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Sai Gwa Paau

Other names : 西瓜刨
Sai Gwa Pau
Sai Kwa Pau
Birthdate : 7/10/1918
Date of death : 12/3/2001
Nationality : Hong Kong
Activities : Actor (267), Brief appearance (28)

 [ 1990 - 1980 - 1970 - 1960 - 1950 ] 
 Alternate lists by alpha / genre / year
Title    ( HK -  All )  Year Activity
 Best Of Best 1994 Actor
 Small Potato 1993 Actor
 New Marvelous Double, The 1992 Actor
 Once Upon A Time A Hero In China 1992 Actor
 Operation Scorpio 1992 Actor
 Eternal Combat, An 1991 Actor
 Doctor's Heart 1990 Actor
 Erotic Ghost Story 1990 Actor
 Ghostly Vixen 1990 Actor
 Her Fatal Ways 1990 Actor
 Horror School 1990 Actor
 Sunshine Friends 1990 Actor
 Tale From The East, A 1990 Actor
 When Fortune Smiles 1990 Actor
 Three Against The World 1989 Actor
 Devil And The Ghostbuster, The 1988 Actor
 Fatal Love 1988 Actor
 Good, The Bad & The Beauty, The 1988 Brief appearance
 Greatest Lover, The 1988 Actor
 In The Blood 1988 Actor
 Flaming Brothers 1987 Actor
 My Cousin The Ghost 1987 Actor
 Family Strikes Back, The 1986 Actor
 Ghost Snatchers, The 1986 Actor
 Crazy Seventeen 1985 Actor
 Girl With The Diamond Slipper, The 1985 Actor
 Puppy Love 1985 Actor
 Young Vagabond 1985 Actor
 I Will Finally Knock You Down, Dad 1984 Actor
 Musical Singer 1984 Actor
 My Darling Genie 1984 Actor
 Return Of The Bastard Swordsman 1984 Actor
 Shanghai Blues 1984 Brief appearance
 Wits Of The Brats 1984 Actor
 Yellow Peril 1984 Actor
 Aces Go Places II 1983 Actor
 All The Wrong Spies 1983 Actor
 Boxer's Omen, The 1983 Brief appearance
 Demon Of The Lute 1983 Brief appearance
 Descendant Of The Sun 1983 Actor
 Holy Flame Of The Martial World 1983 Actor
 Just For Fun 1983 Brief appearance
 Mad Mad 83 1983 Actor
 Obsessed 1983 Actor
 Red Panther, The 1983 Actor
 Tales Of A Eunuch 1983 Actor
 Twinkle Twinkle Little Star 1983 Actor
 Usurpers Of Emperor's Power 1983 Actor
 Winners And Sinners 1983 Brief appearance
 Zu: Warriors From The Magic Mountain 1983 Actor
 Buddha's Palm 1982 Actor
 Clan Feuds 1982 Brief appearance
 Emperor And The Minister, The 1982 Brief appearance
 Godfather From Canton 1982 Actor
 Hex After Hex 1982 Actor
 Legendary Weapons Of China 1982 Actor
 Rolls Rolls I Love You 1982 Actor
 Till Death Do We Scare 1982 Actor
 Beware Of Pickpockets 1981 Actor
 Challenge Of The Gamesters 1981 Brief appearance
 Dreadnaught 1981 Actor
 Laughing Times 1981 Actor
 Sword Stained With Royal Blood, The 1981 Actor
 Bolo 1980 Actor
 By Hook Or By Crook 1980 Actor
 Convict Killer, The 1980 Brief appearance
 Cunning Kids 1980 Actor
 Daggers 8 1980 Actor
 Emperor Chien Lung And The Beauty 1980 Actor
 Fearless Dragons 1980 Actor
 Hex Vs Witchcraft 1980 Actor
 Lost Souls 1980 Brief appearance
 Magnificent Butcher, The 1980 Actor
 Magnificent Kick, The 1980 Actor
 Shaolin Abbot 1980 Actor
 Super Power 1980 Brief appearance
 Tiger And The Widow 1980 Brief appearance
 Wedding Bells, Wedding Belles 1980 Actor
