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 Titre     ( HK -  Tous )     (  Fr. - Int. ) Année   Réalisateur(s)
 Zodiac Killers 1991 Ann Hui On Wah
 Zhou Yu's Train 2002 Sun Zhou
 Zhang Xinsheng 1922 Zhang Shi Chuan
 Yuppie Fantasia, The 1989 Gordon Chan Kar Shan
 Youth's Love 1967 Chun Man To
 You're Smart In One Way, I In Another 1947 Zhu Shilin
 Younger Generation, The 1970 Griffin Yueh Feng
 Younger Generation 1971 Ng Pooi Yung , Wong Wik
 Young Vagabond 1958 Ma-Xu Weibang
 Young Sparrow In Fright 1962 Leung Fung
 Young Rebel, The 1975 Ti Lung
 Young People 1972 Chang Cheh
 Young Passion 1974 Ho Meng Hua
 Young Outcasts 1980 John Law Ma
 Young Ones, The 2001 Lee Siu Kei
 Young Mistress' Fan, The 1928 Hong Shen , Zhang Shi Chuan
 Young Lovers 1979 Lam Mei Nin
 Young Innocent Girls 1980
 Young Illusionist, The 1979 Tong Lung
 Young Heroes Of The Street, The 1982 Gwok Yuk Gei
 Young Dreams 1982 Albert Lai Kin Kwok
 Young Couple, The 1947 Cho Kei , Mong Wan
 Young Beat 1987
 Young And Dangerous 6 : Born To Be King 2000 Andrew Lau Wai Keung
 You Shoot, I Shoot 2001 Edmond Pang Ho Cheung
 You OK, I'm OK ! 1987 Fung Sai Wai
 You Can't Tell Him 1971 Sung Chuen Sau
 You Better Return 1949 Chu Kei
 You Are Wonderful 1976 Lee Heung Kam , Lydia Shum Tin Ha
 You Are The Apple Of My Eye 2011 Giddens Ko Ching Teng
 You Are My Soul 1958 Tu Guangqi
 Yichun Leaves Behind An Umbrella 1959 Chan Yik Ching
 Yi Yi 2000 Edward Yang
 Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow 1970 Patrick Lung Kong
 Yesman, The 1981
 Yes, I Can See Dead People 2008 David Lee Kwong Yiu
 Yellow Skin 1985 Wang Kuan Hsiung
 Yellow Rain 1991 Robert Lau Chung Pak
 Year In, Year Out 1955 Geung Ming , Man Yat Man , Zhu Shilin
 Yamaha Fish Stand 1985 Cheung Leung
 Xiu Xiu   (Xiu Xiu : The Sent-Down Girl) 1998 Joan Chen Chung
 Xiu Xiu 1995 Henry Fong Ping
 Xiu Niang 1970 Yon Fan
 Xiao Xiao - A Girl From Hunan 1986 Woo Laan , Xie Fei
 Xiao Wu, artisan pickpocket   (Pickpocket) 1997 Jia Zhangke
 Wut Lik Sap Jat 1982
 Wushu 2008 Dennis Chan Kwok San , Antony Szeto Wing Wa
 Wuniu 1990 Allen Fong Yuk Ping
 Wu Song, le tueur de tigres   (Tiger Killer) 1982 Li Han Hsiang
 Wu Ku Niang 1960 Chan Jing Boh
 Wu Ji : La légende des cavaliers du vent   (Promise, The) 2005 Chen Kaige
 Wrong Side Of The Track 1976 Kao Pao Shu
 Written By 2009 Wai Ka Fai
 World, The 2004 Jia Zhangke
 World Without Thieves, A 2004 Feng Xiaogang
 Working Women 1997
 Wondrous Bet, A 2005 Lam Wai Yin , Tony Leung Hung Wah
 Wonderful Hong Kong, The 1980 Man Wa
 Wonder Women 1987 Kam Kwok Leung
 Wonder Women 2007 Barbara Wong Chun Chun
 Women's Prison 1988 David Lam Tak Luk
 Women's Bible 1938 Wang Fuqing
 Women Warriors Of Kinmen 1983 Yang Chia Yun
 Women Of Independant Means 1937 Lo Si
 Women Of Desire 1974 Lui Kei
 Women 1985 Stanley Kwan Kam Pang
 Woman's Heart Is Never Mended, A 1949 Wu Pang
 Woman's Heart 1952 Bu Wan Cang
 Woman's Heart 1948 Wu Pang
 Woman Who Couldn't Care Less, The 1936 Chiu Shu San
 Woman Thief, The 1936 Yeung Kung Leung
 Woman Soup 1999 Emily Liu Yi Ming
 Woman Of Virtue, A 1939 Lee Gaai
 Woman Of The Night 1973 Yau Goon Yan (2)
 Woman In Grief 1953 Chow See Luk
 Woman Behind, The 1995 Lam Yee Hung
 Woman Assassin, The 1988 Choi Gai Wai
 Wolf Totem 2014 Jean-Jacques Annaud
 Woe To The Debauched ! 1938 Kwan Man Ching
 Witness 2012 Gao Ze Hao
 Without Words 2006 Albert Mak Kai Gwong
 Winter, The 1967 Li Han Hsiang
 Winter Vacation 2010 Li Hong Qi
 Winter Blossom 1980 Joseph Kuo Nam Hung
 Winner Takes All ? 1984 Stanley Siu Wing
 Winner Takes All 1977 Karl Maka
 Winds Of September 2008 Tom Lin Shu Yu
 Window, The 1968 Patrick Lung Kong
 Will Of Iron 1991 David Chiang Da Wei
 Wild, Wild Rose, The 1960 Wong Tin Lam
 Wild Rose 1932 Sun Yu
 Wild Ones, The 1989 David Lam Tak Luk , Francis Sung Ho Fai
