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Statistics :
11630 Movies
19215 People
1448 Studios
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3722 Videos
Mama Hung

Other names : 洪媽媽
Chien Tzu-ying
Chin Chi Aau
Chin Tsi Ang
Auntie Hung
Ma-Ma Hung
Qian2 Si4 Ying1
Xian Yi Ying
Birthdate : 22/2/1910
Date of death : 15/10/2007
Nationality : China
Workplace : China, Hong Kong
Activities : Actress (90), Cameo (26), Production Manager (1)


Grandmother of Sammo Hung Kam Bo.


 [ Actress - Cameo - Production Manager ] 
 Alternate lists by alpha / genre / year
Title    ( HK -  All ) Year  Activity (  Year - Title )
 My Wife Is Eighteen 2002 Actress
 In The Mood For Love 2000 Actress
 Blade, The 1995 Actress
 Whatever Will Be, Will Be 1995 Actress
 C'est La Vie, Mon Cheri 1993 Actress
 Mad Monk, The 1993 Actress
 Casino Tycoon 1992 Actress
 Royal Tramp 1992 Actress
 To Miss With Love 1992 Actress
 Blue Jean Monster, The 1991 Actress
 Easy Money 1991 Actress
 To Be Number One 1991 Actress
 All For The Winner 1990 Actress
 Kung Fu Vs Acrobatic 1990 Actress
 My Neighbours Are Phantoms 1990 Actress
 Greatest Lover, The 1988 Actress
 Midnight Whispers 1988 Actress
 Flaming Brothers 1987 Actress
 Heartbeat 100 1987 Actress
 Long Arm Of The Law II 1987 Actress
 Romancing Star, The 1987 Actress
 Walking Beside Me 1986 Actress
 Cop Busters 1985 Actress
 Dead Curse 1985 Actress
 Flying Mr. B, The 1985 Actress
 Funny Triple 1985 Actress
 Why Me ? 1985 Actress
 Behind The Yellow Line 1984 Actress
 Love In A Fallen City 1984 Actress
 Lust For Love Of A Chinese Courtesan 1984 Actress
 Maybe It's Love 1984 Actress
 Occupant, The 1984 Actress
 Descendant Of The Sun 1983 Actress
 Fast Fingers 1983 Actress
 Hong Kong, Hong Kong 1983 Actress
 On The Wrong Track 1983 Actress
 Red Panther, The 1983 Actress
 Tales Of A Eunuch 1983 Actress
 Weird Man, The 1983 Actress
 Centipede Horror 1982 Actress
 Fake Ghost Catchers, The 1982 Actress
 Teenage Dreamers 1982 Actress
 Bewitched 1981 Actress
 Gambler's Delight 1981 Actress
 Martial Club 1981 Actress
 Sword Stained With Royal Blood, The 1981 Actress
 Emperor Chien Lung And The Beauty 1980 Actress
 Joy To The World 1980 Actress
 Kid With A Tattoo 1980 Actress
 Lost Souls 1980 Actress
 Master Strikes, The 1980 Actress
 Almighty Extra, The 1979 Actress
 Heaven And Hell 1979 Actress
 Itchy Fingers 1979 Actress
 Heroes Of The East 1978 Actress
 Mad Monk Strikes Again, The 1978 Actress
 Making It 1978 Actress
 Mantis Combat 1978 Actress
 Arson - The Criminals, Part III 1977 Actress
 Call Girls, The 1977 Actress
 Dreams Of Eroticism 1977 Actress
 Pursuit Of Vengeance 1977 Actress
 Teenager's Nightmare - The Criminals, Part V, The 1977 Actress
 Crazy Sex 1976 Actress
 Criminals, The 1976 Actress
 Gossip Street 1974 Actress
 Sorrow Of The Gentry 1974 Actress
 River Of Fury 1973 Actress
 Boxer From Shantung, The 1972 Actress
 Casino, The 1972 Actress
 Hapkido 1972 Actress
 Intrigue In Nylons 1972 Actress
 Tough Guy 1972 Actress
 Warlord, The 1972 Actress
 Mad Killer 1971 Actress
 Six Assassins 1971 Actress
 Sunset 1971 Actress
 Swift Knight, The 1971 Actress
 Temptress Of A Thousand Faces 1969 Actress
 Gun Brothers 1968 Actress
 Dragon Creek, The 1967 Actress
 Sweet Is Revenge 1967 Actress
 West Chamber, The 1965 Actress
 Adulteress, The 1963 Actress
 Love Parade 1963 Actress
 God Of The Animal Kingdom 1948 Actress
 Golden Buddha 1947 Actress
 Eight Heroines 1941 Actress
 Swordswoman of Huangjiang Part 1 1930 Actress
 Swordswoman of Huangjiang Part 2 1930 Actress
 Demon Of The Lute 1983 Cameo
 Godfather From Canton 1982 Cameo
 House Of Traps 1982 Cameo
 Passing Flickers 1982 Cameo
 Challenge Of The Gamesters 1981 Cameo
 Notorious Eight 1981 Cameo
 Convict Killer, The 1980 Cameo
 Haunted Tales 1980 Cameo
 Hex 1980 Cameo
 Master, The 1980 Cameo
 Rebel Intruders, The 1980 Cameo
 Swift Sword 1980 Cameo
 Brothers, The 1979 Cameo
 Mad Monkey Kung Fu 1979 Cameo
 Clans Of Intrigue 1977 Cameo
 Death Duel 1977 Cameo
 Judgement Of An Assassin 1977 Cameo
 Criminals, The 1976 Cameo
 Protectors, The 1975 Cameo
 Golden Lotus 1974 Cameo
 House Of 72 Tenants, The 1973 Cameo
 Oath Of Death, The 1971 Cameo
 Flying Dagger, The 1969 Cameo
 Magnificent Swordsman, The 1968 Cameo
 Too Late For Love 1967 Cameo
 Amorous Lotus Pan, The 1964 Cameo
Production Manager
 Devoted Lover, The 1955 Production Manager

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 Mama Hung pictures :  (Hide)
Easy Money
The Blue Jean Monster
The Blue Jean Monster
To Be Number One
Midnight Whispers
Hong Kong, Hong Kong
Centipede Horror
Lost Souls
The Convict Killer
The Master Strikes
The Rebel Intruders
Mad Monkey Kung Fu
Judgement Of An Assassin
Gossip Street
River Of Fury
The Casino
The Swift Knight
Sweet Is Revenge
 Other Mama Hung pictures :  (Hide)
Casino Tycoon (1)
Easy Money (1)
Midnight Whispers (1)
Fast Fingers (1)
Bewitched (1)
Swift Sword (1)
The Convict Killer (1)
Pursuit Of Vengeance (1)
The Forbidden Past (1)
Gossip Street (1)
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