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Statistics :
11630 Movies
19215 People
1448 Studios
29 Articles
73 Interviews
12 DVD Reviews
32452 Screenshots
3722 Videos
Lau Hak Suen

Other names : 刘克宣
Lau Hak Sun
Lau Hark Suen
Lau Hark Sun
Liu Ke Xian
Birthdate : 2/10/1910
Date of death : 24/1/1983
Workplace : Hong Kong
Activities : Director (2), Actor (170), Brief appearance (1)

 [ 1980 - 1970 - 1960 - 1950 - 1940 - 1930 ] 
 Alternate lists by alpha / genre / year
Title    ( HK -  All )  Year Activity
 Fung Shui Master, The 1983 Actor
 Project A 1983 Actor
 82 Tenants, The 1982 Actor
 Carry On Pickpocket 1982 Actor
 Demi Gods And Semi Devils I : Six Meridians Divine Sword 1982 Actor
 Demi-Gods And Semi-Devils II : The Legend Of Hui-Juk 1982 Actor
 Food For The Sharks 1982 Actor
 Happy Sixteen 1982 Actor
 Mahjong Heroes 1982 Actor
 Perfect Match, The 1982 Actor
 Plain Jane To The Rescue 1982 Actor
 Avengers From Hell 1981 Actor
 Mad Mad World, The 1981 Actor
 Security Unlimited 1981 Actor
 Spooky Bunch, The 1980 Actor
 Wedding Bells, Wedding Belles 1980 Actor
 Return Of The Crazy Bumpkin 1975 Brief appearance
 Flying Phoenix From Wudang (Part 1), The 1964 Actor
 Flying Phoenix From Wudang (Part 2), The 1964 Actor
 Golden Hairpin (Final Episode), The 1964 Actor
 Magic Crane And The Golden Eagle, The 1964 Actor
 God Erlang 1963 Actor
 Golden Gourd, The 1963 Actor
 Monkey Soldiers Come To The Rescue, The 1963 Actor
 Red Thread Steals A Precious Box 1963 Actor
 Three Heroines (Part 1) 1963 Actor
 Three Heroines (Part 2) 1963 Actor
 Haunting Shadow, The 1962 Actor
 Hero Of The Twin Swords And The Magic Whip 1962 Actor
 Magic Hero Of Tian Shan, The 1962 Actor
 Scarlet Boy 1962 Actor
 Secret Book (Part 3) 1962 Actor
 Smile For A Kingdom, A 1962 Actor
 Lui Po 1961 Actor
 Prodigious child and her loyal dog, The 1961 Actor
 Romance And The Adventure Of Roza 1961 Actor
 Swords Of Tien Shan, The 1961 Actor
 Three Chivalrous Girls Of Kwan Tung, The 1961 Actor
 Magistrate On Trial 1960 Actor
 Naughty couple, The 1960 Director
 Sad Wedding Night, A 1959 Actor
 Red Maid, The Matchmaker 1958 Actor
 Tanji In The Meat Hill 1958 Actor
 Escorting Lady Jing On A 1,000 Mile Journey 1957 Actor
 Goddess Of Heaven, The 1957 Actor
 Haunted Bridge 1957 Actor
 How The Scholar Tang Bohu Won The Maid Qiuxiang 1957 Actor
 Lizhi's Tale, The 1957 Actor
 Lui Bei Crosses The River To Meet His Bride 1957 Actor
 Martyrs Of Ming 1957 Actor
 Princess Joins The Chu Army 1957 Director, Actor
 Splendour Of Youth, The 1957 Actor
 Taking The Birthday Gifts Caravan By Strategy 1957 Actor
 Feather Fan Under Spring Lantern 1956 Actor
 Ghost Hero, The 1956 Actor
 Grand Reunion, The 1956 Actor
 How Mu Guiying Captured And Released Yang Zongbao 3 Times 1956 Actor
 King And The Beauty, The 1956 Actor
 Madam Mei 1956 Actor
 Meeting A Fairy While Slaying The Dragon 1956 Actor
 Story Of Little Cabbage And Yang Naiwu, The 1956 Actor
 Wise Guys Who Fool Around, The 1956 Actor
 Heroine In Black 1955 Actor
 Orphan's Song 1955 Actor
 Orphan's Tragedy, An 1955 Actor
 Racoon For A Prince 1955 Actor
 Silver Phoenix 1955 Actor
 Her Fickle Heart 1954 Actor
 Everybody's Happy 1951 Actor
 Mis-Matched In-Laws, The 1951 Actor
 Mother and Son in Grief 1951 Actor
 Singing Girl's Spirit, The 1951 Actor
 Stallion On The Milky Way 1951 Actor
 Who Will Sympathize With Stepmother? 1951 Actor
 Amorous Lady, The 1950 Actor
 Burning Of Red Lotus Monastery 1950 Actor
 Dream Of Silken Finery, A 1950 Actor
 Good Mother And A Hooker, A 1950 Actor
 How Demon Girl Thrice Tricked Monk Jigong 1950 Actor
 How Song Jiang Slew His Mistress Yan Poxi 1950 Actor
 How The Immortal Cripple Li Slew The Dragon In The North Sea 1950 Actor
 Impenetrable Pipa Spirit On Fire, The 1950 Actor
