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 [ A-Al Am-Ar As-Aw
 Titre     ( HK -  Tous )     (  Fr. - Int. ) Année   Réalisateur(s)
 Amant, L'   (Lover, The) 1991 Jean-Jacques Annaud
 Amants éternels, Les   (Love Eterne) 1963 Li Han Hsiang
 Amazing 2013 Sherwood Hu Xue Hua
 Amazing Marriage Customs 1987 Cheung Miu Gei , Suen Wa
 Amazing Stories 1994 Gam Ngo Fan
 Amazon, The 1948 Yam Paang Nin
 Ambitious Kung Fu Girl 1981 Tony Liu Jun Guk
 Ambush 1973 Ho Meng Hua
 Ameera 2014 Xu Hong Hui
 American Dreams In China 2013 Peter Chan Ho Sun
 American Shaolin 1991 Lucas Lo
 Amnesty Decree 1987 Clifford Choi Gai Gwong
 Among The Dispossessed 1937 Kwan Man Ching
 Amorous Adventures In The Jade Hall 1955 Mok Hong See
 Amorous Ghost, The 1941 Bat Foo
 Amorous Lady, The 1950 Bat Foo
 Amorous Lotus Pan, The 1964 Chow See Luk
 Amorous Lotus Pan, The 1994 Li Han Hsiang
 Amour et cruauté   (Moods Of Love) 1976 Li Han Hsiang
 Amour et devoir   (Love And Duty) 1931 Bu Wan Cang
 Amphetamine 2010 Scud
 Am-Stram-Gram, L' 1999 Tony Ching Siu Tung
 Amusing Star 1989 Chui Chik Lim
 An Alan Smithee Film 1998 Arthur Hiller
 An Inspector Calls 2015 Raymond Wong Pak Ming , Herman Yau Lai To
 An Mo Nu Lang 2001
 Ancient Chinese Whorehouse 1994 Ivan Lai Gai Ming
 Ancient Heroes 1995
 And Also The Eclipse 2004 Bryan Chang Wai Hung
 And I Hate You So 2000 Yee Chung Man
 And Now What's Your Name 1984 Albert Lai Kin Kwok
 And So And So 2000 William Kwok Wai Lun
 And The Love Lingers 1970 Go Goh
 Ange aux poings d'acier, L'   (Kung Fu Genius) 1979 Wilson Tong Wai Shing
 Angel 3 1989 Stanley Tong Gwai Lai
 Angel Cop - Final Crisis 2001 Lam Ang Hang
 Angel Delight 1992 Kong Yeung (3)
 Angel Enforcers 1989 Godfrey Ho Chi Keung
 Angel Force 1991 Hua Shan , Tony Liu Jun Guk
 Angel Heart 1995 Foo Lap
 Angel Hunter 1991 Sun Chung
 Angel Mission 1990 Godfrey Ho Chi Keung
 Angel Of The Road 1993 Barry Chung Man Keung
 Angel Of Vengeance 1993 Robert Lau Chung Pak
 Angel On Fire 1995 Philip Ko Fei
 Angel Or Whore 1991 Raymond Leung Pun Hei
 Angel Protectors 1991 Godfrey Ho Chi Keung
 Angel Strikes Again 1968 Lo Wei
 Angel Terminators 1990 Wai Lit
 Angel Terminators 2 1993 Chan Lau (2) , Tony Liu Jun Guk
 Angel The Kickboxer 1993 Godfrey Ho Chi Keung
 Angel Warriors 2013 Fu Hua Yang
 Angel Whispers 2015 Carrie Ng Kar Lai , Shirley Yung Sau Laan
 Angel With The Iron Fists 1967 Lo Wei
 Angel, The 1958 Li Han Hsiang
 Angels 2 1989 Stanley Tong Gwai Lai
 Angels And Devils 1983
 Angel's Project 1993 Cheung Ho Tak , Philip Ko Fei
 Angels, The 1991 Woo Ga Kan
 Anges de la Mort, Les   (Deadly Angels) 1977 Pao Hsueh Lieh
 Anges Déchus, Les   (Fallen Angels) 1995 Wong Kar Wai
 Anges mangent aussi des fayots, Les   (Anche gli angeli mangiano fagioli) 1973 Enzo Barboni
 Angry Hero, The 1973 Kim Lung
 Angry Kid 2013 Huang Lei (2)
