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Statistics :
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3722 Videos
Law Yim Hing

Other names : 罗艳卿
Luo Yanqing
Birthdate : 30/11/1929
Workplace : Hong Kong
Activities : Singer (2), Actress (123)


Born in Dahong Luo, Shunde County, Guangdong Province, Hong Kong. Law Yim Hing began training in Cantonese opera at age 10, making guest appearances on stage by age 12. She played many martial arts roles, having spent many years training in both the northern and southern matrtial arts disciplines. One of her important roles was in the movie "The Sword that Vanquished the Monster" (1969).

 [ 1980 - 1960 - 1950 - 1940 ] 
 Alternate lists by alpha / genre / year
Title    ( HK -  All )  Year Activity
 Love Ma And Dad 1988 Actress
 Sword That Vanquished The Monster 1969 Actress
 Iron Goddess Of Mercy, The 1964 Actress
 Our Big Sister 1964 Actress
 Three Tigers (Part 1) 1964 Actress
 Three Tigers (Part 2) 1964 Actress
 Coffee Girl 1963 Singer
 Conqueress Of Dong Jiang, The 1963 Actress
 Golden Gourd, The 1963 Actress
 Iron Mandarin Duck 1963 Actress
 Sixteen Years Of Love And Hate 1963 Actress
 Swordsman And The Swordswoman, The 1963 Actress
 Dangerous Moves 1962 Actress
 Grandest Of All Families 1962 Actress
 Heroic Breed of Ming, The 1962 Actress
 Or Gratitude And Revenge 1962 Actress
 Strange Romance Of The Dragon And The Phoenix, The 1962 Actress
 Three Petitions 1962 Actress
 Belt, The 1961 Actress
 China At Dawn 1961 Actress
 Finally We Meet Again 1961 Actress
 General And The Tyrant, The 1961 Actress
 Heroic Lovers 1961 Actress
 Heroine With A Red Scarf 1961 Actress
 Human Cargo (Part 1) 1961 Actress
 Idiot Husband, The 1961 Actress
 Ingenious Fluter (Part 1) 1961 Actress
 Ingenious Fluter (Part 2) 1961 Actress
 Magic Cup (Part 1) 1961 Actress
 Magic Cup (Part 2) 1961 Actress
 Mother And Son 1961 Actress
 Revenge And Gratitude 1961 Actress
 Sedan chair son-in-law 1961 Actress
 Temperamental Amazon (Part 1) 1961 Actress
 Temperamental Amazon (Part 2) 1961 Actress
 Valiant Brothers, The 1961 Actress
 Valiant prince, The 1961 Actress
 Blooming under a Cool Moon (Grand Finale) 1960 Actress
 Blooming under a Cool Moon (Part 1) 1960 Actress
 Blooming under a Cool Moon (Part 2) 1960 Actress
 Filial Piety That Moves Heaven (Part 1) 1960 Actress
 Filial Piety That Moves Heaven (Part 2) 1960 Actress
 Gratitude Of A Feather Fan, The 1960 Actress
 Magistrate On Trial 1960 Actress
 Much Ado About Nothing 1960 Actress
 Reincarnated Love 1960 Actress
 Silly Wong Growing Rich 1960 Actress
 Stormy Night, The 1960 Actress
 Ten Brothers Vs. The Sea Monster, The 1960 Actress
 To Whom Should The True Murderer Be ? 1960 Actress
 Beauty Slain By The Sword 1959 Actress
 Dragon King's Idiot Son-in-Law, The 1959 Actress
 Emperor Zhengde's Romantic Adventures 1959 Actress
 Feast Of A Rich Family 1959 Actress
 Funny Misunderstanding 1959 Actress
 Seven Swordsman Leave Tianshan 1959 Actress
 Story Of The White-Haired Demon Girl (Part 2) 1959 Actress
 Ten Brothers 1959 Actress
 Beauty Who Lived Through Great Changes, The 1958 Singer, Actress
 Pin-up Girl 1958 Actress
