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Statistics :
11630 Movies
19215 People
1448 Studios
29 Articles
73 Interviews
12 DVD Reviews
32452 Screenshots
3722 Videos
Lok Gung

Other names : 駱恭
Lok Kung
Luo Gong
Luo4 Gong1
Workplace : Hong Kong
Activities : Actor (126), Brief appearance (1)

 [ 1980 - 1970 - 1960 - 1950 ] 
 Alternate lists by alpha / genre / year
Title    ( HK -  All )  Year Activity
 Bund I Série 1980, The 1980 Actor
 Bund II Série 1980, The 1980 Actor
 Heaven Sword and Dragon Sabre 1978 Actor
 House Is Not A Home, A 1977 Actor
 Modern Secretaries, The 1977 Actor
 Big Times For The Crazy Bumpkins 1976 Actor
 Bruce Lee And I 1976 Actor
 Wrong Side Of The Track 1976 Actor
 Happy Trio, The 1975 Actor
 Winner Takes All, The 1975 Actor
 Crazy Bumpkins, The 1974 Actor
 Mad World Of Fools, A 1974 Actor
 Stoner 1974 Actor
 3 Nymphs, The 1973 Actor
 Adultery Chinese Style 1973 Actor
 Chinese Kung Fu 1973 Actor
 Love Is A Four Letter Word 1973 Actor
 Man On The Police Gazette, The 1973 Actor
 Money-Tree, The 1973 Actor
 Sexy Girls Of Denmark 1973 Actor
 Sexy Playgirls 1973 Actor
 Bloody Claw 1971 Actor
 Money and I 1971 Actor
 Desperados, The 1970 Actor
 I Will Remember You Always 1970 Actor
 Secret Agent No. 1 1970 Actor
 Huang Fei Hong's Combat With The Five Wolves 1969 Actor
 Huang Feihong : The Duel For The Sha-yu-qing 1969 Actor
 Little Warrior, The 1969 Actor
 Magic Cat 1969 Actor
 Mysterious Weapon 1969 Actor
 Silver Knife, Scarlet Blade 1969 Actor
 Strange Couple Who Steal, The 1969 Actor
 Supreme Sword 1969 Actor
 Teddy Girls 1969 Actor
 Virgin Sword, The 1969 Actor
 Avenging Sword, The 1968 Actor
 Decree Of The Fire Dragon 1968 Actor
 Dragon Fortress, The 1968 Actor
 Grand Duel, The 1968 Actor
 House Filled With Happiness, A 1968 Actor
 How Huang Fei Hong Vanquished The Monster And Conquered the 9 Fractions 1968 Actor
 Huang Fei Hong : The Duel Against The Black Rascal 1968 Actor
 Huang Feihong : The Incredible Success In Canton 1968 Actor
 Iron Fiddle 1968 Actor
 Killing Sword, The 1968 Actor
 Magnificent Five, The 1968 Actor
 Paragon Of Sword And Knife (Grand Finale) 1968 Actor
 Purple Stormy Night, A 1968 Actor
 Romantic Thief, A 1968 Actor
 Black Killer, The 1967 Actor
 Brave Girl, The 1967 Actor
 Flying Killer, The 1967 Actor
 Golden Cat, The 1967 Actor
 Lady Black Cat Strikes Again 1967 Actor
 Lady In Black Cracks The Gate Of Hell 1967 Actor
 Lady Killer, The 1967 Actor
 Lady With A Cat's Eyes 1967 Actor
 Love At First Sight 1967 Actor
 My Darling Wife 1967 Actor
 Paragon Of Sword And Knife 1967 Actor
 She's So Brave! 1967 Actor
 Strange Hero Yi Zhimei, The 1967 Actor
 Wong Fei-Hung Against The Ruffians 1967 Actor
 Aftermath Of A Fire (Part 1) 1966 Actor
 Aftermath Of A Fire (Part 2) 1966 Actor
 Eighteen Darts (Part 1), The 1966 Actor
 Fatal Adventure, A 1966 Actor
 Girls Are Flowers 1966 Actor
 Golden Bat, The 1966 Actor
 Jade In The Red Dust (Grand Finale) 1966 Actor
 Jade In The Red Dust (Part 1) 1966 Actor
 Jade In The Red Dust (Part 2) 1966 Actor
 Mr Know How 1966 Actor
 One Armed Swordsman, The 1966 Actor
 Return Of the Golden Bat 1966 Actor
 Running Tears 1966 Actor
 Story Between Hong Kong And Macau, The 1966 Actor
 Adventures Of A Woman In A War 1965 Actor
 Hero And The Beauty (Part 1), The 1965 Actor
 Hero And The Beauty (Part 2), The 1965 Actor
 In Pursuit Of The Murderer 1965 Actor
 Love Of a Pedicab Man 1965 Actor
 Loyalty 1965 Actor
 Moonlight 1965 Actor
 Six Fingered Lord Of The Lute (Part 1), The 1965 Actor
 Six-Fingered Lord Of The Lute (Part 2), The 1965 Actor
 Six-Fingered Lord Of The Lute (Part 3) 1965 Actor
 Tears Of Pearl 1965 Actor
 Whatever You Say, My Darling Wife 1965 Actor
 Bride From The Grave, The 1964 Actor
 Buddha's Palm (Part 1) 1964 Actor
 Buddha's Palm (Part 2) 1964 Actor
 Buddha's Palm (Part 3) 1964 Actor
 Buddha's Palm (Part 4) 1964 Actor
 Diary Of A Chauvinistic Husband (Part 2) 1964 Actor
 Factory Rose 1964 Actor
 Homeless Children 1964 Actor
 Loving Couple, A 1964 Actor
 Man Bites Dog 1964 Actor
 My Four Children (Part 1) 1964 Actor
 My Four Children (Part 2) 1964 Actor
 Snowflake Sword (Part 1), The 1964 Actor
 Sword Of Justice 1964 Actor
 Heroine, The 1963 Actor
 Ill-Fated Beauty, An 1963 Actor
 Iron Horse And The Magic Dragon, The 1963 Actor
 Midnight Were-wolf 1963 Actor
 Birth Of Yue Fei, The 1962 Actor
 Drifting Orphan, The 1962 Actor
 Haunting Shadow, The 1962 Actor
 Love Is What I Steal (Part 1) 1962 Brief appearance
 Magic Cup, The 1962 Actor
 Perfect Match, A 1962 Actor
 Princess And The 7 Little Heroes, The 1962 Actor
 Romantic Thief 1962 Actor
 Secret Book (Part 3) 1962 Actor
 Father Is Back 1961 Actor
 Romance And The Adventure Of Roza 1961 Actor
 Secret Book (Part 1) 1961 Actor
 Secret Book (Part 2) 1961 Actor
 Snow Peak Nymph, The 1960 Actor
 Miss Qin (Part 1) 1959 Actor
 White Lady's Reincarnation 1959 Actor
 Pretty Girl's Love Affair, A 1958 Actor
 Sweet Girl In Terror 1958 Actor
 Virtuous Girl From A Humble House, A 1958 Actor

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