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Statistics :
11630 Movies
19215 People
1448 Studios
29 Articles
73 Interviews
12 DVD Reviews
32452 Screenshots
3722 Videos
Anthony Wong Chau Sang

Other names : 黃秋生
Huáng Qiūshēng
Huang2 Qiu1 Sheng1
Anthony Perry
Wang Chiu Sen
Anthony Wong Chow Sun
Wong Chau Sang
Wong Chow Sun
Birthdate : 2/9/1961
Nationality : Hong Kong
Workplace : Hong Kong
Activities : Director (2), Writer (2), Voice dubbing (6), Actor (198), Brief appearance (4), Cameo (2), Executive Director (1)


He joined actors training school in 1982 and appeared in many TV series over the next number of years. His film debut was in 1985 in My Name Ain't Suzie - but his next film project wasn't until 1990. He is most famous for playing bad or evil guys as he manages to exude extra dimensions in these characters that few other actors can and he received the Best Actor Award for his brilliant portrayal as a killer in The Untold Story. He has also directed two films.

Golden Horse Film Festival and Awards :
- 39th - awarded Best Supporting Actor, for Princess-D
- 40th - awarded Best Supporting Actor, for Infernal Affairs
- 42nd - awarded Best Supporting Actor, for Initial D

Hong Kong Film Awards :
- 13th - awarded Best Actor, for Hong Kong Criminal Archives II - Murder Of Pat Sin Restaurant's Whole Family
- 18th - awarded Best Actor, for Beast Cops
- 19th - nominated for Best Actor, for Ordinary Heroes
- 22nd - awarded Best Supporting Actor, for Infernal Affairs
- 22nd - nominated for Best Supporting Actor, for Just One Look
- 22nd - nominated for Best Supporting Actor, for Princess-D
- 25th - awarded Best Supporting Actor, for Initial D

