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Interview with the golden boy Jerry Trimble
The Master 1/1 - Page 3
Author(s) : Arnaud Lanuque
Date : 24/8/2007
Type(s) : Interview
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People :
Jet Li
Tsui Hark
Brandy Yuen Jan Yeung
Yuen Wah
Movies :
The Master
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Jerry Trimble is Johnny, a powerful martial arts master who want to rule over Los Angeles martial world

HKCinemagic : How did you get involved in the production of The Master?
Jerry Trimble : It was an audition. I read for it, they asked me to display my skills. I executed a succession of fast, flashy kicks that obviously impressed the producers and booked the role of mean, Johnny. Two days later, I booked another lead in a film. I was on a role.

Fight against one of the action choreographer, Yuen Wah

HKCinemagic : The Master is your first film credit and your first try to Hong Kong style of choreography. While many westerners are heavily doubled, you do most of your own moves yourself. Was it something important for you?
J T : Of course, if you can do it, then do it. It looks so much better in film when the actor is able to do his own action. I wanted to do all that I could do. And it's easier on the editors.
HKCinemagic : Did you have any difficulty to catch the rhythm the director/action directors wanted?
J T : No, it's like a dance, with rhythm and timing, I got used to it pretty fast. Thank God I'm a funky white boy.

A stunt performed by Jerry Trimble himself

HKCinemagic : Did you have any difficulty in sticking to the car roof during your encounter with Jet Liin the car park?
J T : Once the director says action, you jump into the character and enjoy the ride. I grit my teeth, held on and went for it. Johnny was crazy.
HKCinemagic : Same question for the scene in which you break the glass of a car with a jumping kick?
J T : No. Once you commit, you give it your all. It's all or nothing. I trusted the coordinators, they instructed me on what to do and I went for it.

Traditional Kung Fu pose

HKCinemagic : Some of the moves you make rely on more traditional Kung Fu style (eagle claw for exemple), was it something instructed from Brandy Yuen and Yuen Wah (the action choreographers)?
J T : Yes, The stunt team was great they would show me different techniques, (eagle claw, stances, techniques that were very new to me, but I did my best. I had no clue about Kung Fu, I just hope it came across on screen. Working with the HK team was a privilege.

Against Jet Li

HKCinemagic : How long did it take to shoot the final fight on the roof of the building?
J T : As I recall, I think it was about a few weeks. That was fun. Lot 's of action and a fantastic view of Los Angeles .

Johnny and his henchmen

HKCinemagic : Did you have any instructions from Tsui Hark about how you were supposed to play your character?
J T : He just told me to make the action, fighting style, my own.
HKCinemagic : Johnny's character is quite one-dimensional, sticking to the cliché of the bad westerner dealing with Chinese people. Did you have any objection about it or did you embrace it fully, taking it as a fun character?
J T : At that time it was fun, Johnny was a bad man. If I were to redo Johnny as a character today, he would be an entirely different Johnny. Nonetheless, it was a great experience and I'm grateful.

A shot which sums up Jerry and Jet's relation?

HKCinemagic : Some sources said you didn't get along well with Jet Li. What is your point of view about your relationship with him while doing this film?
J T : Jet and I never really talked. We would pass one another at the craft services table and say hello, nod at each other. That was about it. There was really no relationship. Some of the American crew were trying to get things going between us, placing bets on who would win in battle. I took it all in fun. I have the utmost respect for Jet. I'm sure he's great guy.

Jerry Trimble w ith Yuen Wah and the stuntmen team
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