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Ti Lung

Other names : 狄龍
Di Long
Di2 Long2
Dik Loong
Dik Lung
Din Lung
Tam Fu Wing
Tommy Tam
Tommy Ti Lung
Birthdate : 3/8/1946
Nationality : China
Workplace : Hong Kong
Activities : Director (2), Writer (1), Actor (111), Brief appearance (8)


Born in Guangdong, 1946, Tiís extraordinary acting ability led him to audition for a leading role in Chang Chehís 1969 film Dead End.

His majestic presence and charismatic charm made him a favorite of many Studio filmmakers, leading to an unprecedented filmography of more than seventy Shaw Brothers features.

Tiís award-winning skill was highlighted by exceptional performances in Blood Brothers and John Wooís A Better Tomorrow among many others.

He most recently won Best Supporting Actor Award in 1999 for his role in The Kid.

Source : Celestial Pictures

 [ Director - Writer - Actor - Brief appearance ] 
 Alternate lists by alpha / genre / year
Title    ( HK -  All ) Year  Activity (  Year - Title )
 Young Rebel, The 1975 Director
 Young Lovers On Flying Wheels 1974 Director
 Young Rebel, The 1975 Writer
 7 Assassins 2013 Actor
 Frozen 2010 Actor
 Jade And The Pearl, The 2010 Actor
 Warrior's Way, The 2010 Actor
 Butterfly Lovers 2008 Actor
 Run Papa Run 2008 Actor
 Three Kingdoms - Resurrection Of The Dragon 2008 Actor
 Heavenly Mission 2006 Actor
 My Wife Is A Gangster 3 2006 Actor
 New Born 2005 Actor
 One Last Dance 2005 Actor
 Gray 2003 Actor
 Star Runner 2003 Actor
 Frugal Game 2002 Actor
 Mist In Judge 2001 Actor
 Clean My Name, Mr Coroner ! 2000 Actor
 High K 2000 Actor
 Paramount Motel 2000 Actor
 Kid, The 1999 Actor
 Righteous Guards, The 1997 Actor
 Yang Ī Ying : Gender In Chinese Cinema 1996 Actor
 Drunken Master II 1994 Actor
 May Jean 1994 Actor
 Bare-Footed Kid, The 1993 Actor
 Blade Of Fury 1993 Actor
 First Shot, The 1993 Actor
 Warrior's Tragedy, A 1993 Actor
 Killerís Blues, A 1990 Actor
 Run, Don't Walk 1989 Actor
 City War 1988 Actor
 Law Or Justice 1988 Actor
 Love Ma And Dad 1988 Actor
 Better Tomorrow II, A 1987 Actor
 Legend Of Wisely, The 1987 Actor
 People's Hero 1987 Actor
 Better Tomorrow, A 1986 Actor
 True Colours 1986 Actor
 Master Strikes Back, The 1985 Actor
 Ninja In The Deadly Trap 1985 Actor
 Shanghai 13 1985 Actor
 Death Ring 1984 Actor
 Destiny's Champion 1984 Actor
 Friend From Inner Space, A 1984 Actor
 Hidden Power Of Dragon Sabre, The 1984 Actor
 Opium And The Kung Fu Master 1984 Actor
 Mercenaries From Hong Kong 1983 Actor
 Roving Swordsman, The 1983 Actor
 Shaolin Prince 1983 Actor
 Clan Feuds 1982 Actor
 Perils Of The Sentimental Swordsman 1982 Actor
 Tiger Killer 1982 Actor
 Battle For The Republic Of China, The 1981 Actor
 Brave Archer 3, The 1981 Actor
 Emperor And His Brother, The 1981 Actor
 Inheritor Of Kung Fu 1981 Actor
 Kung Fu Emperor, The 1981 Actor
 Return Of The Sentimental Swordsman 1981 Actor
 Convict Killer, The 1980 Actor
 Heroes, The 1980 Actor
 Deadly Breaking Sword, The 1979 Actor
 Kung Fu Instructor, The 1979 Actor
 Revenger, The 1979 Actor
 Ten Tigers Of Kwangtung 1979 Actor
 Avenging Eagle 1978 Actor
 Flying Guillotine 2 1978 Actor
 Legend Of The Bat 1978 Actor
 Soul Of The Sword 1978 Actor
 Swordsman And Enchantress 1978 Actor
 Clans Of Intrigue 1977 Actor
 Jade Tiger 1977 Actor
 Naval Commandos, The 1977 Actor
 Pursuit Of Vengeance 1977 Actor
 Sentimental Swordsman, The 1977 Actor
 Black Magic, Part II 1976 Actor
 Last Tempest, The 1976 Actor
 Magic Blade, The 1976 Actor
 Seven Man Army 1976 Actor
 Shaolin Temple 1976 Actor
 Snake Prince, The 1976 Actor
 All Men Are Brothers 1975 Actor
 Black Magic 1975 Actor
 Empress Dowager, The 1975 Actor
 Temperament Of Life 1975 Actor
 Young Rebel, The 1975 Actor
 Drug Addicts, The 1974 Actor
 Five Shaolin Masters 1974 Actor
 Savage Five, The 1974 Actor
 Shatter 1974 Actor
 Two Faces Of Love, The 1974 Actor
 Young Lovers On Flying Wheels 1974 Actor
 Blood Brothers, The 1973 Actor
 Generation Gap, The 1973 Actor
 Pirate, The 1973 Actor
 Qing Kung 1973 Actor
 Angry Guest, The 1972 Actor
 Delightful Forest 1972 Actor
 Four Riders 1972 Actor
 Trilogy Of Swordsmanship 1972 Actor
 Water Margin, The 1972 Actor
 Young People 1972 Actor
 Anonymous Heroes, The 1971 Actor
 Deadly Duo, The 1971 Actor
 Duel Of Fists 1971 Actor
 Duel, The 1971 Actor
 King Eagle 1971 Actor
 New One-Armed Swordsman, The 1971 Actor
 Heroic Ones, The 1970 Actor
 Vengeance ! 1970 Actor
 Dead End 1969 Actor
 Have Sword, Will Travel 1969 Actor
 Return Of The One-Armed Swordsman 1969 Actor
Brief appearance
 Banquet, The 1991 Brief appearance
 Just Heroes 1989 Brief appearance
 Tiger On The Beat 1988 Brief appearance
 Brave Archer, The 1977 Brief appearance
 Death Duel 1977 Brief appearance
 Killer Clans 1976 Brief appearance
 Spiritual Boxer 1975 Brief appearance
 Singing Killer, The 1970 Brief appearance

