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 Titre     ( HK -  Tous )     (  Fr. - Int. ) Année   Réalisateur(s)
 Na Cha And The Seven Devils 1973
 Na Zha's Adventure At The East Ocean 1948 Yip Yat Sing
 Ne Zha Conquered The Seven Devils At Mei Hill 1949 Yip Yat Sing
 Ne Zha Is His Mother's Escort (Part 1) 1958 Fung Fung
 Ne Zha Is His Mother's Escort (Part 2) 1958 Fung Fung
 New Arabian Nights 1947 Daan Do Yue
 Nine Heroes Of Guangdong (Part 2) 1950 Hung Chung Ho
 Nine Heroes Of Guangdong, Part 1 1950 Hung Chung Ho
 Nu Zha's Adventure In The Eastern Sea 1968 Joe Law Chi
 Painted Skin 2008 Gordon Chan Kar Shan , Andy Chin Wing Keung , Danny Go Lam Paau
 Pearl Of The Island 1957 Chow See Luk
 Peony Pavilion, The 1940 Wong Hing Fook
 Pigsy Takes A Wife 1953 Yip Yat Sing
 Playboy Emperor 1953 Goo Man Chung
 Portrait de fantôme chinois   (Picture Of A Nymph) 1988 Wu Ma
 Precious Lamp In The Moon Palace, The 1951 Yip Yat Sing
 Princess D 2002 Sylvia Chang Ai Chi , Alan Yuen Kam Lun
 Princess Iron Fan 1966 Ho Meng Hua
 Red Kid, The 1949 Yip Yat Sing
 Robin Hood, Junior 1950 Leung Sam
 Roi scorpion, Le   (Scorpion King, The) 2002 Chuck Russell
 Roi singe, Le   (Chinese Odyssey, A : Pandora's Box) 1995 Johnnie Kong Yeuk Sing , Jeff Lau Chun Wai
 Shattering The Yellow River Militia 1950 Yip Yat Sing
 Shilin Offers Sacrifice to the Leifeng Pagoda 1955 Chow See Luk
 Shoe Fairy, The 2006 Robin Lee Yun Chan
 Sleeping Beauty, The 1960 Luk Bong
 Snake Prince, The 1976 Law Chun
 Snake-Girl And The Flying Monster, The 1962 Yam Paang Nin
 Soleil se lève aussi, Le   (Sun Also Rises, The) 2007 Jiang Wen
 Son Of The Dragon 2006 David Wu Tai Wai
 Sorcerer And The White Snake, The 2011 Tony Ching Siu Tung
 Stallion On The Milky Way 1951 Yip Yat Sing
 Stoneman 1992 Edward Leung Yiu Ming
 Storm Riders, The 1998 Andrew Lau Wai Keung
 Storm Warriors 2009 Oxide & Danny Pang
 Story Of Fan Lihua, The 1949 Bat Foo
 Strange Hero Of The Dual Blades 1950 Chan Kwok Wa
 Strange Hero Of The Dual Blades (Part 2) 1951 Chan Kwok Wa
 Strange Odyssey 1975 San Kong
 Succession par l'épée   (Handsome Siblings) 1992 Eric Tsang Chi Wai
 Swordsman 1990 Tony Ching Siu Tung , King Hu , Ann Hui On Wah , Andrew Kam Yeung Wah , Raymond Lee Wai Man , Tsui Hark
 Swordsman 2 1992 Tony Ching Siu Tung
 Ten Brothers 1959
 Three Swordsmen From Kunlun 1951 Wong Tin Lam
 Thrilling Sword, The 1981 Cheung San Yee
 Treasure hunt, The 1961 Ng Daan
 Tripping 2006 Chen Yi Wen
 Tsu Hong Wu, The 1971 Chui Daai Gwan
 Web Of Death, The 1976 Chu Yuan
 Which One Is Which 1965 Chan Cheuk Sang
 White Dappled Snake 1954 Chan Woon Man , Ding Lik
 White Lady's Reincarnation 1959 Wong Fung (2)
 White Python Usurps The Dragon's Palace, A 1950 Bat Foo
 White-Haired Witch Of Lunar Kingdom, The 2014 Jacob Cheung Chi Leung
 Winter Melon Tale, The 2009
 Wu Yen 2001 Johnnie To Kei Fung , Wai Ka Fai
 Zhong Kui: Snow Girl And The Dark Crystal 2015 Peter Pau Tak Hai , Zhao Tian Yu
 Zu les guerriers de la montagne magique   (Zu: Warriors From The Magic Mountain) 1983 Tsui Hark
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Test DVD

Test DVD Optimum (GB) : Swordsman 2 +..


Zhong Kui: Snow Girl and the Dark Crystal (2015)

The Sorcerer And The White Snake (2011)

Storm Warriors (2009)


Storm Warriors (2009) x3
The Storm Riders (1998) x10
Le Roi singe (1995) x10
Swordsman 2 (1992) x10

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