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Statistics :
11630 Movies
19215 People
1448 Studios
29 Articles
73 Interviews
12 DVD Reviews
32452 Screenshots
3722 Videos
Raymond Wong Pak Ming

Other names : 黃百鳴
Huang Bai Ming
Huang2 Bai3 Ming2
Wong Baak Ming
Wong Baak Woo
Wong Paak Ming
Wong Pak Ming
Raymond Wong
Birthdate : 1/1/1948
Nationality : Hong Kong
Workplace : Hong Kong
Activities : Director (6), Producer (78), Executive producer (4), Associate producer (1), Writer (59), Actor (53), Brief appearance (3), Cameo (5), Original Story (7), Planning (9), Presenter (57), Production Manager (2), Lyricist (1), Executive Director (1)

 [ 2010 - 2000 - 1990 - 1980 - 1970 ] 
 Alternate lists by alpha / genre / year
Title    ( HK -  All )  Year Activity
 Master Z : The Ip Man Legacy 2018 Producer
 Bounty Hunters 2016 Producer
 Z Storm II 2016 Producer
 An Inspector Calls 2015 Director, Producer, Actor
 Ip Man 3 2015 Producer
 Hello Babies 2014 Producer, Actor
 Z Storm 2014 Producer
 Hotel Deluxe 2013 Producer, Actor
 Saving General Yang 2013 Producer
 Eight Happiness 2012 2012 Producer, Actor
 Love Is ... Pyjamas 2012 Producer, Actor
 All's Well, Ends Well 2011 2011 Producer, Actor
 Magic To Win 2011 Producer, Actor
 All's Well, End's Well, Too 2010 2010 Producer, Actor
 Ip Man 2 2010 Producer
 All's Well, Ends Well 2009 2009 Producer, Executive producer, Writer, Actor, Original Story, Presenter, Executive Director
 Happy Funeral 2008 Actor
 Ip Man 2008 Producer, Presenter
 Missing 2008 Executive producer, Presenter
 Dancing Lion 2007 Actor
 Flash Point 2007 Presenter
 Wonder Women 2007 Producer, Actor, Presenter
 Dragon Tiger Gate 2006 Producer
 Seven Swords 2005 Presenter
 Dating Death 2004 Producer, Writer
 Escape From Hong Kong Island 2004 Producer
 In-Laws, Out-Laws 2004 Producer
 Life Express 2004 Producer
 Ultimate Fight 2004 Presenter
 City Of SARS 2003 Presenter
 Nine Girls And A Ghost 2002 Original Story
 Blue Moon 2001 Producer, Presenter
 Esprit D'Amour 2001 Producer, Presenter
 Paramount Motel 2000 Producer
 Perfect Match 2000 Producer, Presenter
 Winner Takes All 2000 Producer, Writer, Actor, Presenter
 Doctor In Spite Of Himself 1999 Producer
 Fascination Amour 1999 Producer, Actor
 Mirror, The 1999 Producer, Writer, Actor, Presenter
 My Heart Will Go On 1999 Presenter
 Magnificent Team 1998 Producer, Executive producer, Presenter
 Ninth Happiness 1998 Producer, Actor, Presenter
 Troublesome Night 4 1998 Actor, Presenter
 97 Aces Go Places 1997 Producer, Writer, Cameo, Presenter
 All's Well, End's Well 97 1997 Producer, Writer, Actor, Presenter
 Destination - 9th Heaven - 1997 Producer, Writer, Presenter
 Eighteen Springs 1997 Presenter
 Up For The Rising Sun 1997 Producer, Presenter
 Banana Club 1996 Actor, Presenter
 Tristar 1996 Producer, Actor
 Chinese Feast, The 1995 Producer
 Fake Emperor 1995 Producer, Writer, Presenter, Production Manager
 I Want To Go On Living 1995 Producer, Writer
 Legendary Couple 1995 Producer
 Midnight Caller 1995 Director, Producer, Writer, Cameo, Presenter
 Phantom Lover, The 1995 Producer, Writer, Presenter
 I Wanna Be Your Man ! 1994 Producer
 Itís A Wonderful Life ! 1994 Producer, Actor
 Naughty Couple 1994 Producer, Presenter
 Now You See Me, Now You Don't 1994 Writer
 Satin Steel 1994 Presenter
 Tears And Triumph 1994 Writer
 Allís Well Ends Well, Too 1993 Producer, Writer, Actor
 Bride With White Hair 2, The 1993 Presenter
 Bride With White Hair, The 1993 Presenter
 Incorruptible, The 1993 Presenter
 Insanity 1993 Writer, Actor
 Killerís Love 1993 Presenter
 Laughters Of "Water Margins" 1993 Actor, Presenter
 Perfect Couples 1993 Producer, Writer, Actor
 All's Well Ends Well 1992 Producer, Actor, Original Story, Presenter
 Girls Without Tomorrow 2 1992 Presenter