 We're Going To Eat You 1980 Actor
 Brothers, The 1979 Brief appearance
 Crazy Boy And Pop-Eye 1979 Actor
 Crazy Partner 1979 Actor
 Daredevils, The 1979 Brief appearance
 Deadly Breaking Sword, The 1979 Actor
 Heaven And Hell 1979 Actor
 Kung Fu Instructor, The 1979 Actor
 Mad Mad Kung Fu 1979 Actor
 Mad Monkey Kung Fu 1979 Actor
 Proud Twins, The 1979 Actor
 Scandalous Warlord, The 1979 Actor
 Shadow Boxing, The 1979 Actor
 Shaolin Rescuers 1979 Actor
 Ten Tigers Of Kwangtung 1979 Brief appearance
 Vice Squad 633 1979 Actor
 36th Chamber Of Shaolin, The 1978 Actor
 Clan Of Amazons 1978 Actor
 Crazy World, The 1978 Actor
 Cunning Tendency 1978 Actor
 Dirty Kung Fu 1978 Actor
 Enter The Fat Dragon 1978 Actor
 Follow The Star 1978 Actor
 Hello Sexy Late Homecomers 1978 Actor
 Invincible Shaolin 1978 Actor
 Making It 1978 Actor
 Mr Funny Bone Strikes Again 1978 Actor
 Shaolin Hand Lock 1978 Actor
 Shaolin Mantis 1978 Brief appearance
 Ten Tigers Of Shaolin 1978 Actor
 Arson - The Criminals, Part III 1977 Actor
 Chinatown Kid 1977 Actor
 Death Duel 1977 Actor
 Four Shaolin Challengers, The 1977 Actor
 He Has Nothing But Kung Fu 1977 Actor
 Ironside 426 1977 Actor
 Mantis Fists And Tiger Claws Of Shaolin 1977 Actor
 Pursuit Of Vengeance 1977 Brief appearance
 Sentimental Swordsman, The 1977 Brief appearance
 To Kill A Jaguar 1977 Actor
 Wong Fei Hung 1977 Actor
 Big Bad Sis 1976 Brief appearance
 Challenge Of The Masters 1976 Actor
 Country Man And The Scavenger 1976 Actor
 King Gambler 1976 Actor
 Love Swindlers 1976 Actor
 Two Omniscient Men 1976 Actor
 You Are Wonderful 1976 Actor
 Big Brother Cheng 1975 Actor
 Carry On Con Men 1975 Actor
 Cohabitation 1975 Actor
 Enjoy Longevity 300 Years 1975 Actor
 Forbidden Tales Of Two Cities 1975 Brief appearance
 Hong Kong Superman 1975 Actor
 Imposter, The 1975 Actor
 Last Message, The 1975 Actor
 My Wacky, Wacky World 1975 Brief appearance
 Shantung Man In Hong Kong 1975 Actor
 Spiritual Boxer 1975 Actor
 Two Con Men 1975 Actor
 Young Dragons, The 1975 Actor
 Crazy Bumpkins, The 1974 Actor
 Ghost Eyes 1974 Actor
 Gossip Street 1974 Actor
 Hong Kong 73 1974 Actor
 Land Of The Brave 1974 Actor
 Little Man Ah Fook, The 1974 Actor
 Mad World Of Fools, A 1974 Brief appearance
 Men From The Monastery 1974 Brief appearance
 Naughty ! Naughty ! 1974 Actor
 Rat Catcher, The 1974 Actor
 Shadow Boxer, The 1974 Actor
 Sinful Confession 1974 Actor
 Tea House, The 1974 Actor
 Back Alley Princess 1973 Actor
 Fate Of Lee Khan, The 1973 Actor
 Fist To Fist 1973 Actor
 Happiest Moment, The 1973 Actor
 House Of 72 Tenants, The 1973 Actor
 Kiss Of Death, The 1973 Brief appearance
 Payment In Blood 1973 Actor
 Pirate, The 1973 Actor
 We Visited Southeast Asia 1973 Actor
 Bloody Fight, The 1972 Actor
 Boxer From Shantung, The 1972 Actor
 Casino, The 1972 Actor
 Cheating In Panorama 1972 Actor
 Finger Of Doom 1972 Actor
 Flower In The Rain 1972 Actor
 Human Goddess, The 1972 Brief appearance
 Intrigue In Nylons 1972 Actor
