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Statistics :
11630 Movies
19215 People
1448 Studios
29 Articles
73 Interviews
12 DVD Reviews
32452 Screenshots
3722 Videos
Peter Chan Lung

Other names : Chan Lung
Peter Chan
Nationality : Hong Kong
Workplace : Hong Kong
Activities : Action Director (1), Actor (98), Brief appearance (9), Cameo (1), Stuntman (5)

 [ 2000 - 1990 - 1980 - 1970 ] 
 Alternate lists by alpha / genre / year
Title    ( HK -  All )  Year Activity
 Dragon : Since 1973 2004 Actor
 Chinese Odyssey 2002 2002 Actor
 97 Aces Go Places 1997 Cameo
 Final Justice 1997 Actor
 Mad Stylist 1997 Actor
 Stand Behind The Yellow Line 1997 Actor
 Don't Give A Damn ! 1995 Actor
 Tough Beauty And Sloppy Slop 1995 Actor
 Deadful Melody 1994 Actor
 Hello ! Who Is It ? 1994 Actor
 S.D.U. Mission In Mission 1994 Actor
 Fong Sai Yuk 1993 Actor
 Fong Sai Yuk II 1993 Actor
 Sword Stained With Royal Blood, The 1993 Actor
 Ghost Killer 1992 Actor
 Handsome Siblings 1992 Actor
 Inspector Wears Skirts 4, The 1992 Actor
 Mad Mad Ghost 1992 Actor
 Skin Striperess 1992 Actor
 Blue Jean Monster, The 1991 Actor
 Crazy Safari 1991 Actor
 Gambling Ghost, The 1991 Brief appearance
 God Of Gamblers III : Back To Shanghai 1991 Actor
 Lee Rock 2 : Father And Son 1991 Actor
 Shy Spirit 1991 Actor
 Spiritual Trinity 1991 Actor
 Spiritually A Cop 1991 Actor
 Ghost Legend 1990 Actor
 Mortuary Blues 1990 Actor
 Spooky Family, The 1990 Actor
 Pedicab Driver 1989 Brief appearance
 Proud And Confident 1989 Actor
 You Bet Your Life 1989 Actor
 Dragons Forever 1988 Actor
 Three Wishes 1988 Actor
 Crazy Spirit 1987 Actor
 Eastern Condors 1987 Actor
 Millionaire's Express, The 1986 Actor
 Rosa 1986 Actor
 Royal Warriors 1986 Brief appearance
 Heart Of Dragon 1985 Actor
 Island, The 1985 Actor
 Mr Boo Meets Pom Pom 1985 Actor
 Yes, Madam 1985 Brief appearance
 Hocus Pocus 1984 Actor
 Pom Pom ! 1984 Actor
 Return Of Pom Pom, The 1984 Brief appearance
 Winners And Sinners 1983 Actor
 Carry On Pickpocket 1982 Actor
 Dead And The Deadly, The 1982 Actor
 Strife For Mastery 1982 Actor
 Carry On Wise Guy 1981 Actor
 Prodigal Son, The 1981 Actor
 Bolo 1980 Actor
 Buddhist Fist, The 1980 Actor
 Crazy Crooks 1980 Actor
 Daggers 8 1980 Actor
 Encounters Of The Spooky Kind 1980 Actor
 Killer In White, The 1980 Actor
 Snake Deadly Act 1980 Actor
 Victim, The 1980 Actor
 Challenger, The 1979 Actor
 Crazy Couple 1979 Actor
 Death Duel Of Kung Fu 1979 Actor
 Dirty Ho 1979 Actor
 Incredible Kung Fu Master, The 1979 Actor
 Knockabout 1979 Actor
 Kung Fu Genius 1979 Actor
 Mad Mad Kung Fu 1979 Actor
 Odd Couple 1979 Actor
 Shadow Boxing, The 1979 Actor
 Two Wonderous Tigers 1979 Actor
 36th Chamber Of Shaolin, The 1978 Actor
 Amsterdam Connection 1978 Actor
 Amsterdam Kill, The 1978 Actor
 Avenging Eagle 1978 Actor
 Bruce Lee - The Invincible 1978 Actor
 Dirty Kung Fu 1978 Actor
 Dirty Tiger, Crazy Frog 1978 Actor
 Dynamo 1978 Actor
 Game Of Death, The 1978 Brief appearance
 Heroes Of The East 1978 Actor
 Legendary Strike, The 1978 Actor
 Shaolin Mantis 1978 Stuntman
 Snake In The Eagle’s Shadow 1978 Actor
 Warriors Two 1978 Actor
 Way Of The Black Dragon 1978 Actor
 Who Holds The Golden Key ? 1978 Actor
 Black Belt Karate 1977 Actor
 Executioners From Shaolin 1977 Brief appearance
 He Has Nothing But Kung Fu 1977 Actor
 Iron Fisted Monk, The 1977 Stuntman
 Last Strike 1977 Actor
 Magic Curse, The 1977 Action Director, Actor
 Negotiation 1977 Actor
 Shaolin Plot, The 1977 Actor
 Challenge Of The Masters 1976 Actor
 Girlie Bar, The 1976 Actor
 Himalayan, The 1976 Actor
 Queen's Ransom, A 1976 Actor
 Kung Fu Stars 1975 Actor
 Little Super Man 1975 Actor
 Spiritual Boxer 1975 Actor
 Bloody Ring 1974 Actor
 Dynamite Brothers 1974 Actor
 Games Gamblers Play 1974 Actor
 Skyhawk, The 1974 Stuntman
 Stoner 1974 Brief appearance
 Tournament, The 1974 Actor
 Enter The Dragon 1973 Stuntman
 Fist Of Fury 1972 Actor, Stuntman
 Big Boss, The 1971 Brief appearance

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 Peter Chan Lung pictures :  (Hide)
97 Aces Go Places
The Sword Stained With Royal Blood
The Gambling Ghost
Proud And Confident
Dragons Forever
Eastern Condors
Mr Boo Meets Pom Pom
Pom Pom !
Carry On Pickpocket
The Dead And The Deadly
The Prodigal Son
The Buddhist Fist
Dirty Ho
Mad Mad Kung Fu
Mad Mad Kung Fu
Mad Mad Kung Fu
Mad Mad Kung Fu
Odd Couple
The Challenger
Avenging Eagle
Dirty Kung Fu
Snake In The Eagle’s Shadow
The 36th Chamber Of Shaolin
The Legendary Strike
Warriors Two
The Girlie Bar
Spiritual Boxer
Fist Of Fury
The Big Boss
 Other Peter Chan Lung pictures :  (Hide)
The Sword Stained With Royal Blood (1)
Crazy Safari (5)
Mortuary Blues (1)
Pedicab Driver (1)
Proud And Confident (1)
Rosa (1)
Heart Of Dragon (1)
Hocus Pocus (2)
Winners And Sinners (1)
Carry On Pickpocket (2)
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