 It's A Mad Mad Mad World Too ! 1992 Presenter
 Lucky Encounter 1992 Presenter
 Once Upon A Time A Hero In China 1992 Presenter
 Summer Lovers 1992 Presenter
 Banquet, The 1991 Brief appearance
 Beyond's Diary 1991 Brief appearance, Presenter
 Blue Lightning 1991 Producer, Presenter
 Daddy, Father, Papa 1991 Actor, Presenter
 Great Pretenders, The 1991 Writer, Actor, Presenter
 Happy Ghost 4 1991 Actor
 Happy Ghost 5 1991 Director, Writer, Actor, Presenter
 Royal Scoundrel 1991 Producer, Presenter
 Sisters Of The World Unite 1991 Actor
 Fun, The Luck & The Tycoon, The 1990 Actor, Presenter
 Killerís Blues, A 1990 Producer, Original Story
 All About Ah Long 1989 Executive producer
 How To Be A Millionaire... Without Really Trying 1989 Director, Producer, Writer, Actor, Presenter
 Mr Coconut 1989 Writer, Actor, Presenter
 Big Heat, The 1988 Presenter
 Eighth Happiness, The 1988 Producer, Writer, Actor
 Fatal Love 1988 Producer, Writer
 Goodbye Darling 1987 Director, Writer, Actor
 Heartbeat 100 1987 Writer
 Seven Years Itch 1987 Producer, Writer, Actor
 Trouble Couples 1987 Producer
 Abracadabra 1986 Writer, Cameo, Planning
 Aces Go Places IV 1986 Presenter
 Book Of Heroes, A 1986 Producer
 Happy Ghost 3 1986 Director, Producer, Writer, Actor
 Super Citizen 1986 Presenter
 True Colours 1986 Producer, Writer, Actor, Original Story
 Cupid One 1985 Presenter
 For Your Heart Only 1985 Producer
 Happy Ghost 2 1985 Writer, Actor
 Isle Of Fantasy, The 1985 Writer, Actor
 Kung Hei Fat Choy 1985 Producer, Writer, Cameo
 Lifeline Express 1985 Presenter
 Mismatched Couples 1985 Lyricist
 Mummy Dearest 1985 Producer, Writer, Presenter
 Time You Need A Friend, The 1985 Writer
 Why Me ? 1985 Writer
 Aces Go Places III : Our Man From Bond Street 1984 Producer, Writer, Presenter
 Family Affair, A 1984 Producer
 Happy Ghost 1984 Producer, Writer, Actor
 Heaven Can Help 1984 Producer, Writer
 My Little Sentimental Friend 1984 Producer
 Occupant, The 1984 Producer, Actor
 Run Tiger Run 1984 Producer, Writer, Presenter
 Aces Go Places II 1983 Writer, Actor
 All The Wrong Spies 1983 Producer, Writer
 Esprit díAmour 1983 Producer
 Ghost Bustin' 1983 Producer
 Papa, Can You Hear Me Sing 1983 Producer, Writer, Actor, Presenter
 Perfect Wife, The 1983 Producer, Writer, Actor
 Play Catch 1983 Writer, Actor
 Send In The Clowns 1983 Producer
 Aces Go Places 1982 Writer, Brief appearance, Planning
 Can't Stop The War 1982 Planning
 He Lives By Night 1982 Associate producer
 It Takes Two 1982 Writer
 Till Death Do We Scare 1982 Producer, Writer, Actor
 All The Wrong Clues For The Right Solution 1981 Writer, Original Story, Production Manager
 Beware Of Pickpockets 1981 Actor, Original Story
 Chasing Girls 1981 Writer, Cameo, Planning
 Laughing Times 1981 Actor, Planning
 Life After Life 1981 Planning
 No U-Turn 1981 Actor, Planning
 Spooky Kookies 1981 Writer, Planning
 By Hook Or By Crook 1980 Writer, Planning
 Crazy Crooks 1980 Writer, Actor
 Crazy Couple 1979 Writer
 Crazy Partner 1979 Writer, Actor
 His Name Is Nobody 1979 Writer
 Odd Couple 1979 Writer
 One Way Only 1979 Writer
 For Whom To Be Murdered 1978 Writer
 Water Margin, The 1977 Writer
 Wong Fei Hung 1977 Writer

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 Raymond Wong Pak Ming pictures :  (Hide)
97 Aces Go Places
Banana Club
Midnight Caller
Laughters Of "Water Margins"
Perfect Couples
The Isle Of Fantasy
The Occupant
Aces Go Places II
Chasing Girls
Laughing Times
 Other Raymond Wong Pak Ming pictures :  (Hide)
Magic To Win (1)
All's Well, End's Well 97 (1)
Banana Club (1)
Allís Well Ends Well, Too (2)
Perfect Couples (4)
All's Well Ends Well (2)
True Colours (5)
The Isle Of Fantasy (5)
The Occupant (2)
Till Death Do We Scare (1)

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