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Statistics :
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Chin Kar Lok

Other names : 钱嘉乐
Chin Ga Lok
Chin Ka Lok
Chin Ka Lor
Chin Ku Lok
Qian2 Jia1 Le4
Birthdate : 6/8/1965
Nationality : China
Workplace : Hong Kong
Activities : Director (2), Action Director (52), Assistant Action Director (9), Actor (112), Brief appearance (3), Cameo (1), Stuntman (11), Car Stunt (1)


Chin Kar Lok has a reputation as being absolutely one of the best stuntmen and martial artists in the business, but much of his finest work has gone unaccredited because he was doubling for someone else.

He received Peking Opera training from Madame Fan Fa Fok and began his career in the mid-80s working as part of Sammo Hung's stunt crew - and doubled for Michelle Yeoh in Yes Madam, for Andy Lau in My Lucky Stars and for Jackie Chan in Thunderbolt.

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 Alternate lists by alpha / genre / year
Title    ( HK -  All ) Year  Activity (  Year - Title )
 No Problem 2 2002 Director
 97 Aces Go Places 1997 Director
Action Director
 Line Walker 2016 Action Director
 Helios 2014 Action Director
 Control 2013 Action Director
 Firestorm 2013 Action Director
 Cold War 2012 Action Director
 I Love Hong Kong 2012 2012 Action Director
 Motorway 2011 Action Director
 Viral Factor, The 2011 Action Director
 Bruce Lee, My Brother 2010 Action Director
 Dream Home 2010 Action Director
 Fire Of Conscience 2010 Action Director
 Road Less Traveled 2010 Action Director
 Stool Pigeon 2010 Action Director
 Triple Tap 2010 Action Director
 Murderer 2009 Action Director
 Turning Point Laughing Gor 2009 Action Director
 Kinta 1881 2008 Action Director
 Shinjuku Incident, The 2008 Action Director
 Brothers 2007 Action Director
 Lust, Caution 2007 Action Director
 Protégé 2007 Action Director
 Triangle 2007 Action Director
 2 Young 2005 Action Director
 AV 2005 Action Director
 Dragon Squad 2005 Action Director
 Drink, Drank, Drunk 2005 Action Director
 Fight For Love 2005 Action Director
 Boxer's Story 2004 Action Director
 One Nite In Mongkok 2004 Action Director
 Star Runner 2003 Action Director
 No Problem 2 2002 Action Director
 Magnificent Team 1998 Action Director
 Young And Dangerous 5 1998 Action Director
 97 Aces Go Places 1997 Action Director
 All's Well, End's Well 97 1997 Action Director
 G4 Option Zero 1997 Action Director
 Task Force 1997 Action Director
 Eighth, The 1996 Action Director
 King Of Robbery, The 1996 Action Director
 Mr Mumble 1996 Action Director
 City Cop 2 1995 Action Director
 Don't Give A Damn ! 1995 Action Director
 Green Hornet, The 1994 Action Director
 In The Heat Of Summer 1994 Action Director
 Her Fatal Ways 1990 Action Director
 Till Death Shall We Start 1990 Action Director
 Fishy Story, A 1989 Action Director
 Iceman Cometh, The 1989 Action Director
 In The Blood 1988 Action Director
 On The Run 1988 Action Director
 Twinkle, Twinkle Lucky Stars 1985 Action Director
 Wheels On Meals 1984 Action Director
Assistant Action Director
 Eagle Shooting Heroes, The 1993 Assistant Action Director
 Moon Warriors, The 1992 Assistant Action Director
 Blonde Fury 1989 Assistant Action Director
 Three Against The World 1989 Assistant Action Director
 Mr Vampire 4 1988 Assistant Action Director
 Spooky Spooky 1988 Assistant Action Director
 Eastern Condors 1987 Assistant Action Director
 Paper Marriage 1986 Assistant Action Director
 Royal Warriors 1986 Assistant Action Director
 Buddy Cops 2016 Actor
 Break Up 100 2014 Actor
 Bullet Vanishes, The 2012 Actor
 Cold War 2012 Actor
 I Love Hong Kong 2012 2012 Actor
 Bruce Lee, My Brother 2010 Actor
 Here Comes Fortune 2010 Actor
 Stool Pigeon 2010 Actor
 Murderer 2009 Actor
 Shinjuku Incident, The 2008 Actor
 Beauty And The 7 Beasts 2007 Actor
 Dancing Lion 2007 Actor
 Lust, Caution 2007 Actor
 Vampire Super 2007 Actor
 Bet To Basic 2006 Actor
 Feel It Say It... 2006 Actor
 Half Twin 2006 Actor
 Undying Heart 2006 Actor
 2 Young 2005 Actor
