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Interview with the golden boy Jerry Trimble
Participation in other HK productions 1/2 - Page 4
Author(s) : Arnaud Lanuque
Date : 24/8/2007
Type(s) : Interview
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People :
Billy Blanks
Blacky Ko Sau Leung
Dave Wong Kit
Movies :
The Master
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In the foreign legion

HKCinemagic : Did you get involved in Invincible because of your participation in The Master?
Jerry Trimble : I think there was a connection with someone or one of the producers on The Master that called me in to do the film.
HKCinemagic : Can you tell us exactly in which locations you shot? (I guess France and Morocco ) Was the shooting of desert training as difficult as it seems judging from the image shown in the movie?
J T : It was actually shot in South Africa, Namibia and Swacopmund, near the deserts. That was interesting. One day just before wrap, me and one of the guys took a spin on the three wheelers. I was getting wild and crazy, hit a dune went up into the air about ten feet, came down and whacked my chin on the handlebars. Went to the Hospital and got stitches. Then, about a week later, we ran out of water, I became dehydrated and again, went to the hospital. I became a regular at the hospital, they loved me there (laughs). It was definitely an adventure.

With co-star Billy Blanks, tough guys!

HKCinemagic : How was your relationship with American co-star Billy Blanks?
J T : Billy and I got along great. He's a nice guy.

Ready to launch an assault on the local terrorists

HKCinemagic : Relationships are described as difficult between westerners and Asian people in the movie. Was it also the case on the set or, on the contrary, did everybody got along well? What do you think of Blacky Ko (the director and co star) and Dave Wong (star of the film)?
J T : Overall, everyone got along. Sometimes, of course, there were those moments that exist on all movie sets, battles amongst egos, there was a lot of testosterone on that set. Blacky was cool, we got along good. Never a dull moment with him. Dave Wong is an awesome guy, an absolute pleasure to work with. We became friends. A true professional. I hear he's a fantastic singer too. Very good actor.

Another very friendly character for Jerry Trimble / VF: Tiens, voila du boudin, voila du boudin

HKCinemagic : Once again, you act as a very mean character. Weren't you afraid of being typecast?
J T : Not really. I love playing villains. Over the years, I‘ve grown as a man and an actor. As an actor you always learning something about yourself through the roles that you play.
HKCinemagic : Were you disappointed not to have any martial arts fights in the movie?
J T : Not at all. I love acting. Action or not. I'm grateful to be on set doing what I love, whether kicking butt or not. It's all good.
HKCinemagic : Why didn't you try to make it in Hong Kong and finally preferred to work mostly in LA?
J T : That's just how it worked out. My agents/managers were here, so this is where my career developed and continues to grow every day. I would love to work in Hong Kong cinema again. Honk Kong Cinema has a unique style of cool.
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Page 3 : The Master
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Page 5 : King of the Kickboxer

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