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 [ M.-Ma Mc-Mi Mo Mr-My
 Titre     ( HK -  Tous )     (  Fr. - Int. ) Année   Réalisateur(s)
 McDull - Pork Of Music 2012 Brian Tse Lap Man
 McDull dans les nuages   (My Life As McDull) 2001 Yuen Kun To
 McDull Kung Fu Kindergarten 2009 Brian Tse Lap Man , Yuen Kun To
 McDull, Prince De La Bun 2004 Yuen Kun To
 McDull, The Alumni 2006 Samson Chiu Leung Chun
 McDull: Me & My Mum 2014 Brian Tse Lap Man
 Meal Time 1953 Tu Guangqi
 Mean Street Story 1995 Andrew Lau Wai Keung
 Meaning Of Life, The 1995 Wong Yat Ping
 Meaning Of Love, The 1995 Wong Yat Ping
 Médaillon, Le   (Medallion, The) 2003 Gordon Chan Kar Shan
 Meet Miss Anxiety 2014
 Meet Son In The Temple 1925 Huang Shun Min
 Meeting A Fairy While Slaying The Dragon 1956 Fung Fung
 Meeting Mother In The Land Of Death 1963 Wu Pang
 Meeting My Mother 1963 Wong Hok Sing
 Megaforce   (Burning Ambition) 1989 Frankie Chan Fan Kei
 Megaforce 1982 Hal Needham
 Megaforce From Highland 1992 Chui Chik Lim
 Mellow Spring, A 1957 Li Han Hsiang
 Mélodie pour un truand   (Singing Killer, The) 1970 Chang Cheh
 Melody Of Love 1977 He Chi Chiang
 Melody Of Love 1966 Ng Daan
 Melody Of Love, The 1969 Lee Hsing
 Meltdown, terreur à Hong Kong   (High Risk) 1995 Wong Jing
 Memento 2002 Roger Lau Kwok Fai
 Mémoires d'une geisha   (Memoirs Of A Geisha) 2005 Rob Marshall
 Memorial At The Pagoda 1934
 Memories Of A Drifting Life 1955 Lee Sun Fung
 Memory Of Love 2009 Wang Chao
 Memory Of The Youth 2003 John Chan Kin Chung
 Men And Women 1964 Lee Sun Fung , Lee Tit , Lo Tun , Tong Lung , Woo Siu Fung , Zhu Shilin
 Men From The Gutter 1983 Nam Nai Choi
 Men In Pain 2006
 Men Suddenly In Black 2003 Edmond Pang Ho Cheung
 Men Suddenly In Black 2 2006 Zhong Qing
 Men Suddenly In Love 2011 Wong Jing
 Meng Lisi, Maid Of The Jungle 1961
 Men's Hearts 1953
 Mercenaires Du Karaté, Les   (Bloody Street, The) 1973 Joe Law Chi
 Mercenaires du Kung Fu, Les   (Incredible Kung Fu Mission) 1979 Cheung San Yee
 Mercenaries From Hong Kong 1983 Wong Jing
 Merciful Sword, The 1971 Poon Lui
 Mermaid Got Married 1994 Norman Law Man
 Mermaid Of Hong Kong, The 1950 Lee Ying (5)
 Mermaid, The 2016 Stephen Chow Sing Chi
 Mermaid, The 1965 Kao Li
 Merry Christmas 1984 Clifton Ko Chi Sum
 Merry Couple 1981
 Merry Lovers, The 1951
 Merry Wife, The 1972 Gam Chue Yung
 Merry-Go-Round 2010 Clement Cheng Sze Kit
 Merry-Go-Round 2001 Thomas Chow Wai Kwan
 Merry-Go-Round 1986 David Lai Dai Wai
 Merry-Go-Round 2010 Gorretti Mak Yan Yan
 Merry-Go-Round 1956 Griffin Yueh Feng
 Message, The 2009 Chen Kuo Fu , Gao Qun Shu
 Messagers du vent, Les   (Windtalkers) 2002 John Woo
 Messing Passion 2002
 Metade Fumaca 1999 Riley Yip Kam Hung
 Meteor 1979 Ronald Neame
 Metropolis, The 1941
 Meurs un autre jour   (Die Another Day) 2002 Lee Tamahori
 Mi vedrai tornare 1966 Ettore Maria Fizzarotti
 Miami Vice 2006 Michael Mann
