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Statistics :
11630 Movies
19215 People
1448 Studios
29 Articles
73 Interviews
12 DVD Reviews
32452 Screenshots
3722 Videos
Philip Ko Fei

Other names : 高飛
Gao Fei
Go Fei
Kao Fei
Philip Kao
Philip Kao Fei
Ko Fai
Ko Fei
Nationality : Hong Kong
Workplace : Hong Kong, India, Philippines, Thailand
Activities : Director (29), Producer (15), Action Director (32), Writer (5), Actor (202), Brief appearance (7), Stuntman (2), Production Manager (1)

 [ Director - Producer - Action Director - Writer - Actor - Brief appearance - Stuntman - Production Manager ] 
 Alternate lists by alpha / genre / year
Title    ( HK -  All ) Year  Activity (  Year - Title )
 Final Edge 2002 Director
 Killing Skill 2002 Director
 Sinful Confessions 2001 Director
 Fatal Attraction 2000 Director
 Payment In Blood 2000 Director
 Supercop.com 2000 Director
 Burning With Desire 1999 Director
 Hitman's Call 1999 Director
 Internet Mirage 1999 Director
 Love And Sex In Sung Dynasty 1999 Director
 Millennium Dragon 1999 Director
 Royal Sperm 1999 Director
 Techno Warriors 1997 Director
 Angel On Fire 1995 Director
 Power Connection 1995 Director
 Guardian Angel 1994 Director
 Penal Reconnaissance, The 1994 Director
 Angel's Project 1993 Director
 Guns And Roses 1993 Director
 Lethal Panther 2 1993 Director
 Ultracop 2000 1993 Director
 Fatal Chase 1992 Director
 Hard To Kill 1992 Director
 Cyprus Tigers, The 1990 Director
 Killer's Romance 1990 Director
 Final Run 1989 Director
 Aerolite Force 1988 Director
 Pier, The 1983 Director
 Dirty Angel 1982 Director
 Legend Of Lust 2001 Producer
 Moods Of Love 2001 Producer
 Shadow Mask 2001 Producer
 Sinful Confessions 2001 Producer
 Legend of Wind 2000 Producer
 Guns And Roses 1993 Producer
 Fury In Red 1991 Producer
 Phantom War 1991 Producer
 Cyprus Tigers, The 1990 Producer
 Fatal Termination 1990 Producer
 Killer's Romance 1990 Producer
 Night Of The Assassins 1981 Producer
 Heroes, The 1980 Producer
 Mask Of Vengeance 1980 Producer
 Witty Hand, Witty Sword 1980 Producer
Action Director
 Final Edge 2002 Action Director
 Legend Of Lust 2001 Action Director
 Moods Of Love 2001 Action Director
 Sinful Confessions 2001 Action Director
 Fatal Attraction 2000 Action Director
 Legend of Wind 2000 Action Director
 Supercop.com 2000 Action Director
 Unbeatables 2000 Action Director
 My Wife's Bodyguard 1999 Action Director
 Soft Rod, The 1999 Action Director
 Suspect, The 1998 Action Director
 Yes Madam 5 1996 Action Director
 Angel On Fire 1995 Action Director
 Power Connection 1995 Action Director
 Deadly Target 1994 Action Director
 Lethal Panther 2 1993 Action Director
 Hard To Kill 1992 Action Director
 Red Lips 1991 Action Director
 Angel Enforcers 1989 Action Director
 Carry On Yakuza 1989 Action Director
 Final Run 1989 Action Director