 AV 2005 Actor
 Dragon Squad 2005 Actor
 Drink, Drank, Drunk 2005 Actor
 Great Heart 2005 Actor
 It Had To Be You 2005 Actor
 My Father's Bride 2005 Actor
 Boxer's Story 2004 Actor
 Cop Unbowed 2004 Actor
 Crazy 'n The City 2004 Actor
 Hardrock Affairs 2004 Actor
 One Nite In Mongkok 2004 Actor
 Osaka Wrestling Restaurant 2004 Actor
 Papa Loves You 2004 Actor
 Unusual Moment 2004 Actor
 Xiao Tai Ji 2004 Actor
 City Of SARS 2003 Actor
 Star Runner 2003 Actor
 To Seduce An Enemy 2003 Actor
 We're No Heroes 2003 Actor
 Avenging Fist, The 2001 Actor
 Chinese Heroes 2001 Actor
 Hit Team 2001 Actor
 Killing End 2001 Actor
 Let's Sing Along 2001 Actor
 Maniacal Night 2001 Actor
 Baroness 2000 Actor
 Bio-Cops 2000 Actor
 Killers From Beijing 2000 Actor
 King Boxer, The 2000 Actor
 Young And Dangerous 6 : Born To Be King 2000 Actor
 Dragon Love 1999 Actor
 Fourteen Days Before Suicide 1999 Actor
 Hanky Panky 1999 Actor
 Horoscope I : The Voice From Hell 1999 Actor
 Last Ghost Standing 1999 Actor
 Oh ! My Dad ! 1999 Actor
 Troublesome Night 5 1999 Actor
 Truth About Jane And Sam, The 1999 Actor
 Untold Story 3, The 1999 Actor
 Watch Out 1999 Actor
 Burning Flame 1998 Actor
 Hard Trail 1998 Actor
 Hong Kong X-File 1998 Actor
 Life Express 1998 Actor
 Troublesome Night 3 1998 Actor
 Young And Dangerous 5 1998 Actor
 24 Hours Ghost Story 1997 Actor
 97 Aces Go Places 1997 Actor
 Full Alert 1997 Actor
 Intimates 1997 Actor
 My Dad Is A Jerk 1997 Actor
 Task Force 1997 Actor
 Troublesome Night 2 1997 Actor
 King Of Robbery, The 1996 Actor
 Those Were The Days 1996 Actor
 Full Throttle 1995 Actor
 Little Hero On The Run 1995 Actor
 Thunderbolt 1995 Actor
 Drunken Master II 1994 Actor
 Green Hornet, The 1994 Actor
 Shaolin Avengers 1994 Actor
 Switch Over 1994 Actor
 Avenging Quartet 1993 Actor
 Fighting Fist 1993 Actor
 Hero Dream 1993 Actor
 On Parole 1993 Actor
 Once Upon A Time In China IV 1993 Actor
 Lady Killer 1992 Actor
 Martial Arts Master Wong Fei Hung 1992 Actor
 Moon Warriors, The 1992 Actor
 Night Life Hero 1992 Actor
 Operation Scorpio 1992 Actor
 Swordsman 2 1992 Actor
 Vengeance Of Six Dragons 1992 Actor
 Bury Me High 1991 Actor
 Tantana, The 1991 Actor
 Three Against The World 1989 Actor
 Dragons Forever 1988 Actor
 Mr Vampire 4 1988 Actor
 Eastern Condors 1987 Actor
 Sworn Brothers 1987 Actor
 Millionaire's Express, The 1986 Actor
 Paper Marriage 1986 Actor
 Ghost Festival 1985 Actor
 Heart Of Dragon 1985 Actor
 Mr Boo Meets Pom Pom 1985 Actor
 Those Merry Souls 1985 Actor
 Twinkle, Twinkle Lucky Stars 1985 Actor
 Yes, Madam 1985 Actor
 Hong Kong 1941 1984 Actor
 Pom Pom ! 1984 Actor
 Project A 1983 Actor
 82 Tenants, The 1982 Actor
Brief appearance
 No Problem 2 2002 Brief appearance
 Banquet, The 1991 Brief appearance
 Fast Fingers 1983 Brief appearance
 Men Suddenly In Black 2003 Cameo
 Moon Warriors, The 1992 Stuntman
 Dragons Forever 1988 Stuntman
 Eastern Condors 1987 Stuntman
 Paper Marriage 1986 Stuntman
 Righting Wrongs 1986 Stuntman
 Rosa 1986 Stuntman
 Royal Warriors 1986 Stuntman
 Heart Of Dragon 1985 Stuntman
 My Lucky Stars 1985 Stuntman
 Twinkle, Twinkle Lucky Stars 1985 Stuntman
 Wheels On Meals 1984 Stuntman
Car Stunt
 Triangle 2007 Car Stunt

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 Chin Kar Lok pictures :  (Hide)
Beauty And The 7 Beasts
Crazy 'n The City
One Nite In Mongkok
Star Runner
Chinese Heroes
Chinese Heroes
Hit Team
The Avenging Fist
Young And Dangerous 6 : Born To Be King
The Truth About Jane And Sam
Full Throttle
Shaolin Avengers
Martial Arts Master Wong Fei Hung
Operation Scorpio
The Moon Warriors
Eastern Condors
Paper Marriage
Righting Wrongs
Mr Boo Meets Pom Pom
The Owl VS Bumbo
Fast Fingers
 Other Chin Kar Lok pictures :  (Hide)
Cold War (1)
Beauty And The 7 Beasts (10)
Dragon Squad (1)
One Nite In Mongkok (4)
Men Suddenly In Black (1)
Star Runner (2)
No Problem 2 (1)
Chinese Heroes (4)
The Avenging Fist (1)
Young And Dangerous 6 : Born To Be King (1)
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