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Patricia Lam Fung

Other names : 林凤
Lam Fung (1)
Patricia Lam
Lin Feng
Date of death : 28/8/1976
Activities : Actress (58)


Born in 1939, Lam Fung made her debut in 1957 and within a year had risen to the very top of big screen celebrity. Capitalizing on her youthful image, many of her films had "jade girl" in the title, and her fan club, whose name literally translates as "The Jade Girl's Friendship League," had 30,000 members at its peak. She made the annual "ten most popular stars" list nine years in a row, up until her retirement at age 27 in 1966. By then she had proved herself equally adept at classical and modern roles, formed her own film and fashion companies, and appeared in over 100 movies.

Lam chose marriage and motherhood over career, and by all accounts led a life of luxury. At the time of her death in 1976, the 37-year-old celebrity reportedly owned three houses and had US$3 million in the bank. The press had a field day speculating as to whether or not Lam's sleeping pill overdose was intentional, and all the rumors had something to do with the ageing star's appearance. Some hypothesized it was suicide induced by a botched plastic surgery operation. Others said it was a fatal but inadvertent mixture of sleeping tablets and either diet medicine or painkillers necessitated by cosmetic surgery.

Just as Lin Dai's son met a young and tragic end, Lam Fung"s son was murdered in 1999, 23 years after his mother抯 death. It was a sad coda to the unhappy saga of Hong Kong抯 "jade girl."

She died in 1976.

Source : gstage.com

 [ 1960 - 1950 ] 
 Alternate lists by alpha / genre / year
Title    ( HK -  All )  Year Activity
 Full Moon, The 1967 Actress
 Long Journey Home, The 1967 Actress
 Eighteen Darts (Part 1), The 1966 Actress
 Eighteen Darts (Part 2), The 1966 Actress
 Goddess Of Mercy 1966 Actress
 Aunt Ping (Part 1), The 1965 Actress
 Blood-Stained Butterly Mountain, The 1965 Actress
 Vulture And The Heroine, The 1965 Actress
 Buddha's Palm (Part 1) 1964 Actress
 Buddha's Palm (Part 2) 1964 Actress
 Buddha's Palm (Part 3) 1964 Actress
 Buddha's Palm (Part 4) 1964 Actress
 Girl's Tears, A 1964 Actress
 Invisible Lucky Star, The 1964 Actress
 Man Bites Dog 1964 Actress
 My Darling Children And Grandchildren 1964 Actress
 My Four Children (Part 1) 1964 Actress
 My Four Children (Part 2) 1964 Actress
 What Now My Love 1964 Actress
 Forever Together 1963 Actress
 Head For Sale 1963 Actress
 Horror In A Girl's Room 1963 Actress
 Mythical Crane, Evil Dragon 1963 Actress
 Young Boss Of The Factory, The 1963 Actress
 Double Date 1962 Actress
 Prayer Of Tears, The 1962 Actress
 Smile For A Kingdom, A 1962 Actress
 This Merry World 1962 Actress
 Fan To Remember 1961 Actress
 Lost Girl 1961 Actress
 Love On The Mount 1961 Actress
 Manhunt 1961 Actress
 Romance And The Adventure Of Roza 1961 Actress
 Sinner Of love, The 1961 Actress
 Twin Swords (Part 1) 1961 Actress
 Twin Swords (Part 2) 1961 Actress
 When The Poles Meet 1961 Actress
 Ever-Blooming Waterlilies, The 1960 Actress
 Greehorn In Love, The 1960 Actress
 Helping Hand, The 1960 Actress
 Love And Chasity 1960 Actress
 Love Knot (Part 1) 1960 Actress
 Love Knot (Part 2) 1960 Actress
 Night Of Thrills, A 1960 Actress
 Pursuers, The 1960 Actress
 Secret Agent : The Swallow 1960 Actress
 Sleeping Beauty, The 1960 Actress
 Bride From Another Town 1959 Actress
 Fragrance Of Durians, The 1959 Actress
 Glass Slippers 1959 Actress
 Love On The Lonely Bridge 1959 Actress
 Young Rock 1959 Actress
 Pretty Girl's Love Affair, A 1958 Actress
 Princess Jade Lotus 1958 Actress
 Sweet Girl In Terror 1958 Actress
 Virtuous Girl From A Humble House, A 1958 Actress
 Fairy Sleeves, The 1957 Actress
 Marriage Between The Quick And The Dead, The 1957 Actress

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The Eighteen Darts (Part 1) (1)

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