 Red Maid, The Matchmaker 1958 Actress
 Sword Of Blood And Valour 1958 Actress
 Treasure Box From Fhe Moon 1958 Actress
 How Prince Xinling Stole The General's Seal To Save The State Of Zhao 1957 Actress
 My Kingdom For A Husband 1957 Actress
 Great Chums 1956 Actress
 How Huang Feihong Pitted 7 Lions Against The Dragon 1956 Actress
 Brave 8, The 1955 Actress
 Five Tiger-Heroes, The 1955 Actress
 Matchmaker's Fault, The 1955 Actress
 Seven Bodies, Eight Deaths And Nine Human Heads 1955 Actress
 Shilin Offers Sacrifice to the Leifeng Pagoda 1955 Actress
 Spanking The Princess 1955 Actress
 Boxer Of Nanhai, The 1954 Actress
 Adventure Of The Five Rats In Hundred-Flower Pavilion, The 1953 Actress
 Beggar Named Su, A 1953 Actress
 Bloody War To Win The Longfeng Mountain 1953 Actress
 Crossing Yuanyang River By Night 1953 Actress
 First Come, First Serve 1953 Actress
 Happy Lovers 1953 Actress
 Hell-Raisers, The 1953 Actress
 How Huang Feihong Redeemed Haitong Monastery (Part 1) 1953 Actress
 How Huang Feihong Redeemed Haitong Monastery (Part 2) 1953 Actress
 Killing Spear, The 1953 Actress
 Kung-Fu Gathering At Longfeng Mountain, The 1953 Actress
 Pearl Pagoda, part one 1953 Actress
 Pearl Pagoda, part two 1953 Actress
 Playboy Emperor 1953 Actress
 Swordsman And The Beauty, The 1953 Actress
 Beautiful Matching 1952 Actress
 Duel Between Fang Shiyu And Hong Xiguan 1952 Actress
 Fang Shiyu Challengers The Boxing-Stage Champion (Part 1) 1952 Actress
 Fang Shiyu Challengers The Boxing-Stage Champion (Part 2) 1952 Actress
 Fool on Honeymoon, The 1952 Actress
 Her Perilous Adventures 1952 Actress
 Huang Feihong's Battle In Furong Valley 1952 Actress
 Mismatched Marriage, The 1952 Actress
 Soul Of The Tiger 1952 Actress
 Sword Against Five Dragons, A 1952 Actress
 Young Lady's Escort Army, The 1952 Actress
 Battle Between Fang Shiyu And the Flying Hero Of Guangdong, The 1951 Actress
 Brave Archer, The 1951 Actress
 Four Valiant Ones 1951 Actress
 Lightning Sword, The 1951 Actress
 Three Swordsmen From Kunlun 1951 Actress
 Battle between A Brave Lad Of Guangdong And The Girl Bodyguard 1950 Actress
 Battle Between The Handsome Master And The Wild Girl 1950 Actress
 Battle Between The Heroine From Kunlun And The Swallow Thief, The 1950 Actress
 Bloody Fight Between Big Knife Wang Wu And The Invincible Kid, The 1950 Actress
 Good Mother And A Hooker, A 1950 Actress
 How Shaolin Monastery Was Reduced To Ashes 1950 Actress
 How The Young Heroes Of Guanghong Shattered The Lotus Militia 1950 Actress
 Kaleidoscope 1950 Actress
 Solving The Copper-Netted Trap 1950 Actress
 Thirteen Heroes With Seven Swords (Part 4) 1950 Actress
 Thirteen Heroes With Seven Swords (Part 5) 1950 Actress
 Thirteen Heroes with Seven Swords (Part 6) 1950 Actress
 Three Battles Between White Eye-Brows And White Chrysanthemum, The 1950 Actress
 Twenty-Four Brave Ones, The 1950 Actress
 Beating The Match-Maker 1949 Actress
 Chen Shimei Betrayed His Wife 1949 Actress
 Swordsman Of Shu Hill 1949 Actress
 Thirteen Heroes With Seven Swords 1949 Actress
 Thirteen Heroes With Seven Swords (Part 3) 1949 Actress

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