 Miao Miao 2008 Cheng Hsiao Tse
 MicroSex Office 2011 Jim Chim Sui Man , Lee Kung Lok
 MIdas 1952 Lee Ying Yuen , Mok Hong See
 Midas Touch, The 2013 Fung Chi Keung
 Middle Kingdom's Mark Of Blood 1979 Siu Muk
 Midnight 1987 Victor Yeung Ga On
 Midnight After, The 2014 Fruit Chan Gor
 Midnight Angel 1990 Jonathan Chik Gei Yee
 Midnight Beating 2010 Zhang Jia Bei
 Midnight Bells 1950
 Midnight Caller 1995 Raymond Wong Pak Ming
 Midnight Conjure 1991 Mo Keung Bong
 Midnight Express In The Orient 1996 Billy Chung Siu Hung
 Midnight Fever 2000 Tam Yau Yip
 Midnight Fly 2001 Jacob Cheung Chi Leung
 Midnight Garage 2014 Zhou Yao Wu
 Midnight Girls 1986 David Lai Dai Wai
 Midnight Killer, The 1939 Mak Hak
 Midnight Murder, The 1967 Ho Meng Hua
 Midnight Revenge 1995 Cheung Chok Kei
 Midnight Running 2006 Wong Chung Ning
 Midnight Taxi 2009 Zhang Jiangnan
 Midnight Terror 1962 Lung To
 Midnight Vampire 1936 Yeung Kung Leung
 Midnight Were-wolf 1963 Wong Fung (2)
 Midnight Whispers 1988 David Lai Dai Wai , Michael Mak Tong Kit
 Midnight Zone 1997 Wilson Yip Wai Shun
 Mid-Nightmare 1962 Yuen Chau Fung
 Mid-Nightmare (Part 2) 1963 Yuen Chau Fung
 Midsummer Night's Romance 1953 Wang Yin
 Mights Of The People, The 1950 Chen Li Ting (2)
 Mighty Baby 2002 Chan Hing Kar , Patrick Leung Pak Kin
 Mighty Couple 1971 Ng Daan
 Mighty Gambler, The 1992 Tony Liu Jun Guk
 Mighty One 1971 Joseph Kuo Nam Hung
 Milarepa 1974 Liliana Cavani
 Miles Apart 2000 Gary Mak Wing Lun
 Militarism Revival, The 1983 Stanley Siu Wing
 Millennium Dragon 1999 Philip Ko Fei
 Millennium Mambo 2001 Hou Hsiao Hsien
 Million Dolars Snatch 1976 Ng See Yuen
 Million Dollar Bride 1970 Ding Sin Saai
 Million Dollar Crocodile 2012 Lin Li Sheng
 Million Dollars Snatch 1976 Ng See Yuen
 Million Eyes Of Su-Muru, The 1967 Lindsay Shonteff
 Millionaire Chase, The 1969 Inoue Umetsugu
 Millionaire Cop 1993 Cheung Gon Man , Wong Jing
 Millionaire's Daughter, The 1963 Lee Tit
 Millionaires d'un jour   (From Riches To Rags) 1979 John Woo
 Mimic 1997 Guillermo del Toro
 Ming Ghost 1993 Chiu Kang Chien
 Ming Ming 2007 Susie Au Suet Yee
 Mini-Skirt Gang 1974 Lui Kei
 Miracle 90 Days 1992 Tsui Siu Ming
 Miracle Box, The 2004 Adrian Kwan Shun Fai
 Miracle Fighters, The 1982 Yuen Woo Ping
 Miracle Hashish 2001 Stephen Yip Tin Hang
 Mirage 1987 Tsui Siu Ming
 Mirror And The Lichee, The 1967 Kao Li
 Mirror Of Revenge 1966 Ling Yun
 Mirror, The 1967
 Mirror, The 1999 Siao Wing
 Misarranged Love Trap, The 1950 Mok Hong See
 Mischief Makers, The 1934 Chow Wing Loi , Mak Siu Ha
 Mischievous Girl 1959 Chiang Nan
 Miserable Daughter-in-Law 1959 Cheung Wai Gwong
 Miserable Girl, The 1975
 Miserable Sisters 1949 Wan Hoi Ching
 Miserly Old Man, The 1936 Chan Pei
 Misfire 1984 Kuei Chih Hung
 Misguided Jealousy 1951
 Misguided Love 1959 Wong Hok Sing
 Misguided Spirit In The Well, The 1950 Hung Suk Wan
 Misguided Youth, The 1972 Lui Kei
 Misjudged 1949 Lung To
