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Lai Man

Other names : 黎雯
Li2 Wen2
Workplace : Hong Kong
Activities : Actress (140)


Anthony Lau Wing's mother.

 [ 1970 - 1960 - 1950 ] 
 Alternate lists by alpha / genre / year
Title    ( HK -  All )  Year Activity
 Iron Fisted Monk, The 1977 Actress
 Big Times For The Crazy Bumpkins 1976 Actress
 Big Hold Up, The 1975 Actress
 Taxi Driver, The 1975 Actress
 Concrete Jungle, The 1974 Actress
 Black Belt, The 1973 Actress
 Sexy Playgirls 1973 Actress
 Fairy Of Keng Fa 1970 Actress
 Modern School Life 1970 Actress
 Little Warrior, The 1969 Actress
 Miss Fragrance 1969 Actress
 Red Rose, The Beautiful Avenger 1969 Actress
 Supreme Sword 1969 Actress
 Teddy Girls 1969 Actress
 Fan Lihua, The Female General 1968 Actress
 House Filled With Happiness, A 1968 Actress
 Lady Songbird 1968 Actress
 Romantic Thief, A 1968 Actress
 Sword Of Swords, The 1968 Actress
 Charming Little Bird, The 1967 Actress
 Girl In Red 1967 Actress
 Golden Cat, The 1967 Actress
 Lady Killer, The 1967 Actress
 Long Journey Home, The 1967 Actress
 Love At First Sight 1967 Actress
 My Fair Lady 1967 Actress
 Dark Heroine Mu Lanhua, The 1966 Actress
 Girls Are Flowers 1966 Actress
 Goddess Of Mercy 1966 Actress
 Golden Bat, The 1966 Actress
 Jade In The Red Dust (Grand Finale) 1966 Actress
 Jade In The Red Dust (Part 1) 1966 Actress
 Jade In The Red Dust (Part 2) 1966 Actress
 Mr Know How 1966 Actress
 Return Of the Golden Bat 1966 Actress
 Romance Of A Teenage Girl 1966 Actress
 Romance Of The Sword 1966 Actress
 Running Tears 1966 Actress
 Three Swordsmen, The 1966 Actress
 In Pursuit Of The Murderer 1965 Actress
 Love Of a Pedicab Man 1965 Actress
 Loyalty 1965 Actress
 Whatever You Say, My Darling Wife 1965 Actress
 Desperately In Love 1964 Actress
 Diary Of A Chauvinistic Husband (Part 2) 1964 Actress
 Factory Rose 1964 Actress
 Girl's Tears, A 1964 Actress
 Invisible Lucky Star, The 1964 Actress
 Mad Woman, A 1964 Actress
 My Four Children (Part 1) 1964 Actress
 My Four Children (Part 2) 1964 Actress
 Romantic Musketeer 1964 Actress
 Flying Sword, The 1963 Actress
 Forever Together 1963 Actress
 Golden Hairpin (Part 2), The 1963 Actress
 Head For Sale 1963 Actress
 House Of Prosperity 1963 Actress
 Midnight Were-wolf 1963 Actress
 Monkey Soldiers Come To The Rescue, The 1963 Actress
 One Murder, Five Deaths 1963 Actress
 South Dragon, North Phoenix 1963 Actress
 Story Of The Sword And The Sabre (Part 1), The 1963 Actress
 Story Of The Sword And The Sabre (Part 2), The 1963 Actress
 Three Heroines (Part 1) 1963 Actress
 Three Heroines (Part 2) 1963 Actress
 Young Boss Of The Factory, The 1963 Actress
 Dream Of The Red Chamber, The 1962 Actress
 Drifting Orphan, The 1962 Actress
 Hero Of The Twin Swords And The Magic Whip 1962 Actress
 Reunion, The 1962 Actress
 Snake-Girl And The Flying Monster, The 1962 Actress
 Magic Cup (Part 1) 1961 Actress
 Magic Cup (Part 2) 1961 Actress
 Swords Of Tien Shan, The 1961 Actress
 Parents' Love Tears 1959 Actress
 Till Death Us Do Part (Part 2) 1959 Actress
 Heart-Stealer, The 1958 Actress
 Huang Feihong Seizes The Bride At Xiguan 1958 Actress
 Love Thief, The 1958 Actress
 Lovely Girl's Lovely Dreams, A 1958 Actress
 May Heaven Bless You 1958 Actress
 Mother's Broken Heart 1958 Actress
 Pretty Girl's Love Affair, A 1958 Actress
 Prodigal's Return, The 1958 Actress
 Sweet Girl In Terror 1958 Actress
 Sword Of Blood And Valour 1958 Actress
 Treasure Box From Fhe Moon 1958 Actress
 Virtuous Girl From A Humble House, A 1958 Actress
 Wealth Always Follows Woe 1958 Actress
 Wild Fantasies 1958 Actress
 Caught In the Act 1957 Actress
 Devil's Sword 1957 Actress
 Her Tragic Death 1957 Actress
 Hold-Up On The Road To Hell 1957 Actress
 How The Scholar Tang Bohu Won The Maid Qiuxiang 1957 Actress
 Little Women 1957 Actress
 Murder On The Beach 1957 Actress
 My Kingdom For A Husband 1957 Actress
 Red Butterfly The Heroine 1957 Actress
 She Married An Overseas Chinese 1957 Actress
 Wang The Bully Seizes The Bride 1957 Actress
 Beauty In The Mist 1956 Actress
 Brothers 1956 Actress
 Corpse At Sea, A 1956 Actress
 Country Girl Looks For Her Husband 1956 Actress
 Fatty Marries Skinny 1956 Actress
 Fire 1956 Actress
 Homeward Flies The Swallow 1956 Actress
 How Fangtangjing Made A Fool Of the Unruly Girl 1956 Actress
 Huang Feihong And The Lantern Festival Disturbance 1956 Actress
 Huang Feihong's Story : Iron Cock Against Centipede 1956 Actress
 Hymn To Mother, A 1956 Actress
 King And The Beauty, The 1956 Actress
 Little Sweetheart 1956 Actress
 Madam Mei 1956 Actress
 Newly-Wed, The 1956 Actress
 Peach-Blossoms Are Still In Bloom, The 1956 Actress
 Precious Daughter 1956 Actress
 Proper Wife, The 1956 Actress
 Sad Wife In A Grand House, The 1956 Actress
 She Swallowed Her Sorrows 1956 Actress
 Son Of A Noble Family 1956 Actress
 Story Of Little Cabbage And Yang Naiwu, The 1956 Actress
 Wise Guys Who Fool Around, The 1956 Actress
 Cold Nights 1955 Actress
 Devoted Lover, The 1955 Actress
 Flying Spider 1955 Actress
 Heroine In Black 1955 Actress
 Huang Feihong's Victory At Fourth Gate 1955 Actress
 Hypocritical Heart, The 1955 Actress
 Independent Daughter, The 1955 Actress
 Matchmaker, The 1955 Actress
 Next Generation, The 1955 Actress
 Parents' Hearts 1955 Actress
 Pretty Tigress, The 1955 Actress
 Resurrection 1955 Actress
 True Story Of Xiao Yuebai (Part 1), The 1955 Actress
 Her Difficult Life 1954 Actress
 Neighbours All 1954 Actress
 Spring 1953 Actress

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