 [ Director - Writer - Voice dubbing - Actor - Brief appearance - Cameo - Executive Director  ] 
 Alternate lists by alpha / genre / year
Title    ( HK -  All ) Year  Activity (  Year - Title )
 Top Banana Club 1996 Director
 New Tenant 1995 Director
 Top Banana Club 1996 Writer
 New Tenant 1995 Writer
Voice dubbing
 McDull: Me & My Mum 2014 Voice dubbing
 McDull - Pork Of Music 2012 Voice dubbing
 McDull Kung Fu Kindergarten 2009 Voice dubbing
 McDull, Prince De La Bun 2004 Voice dubbing
 World Without Thieves, A 2004 Voice dubbing
 My Life As McDull 2001 Voice dubbing
 Election 3 2016 Actor
 Four 3, The 2014 Actor
 Gangster Pay Day 2014 Actor
 Golden Chicken 3 2014 Actor
 Four 2, The 2013 Actor
 Ip Man Final Fight 2013 Actor
 Four, The 2012 Actor
 Guillotines, The 2012 Actor
 Beautiful Life, The 2011 Actor
 Motorway 2011 Actor
 White Vengeance 2011 Actor
 Woman Knight Of The Mirror Lake, The 2011 Actor
 Johnnie Got His Gun ! 2010 Actor
 Legend Of The Fist : The Return Of Chen Zhen 2010 Actor
 Punished 2010 Actor
 Tung Chap Faan 2010 Actor
 I Corrupt All Cops 2009 Actor
 Turning Point Laughing Gor 2009 Actor
 Vengeance 2009 Actor
 Jessica Caught On Tape 2008 Actor
 Legend Of The Condor Heroes 2008 2008 Actor
 Mummy 3 : Tomb Of The Dragon Emperor, The 2008 Actor
 Plastic City 2008 Actor
 True Women For Sale 2008 Actor
 Underdog Knight, The 2008 Actor
 Bullet & Brain 2007 Actor
 Dancing Lion 2007 Actor
 Legend of Shaolin Kungfu I : Heroes in Troubled Times 2007 Actor
 Mr. Cinema 2007 Actor
 Secret 2007 Actor
 Simply Actors 2007 Actor
 Sun Also Rises, The 2007 Actor
 Sweet Revenge 2007 Actor
 Exiled 2006 Actor
 Fox Volant Of The Snowy Mountain 2006 Actor
 Isabella 2006 Actor
 McDull, The Alumni 2006 Actor
 On The Edge 2006 Actor
 Painted Veil, The 2006 Actor
 2 Young 2005 Actor
 All About Love 2005 Actor
 Demoniac Flash 2005 Actor
 House Of Fury 2005 Actor
 Initial D 2005 Actor
 Mob Sister 2005 Actor
 Slim Till Dead 2005 Actor
 A-1 2004 Actor
 Kung Fu Soccer 2004 Actor
 Magic Kitchen 2004 Actor
 20:30:40 2003 Actor
 Cat And Mouse 2003 Actor
 Colour Of The Truth 2003 Actor
 Fu Bo 2003 Actor
 Golden Chicken 2 2003 Actor
 Infernal Affairs II 2003 Actor
 Infernal Affairs III 2003 Actor
 Love Under The Sun 2003 Actor
 Medallion, The 2003 Actor
 Project 1:99 Hong Kong Is The Best 2003 Actor
 Project 1:99 Hong Kong Pilots 2003 Actor
 Roaring Dragon, Bluffing Tiger 2003 Actor
 Twins Effect, The 2003 Actor
 Demi-haunted 2002 Actor
 Infernal Affairs 2002 Actor
 Just One Look 2002 Actor
 Princess D 2002 Actor
 U-Man 2002 Actor
 City Of Desire 2001 Actor
 Fighting To Survive 2001 Actor
 Legend Of A Professional, The 2001 Actor
 Runaway 2001 Actor
 Thou Shall Not Commit 2001 Actor
 United We Stand, And Swim 2001 Actor
 Baroness 2000 Actor
 Bloody Secret 2000 Actor
 Evil Fade 2000 Actor
 Gen Y Cops 2000 Actor
 Ghost Meets You 2000 Actor
 Home For A Villain 2000 Actor
 Hong Kong History X 2000 Actor
 Jiang Hu : The Triad Zone 2000 Actor
 Let It Be 2000 Actor
 Phantom Call 2000 Actor
 Queenie & King The Lovers 2000 Actor
 Ransom Express 2000 Actor
 Return To Dark 2000 Actor
 Story Of Prostitutes, The 2000 Actor
 Supercop.com 2000 Actor
 Take Top 2000 Actor
 Time And Tide 2000 Actor
 Violent Cop 2000 Actor
 What Is A Good Teacher 2000 Actor
 When A Man Loves A Woman 2000 Actor
 X-Cop Girls 2000 Actor
 Century Of The Dragon 1999 Actor
 Deadly Camp, The 1999 Actor
 Erotic Nightmare 1999 Actor
 Fascination Amour 1999 Actor
 Fist Power 1999 Actor
 Heaven Of Hope 1999 Actor
 King Of Debt Collecting Agent, The 1999 Actor
 Kingdom Of Mob, The 1999 Actor
 Lamb In Despair, A 1999 Actor
 Legendary Tai Fei, The 1999 Actor
 Man Called Hero, A 1999 Actor
 Metade Fumaca 1999 Actor
 Mission, The 1999 Actor
 Ordinary Heroes 1999 Actor
 Raped By An Angel 4 : The Rapist's Union 1999 Actor
 Ungrateful Tink 1999 Actor
 Beast Cops 1998 Actor
 Demon's Baby, The 1998 Actor
 God.com 1998 Actor
 Group, The 1998 Actor
 Haunted Mansion 1998 Actor
 Mr Wai-go 1998 Actor
 Rape Trap 1998 Actor
 Storm Riders, The 1998 Actor
 Untold Story 2, The 1998 Actor
 Young And Dangerous 5 1998 Actor
 Armageddon 1997 Actor
 G4 Option Zero 1997 Actor
 Jail In Burning Island, The 1997 Actor
 Midnight Zone 1997 Actor
 Teaching Sucks 1997 Actor
 Young And Dangerous 4 1997 Actor
 Another Chinese Cop 1996 Actor
 Big Bullet 1996 Actor
 Black Mask 1996 Actor
 Blind Romance 1996 Actor
 Clan Of Amazons 1996 Actor
 Ebola Syndrome 1996 Actor
 Hong Kong Showgirls 1996 Actor
 Mongkok Story 1996 Actor
 Out Of The Blur 1996 Actor
 Top Banana Club 1996 Actor
 Young And Dangerous 1996 Actor
 Young And Dangerous 2 1996 Actor
 Young And Dangerous 3 1996 Actor
 Day That Doesn’t Exist, The 1995 Actor
 Highway Man 1995 Actor
 Husbands & Wives 1995 Actor
 New Tenant 1995 Actor
 Our Neighbour Detective 1995 Actor
 World Of Treasure, The 1995 Actor
 Awakening 1994 Actor
 Bomb Disposal Officer Baby Bomb 1994 Actor
 Brother Of Darkness 1994 Actor
 Cop Image 1994 Actor
 Gleam Of Hope, A 1994 Actor
 Now You See Me, Now You Don't 1994 Actor
 Organized Crime & Triad Bureau 1994 Actor
 Rock n' Roll Cop 1994 Actor
 Underground Banker 1994 Actor
 All Over The World 1993 Actor
 Beyond The Cop Line 1993 Actor
 Daughter Of Darkness 1993 Actor
 Executioners 1993 Actor
 Fight Back To School 3 1993 Actor
 Heroic Trio, The 1993 Actor
 Invincible Constable, The 1993 Actor
 Lamb Killer 1993 Actor
 Legal Innocence 1993 Actor
 Love To Kill 1993 Actor
 Mad Monk, The 1993 Actor
 Madam City Hunter 1993 Actor
 Master Wong VS Master Wong 1993 Actor
 Moment Of Romance II, A 1993 Actor
 Murders Made To Order 1993 Actor
 Retribution Sight Unseen 1993 Actor
 Taxi Hunter 1993 Actor
 Tigers, The Legend Of Canton 1993 Actor
 Untold Story, The 1993 Actor
 Vendetta 1993 Actor
 Full Contact 1992 Actor
 Hard Boiled 1992 Actor
 Her Fatal Ways 3 1992 Actor
 Hero Of The Beggars 1992 Actor
 Lucky Encounter 1992 Actor
 Now You See Love, Now You Don’t 1992 Actor
 Sting Of The Scorpion 1992 Actor
 What A Hero ! 1992 Actor
 Angel Hunter 1991 Actor
 Casino Raiders 2 1991 Actor
 Don't Fool Me 1991 Actor
 Erotic Ghost Story 2 1991 Actor
 Eternal Combat, An 1991 Actor
 Big Score, The 1990 Actor
 Dancing Bull 1990 Actor
 No Risk, No Gain 1990 Actor
 Set Up, The 1990 Actor
 Till There Was You 1990 Actor
 To Liv(e) 1990 Actor
 When Fortune Smiles 1990 Actor
 Iron Butterfly, The 1989 Actor
 Justice Of Life, The 1989 Actor
 News Attack 1989 Actor
 My Name Ain't Suzie 1985 Actor
Brief appearance
 Visible Secret 2001 Brief appearance
 Those Were The Days 2000 Brief appearance
 Viva Erotica 1996 Brief appearance
 Oh ! My Three Guys 1994 Brief appearance
 Simple Life, A 2011 Cameo
 Give Them A Chance 2003 Cameo
Executive Director
 Wing Chun 1994 Executive Director