 Bitter Taste Of Blood 1987 Action Director
 Fortune Hunters 1987 Action Director
 Romancing Star, The 1987 Action Director
 Yellow Skin 1985 Action Director
 Bomb-Shell, The 1981 Action Director
 Job Hunter 1981 Action Director
 Master Killers 1980 Action Director
 Manhunt 1978 Action Director
 Sea God And Ghosts 1977 Action Director
 Love Competition 1976 Action Director
 Fists Of Dragons 1975 Action Director
 Moods Of Love 2001 Writer
 Sinful Confessions 2001 Writer
 Supercop.com 2000 Writer
 Angel On Fire 1995 Writer
 Killer's Romance 1990 Writer
 Better Halves 2003 Actor
 Blood On Bullet 2003 Actor
 Final Edge 2002 Actor
 Killing Skill 2002 Actor
 Angel Cop - Final Crisis 2001 Actor
 Legend Of Lust 2001 Actor
 Moods Of Love 2001 Actor
 Shadow Mask 2001 Actor
 Sinful Confessions 2001 Actor
 Story Of Freeman, The 2001 Actor
 Fatal Attraction 2000 Actor
 Legend of Wind 2000 Actor
 Payment In Blood 2000 Actor
 Pursuit Of A Killer 2000 Actor
 Supercop.com 2000 Actor
 Unbeatables 2000 Actor
 Burning With Desire 1999 Actor
 Hitman's Call 1999 Actor
 Internet Mirage 1999 Actor
 Love And Sex In Sung Dynasty 1999 Actor
 Millennium Dragon 1999 Actor
 My Wife's Bodyguard 1999 Actor
 Royal Sperm 1999 Actor
 Suspect, The 1998 Actor
 Three Lustketeers, The 1998 Actor
 Techno Warriors 1997 Actor
 Yes Madam 5 1996 Actor
 Adventurers, The 1995 Actor
 Angel On Fire 1995 Actor
 Power Connection 1995 Actor
 Deadly Target 1994 Actor
 Guardian Angel 1994 Actor
 Penal Reconnaissance, The 1994 Actor
 Guns And Roses 1993 Actor
 Lethal Panther 2 1993 Actor
 Secret Admirer 1993 Actor
 Ultracop 2000 1993 Actor
 Battle Field In Hell 1992 Actor
 Fatal Chase 1992 Actor
 Hard To Kill 1992 Actor
 I Revenge For My Son 1992 Actor
 Killer Flower 1992 Actor
 Son Of Dragon 1992 Actor
 Eternal Combat, An 1991 Actor
 Phantom War 1991 Actor
 Red Lips 1991 Actor
 Spiritually A Cop 1991 Actor
 Angel Mission 1990 Actor
 Big Brother 1990 Actor
 Cyprus Tigers, The 1990 Actor
 Fatal Termination 1990 Actor
 Killer's Romance 1990 Actor
 Sniping, The 1990 Actor
 Tiger On The Beat 2 1990 Actor
 Angel Enforcers 1989 Actor
 Bloody Brotherhood 1989 Actor
 Carry On Yakuza 1989 Actor
 Fight To Survive 1989 Actor
 Final Run 1989 Actor
 Just Heroes 1989 Actor
 Lucky Seven 2 1989 Actor
 18 Times 1988 Actor
 Dragon Family, The 1988 Actor
 Dragons Forever 1988 Actor
 Escape From Kingdom 1988 Actor
 In The Blood 1988 Actor
 Mistaken Identity 1988 Actor
 On The Run 1988 Actor
 Ruthless Family 1988 Actor
 Tiger On The Beat 1988 Actor
 Curse 1987 Actor
 Eastern Condors 1987 Actor
 Fortune Hunters 1987 Actor
 Scared Stiff 1987 Actor
 You're My Destiny 1987 Actor
 Magic Crystal 1986 Actor
 Man From Holland, The 1986 Actor
 Millionaire's Express, The 1986 Actor
 Naughty Boys 1986 Actor
 Ninja The Protector 1986 Actor
 Paper Marriage 1986 Actor