 Misjudged Courtship 1952
 Mismatched Couples 1985 Yuen Woo Ping
 Mis-Matched In-Laws, The 1957 Chan Pei
 Mis-Matched In-Laws, The 1951 Yam Woo Fa
 Mis-Matched Love Birds 1952 Chan Pei
 Mismatched Marriage, The 1952 Cheung Wai Gwong
 Miss Daisy 1955
 Miss Du Shi Niang 2003 Raymond To Kwok Wai
 Miss Evening Sweet 1957 Bu Wan Cang
 Miss Fragrance 1958 Jack Li Ping Qian
 Miss Fragrance 1969 Luk Bong
 Miss Hong Kong 1987 Siu Ga Wing
 Miss Judoka règle ses comptes au karaté   (Wrath Of The Sword) 1970 Wu Ma
 Miss Kikuko 1956 Yan Jun
 Miss Magic 1988 Fung Hak On
 Miss Not Home 1970 John Law Ma
 Miss O 1978 Cheung Sam
 Miss Pony Tail 1960 Tong Wong
 Miss Qin (Part 1) 1959 Wong Toi
 Miss Qin (Part 2) 1959 Wong Toi
 Miss Qiu Feng (Part 1) 1963
 Miss Qiu Feng (Part 2) 1963
 Miss Secretary 1960 Evan Yang
 Miss Songbird 1959 Chiang Nan
 Miss You Much 2003 Sam Ng Iek Long
 Miss, Please Be Patient 1981
 Miss. Mr. Mrs. 1967 Cheung Ying , Ng Wui
 Missed Date, The 1986 Teresa Woo San
 Missing 2014 Sylvia Chang Ai Chi
 Missing 2008 Tsui Hark
 Missing Document 1951 Chan Yik Ching , Yang Xiao Zhong
 Missing Girl, The 1970 Law Gwan Hung
 Missing Gun, The 2002 Lu Chuan
 Missing Man 1989 Stephen Yip Tin Hang
 Missing, The 2003 Lee Kang Sheng
 Mission : Impossible II 2000 John Woo
 Mission : Impossible III 2006 J.J. Abrams
 Mission Alcatraz   (Half Past Dead) 2003 Don Michael Paul
 Mission fantastique, La   (Fantasy Mission Force) 1982 Chu Yen Ping
 Mission Impossible 1971 Joseph Kuo Nam Hung
 Mission Kiss And Kill 1979 Lee Tso Nam
 Mission Milano 2016 Wong Jing
 Mission Of Condor 1991 Li Chao
 Mission Of Hero 1998 Alexander Lo Rei
 Mission Of Justice 1992 Tony Liu Jun Guk
 Mission Over The Eagle Castle 1981 Gam Ngo Fan
 Mission Recall 1990 Yau Gwok Wa
 Mission Thunderbolt 1982 Godfrey Ho Chi Keung , Richard Tung Chin Hu
 Mission To Die 1970 Lam Fook Dei
 Mission To Kill 1983
 Mission, The 1999 Johnnie To Kei Fung
 Mist In Judge 2001 Jeffrey Chiang Ka Chun
 Mist Over Dream Lake 1968 Yan Jun
 Mistaken Identity 1988 Tsui Siu Ming
 Mistaken Responses 1951
 Mister Cool   (Mr. Nice Guy) 1997 Sammo Hung Kam Bo
 Mister Dynamite   (Armour Of God) 1987 Jackie Chan , Eric Tsang Chi Wai
 Mistress Hsieng Lin 1980 Cen Fan , Law Gwan Hung
 Mistress, The 1999 Crystal Kwok Kam Yan
 Misty 1992 Peter Pau Tak Hai
 Misty Drizzle 1975
 Misty Moon 1978 Richard Chen Yao Chi
 Misty Rain Knocking My Window 1977 Yang Chia Yun
 Misty Rain of Yesterday's, The 1979
 Mitra 1977 Patrick Lung Kong
 Mixed Up 1984 Chow Chun Gaai
 [ Haut  M.-Ma Mc-Mi Mo Mr-My
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Test DVD

Test DVD HK Vidéo : Coffret Comédie John Woo


The Midnight After (2014)

Meet Miss Anxiety (2014)

McDull: Me & My Mum (2014)

The Midas Touch (2013)

Missing (2008) x21
Le Médaillon (2003) x13
Men Suddenly In Black (2003) x12
Meurs un autre jour (2002) x11

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