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Statistics :
11630 Movies
19215 People
1448 Studios
29 Articles
73 Interviews
12 DVD Reviews
32452 Screenshots
3722 Videos
Eddie H. Wang Chi Ren

Other names : 王居仁
Wang Chi Ren
Wang Chu Jen
Wang Ju Ren
Workplace : Hong Kong, Taiwan
Sex : Male
Activities : Music (151)

 [ 1980 - 1970 - 1960 - 1950 ] 
 Alternate lists by alpha / genre / year
Title    ( HK -  All )  Year Activity
 Roving Swordsman, The 1983 Music
 Brave Archer And His Mate 1982 Music
 Clan Feuds 1982 Music
 House Of Traps 1982 Music
 Ode To Gallantry 1982 Music
 Ambitious Kung Fu Girl 1981 Music
 Bewitched 1981 Music
 Black Lizard 1981 Music
 Bloody Parrot 1981 Music
 Duel Of The Century, The 1981 Music
 Emperor And His Brother, The 1981 Music
 Martial Club 1981 Music
 My Young Auntie 1981 Music
 Notorious Eight 1981 Music
 One Way Only 1981 Music
 Return Of The Sentimental Swordsman 1981 Music
 Second Class Resident 1981 Music
 Sword Stained With Royal Blood, The 1981 Music
 Bat Without Wings 1980 Music
 Clan Of The White Lotus 1980 Music
 Convict Killer, The 1980 Music
 Deadly Secret, A 1980 Music
 Emperor Chien Lung And The Beauty 1980 Music
 Flag Of Iron, The 1980 Music
 Heroes Shed No Tears 1980 Music
 Hex 1980 Music
 Hex Vs Witchcraft 1980 Music
 Informer, The 1980 Music
 Joy To The World 1980 Music
 Kid With A Tattoo 1980 Music
 Legend Of The Fox 1980 Music
 Lost Souls 1980 Music
 Master, The 1980 Music
 Rebel Intruders, The 1980 Music
 Rendezvous With Death 1980 Music
 Return To The 36th Chamber 1980 Music
 Shaolin Abbot 1980 Music
 Tiger And The Widow 1980 Music
 Dirty Ho 1979 Music
 Fighting Fool, The 1979 Music
 Invincible Enforcer 1979 Music
 Kid With The Golden Arm, The 1979 Music
 Kung Fu Instructor, The 1979 Music
 Mad Monkey Kung Fu 1979 Music
 Magnificent Ruffians, The 1979 Music
 Proud Twins, The 1979 Music
 Ruthless Revenge 1979 Music
 Shaolin Invincibles 1979 Music
 Ten Tigers Of Kwangtung 1979 Music
 Tigress Of Shaolin, The 1979 Music
 Two Champions Of Shaolin 1979 Music
 Stranger From Shaolin 1977 Music
 Adventure Of Three Crazy Boys, The 1976 Music
 Buffalo Hsiung 1976 Music
 Black Alice 1975 Music
 Fists Of Dragons 1975 Music
 Blind-Swordsman's Revenge, The 1974 Music
 Brothers, The 1973 Music
 Impetuous Fire 1973 Music
 Money-Tree, The 1973 Music
 Bride From Hell, The 1972 Music
 Matchless Conqueror, The 1971 Music
 Chinese Boxer, The 1970 Music
 Modern School Life 1970 Music
 Sorrowful To A Ghost 1970 Music
 Vengeance Of Snow-Maid 1970 Music
 Betrayer 1969 Music
 Daring Sword, The 1969 Music
 King Of Kings 1969 Music
 Little Warrior, The 1969 Music
 Purple Darts 1969 Music
 Son Of Swordsman 1969 Music
 Supreme Sword 1969 Music
 Teddy Girls 1969 Music
 Unfinished Melody 1969 Music
 Whirl-Wind Knight, The 1969 Music
 Forever And Ever 1968 Music
 Gun Brothers 1968 Music
 One-Legged Fiend 1968 Music
 Spring Blossoms 1968 Music
 Three Swinging Girls 1968 Music
 Angel With The Iron Fists 1967 Music
 Assassin, The 1967 Music
 Auntie Lan 1967 Music
 Black Killer, The 1967 Music
 Dragon Creek, The 1967 Music
 Goddess Of Mercy, The 1967 Music
 Interpol 1967 Music
 King Cat 1967 Music
 King With My Face, The 1967 Music
 Lady Black Cat Strikes Again 1967 Music
 Lady Jade Locket 1967 Music
 Lady Killer, The 1967 Music
 Madam Slender Plum 1967 Music
 Mirror And The Lichee, The 1967 Music
 My Dream Boat 1967 Music
 Pearl Phoenix, The 1967 Music
 Silent Swordsman, The 1967 Music
 Sweet Is Revenge 1967 Music
 Sword And The Lute, The 1967 Music
 That Man In Chang-an 1967 Music
 Trail Of The Broken Blade, The 1967 Music
 Blue And The Black, The 1966 Music
 Come Drink With Me 1966 Music
 Dawn Will Come, The 1966 Music
 Downhill They Ride 1966 Music
 Golden Buddha, The 1966 Music
 Knight Of Knights, The 1966 Music
 Perfumed Arrow, The 1966 Music
 Princess Iron Fan 1966 Music
 Rose, Be My Love 1966 Music
 Butterfly Chalice, The 1965 Music
 Grand Substitution, The 1965 Music
 Inside The Forbidden City 1965 Music
 Mermaid, The 1965 Music
 Pink Tears 1965 Music
 Song Fest 1965 Music
 Sons Of Good Earth 1965 Music
 Temple Of The Red Lotus 1965 Music
 Twin Swords, The 1965 Music
 West Chamber, The 1965 Music
 Amorous Lotus Pan, The 1964 Music
 Beyond The Great Wall 1964 Music
 Comedy Of Mismatches, The 1964 Music
 Female Prince, The 1964 Music
 Lady General Hua Mulan 1964 Music
 Maid From Heaven, A 1963 Music
 Romantic Thief 1962 Music
 Deep In Love 1960 Music
 Kind Mother And Naughty Son 1960 Music
 Beauty Slain By The Sword 1959 Music
 Feast Of A Rich Family 1959 Music
 Glass Slippers 1959 Music
 My Good Nephew 1959 Music
 Parents' Love Tears 1959 Music
 Ten Brothers 1959 Music
 A Chao Is Getting Married 1958 Music
 Autumn Comes To Purple Rose Garden 1958 Music
 Driver No. 7 1958 Music
 Love Thief, The 1958 Music
 May Heaven Bless You 1958 Music
 Rent A Bride 1958 Music
 Sweet Girl In Terror 1958 Music
 Brothers In Disguise 1957 Music
 She Married An Overseas Chinese 1957 Music
 Brothers 1956 Music
 Fire 1956 Music
 King And The Beauty, The 1956 Music
 Son Of A Noble Family 1956 Music
 We Owe It To Our Children 1955 Music
 Cuckoo's Spirit, A 1954 Music

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