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 Anthony Wong Chau Sang pictures :  (Hide)
Turning Point Laughing Gor
Turning Point Laughing Gor
Turning Point Laughing Gor
House Of Fury
Initial D
Colour Of The Truth
Infernal Affairs II
Infernal Affairs II
Roaring Dragon, Bluffing Tiger
The Medallion
Infernal Affairs
Just One Look
Visible Secret
Jiang Hu : The Triad Zone
Jiang Hu : The Triad Zone
Time And Tide
A Lamb In Despair
A Lamb In Despair
A Man Called Hero
Raped By An Angel 4 : The Rapist's Union
The King Of Debt Collecting Agent
The Mission
The Untold Story 2
Big Bullet
Ebola Syndrome
Bomb Disposal Officer Baby Bomb
A Moment Of Romance II
Love To Kill
Madam City Hunter
Taxi Hunter
The Heroic Trio
The Mad Monk
The Mad Monk
The Untold Story
Full Contact
Hard Boiled
Casino Raiders 2
No Risk, No Gain
White Vengeance
House Of Fury
House Of Fury
House Of Fury
House Of Fury
 Other Anthony Wong Chau Sang pictures :  (Hide)
The Four 2 (1)
The Four (1)
Motorway (3)
I Corrupt All Cops (1)
Turning Point Laughing Gor (8)
Plastic City (1)
The Underdog Knight (1)
Dancing Lion (2)
The Sun Also Rises (2)
Exiled (7)
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