 Legends Of Lust 1972 Actor
 Lizard, The 1972 Actor
 Water Margin, The 1972 Brief appearance
 Duel Of Fists 1971 Actor
 Invincible Iron Palm, The 1971 Actor
 Oath Of Death, The 1971 Actor
 Sunset 1971 Actor
 Crazy Bar, The 1970 Actor
 Duel For Gold 1970 Brief appearance
 Happy Times 1970 Actor
 Huang Fei Hong : Bravely Crushing The Fire Formation 1970 Actor
 I'll Get You One Day 1970 Actor
 Lucky Seven 1970 Actor
 Lucky Seven Strike Again 1970 Actor
 Naked Runner, The 1970 Actor
 Secret Agent No. 1 1970 Actor
 Time For Love, A 1970 Actor
 Huang Fei Hong's Combat With The Five Wolves 1969 Actor
 Huang Feihong : The Duel For The Sha-yu-qing 1969 Actor
 Huang Feihong In Sulphur Valley 1969 Actor
 Liar, The 1969 Actor
 Strange Couple Who Steal, The 1969 Actor
 Supreme Sword 1969 Actor
 Teddy Girls 1969 Actor
 Virgin Sword, The 1969 Actor
 Desperate Seven 1968 Actor
 Dragon Fortress, The 1968 Actor
 Gold-Rush Madness 1968 Actor
 Grand Duel, The 1968 Actor
 House Filled With Happiness, A 1968 Actor
 Huang Fei Hong : The Duel Against The Black Rascal 1968 Actor
 Huang Feihong : Duel For The Championship 1968 Actor
 Huang Feihong : The Eight Bandits 1968 Actor
 Huang Feihong : The Incredible Success In Canton 1968 Actor
 Killing Sword, The 1968 Actor
 Lady Songbird 1968 Actor
 Love With A Prodigal 1968 Actor
 Three Heroines (Part 1) 1968 Actor
 White Dragon, The 1968 Actor
 Happy Years 1967 Actor
 How The Sacred Fire Heroic Winds Defeat The Fire Lotus Array 1967 Actor
 Story Of A Discharged Prisoner 1967 Actor
 Wong Fei-Hung Against The Ruffians 1967 Actor
 Youth's Love 1967 Actor
 Golden Cup and the Wandering Dragon (Part 2) 1966 Actor
 How Master Cute Thrice Saved The Idiot Ming 1966 Actor
 Master Cute And Da Fanshu 1966 Actor
 Monkey King And The Imps 1966 Actor
 Romance Of The Sword 1966 Actor
 Sacred Fire, Heroic Wind (Part 1) 1966 Actor
 Sacred Fire, Heroic Wind (Part 2) 1966 Actor
 Spring Celebration Of The Swallows' Return, A 1966 Actor
 All-Powerful Flute (Part 1), The 1965 Actor
 All-Powerful Flute (Part 2), The 1965 Actor
 Blind Swordsman (Part 1), The 1965 Actor
 Blind Swordsman (Part 2), The 1965 Actor
 Furnace Of Heavenly Fire, The 1965 Actor
 Girl Spy 001 1965 Actor
 Hero And The Beauty (Part 1), The 1965 Actor
 Monkey Saint Raids the Monastery 1965 Actor
 Blundering Wife, A 1964 Actor
 Buddha's Palm (Part 1) 1964 Actor
 Buddha's Palm (Part 3) 1964 Actor
 Flying Fox In The Snowy Mountains (Part 1), The 1964 Actor
 Golden Arrow And The Silver Dragon, The 1964 Actor
 Invisible Lucky Star, The 1964 Actor
 Musketeer From Luoyang, The 1964 Actor
 Three Tigers (Part 1) 1964 Actor
 Three Tigers (Part 2) 1964 Actor
 Flying Sword, The 1963 Actor
 Golden Coat (Part 1), The 1963 Actor
 Head For Sale 1963 Actor
 Magic Whip, The 1963 Actor
 Midnight Were-wolf 1963 Actor
 Modern Matchmaker, The 1963 Actor
 Monkey Soldiers Come To The Rescue, The 1963 Actor
 One Queen And Three Kings 1963 Actor
 Red Thread Steals A Precious Box 1963 Actor