 Angry Ranger 1991 Johnny Wang Lung Wei
 Angry River, The 1971 Huang Feng
 Angry Young Man 1983 Wong Sing Lui
 Anna And Anna 2007 Aubrey Lam Oi Wah
 Anna et le roi   (Anna And The King) 1999 Andy Tennant
 Anna In Kung Fu-Land 2003 Raymond Yip Wai Man
 Anna Magdalena 1998 Yee Chung Man
 Année du Dragon, L'   (Year Of The Dragon, The) 1985 Michael Cimino
 Anonymous Heroes, The 1971 Chang Cheh
 Another Chance For Love 1953 Chow See Luk
 Another Chinese Cop 1996 Lam Yee Hung
 Another Piece Of Romance 1996 Lo Yuen Yeung
 Another Spring 1980 Lee Hsing
 Antecedent Trial 2010 Zhou You Chao
 Anti-Corruption 1975 Ng See Yuen
 Anxious Bride, An 1964
 Anywhere But Here 2000
 Apart Together 2010 Wang Quan An
 Apartment For Ladies 1970 Inoue Umetsugu
 Apartment For Women 1956 Wong Wik
 Apartment Murder 1960 Wu Pang
 Apartment Of 14 Families, The 1964
 Apartment, The 1970 Lam Fook Dei
 Ape Girl 1979 Chan Chi Hwa
 Ape's Daughter Vs. Dragon Devil (Part 1) 1960 Wong Hok Sing
 Ape's Daughter Vs. Dragon Devil (Part 2) 1960 Wong Hok Sing
 Apolitical Romance 2012 Hsieh Chun Yi
 Apostles, The 2014 Joe Chien Jen Hao
 Apple A Day, An 1970 Cheung Sam , Wong Ping (2)
 Appointment After Dark, An 1958 Ho Meng Hua
 Appointment with Death 1959 Yan Jun
 Apprentice San Mao 1958 Huang Zuo Lin
 Aqua Heroes 2003
 Arch, The 1970 Cecille Tong Shu Shuen
 Are You Lonesome Tonight 2000 Kam Gor
 Aren't The Kids Lovely ? 1953 Doe Chin
 Arhats In Fury 1985 Wong Sing Lui
 Armageddon 1997 Gordon Chan Kar Shan
 Armageddon 1989 Wong Siu Jun
 Arme fatale 4, L'   (Lethal Weapon 4) 1997 Richard Donner
 Armed Policewoman, The 1995 Cheung Gon Man
 Armed Reaction I 1998
 Armed Reaction II 2000
 Armed Reaction III 2001
 Armed Reaction IV 2004
 Armor Of God III : Chinese Zodiac 2012 Jackie Chan
 Army Nurse 1985 Hu Mei , Li Xiao Jun
 Arnaque à Hong Kong   (Conspiracy Of Thieves) 1975 Larry Tu Chong Hsun
 Arnaques et séduction   (Love Swindlers) 1976 Li Han Hsiang
 Arnaqueur de Hong Kong, L'   (God Of Gamblers' Return) 1994 Wong Jing
 Aroma City 2010 Chen Mingxin , Xu Chao
 Arrest The Restless 1992 Lawrence Ah Mon
 Arrête le massacre Shing Gien   (Rotary Kicks) 1973 Ku Hsi
 Arson - The Criminals, Part III 1977 Hua Shan , Kuei Chih Hung
 Art Of High Impact Kicking 1981 Roy Horan
 Art Of War 1981
 Art Of War By Sun Tzu 1979 Hui Keung
 Arts martiaux de Bruce Lee, Les   (Martial Hero) 1972 Griffin Yueh Feng
 Arts martiaux de Shaolin, Les   (Martial Arts Of Shaolin) 1986 Lau Kar Leung
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Test DVD

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The Apostles (2014)

Angry Kid (2013)

American Dreams In China (2013)

Amazing (2013)

The Apostles (2014) x1
And I Hate You So (2000) x10
L' Am-Stram-Gram (1999) x9
Les Anges Déchus (1995) x10

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