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Suet Nei

Other names : 雪妮
Hung Suet Nei
Suet Lei
Suet Nay
Xue Ni
Birthdate : 1/1/1947
Nationality : Hong Kong
Workplace : Hong Kong
Activities : Actress (62), (1)


Suet Nei was a young female idol of sixties's Hong Kong Cantonese cinema who specialised in Wu Xia Pian and alongside Connie Chan Po Chu, Josephine Siao Fung Fung and Yu So Chau was one of the genre’s prominent star.

Born in 1947, Hung Suet Nei (shorten to merely Suet Nei for the movies) became a contract player for the Crane Film Company in 1962 at sixteen or seventeen of age. Her film début was the comedy One Queen and Three Kings where she had a supporting part, as in her second picture The Golden Harpin (Part 3) Both movies were directed by Chan Lit Ban, one of the best Cantonese Wu Xia Pian filmmaker of the sixties and credited with helping launch many stars careers. Suet Nei rosed to starring player with the lead role in The Snowflake Sword series a fitting title as Suet Nei’s name actually means “Snow Maid”. The first half of Suet Nei’s career unfolded mostly under director Chan’s auspices, who directed nine of her first twelve movies. Chan ’s and Suet Nei’s association reach it’s zenith with the diptych Paragon of Sword and Knife and Paragon of Sword and Knife (Grand Finale) which saw the young woman co-star alongside Connie Chan Po Chu in one of Cantonese Wu Xia Pian cinema most ambitious effort.

Although Suet Nei did played in a handful of comedies and dramas, it’s in Wu Xia Pian that she appeared the most playing the typical cool and feisty lady knight. Although she could do trampoline leaps, action scenes on wires and even jump down from roofs, somersaults by her own admission were beyond her capability, hence the occasional uses of a stunt double. But although she wasn’t the acrobatic equal to the likes of Peking Opéra trained Connie Chan or Yu So Chau, Suet Nei could still proves herself quite furiously springy in her sword-fight scenes.

Suet Nei’s film career lasted six years and she is credited with at least 43 movies four out of five being Wu Xia Pian films. In all she made thirteen movies with Chan Lit Ban. Others recurrent director she worked with have included Joe Law Chi (five movies), Ng Wui (also 5), and specially Ling Yun (10). Having appeared in 21 movies together Suet Nei most regular leading man was then matinee idol Kenneth Tsang but she also was paired with the equally famed Lui Kei (on five movies) and Paul Chun Pui (3). She faced Sek Kin, Cantonese leading bad guy, in at least 18 movies. She co-starred alongside Connie Chan Po five times and three times with Nancy Sit.another of Cantonese cinema teen idol. It’s worth noting that the latter also reached stardom in Chan Li Ban’s movies.

During her years as a contract player for the Crane Film Company Suet Nei made on average five movies each year. Once her contract ended however and she gone to seek her fortune elsewhere her working pace increased dramatically. Thus Suet appeared in 21 movies in 1968, nearly half of her entire filmography.

Suet Nei did 9 movies the following year before her film career came to an end. Despite it’s frenzied productivity, Cantonese cinema was in full popular decline at the time overtaken by Hong Kong’s mandarin cinema which produced far more lavish movies. The time was ripe then for Suet Nei to retired even she was only 22 years old. Fittingly Suet Nei last release movie The One-Armed Magic Nun was another production of the director who made her star in the first place; Chan Lit Ban. He had her played on a most peculiar even unique image of a “mad diva”.

If Kenneth Tsang was her regular leading man in the movies, in real live it’s Tong Gaai (Tang Chia) that Suet Nei ended-up marrying, Shaw Brothers studio leading action directed who alongside her action partner Lau Kar leung (Liu Chia Liang) staged the fight in many of Suet Nei movies. She never reappeared on the big screen but it’s known that she was a supporting role playing on at least one TV series titles in Chinese Qing Shi Ji Si Dang An.

Yves Gendron (November 2004)
The Making of Martial Art Film As Told By Filmmakers and Stars. Hong-Kong City Council
A Study of Swordplay Cinema. Hong-Kong City Council.

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 Snowflake Sword (Part 2), The 1964 Actress
 Golden Hairpin (Part 2), The 1963 Actress
 One Queen And Three Kings 1963 Actress

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