 Exciting Dragon 1985 Actor
 Flying Mr. B, The 1985 Actor
 Ghost Festival 1985 Actor
 Heart Of Dragon 1985 Actor
 Majestic Thunderbolt 1985 Actor
 Master Strikes Back, The 1985 Actor
 Ninja Holocaust 1985 Actor
 Ninja Terminator 1985 Actor
 This Man is Dangerous 1985 Actor
 Twinkle, Twinkle Lucky Stars 1985 Actor
 Yellow Skin 1985 Actor
 I Love Lolanto 1984 Actor
 I Will Finally Knock You Down, Dad 1984 Actor
 Opium And The Kung Fu Master 1984 Actor
 Profile In Anger 1984 Actor
 Return Of The Bastard Swordsman 1984 Actor
 Secret Service Of The Imperial Court 1984 Actor
 Sex Beyond The Grave 1984 Actor
 Boxer's Omen, The 1983 Actor
 Eight Diagram Pole Fighter, The 1983 Actor
 Fury In Shaolin Temple 1983 Actor
 Mercenaries From Hong Kong 1983 Actor
 Pier, The 1983 Actor
 Seeding Of A Ghost 1983 Actor
 Shaolin Intruders 1983 Actor
 Alliance Of Hung Sect, The 1982 Actor
 Brothers From Walled City 1982 Actor
 Clan Feuds 1982 Actor
 Dirty Angel 1982 Actor
 Dragon Blood 1982 Actor
 Great Massacre 1982 Actor
 Legend Of A Fighter 1982 Actor
 Mission Thunderbolt 1982 Actor
 Outlaw Genes 1982 Actor
 Rivals Of The Silver Fox 1982 Actor
 Super Dragon 1982 Actor
 Unreal Dream 1982 Actor
 Club, The 1981 Actor
 Diamond Fight 1981 Actor
 Dreadnaught 1981 Actor
 Enter Three Dragons 1981 Actor
 Hired Guns 1981 Actor
 Shaolin Monk 1981 Actor
 Fearless Dragons 1980 Actor
 Loot, The 1980 Actor
 Mask Of Vengeance 1980 Actor
 Master And The Kid 1980 Actor
 Master Killers 1980 Actor
 Snake Deadly Act 1980 Actor
 Tiger Over Wall 1980 Actor
 Way To Hell 1980 Actor
 Big Boss 2 1979 Actor
 Cantonen Iron Kung Fu 1979 Actor
 Challenger, The 1979 Actor
 Choi Lee Fat Kung Fu 1979 Actor
 Death Duel Of Kung Fu 1979 Actor
 Dragon, The Hero, The 1979 Actor
 Duel Of The Seven Tigers 1979 Actor
 Fists, Kicks, And The Evils 1979 Actor
 Gold Connection, The 1979 Actor
 Incredible Kung Fu Master, The 1979 Actor
 Iron Fisted Eagle's Claw 1979 Actor
 Mar’s Villa, The 1979 Actor
 Red Phoenix 1979 Actor
 Relentless Broken Blade 1979 Actor
 Revengeful Swordswoman 1979 Actor
 Scorching Sun, Fierce Winds, And Wild Fire 1979 Actor
 Secret Message 1979 Actor
 Shaolin Tough Kid 1979 Actor
 Ten Brothers Of Shaolin 1979 Actor
 Two Wonderous Tigers 1979 Actor
 War Of The Boundary, The 1979 Actor
 Damned, The 1978 Actor
 Dragon Of The Swordsman 1978 Actor
 Eighteen Jade Arhats, The 1978 Actor
 Goose Boxer 1978 Actor
 Green Jade Statuette 1978 Actor
 Lawman, The 1978 Actor
 Manhunt 1978 Actor
 Murder Of Murders, The 1978 Actor
 Souls Of The Sword, The 1978 Actor
 Along Comes A Tiger 1977 Actor
 Chinese Connection 2 1977 Actor
 Clutch Of Power 1977 Actor
 Criminal, The 1977 Actor
 Eagle's Claw 1977 Actor
 Eight Masters 1977 Actor
 Invincible Armour 1977 Actor
 Love Offensive, The 1977 Actor
 Magic Curse, The 1977 Actor
 Mysterious Heroes, The 1977 Actor
