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Gordon Liu Chia Hui

Other names : 刘家辉
Lau Ga Fai
Lau Ga Fei
Lau Kar Fai
Lau Kar Fei
Liu Chia Hui
Gordon Liu
Liu Jia Hui
Liu2 Gu1 Hui1
Birthdate : 30/11/1955
Nationality : Hong Kong
Workplace : China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, USA
Activities : Director (1), Action Director (2), Actor (104), Brief appearance (4), Cameo (1)


One of the Lau Brothers.

When old school kung fu fans talk about their "golden age" of HK films, the name of Lau Kar Fai (as he was known then) is certainly almost always near the top of the list. His work with his adopted brother and director, Lau Kar Leung, is legendary and the image of Lau Kar Fai's shaven head is one of the enduring images of that period.

He and many of the films he was in " 36th Chamber of Shaolin, Return to the 36th Chamber, Dirty Ho, Legendary Weapons of China, Cat vs. Rat, Eight Diagram Pole Fighter are all considered kung fu classics and show Lau at his best. His physical skills are incredibly impressive.

He started learning kung fu in his early teens when he skipped school behind his parent's back to go learn and train at the kwoon of Lau Charn a Wong Fei Hung grand student and father of Lau Kar Leung and Wing. Lau Charn's wife also helped in the training and somehow the young Xian Qixi/Sin Gum Hei (Gordon's real name in piyin) got close to her and that's how he was introduced into the family and eventually was adopted into it and received the name Lau Kar Fei.

As he grew into adulthood he found a job as a shipping clerk, but that was probably just a way to earn a living while his real interest was kung fu. Besides kung fu he was also adept in dancing, singing and playing guitar (as seen in My Young Auntie). Eventually of course Lau Kar Leung was to ask him to act in one of his films. With the decline of the kung fu genre in the early 80's his career began slipping as well, but he has continued making films until the present time. Cahier du Cinema has called Gordon the greatest or best kung fu actor ever.

Generally using the name of Gordon Liu after the kung fu period ended and often a full head of hair, he has most often been cast as a bad guy. Some of his post kung fu films are the classic My Heart is that Eternal Rose, Tiger on the Beat, Killer Angels, Last Hero In China (he has that wonderful duel with Jet Li on the drawbridge), Treasure Hunt and in 1999 he appeared with Anthony Wong in Heaven of Hope.