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 Ti Lung pictures :  (Hide)
Three Kingdoms - Resurrection Of The Dragon
Star Runner
Clean My Name, Mr Coroner !
A Warrior's Tragedy
The First Shot
A Killerís Blues
A Killerís Blues
Just Heroes
City War
City War
A Better Tomorrow II
The Legend Of Wisely
A Better Tomorrow
A Better Tomorrow
A Better Tomorrow
Ninja In The Deadly Trap
Ninja In The Deadly Trap
Shanghai 13
The Master Strikes Back
The Master Strikes Back
The Master Strikes Back
The Master Strikes Back
A Friend From Inner Space
Destiny's Champion
Opium And The Kung Fu Master
Opium And The Kung Fu Master
The Hidden Power Of Dragon Sabre
Mercenaries From Hong Kong
Mercenaries From Hong Kong
Mercenaries From Hong Kong
Shaolin Prince
The Roving Swordsman
Clan Feuds
Tiger Killer
Tiger Killer
Inheritor Of Kung Fu
Return Of The Sentimental Swordsman
The Brave Archer 3
The Brave Archer 3
The Convict Killer
The Convict Killer
Ten Tigers Of Kwangtung
The Deadly Breaking Sword
The Deadly Breaking Sword
The Kung Fu Instructor
The Kung Fu Instructor
The Kung Fu Instructor
The Revenger
Avenging Eagle
Avenging Eagle
Flying Guillotine 2
Flying Guillotine 2
Legend Of The Bat
Soul Of The Sword
Swordsman And Enchantress
Swordsman And Enchantress
Clans Of Intrigue
Death Duel
Jade Tiger
The Brave Archer
The Naval Commandos
The Naval Commandos
The Sentimental Swordsman
Seven Man Army
Shaolin Temple
The Magic Blade
The Snake Prince
The Snake Prince
All Men Are Brothers
Black Magic
Spiritual Boxer
The Young Rebel
Five Shaolin Masters
Five Shaolin Masters
The Drug Addicts
The Drug Addicts
Young Lovers On Flying Wheels
The Blood Brothers
The Blood Brothers
The Generation Gap
The Pirate
The Angry Guest
The Water Margin
Trilogy Of Swordsmanship
Young People
Young People
Duel Of Fists
King Eagle
The Deadly Duo
The Duel
The Duel
The New One-Armed Swordsman
The Heroic Ones
The Singing Killer
Vengeance !
Dead End
Have Sword, Will Travel
Return Of The One-Armed Swordsman
 Other Ti Lung pictures :  (Hide)
Three Kingdoms - Resurrection Of The Dragon (2)
Star Runner (1)
Frugal Game (1)
Clean My Name, Mr Coroner ! (2)
Drunken Master II (2)
A Warrior's Tragedy (4)
Blade Of Fury (1)
The First Shot (7)
A Killerís Blues (6)
Just Heroes (3)
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 Meeting a Shaw Brothers legend, Ti Lung at the 2004 Amiens Film Festival (preview)
HK Items > Shaw Brothers > SB files > Panorama
Author(s) : David Vivier
Date : 1/11/2004
Type(s) : Interview
Page(s) : 1  - index
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