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Comédie Musicale
 [ A-R S-Y
 Titre     ( HK -  Tous )     (  Fr. - Int. ) Année   Réalisateur(s)
 Air Hostess 1959 Evan Yang
 Allison Forever   (Get Over It) 2001 Tommy O'Haver
 Au rythme des tambours fleuris   (Flower Drum Song) 1961 Henry Koster
 Beauty Who Lived Through Great Changes, The 1958 Cho Kei
 Belles, Les 1961 Doe Chin
 Blessings from Heaven 1963 Wu Pang
 Blossoming Season, The 1968 Luk Bong
 Blue Skies 1967 Sit Kwan
 Booze, Boobs And Bucks 1957 Ma-Xu Weibang
 Buddhist Recluse For 14 Years, A 1958 Cheung Wai Gwong
 Bugles Of War 1958 Poon Bing Kuen
 Chandni Chowk To China 2008 Nikhil Advani
 Charming Little Bird, The 1967 Wong Yiu
 Colourful Youth 1966 Chan Wan
 Couple In Love, A 1952 Cheung Wai Gwong
 Dance, Subaru! 2009 Lee Chi Ngai
 Dances Of Charm, The 1957 Chow See Luk
 Dancing Millionairess, The 1964 Doe Chin
 Dawn Will Come, The 1966 Kao Li
 Disco Bumpkins 1980 Ricky Chan Ka Suen
 Disco Fever 1979 Florence Yu Fung Chi
 Disney High School Musical: China 2010 Chen Shih Shan
 Diva 2012 Heiward Mak Hei Yan
 Doctor And The Prima Donna, The 1960 Ng Ging Ping , Yuen Yeung On
 Dragon Flies While Phoenix Dances 1969 Wong Yiu
 Even Mountains Meet 1993 Lawrence Ah Mon
 Fang Shiyu Challengers The Boxing-Stage Champion (Part 1) 1952
 Fang Shiyu Challengers The Boxing-Stage Champion (Part 2) 1952
 Fantasy Of Youth 1959 Law Gwan Hung , Zhu Shilin
 Faster Than Lightning 1946 Yeung Kung Leung
 Fearless 2012 Michael Chiang Cong
 Fierce Debator, A 1956 Chan Pei
 Film World's Merry Song, The 1958 Chiang Nan , Wong Tin Lam
 Girls Are Flowers 1966 Wong Yiu
 Give Me A Kiss 1958 Li Han Hsiang
 Go-go Teenager, A 1966
 Great Lover, A 1968 Cheung Wai Gwong
 Guess Who Killed My Twelve Lovers 1970 Wu Jiaxiang
 Happenings In Ali Shan 1949 Chang Cheh , Chang Ying (4)
 Her Tender Love 1969 Lui Kei
 Hole, The 1998 Tsai Ming Liang
 Homme aux diamants, L'   (Singing Thief, The) 1969 Chang Cheh
 Hong Kong Nocturne 1967 Inoue Umetsugu
 Hong Kong Rhapsody 1968 Inoue Umetsugu
 Horrifying Adventure Of A Girl, The 1967 Chan Wan
 How Demon Girl Thrice Tricked Monk Jigong 1950 Bat Foo
 I Don't Want To Sleep Alone 2006 Tsai Ming Liang
 I Love A-Go-Go 1967 Cheung Wai Gwong
 I Want To Sing 1971 Wong Fuk Sang
 Immortal Tunes Of Show-Biz 1957 Tong Wong
 Joy Of Spring, The 1966 Law Chun
 Joy To The World 1968 Cheung Wai Gwong
 June Bride, The 1960 Tong Wong
 King And Queen, The 1970 Ding Sin Saai
 King Drummer 1967 Inoue Umetsugu
 Kung Fu Hip Hop 2008 Fu Hua Yang
 Kung Fu Hip Pop 2 2010 Bowie Lau Bo Yin
 Lark, The 1971 Man Sek Ling
 Laughters Of "Water Margins" 1993 Clifton Ko Chi Sum
 Let's Sing And Dance To Celebrate A Peaceful Year 1969 Mok Hong See , Richard Yeung Kuen
 Lousy Womaniser 1963 Wu Pang
 Love At First Sight 1958 Chiang Nan
 Love Competition 1976 Faan Daan
 Love Fiesta 1957 Wong Ho
 Love Him, Miss Him, Hate Him 1968
 Love Is Your Name 1969 Lee Ga
 Love Parade 1963 Doe Chin
 Love Song 1953 Wong Ho
 Love Song Over The Sea 1970 Kuei Chih Hung , Koji Shima , Yang Fan
 Loyal Overseas Chinese Family, A 1979 Au Fan , Xing Jitian
 Lui Po 1961 Wong Fung (2)
 Mad About Music 1963 Evan Yang
 Mad Mad World, The 1981 Ben Lam Kuen
 Magic Cat 1969 Wong Yiu
 Magic Head Of Princess 1960 Fung Chi Kong
 Mambo Girl 1957 Evan Yang
 Mélodie pour un truand   (Singing Killer, The) 1970 Chang Cheh
 Merry-Go-Round 1956 Griffin Yueh Feng
 Mi vedrai tornare 1966 Ettore Maria Fizzarotti
 Millionaire Chase, The 1969 Inoue Umetsugu
 Ming Ming 2007 Susie Au Suet Yee
 Miss Fragrance 1969 Luk Bong
 Moments Of Glorious Beauty 1969 Wong Yiu
 Moon-Blanch'd Land, The 1952 Tu Guangqi
 Moonlight Serenade 1967 Yan Jun
 Mourning Of The Chaste Tree Flower 1934 Runde Shaw , Runje Shaw , Runme Shaw
 Much Ado About Nothing 1960 Chu Kei
 Musical Singer 1984 Dennis Yu Wan Kwong
 My Mother Is A Belly Dancer 2006 Lee Kung Lok , Wong Ching Po
 Ode To Youth 1953 Liu Qiong
 Opera Stars And Song Girls 1935 Gwaan Ding Yam
 Peking Opera Blues 1986 Tsui Hark
 Perhaps Love 2005 Peter Chan Ho Sun
 Platinum Dragon 1933
 Playboy, The 1952 Chan Woon Man , Daan Do Yue
 Pretty Girl's Love Affair, A 1958 Chow See Luk
 Prince Of Thieves (The Sequel) 1958 Luk Bong
 Princess Show 2013 Xiao Huang Ying
 Purple Stormy Night, A 1968 Chu Yuan
 Red Lips Of May 1968 Wong Yiu
 Red Rose 1952 Wang Yin
 Rhapsody 1968 Chu Yuan
 Romance Of A Teenage Girl 1966 Chan Wan
 Rooftop, The 2013 Jay Chou Kit Lun
 Root Of All Evil, The 1938 Cheung Oi Man , Hung Chung Ho , Lam Chong , Mak Siu Ha , Tang Xiaodan , Yeung Kung Leung
 Rose I Love You 1954 Tu Guangqi
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The Rooftop (2013)

Diva (2011)

Fearless (2012)

Kung Fu Hip Pop 2 (2010)

Laughters Of "Water Margins" (1993) x10
Peking Opera Blues (1986) x10
Mélodie pour un truand (1970) x11
L' Homme aux diamants (1969) x10

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