 One Arm Chivalry Fights Against One Arm Chivalry 1977 Actor
 Sea God And Ghosts 1977 Actor
 Secret Rivals 2, The 1977 Actor
 Shaolin Death Squads 1977 Actor
 Shaolin Monk 1977 Actor
 Snuff Bottle Connection 1977 Actor
 Best Of Shaolin Kung Fu, The 1976 Actor
 Heroine Kan Lien Chu 1976 Actor
 Hot, The Cool And The Vicious, The 1976 Actor
 Killer Meteors, The 1976 Actor
 Love Competition 1976 Actor
 Seven Men Of Kung Fu 1976 Actor
 Shaolin Kung Fu Mystagogue 1976 Actor
 Struggle With Death 1976 Actor
 Black Dragon's Revenge, The 1975 Actor
 Return Of The Chinese Boxer 1975 Actor
 Saviour Monk, The 1975 Actor
 Black Dragon, The 1974 Actor
 Blood Revenge 1974 Actor
 Dynamite Brothers 1974 Actor
 Four Real Friends 1974 Actor
 Furious Monk From Shaolin, The 1974 Actor
 Left Hand Of Death 1974 Actor
 Revenge Is Sweet 1974 Actor
 Five Kung Fu Daredevil Heroes 1973 Actor
 Kung Fu King 1973 Actor
 Rendezvous Of Warriors, The 1973 Actor
 Angry Guest, The 1972 Actor
 Anonymous Heroes, The 1971 Actor
 Singing Killer, The 1970 Actor
Brief appearance
 Shaolin Red Master 1978 Brief appearance
 Seven Man Army 1976 Brief appearance
 Boxer From Shantung, The 1972 Brief appearance
 Killer, The 1972 Brief appearance
 Water Margin, The 1972 Brief appearance
 Deadly Duo, The 1971 Brief appearance
 Duel Of Fists 1971 Brief appearance
 Enter The Dragon 1973 Stuntman
 Heroic Ones, The 1970 Stuntman
Production Manager
 Eternal Love 1977 Production Manager

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 Philip Ko Fei pictures :  (Hide)
The Story Of Freeman
Royal Sperm
Angel On Fire
Red Lips
Fatal Termination
Fatal Termination
Killer's Romance
The Cyprus Tigers
Bloody Brotherhood
Just Heroes
Dragons Forever
Eastern Condors
Scared Stiff
Magic Crystal
Naughty Boys
Paper Marriage
The Man From Holland
Exciting Dragon
The Flying Mr. B
The Flying Mr. B
The Master Strikes Back
Twinkle, Twinkle Lucky Stars
Opium And The Kung Fu Master
Opium And The Kung Fu Master
Return Of The Bastard Swordsman
Return Of The Bastard Swordsman
Mercenaries From Hong Kong
Mercenaries From Hong Kong
Seeding Of A Ghost
Seeding Of A Ghost
Shaolin Intruders
Shaolin Intruders
The Boxer's Omen
The Boxer's Omen
The Eight Diagram Pole Fighter
The Eight Diagram Pole Fighter
Brothers From Walled City
Clan Feuds
Legend Of A Fighter
The Loot
The Loot
The Loot
Tiger Over Wall
Choi Lee Fat Kung Fu
The Challenger
The Gold Connection
The Gold Connection
Goose Boxer
Along Comes A Tiger
Snuff Bottle Connection
The Killer Meteors
Return Of The Chinese Boxer
 Other Philip Ko Fei pictures :  (Hide)
The Story Of Freeman (1)
Supercop.com (1)
Millennium Dragon (1)
Angel On Fire (3)
Red Lips (2)
Fatal Termination (3)
Killer's Romance (3)
The Cyprus Tigers (3)
Dragons Forever (1)
On The Run (1)
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