 Wild Goose On The Wing, The 1979 Lau Lap Lap
 Wild Girl 1968 Sun Chung
 Wild Fire And Spring Wind 1948 Au-Yeung Ji Ching
 Wild Couple, The 1996 Ridley Tsui Po Wah
 Wife From Hell 2006 Tommy Law Wai Tak
 Wife And Son As Strangers 1946
 Widow's Tears, A 1956 Chan Jing Boh , Lung Ling , Zhu Shilin
 Why, Why, Tell Me Why ? 1986 Siu Ga Wing
 Why Wild Girls 1994 Andy Chin Wing Keung
 Why Me Sweetie? 2003 Jingle Ma Choh Sing
 Why Me ? 1985 Kent Cheng Jak Si
 Who's The Woman, Who's The Man 1996 Peter Chan Ho Sun
 Who's The Crook? 1986 Guy Lai Ying Chau
 Who's Next 2007 Rico Chung Kai Cheong
 Who's My Father ? 1994 Taam Yui Ming
 Who's More Dependable 2003 Qi Jian
 Who Will Sympathize With Stepmother? 1951 Chu Kei
 Who Is Undercover 2014 Zhai Jun Jie
 Whither Spring ? 1957 Wong Wik
 White Storm, The 2013 Benny Chan Muk Sing
 White Pigeon 1982 Du Yu , Li Wen Hua (3)
 White Deer Plain 2011 Wang Quan An
 White Cloud Pagoda 1928 Zhang Shi Chuan , Zheng Zheng Qiu
 Whispers And Moans 2007 Herman Yau Lai To
 Whispering Palms, The 1957 Chu Yuan , Chun Kim
 Whirlpool Instinct 1988 Lai Wan
 Where Shall We Meet Again 1950 Chow See Luk
 Where Is My Bride ? 1958 Tu Guangqi
 Where A Good Man Goes 1999 Johnnie To Kei Fung
 When You Were Not With Me 1958 Ching Biu Go
 When Will We Meet Again ? 1940 Hung Suk Wan
 When We Were Young 1971 Lau Ga Cheong
 When The Clouds Roll By 1968 Doe Chin
 When Spring Comes 1963 Ng Wui
 When Roses Bloom 1951
 When Is The Moon Round ? 1966 Joseph Kuo Nam Hung
 When Easterly Showers Fall On The Sunny West 2008
 When Dreams Come True 1966 Joseph Kuo Nam Hung
 When Beckham Met Owen 2004 Adam Wong Shou Ping
 When Beauty Fades From The Twelve Ladie's Bower 1954 Chow See Luk
 When A Man Loves A Woman 2000 Ally Wong Ka Fai
 When A Dog Loves A Cat 2008
 Wheel Of Life, The 1984 King Hu , Lee Hsing , Pai Ching Jui
 Wheat 2009 He Ping
 What's Good For A Goose 1970 Wong Lau Chiu
 Whatever Will Be, Will Be 1995 Jacob Cheung Chi Leung
 Whatever Will Be Will Be 1997 Jue Wai Gwong
 What Now My Love 1964 Cheung Wai Gwong
 What Is A Good Teacher 2000 Francis Ng Chun Yu
 What A Wonderful World 1995 Samson Chiu Leung Chun
 What A Hero ! 1992 Benny Chan Muk Sing
 Wet Paint ! 1950
 West Town Girls 2004 Alice Wang Yu Ya
 West Big Heaven King 1993
 We're Not The Worst 2003 Tony Leung Hung Wah
 We're No Heroes 2003 Lo Fan
 Wedding Or A Funeral, A 2003 Hoh Chi Hang
 Wedding Invitation, A 2013 Wu Ji Huan
 Web Of Deception 1997 Billy Tang Hin Sing , Takkie Yeung Yat Tak
 Weakness Of Man 1991 Raymond Leung Pun Hei
 We Owe It To Our Children 1955 Chun Kim
 Wayward Love 1955 Ching Biu Go
 Way We Go, A 2001 Wong Tung
 Way We Are, The 2008 Ann Hui On Wah
 Way To Success 1993 Terence Yung Ji Chung
 Wave Of Jealousy 1950 Mok Hong See
 Water Tank Murder Mystery 1994 Ng Dik Man
 Wasted Years 1941 Wang Yuan Long
 Warrior And The Wolf, The 2009 Tian Zhuang Zhuang
 Warning Time, The 2000 Lam Kin Lung , Vincent Wan Yeung Ming
 Warlord And The Actress, The 1964 Ho Meng Hua
 War Of Divorce 1994 Chan Gwok Sing
 War Named Desire, A 2000 Alan Mak Siu Fai
 War And Survival 1937 Nankai Juzaburo , Sap Sam Long
 War And Love 1941 Mooi Ling Siu
 Wang Sanfu Sets Fire On The House 1959 Bat Foo
 Wandering Earth, The 2019
 Wan Chai Express 1999 Kenneth Lau Hau Wai
 Walk In 1997 Herman Yau Lai To
 Wait 'Til You're Older 2005 Teddy Chen Tak Sum
 Wai's Romance 1994 To Hoi Sun
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Test DVD FPE/Asian Star : A World Without..


Who Is Undercover (2014)

The White Storm (2013)

White Deer Plain (2011)

You Are The Apple Of My Eye (2011)

The Wandering Earth (2019) x9
Written By (2009) x15
The Warrior And The Wolf (2009) x8
Whispers And Moans (2007) x11

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