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 Titre     ( HK -  Tous )     (  Fr. - Int. ) Année   Réalisateur(s)
 1941 Hong Kong On Fire 1994 Cash Chin Man Kei
 3 Royaumes - Partie 1, Les   (Red Cliff - Part 1) 2008 John Woo
 3 Royaumes - Partie 2, Les   (Red Cliff - Part 2) 2009 John Woo
 36 heures en enfer   (36 ore all'inferno) 1969 Roberto Bianchi Montero
 800 Heroes 1976 Ding Sin Saai
 Aerolite Force 1988 Godfrey Ho Chi Keung , Philip Ko Fei
 After Armistice 1962 Cheng Yin
 Angels 2 1989 Stanley Tong Gwai Lai
 Attaque Force Z   (Attack Force Z) 1982 Tim Burstall
 Au Revoir Mon Amour 1991 Tony Au Ting Ping
 Back To 1942 2012 Feng Xiaogang
 Back To The Motherland 1937 Hung Chung Ho
 Balle dans la tête, Une   (Bullet In The Head) 1990 John Woo
 Bataille de la Montagne du Tigre, La   (Taking Of Tiger Mountain, The) 2014 Tsui Hark
 Battle For The Republic Of China, The 1981 Ding Sin Saai
 Battle of Guningtou, The 1979 Cheung Chang Chak
 Battle Of Talezhuang, The 1987 Foh Jun Git , Yeung Gwong Yuen
 Bérets verts, Les   (Green Berets, The) 1968 Ray Kellogg , Mervyn LeRoy , John Wayne
 Black and White 1983 Gam Ngo Fan
 Black Sun : The Nanking Massacre 1995 He Chi Chiang
 Blood And Iron 1937 Jeng Tak Gwong , Wong Naai Ding
 Blood And Tears At The Border 1937 Kwan Man Ching
 Bloodshed At The Twin Willow Manor 1936 Lam Chong
 Bloodshed At The Twin-Willow Manor 1936 Lam Chong
 Blood-Stained Baoshan Fortress, The 1938 Szeto Wai Man
 Born To Defend 1988 Jet Li
 Boys en enfer, Les   (Jungle Heat) 1984 Jobic Wong Lai Keung
 Brave Tanks, The 1968 Gam Tung Hok
 Breakthrough, The 1997 Wei Lian
 Bruce Li's Magnum Fist 1978 Hon Bo Cheung
 Camp 731   (Men Behind The Sun) 1989 He Chi Chiang
 Camps d'amour pour chiens jaunes   (Bamboo House Of Dolls, The) 1973 Kuei Chih Hung
 Canonnière du Yang-Tsé, La   (Sand Pebbles) 1966 Robert Wise
 Can't Stop The War 1982 Yue Ham Ping
 Children Of The Earth 1945 Yeung Kung Leung
 China Doll 1958 Frank Borzage
 Chongqing Negotiation 1994 Lam Chin Foon , Siu Gwai Wan , Zhang Yi Fei
 Cold Flame, The 2008 Leon Yang Shu Peng
 Cold Steel 2011 David Wu Tai Wai
 Commander Underground 1967 Li Han Hsiang
 Cow 2009 Guan Hu
 Deadly Reclaim, The 2015 Benny Chan Muk Sing
 Death And Glory In Changde 2010 Shen Dong
 Démons à ma porte, Les 2000 Jiang Wen
 Dernier Combat de Yang Chiao, Le   (Last Battle Of Yang Chao, The) 1978 Mo Man Hung
 Don't Cry, Nanking 1995 Ng Ji Ang
 Dragon Chronicles 1994 Andy Chin Wing Keung
 Drums along the battlefield 1963 Wong Hok Sing
 East Wind, Rain 2010 Liu Yun Long
 Eastern Condors 1987 Sammo Hung Kam Bo
 Eight Hundred Heroes 1938 Liu Shut
 End Of The Road 1993 Chu Yen Ping
 Far removed from war 1987 Hu Mei
 Fighting North And South 1952 Tang Xiaodan , Xiao Lang
 Fils de la Terre, Les   (Sons Of Good Earth) 1965 King Hu
 Final Victory 1946
 First Of August, The 2007
 Flag Of Honor 1987 Ding Sin Saai
 Flying Tigers 1995
 Forces Within, The 1937 Lau Yim Gung
 Forever Friends 1996 Chu Yen Ping
 Fortune Code, The 1989 Kent Cheng Jak Si
 Founding Of A Republic, The 2009 Han San Ping
 Founding of an Army, The 2017 Andrew Lau Wai Keung
 Four Boys Joint The Army 1938 Chiu Shu San
 Fresh Troops 1936
 Frogman, The 1980 Suen Wing Fat , Yau Ming Shing
 From Victory To Victory 1974 Cheng Yin , Wang Yan
 Gone To The Dogs 1952
 Good Guy, A 1926 Zhang Shi Chuan
 Gun Brothers 1968 Ching Gong , Wu Jiaxiang
 Guns And Roses 2012 Ning Hao
 Heroes And Heroines 1937 Wong Yee Choh
 Heroes And Heroines (Part 2) 1938 Wong Yee Choh
 Heroes Of The Underground 1976 Pao Hsueh Lieh
 Héros de guerre   (Assembly) 2007 Feng Xiaogang
 Home in My Heart 2000 Yip Hung Wai
 Home Too Far, A 1990 Chu Yen Ping
 Hong Kong 1941 1984 Leong Po Chih
 Honor Of Patriots, The 1937 So Yi
 I Am Chinese 2012 Ricky Lau Jun Wei
 Inaccurate Memoir, An 2012 Leon Yang Shu Peng
 Inglourious Basterds 2009 Quentin Tarantino
 International Rescue 1990
 Iron Sister 1999 Choi Kwok Fai , Yip Hung Wai
 Kawashima Yoshiko - The Last Princess Of Manchuria 1990 Eddie Fong Ling Ching
 King 2013 Fan Jianhui
 Kinmen Bombs, The 1986 Ding Sin Saai
 Knot, The 2006 Yin Li
 Kung Fu Kids   (Flying Tigers And The Kung Fu Kids, The) 1981 Ding Sin Saai
 Laboratory Of The Devil 1992 Godfrey Ho Chi Keung
 Lady In Distress 1947 Wang Yin
 Larmes d'un héros, Les   (Heroes Shed No Tears) 1983 John Woo
 Lead Dog, A 1993 Yiu Sau Gong
 Let The Bullets Fly 2010 Jiang Wen
 Lust, Caution 2007 Ang Lee
 May Jean 1994 Steven C.C. Liu
 Messagers du vent, Les   (Windtalkers) 2002 John Woo
 Mission fantastique, La   (Fantasy Mission Force) 1982 Chu Yen Ping
 Moment Of Romance III, A 1996 Johnnie To Kei Fung
 Narrow Escape 1994 Godfrey Ho Chi Keung
 Naval Commandos, The 1977 Chang Cheh , Lau Wai Ban , Pao Hsueh Lieh , Wu Ma
 No Sir 1994 Chu Yen Ping
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Test DVD

Test DVD Metropolitan : Eastern Condors


Back To 1942 (2012)

Guns And Roses (2012)

An Inaccurate Memoir (2012)

Cold Steel (2011)

Let The Bullets Fly (2010) x19
Les 3 Royaumes - Partie 1 (2008) x25
Au Revoir Mon Amour (1991) x11
Une Balle dans la tête (1990) x16

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