 Story Of The Sword And The Sabre (Part 1), The 1963 Actor
 Story Of The Sword And The Sabre (Part 2), The 1963 Actor
 White-Bone Sword (Part 3), The 1963 Actor
 White-Bone Sword (Part 4), The 1963 Actor
 White-Boned Sword (Part 3) 1963 Actor
 White-Boned Sword (Part 4), The 1963 Actor
 Young Boss Of The Factory, The 1963 Actor
 Birth Of Yue Fei, The 1962 Actor
 Blazing Volcano, The 1962 Actor
 Double Date 1962 Actor
 Reunion, The 1962 Actor
 Secret Book (Part 3) 1962 Actor
 Smile For A Kingdom, A 1962 Actor
 White-Bone Sword (Part 1), The 1962 Actor
 Attack Of The 5 Fairies Monastery, The 1961 Actor
 China At Dawn 1961 Actor
 Secret Book (Part 1) 1961 Actor
 Secret Book (Part 2) 1961 Actor
 Swords Of Tien Shan, The 1961 Actor
 Three Chivalrous Girls Of Kwan Tung, The 1961 Actor
 Twin Swords (Part 2) 1961 Actor
 Witness For The Prosecution 1961 Actor
 Heroines' Queen, The 1960 Actor
 How Na Zha Rescued His Mother From The Snake Mountain 1960 Actor
 Snow Peak Nymph, The 1960 Actor
 To Whom Should The True Murderer Be ? 1960 Actor
 White-snake Girl (Part 1), The 1960 Actor
 White-snake Girl (Part 2), The 1960 Actor
 Huang Feihong Trapped In The Hell 1959 Actor
 Stone Prince Takes The Throne 1959 Actor
 White Lady's Reincarnation 1959 Actor
 How Huang Feihong Stormed Phoenix Hill 1958 Actor
 How Huang Feihong Used An Iron-Fowl Against The Eagle 1958 Actor
 May Heaven Bless You 1958 Actor
 Prince Of Thieves (The Sequel) 1958 Actor
 Sweet Girl In Terror 1958 Actor
 Virtuous Girl From A Humble House, A 1958 Actor
 How Huang Feihong Pitted 7 Lions Against The Dragon 1956 Actor
 Huang Feihong's Story : Iron Cock Against Centipede 1956 Actor
 Pak Kam Lung And His Impersonator 1956 Actor
 Too Late For Divorce 1956 Actor
 Wu Song's Bloody Fight On Lion's Bower 1956 Actor
 Elopement, The 1954 Actor
 Her Difficult Life 1954 Actor
 Voyage Of The Dead, The 1954 Actor
 Scholar In A Buddhist House, A 1953 Actor
 Twelve Beauties, The 1952 Actor
 Eight Immortals In The World Of Men 1951 Actor

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 Sai Gwa Paau pictures :  (Hide)
Small Potato
The New Marvelous Double
Doctor's Heart
Ghostly Vixen
My Cousin The Ghost
The Ghost Snatchers
The Girl With The Diamond Slipper
Young Vagabond
Shanghai Blues
Wits Of The Brats
All The Wrong Spies
Holy Flame Of The Martial World
Just For Fun
Zu: Warriors From The Magic Mountain
Clan Feuds
Clan Feuds
Laughing Times
Lost Souls
The Magnificent Butcher
Heaven And Hell
Mad Mad Kung Fu
Mad Monkey Kung Fu
Vice Squad 633
Death Duel
The Sentimental Swordsman
The Young Dragons
Gossip Street
The Tea House
The Lizard
Story Of A Discharged Prisoner
 Other Sai Gwa Paau pictures :  (Hide)
Small Potato (1)
Operation Scorpio (1)
Doctor's Heart (1)
The Family Strikes Back (1)
Tales Of A Eunuch (1)
Winners And Sinners (1)
Vice Squad 633 (1)
To Kill A Jaguar (1)
Gossip Street (1)
Huang Feihong In Sulphur Valley (1)
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