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Interview with Jonathan Isgar, a blunt gweilo
Overview of your work 3/7 - Page 5
Author(s) : Arnaud Lanuque
Date : 10/1/2010
Type(s) : Interview
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People :
Jackie Chan
Vincent Lyn
Dan Mintz
Movies :
Armour Of God II : Operation Condor
Once Upon A Time In China
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HKCinemagic: With Once upon a Time in China, Operation Condor is the other big budget production you participated in. Was it difficult for you to be part of the adventure? Did the scale of the production made the work easier?
Jonathan Isgar: Once upon a Time in China was a joy to be part of; Mr. Hark built beautiful sets, choreographed beautiful scenes, told a good story, was respectful and paid. Operation Condor was a mess, Jackie did well to pull anything out of that.
HKCinemagic: With Vincent Lynn, you are one of the main actors, having a lot of interaction with Jackie Chan, did you find yourself having a good chemistry with him?
Jonathan Isgar: I like the man, he is Jackie Chan, it didn’t come easy to this guy and you can tell, also he spent time in Australia as a young bloke (laughing).
HKCinemagic: You also interact quite extensively with Dan Mintz, mainly a martial artist, did you find it easy to act with him?
Jonathan Isgar: Danno is a very fine martial artist. I saw him in action more off scene than on, specifically in a hotel lobby in Marrakech, and still managed to keep a smile on his face.
HKCinemagic: It was said the relations on the set with Jackie and some of the western actors were not so great. Can you confirm that?
Jonathan Isgar: Payment or lack of are always a problem. We all bundled off to Spain, Morocco, on a minimal per diem, no contract and only get paid for days worked, there’s no script, a few ideas for stunts, no permits to shoot anywhere, and it’s all in the hands of the director. The script writer goes to work at the end of the shoot, ironically that’s what makes these films what they are. They are not made, they happen, the tea ladies can have an idea, I can have an idea, you can, it’s thrown in the pot and if it happens, it happens. So if you are expecting to work more than 4 days a months to cover bills at home whatever things are going to get tight, tempers will flare.
HKCinemagic: Can you tell us what was the involvement of Frankie Chan in the shooting of the movie?
Jonathan Isgar: Dick head.
HKCinemagic: Did you find it difficult to deal with the physical comedy Jackie is fond of doing?
Jonathan Isgar: No, Jackie needed a mad Arab with big facial expressions, so it was in with the contact lenses and black the hair. Not much action for us, few falls, bit of slapstick, I think Dan would have liked more fighting.
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Page 4 : Once Upon a Time China
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Page 6 : Spygames

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