 1978 Actor
 Mad Monk Strikes Again, The 1978 Actor
 Mr Funny Bone Strikes Again 1978 Actor
 Vengeful Beauty, The 1978 Actor
 Arson - The Criminals, Part III 1977 Actor
 Clans Of Intrigue 1977 Actor
 Cobra Girl 1977 Actor
 Jade Tiger 1977 Actor
 Mighty Peking Man, The 1977 Actor
 Naval Commandos, The 1977 Actor
 Sentimental Swordsman, The 1977 Actor
 Teenager's Nightmare - The Criminals, Part V, The 1977 Actor
 Beautiful Vixen 1976 Actor
 Big Bad Sis 1976 Actor
 Brotherhood 1976 Actor
 Bruce Lee And I 1976 Actor
 Challenge Of The Masters 1976 Actor
 Dragon Missile, The 1976 Actor
 Forbidden Past, The 1976 Actor
 Homicides - The Criminals, Part II 1976 Actor
 Killer Clans 1976 Actor
 King Gambler 1976 Actor
 Magic Blade, The 1976 Actor
 Shaolin Temple 1976 Actor
 Web Of Death, The 1976 Actor
 Big Brother Cheng 1975 Actor
 Black Magic 1975 Actor
 Bloody Escape, The 1975 Brief appearance
 Flying Guillotine, The 1975 Actor
 Lover's Destiny 1975 Actor
 Protectors, The 1975 Actor
 Return Of The Crazy Bumpkin 1975 Brief appearance
 Spiritual Boxer 1975 Actor
 Two Con Men 1975 Actor
 Gossip Street 1974 Actor
 Hong Kong 73 1974 Actor
 Kidnap 1974 Actor
 Rivals Of Kung Fu 1974 Actor
 Savage Five, The 1974 Actor
 Sinful Adulteress, The 1974 Actor
 Sorrow Of The Gentry 1974 Actor
 Tea House, The 1974 Actor
 Delinquent, The 1973 Actor
 Generation Gap, The 1973 Actor
 House Of 72 Tenants, The 1973 Actor
 Iron Bodyguard, The 1973 Actor
 Kiss Of Death, The 1973 Brief appearance
 Master Of Kung Fu, The 1973 Actor
 Police Force 1973 Actor
 River Of Fury 1973 Actor
 Intrigue In Nylons 1972 Actor
 Thunderbolt Fist, The 1972 Actor
 Anonymous Heroes, The 1971 Actor
 King Eagle 1971 Actor
 Lady Professional, The 1971 Actor
 Shadow Whip, The 1971 Actor
 Brothers Five 1970 Actor
 Cause To Kill, A 1970 Actor
 Double Bliss 1970 Actor
 Iron Buddha, The 1970 Actor
 Singing Killer, The 1970 Actor
 Dead End 1969 Actor
 Golden Sword, The 1969 Actor
 Raw Courage 1969 Actor
 Swordmates, The 1969 Actor
 Twelve Deadly Coins 1969 Brief appearance
 Death Valley 1968 Actor
 Decree Of The Fire Dragon 1968 Actor
 Grand Duel, The 1968 Actor
 House Filled With Happiness, A 1968 Actor
 Magnificent Five, The 1968 Actor
 Summer Heat 1968 Actor
 Lady In Black Cracks The Gate Of Hell 1967 Actor
 She's So Brave! 1967 Actor
 Sweetest Moment, The 1967 Actor
 Aftermath Of A Fire (Part 1) 1966 Actor
 Dark Heroine Mu Lanhua Shattered The Black Dragon Gang 1966 Actor
 Dark Heroine Mu Lanhua, The 1966 Actor
 Girls Are Flowers 1966 Actor
 Golden Bat, The 1966 Actor
 Lady Bond 1966 Actor
 Love Burst 1966 Actor
 Mirror Of Revenge 1966 Actor
 Mr Know How 1966 Actor
 One Duel Too Many (Part 2) 1966 Actor
 Romance Of The Sword 1966 Actor
 Running Tears 1966 Actor
 Till The End Of Time 1966 Actor
 Young And Furious (Part 1) 1966 Brief appearance
 Young And Furious (Part 2) 1966 Brief appearance
 Furnace Of Heavenly Fire, The 1965 Actor
 Hero And The Beauty (Part 1), The 1965 Actor
 Hero And The Beauty (Part 2), The 1965 Actor
 Love Of a Pedicab Man 1965 Actor
 Six Fingered Lord Of The Lute (Part 1), The 1965 Actor
 Six-Fingered Lord Of The Lute (Part 2), The 1965 Actor
 Six-Fingered Lord Of The Lute (Part 3) 1965 Actor
 Tears Of Pearl 1965 Actor
 Bride From The Grave, The 1964 Actor
 Buddha's Palm (Part 1) 1964 Actor
 Buddha's Palm (Part 3) 1964 Actor
 Factory Rose 1964 Actor
 Girl's Tears, A 1964 Actor
 Homeless Children 1964 Actor
 Loving Couple, A 1964 Actor
 Man Bites Dog 1964 Actor
 Snowflake Sword (Part 1), The 1964 Actor
 Birth of the Monkey King (Part 2), The 1962 Actor
 Father Is Back 1961 Actor
 Swords Of Tien Shan, The 1961 Actor
 Witness For The Prosecution 1961 Actor
 Ten Brothers Vs. The Sea Monster, The 1960 Actor
 Ten Brothers 1959 Actor
 Driver No. 7 1958 Actor
 May Heaven Bless You 1958 Assistant Director, Writer, Actor
 Wang The Bully Seizes The Bride 1957 Assistant Director
 Suitor For The King's Sister, A 1956 Director, Writer
 Amorous Adventures In The Jade Hall 1955 Writer
 Orphan's Song 1955 Writer
 Twelve Beauties, The 1952 Writer
 Who Will Sympathize With Stepmother? 1951 Script Supervisor

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 Lee Sau Kei pictures :  (Hide)
The Longest Nite
The Sword Stained With Royal Blood
Choi Lee Fat Kung Fu
Heaven Sword And Dragon Sabre, Part I
Mr Funny Bone Strikes Again
Jade Tiger
The Sentimental Swordsman
Killer Clans
Shaolin Temple
Shaolin Temple
The Magic Blade
Spiritual Boxer
Gossip Street
Hong Kong 73
Rivals Of Kung Fu
The Tea House
Police Force
River Of Fury
The House Of 72 Tenants
King Eagle
The Anonymous Heroes
A Cause To Kill
The Singing Killer
Raw Courage
Twelve Deadly Coins
 Other Lee Sau Kei pictures :  (Hide)
Black Magic (1)
The Protectors (1)
Gossip Street (1)
Rivals Of Kung Fu (1)
The Tea House (1)
A Cause To Kill (1)
Raw Courage (2)

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