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Ray Lui Leung Wai

Other names : 吕良伟
Lu Liangwei
Lui Leung Wai
Ray Lui
Birthdate : 22/12/1955
Nationality : China, Vietnam
Workplace : Hong Kong
Activities : Assistant Director (1), Producer (1), Actor (85), Brief appearance (1)


He came to Hong Kong when he was twelve and after being encouraged by his father to join an actors training class, Lui was a fairly big star at TVB by the early 80's. The show that did this was the same one that made Chow Yun Fat a TV star – The Bund (aka Shanghai Beach; which was later brought to the big screen -- but s san Lui and Chow -- by Tsui Hark as Shanghai Grand).

For the first half of the decade, Lui was one of the top male actors in Hong Kong. Since then his film productivity had slowed dramatically, but he is again appearing in a number of films.

 [ 2010 - 2000 - 1990 - 1980 - 1970 ] 
 Alternate lists by alpha / genre / year
Title    ( HK -  All )  Year Activity
 Legend of the Condor Heroes 2017 2017 Actor
 Biography Of Siddhartha, The 2014 Actor
 Transformers: Age Of Extinction 2014 Actor
 7 Assassins 2013 Actor
 Firestorm 2013 Actor
 Founding Of The Party 2011 Actor
 Death And Glory In Changde 2010 Actor
 Pretty Women, The 2008 Actor
 First Of August, The 2007 Actor
 Flash Point 2007 Actor
 Seven Swords Of Mount Heaven 2005 Actor
 6 AM 2004 Brief appearance
 Book And Sword, Gratitude And Revenge 2002 Actor
 2000 AD 2000 Actor
 Accusation Of The Wall 2000 Actor
 Bloody Secret 2000 Actor
 Home For A Villain 2000 Actor
 Point Of No Return 2000 Actor
 Undercover Blues 2000 Producer, Actor
 Big Spender 1999 Actor
 Mistress, The 1999 Actor
 Suspect, The 1998 Actor
 Train Robbers, The 1995 Actor
 Great Conqueror's Concubine 1 & 2 1994 Actor
 Hunting List 1994 Actor
 Law On The Brink 1994 Actor
 My Master's Necklace 1994 Actor
 End Of The Road 1993 Actor
 Guns Of Dragons 1993 Actor
 Hero Of Hong Kong 1949 1993 Actor
 Incorruptible, The 1993 Actor
 Lord Of East China Sea 1993 Actor
 Lord Of East China Sea II 1993 Actor
 Man Of The Times 1993 Actor
 Roof With A View, A 1993 Actor
 Vendetta 1993 Actor
 Prince Of Temple Street, The 1992 Actor
 Deadly Deal 1991 Actor
 Fatal Game, The 1991 Actor
 God Of Gamblers III : Back To Shanghai 1991 Actor
 Good, The Bad And the Bandit, The 1991 Actor
 Legend Of Chiuchow Brothers 1991 Actor
 Queen Of The Underworld 1991 Actor
 Thunder Run 1991 Actor
 To Be Number One 1991 Actor
 Fatal Termination 1990 Actor
 Devil Hunters 1989 Actor
 Forever Young 1989 Actor
 Four Loves 1989 Actor
 Framed 1989 Actor
 Miracles 1989 Actor
 What A Small World 1989 Assistant Director, Actor
 Walk On Fire 1988 Actor
 Crazy Spirit 1987 Actor
 Heir To The Throne 1987 Actor
 Lip Sa Hung Dung 1987 Actor
 Project A II 1987 Actor
 That Enchanting Night 1987 Actor
 Man From Holland, The 1986 Actor
 Story Of Dr. Sun Yat Sen, The 1986 Actor
 Flying Fox Of Snowy Mountain, The 1985 Actor
 Beloved Daddy 1984 Actor
 My Little Sentimental Friend 1984 Actor
 Rainbow Around My Shoulder 1984 Actor
 Air Disaster 1983 Actor
 Bund I Série 1983, The 1983 Actor
 Bund II Série 1983, The 1983 Actor
 Flash Future Kung Fu 1983 Actor
 My Mother 1983 Actor
 Rape And Die 1983 Actor
 Sensational Pair, The 1983 Actor
 Turning Point, The 1983 Actor
 Funny Boys 1982 Actor
 Once Upon A Rainbow 1982 Actor
 Torrid Wave 1982 Actor
 Good Old Times 1981 Actor
 Mobfix Patrol 1981 Actor
 Murderer Pursues 1981 Actor
 Revenge In Hong Kong 1981 Actor
 Bund I Série 1980, The 1980 Actor
 Bund II Série 1980, The 1980 Actor
 Bund III Série 1980, The 1980 Actor
 Dangerous Encounter - 1st Kind 1980 Actor
 Grand Statement, A 1980 Actor
 Informer, The 1980 Actor
 Heaven Sword and Dragon Sabre 1978 Actor

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 Ray Lui Leung Wai pictures :  (Hide)
Seven Swords Of Mount Heaven
The Incorruptible
Legend Of Chiuchow Brothers
The Good, The Bad And the Bandit
Thunder Run
To Be Number One
Fatal Termination
What A Small World
The Man From Holland
The Informer
Flash Point
 Other Ray Lui Leung Wai pictures :  (Hide)
Firestorm (1)
Flash Point (2)
Book And Sword, Gratitude And Revenge (2)
2000 AD (1)
The Mistress (2)
The Incorruptible (4)
God Of Gamblers III : Back To Shanghai (1)
Legend Of Chiuchow Brothers (5)
The Good, The Bad And the Bandit (3)
Thunder Run (6)
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