 Misguided Spirit In The Well, The 1950 Actor
 Robin Hood, Junior 1950 Actor
 Shattering The Yellow River Militia 1950 Actor
 Solving The Copper-Netted Trap 1950 Actor
 Success All The Way 1950 Actor
 Two Roaming Orphan Girls 1950 Actor
 Where Shall We Meet Again 1950 Actor
 White Python Usurps The Dragon's Palace, A 1950 Actor
 Beating The Match-Maker 1949 Actor
 Big Fight between Red Kid And Five Dragon Princess 1949 Actor
 Birth Of Kiddy Stone 1949 Actor
 Blood-soaked Tomb 1949 Actor
 Breaking The Medicinal Herb 1949 Actor
 Devoted Soul (Part 2), A 1949 Actor
 Devoted To The Unfaithful 1949 Actor
 Empress Wu Zetian 1949 Actor
 Fang Shiyu And Wu Weiqian's Three Attemps At Wudang Mountain 1949 Actor
 Flying Dragon, The Strange Hero 1949 Actor
 Goddess' Rescue By Buddha 1949 Actor
 Great Wall, The 1949 Actor
 Hanging On Together 1949 Actor
 Ji Gong, Reincarnated Buddha 1949 Actor
 Junior Hero, Ai Hu, The 1949 Actor
 Miserable Sisters 1949 Actor
 Misjudged 1949 Actor
 Ne Zha Conquered The Seven Devils At Mei Hill 1949 Actor
 Night Hanging Of Bai Furong 1949 Actor
 Nocturnal Sacrifice To Leifeng Tower 1949 Actor
 Peach Blossom Hero 1949 Actor
 Pigsy Destroys The Spider Cave 1949 Actor
 Sex To Kill The Devil 1949 Actor
 Shi Xiu's Uproar In Cuiping Hill 1949 Actor
 Sorrowful Journey In Autumn, A 1949 Actor
 Swordsman Of Shu Hill 1949 Actor
 Third Madame Educating Her Son 1949 Actor
 Thirteen Heroes With Seven Swords 1949 Actor
 Wu Song's Bloody Fight At Double Pavilion 1949 Actor
 Bodyguard Huang TianBa (Part 1) 1948 Actor
 Bodyguard Huang TianBa (Part 2) 1948 Actor
 God's Punishment To The Good Man 1948 Actor
 Mo Tsung's Adventure Of The Lion Pavilion 1948 Actor
 Return Of The Lascivious Woman's Soul 1948 Actor
 Stage-Fan Husband 1948 Actor
 Tears To Te Harvested 1948 Actor
 New White Golden Dragon, The 1947 Actor
 One-Eye Dragon Strange Hero 1947 Actor
 Sad Love Stories 1947 Actor
 Sorrow And The Pity, The 1947 Actor
 Faster Than Lightning 1946 Actor
 Children Of The Earth 1945 Actor
 Gone With The Song 1943 Actor
 Amorous Ghost, The 1941 Actor
 Expedition To The North 1941 Actor
 Furry Rat, The 1941 Actor
 Lady In Combat, The 1941 Actor
 Phoenix Marries A Crow, The 1941 Actor
 Sentimental Swallow Returns, The 1941 Actor
 Flying Tiger, The 1940 Actor
 For The Love Of A Woman 1940 Actor
 Lady Takes Command, The 1940 Actor
 Mother Bridge, The 1940 Actor
 Daughter Vs. Stepmother 1939 Actor
 Hubbub At Three Gate Street 1939 Actor
 Incident In The Turtle Mountain 1939 Actor
 Living Buddha, The 1939 Actor
 Robbing The Dead 1939 Actor
 Thirty Years Of Misery 1939 Actor
 Three Provocations Against The Emperor 1939 Actor
 Three Trials Of Yu Tangchun 1939 Actor
 Triple Flirtation Of The White Chrysanthemum 1939 Actor
 Philanderer - The Final Chapter, The 1938 Actor
 Philanderer, The 1938 Actor
 Pipa, The 1938 Actor
 Sacrifice Of A Son 1938 Actor
 Sorrow Gives Way To Happiness 1938 Actor
 Woman Of Many Husbands, A 1938 Actor
 Hero Of The Times 1937 Actor
 Who's to Blame ? 1937 Actor
 Compassion 1936 Actor
 Crime Of passion 1936 Actor
 Madam Lai 1936 Actor
 Monster Of The Secret Chamber 1936 Actor
 My Friend, The Ghost 1936 Actor
 Patriotic Woman, A 1936 Actor
 Woman Of Guangzhou, A 1936 Actor
 Woman Thief, The 1936 Actor
 Burning Of The Efang Palace 1935 Actor
 Deadly Rose, The 1935 Actor
 Nocturnal Morning 1935 Actor
 Mourning Of The Chaste Tree Flower 1934 Actor

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Project A
Carry On Pickpocket
Mahjong Heroes
Mahjong Heroes
Plain Jane To The Rescue
Security Unlimited
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Project A (1)
Carry On Pickpocket (1)
Plain Jane To The Rescue (1)

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