Yves Gendron

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 Alternate lists by alpha / genre / year
Title    ( HK -  All )  Year Activity
 Future Fighters 2014 Actor
 High Kickers 2013 Actor
 Man With The Iron Fists, The 2012 Actor
 Legend of Shaolin Kungfu III : Heroes of the Great Desert 2011 Actor
 Nightfall 2011 Actor
 Tarantino, le disciple de Hong-Kong 2011 Actor
 Hot Summer Days 2010 Actor
 Man In Charge 2009 Actor
 True Legend 2009 Actor
 Chandni Chowk To China 2008 Actor
 Citizen King 2008 Actor
 Four, The 2008 Actor
 Kong Hong: Lost in Love 2008 Actor
 Best Bet 2007 Actor
 Lethal Weapons Of Love And Passion 2006 Actor
 Mr 3 Minutes 2006 Actor
 Pillow Case Of Mystery, A 2006 Actor
 Wing Chun 2006 Actor
 Chinese Tall Story, A 2005 Actor
 Dragon Squad 2005 Actor
 Huang Fei Hong And Shi San Yi 2005 Actor
 Insuperable Kid 2005 Actor
 Real Kung Fu 2005 Actor
 Shaolin Vs Evil Dead 2005 Actor
 Shaolin Vs Evil Dead 2 2005 Actor
 Dragon In Fury 2004 Actor
 Kill Bill Volume 2 2004 Actor
 Snake Curse 2004 Actor
 Kill Bill Volume 1 2003 Actor
 King Of Yesterday And Tomorrow, The 2003 Actor
 Star Runner 2003 Actor
 Battle Against Evil 2002 Actor
 Drunken Monkey 2002 Actor
 Island Tales, The 2000 Actor
 Kung Fu Master, The 2000 Actor
 Fist Of Hero 1999 Actor
 Flying Fox of Snowy Mountain 1999, The 1999 Actor
 Heaven Of Hope 1999 Actor
 Drunken Master III 1994 Actor
 If You Were Here 1994 Actor
 Kung Fu Scholar 1994 Actor
 Shaolin Kids In Hong Kong, The 1994 Actor
 Treasure Hunt 1994 Actor
 5 Knights Of Shanghai 1993 Actor
 Flirting Scholar, The 1993 Actor
 Last Hero In China 1993 Actor
 Legend Of The Liquid Sword 1993 Cameo
 Mystery of the Condor Heroes, The 1993 Actor
 Top Fighter 1993 Actor
 Cheetah On Fire 1992 Actor
 Passionate Killing In The Dream 1992 Actor
 Yesterday Once More 1992 Actor
 Banquet, The 1991 Brief appearance
 Crystal Hunt 1991 Brief appearance
 Story Of The Gun 1991 Actor
 Generation Consultant 1990 Actor
 Generation Pendragon 1990 Actor
 Killer, The 1990 Actor
 Tiger On The Beat 2 1990 Actor
 Avenging Trio 1989 Actor
 Fiery Family, A 1989 Actor
 Fortune Code, The 1989 Actor
 Fury Of A Tiger 1989 Action Director, Actor
 Ghost Ballroom 1989 Actor
 Killer Angels 1989 Actor
 My Heart Is That Eternal Rose 1989 Actor
 Peacock King 1989 Actor
 Bloody Fight 1988 Actor
 Tiger On The Beat 1988 Actor
 Story Of Dr. Sun Yat Sen, The 1986 Actor
 Crazy Shaolin Disciples 1985 Actor
 Disciples Of The 36th Chamber 1985 Actor
 Two Jolly Cops 1985 Actor
 Young Vagabond 1985 Actor
 Eight Diagram Pole Fighter, The 1983 Actor
 Fury In Shaolin Temple 1983 Actor
 Lady Is The Boss 1983 Actor
 Shaolin Vs Wu Tang 1983 Actor
 Tales Of A Eunuch 1983 Actor
 82 Tenants, The 1982 Actor
 Cat Vs. Rat 1982 Actor
 Godfather From Canton 1982 Actor
 Legendary Weapons Of China 1982 Actor
 Raiders Of Buddhist Kung Fu, The 1982 Actor
 Shaolin Drunken Monk 1982 Actor
 Carry On Wise Guy 1981 Actor
 Martial Club 1981 Actor
 My Young Auntie 1981 Actor
 Treasure Hunters, The 1981 Actor
 Citizen Shaw 1980 Actor
 Clan Of The White Lotus 1980 Actor
 Return To The 36th Chamber 1980 Actor
 Dirty Ho 1979 Actor
 Fists And Guts 1979 Actor
 Shadow Boxing, The 1979 Actor
 36th Chamber Of Shaolin, The 1978 Actor
 Heroes Of The East 1978 Actor
 Shaolin Mantis 1978 Brief appearance
 Executioners From Shaolin 1977 Actor
 He Has Nothing But Kung Fu 1977 Actor
 Boxer Rebellion 1976 Actor
 Challenge Of The Masters 1976 Actor
 Seven Man Army 1976 Actor
 Marco Polo 1975 Actor
 Monk, The 1975 Brief appearance
 Five Shaolin Masters 1974 Actor
 Shaolin Martial Arts 1974 Actor
 Breakout From Oppression 1973 Director, Action Director, Actor
 Flying Killer, The 1967 Actor

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 Gordon Liu Chia Hui pictures :  (Hide)
Kong Hong: Lost in Love
Kong Hong: Lost in Love
A Pillow Case Of Mystery
A Chinese Tall Story
Dragon Squad
Shaolin Vs Evil Dead
Kill Bill Volume 2
Star Runner
Treasure Hunt
Legend Of The Liquid Sword
The Flirting Scholar
Top Fighter
Passionate Killing In The Dream
Crystal Hunt
Story Of The Gun
Tiger On The Beat 2
Avenging Trio
Killer Angels
My Heart Is That Eternal Rose
The Fortune Code
Bloody Fight
Bloody Fight
Crazy Shaolin Disciples
Disciples Of The 36th Chamber
Young Vagabond
Tales Of A Eunuch
Tales Of A Eunuch
The Eight Diagram Pole Fighter
Cat Vs. Rat
Godfather From Canton
Godfather From Canton
Legendary Weapons Of China
Shaolin Drunken Monk
Martial Club
My Young Auntie
My Young Auntie
The Treasure Hunters
The Treasure Hunters
Clan Of The White Lotus
Clan Of The White Lotus
Clan Of The White Lotus
Clan Of The White Lotus
Return To The 36th Chamber
Dirty Ho
Fists And Guts
The Shadow Boxing
Heroes Of The East
Heroes Of The East
Shaolin Mantis
Executioners From Shaolin
Boxer Rebellion
Challenge Of The Masters
Seven Man Army
Seven Man Army
Marco Polo
Five Shaolin Masters
Shaolin Martial Arts
True Legend
Insuperable Kid
 Other Gordon Liu Chia Hui pictures :  (Hide)
Kong Hong: Lost in Love (3)
A Pillow Case Of Mystery (2)
A Chinese Tall Story (1)
Real Kung Fu (1)
Shaolin Vs Evil Dead (3)
Kill Bill Volume 2 (3)
Kill Bill Volume 1 (1)
Star Runner (2)
Drunken Monkey (1)
The Kung Fu Master (3)
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