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Interview with the golden boy Jerry Trimble
Martial Background 1/1 - Page 1
Author(s) : Arnaud Lanuque
Date : 24/8/2007
Type(s) : Interview
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People :
Bruce Lee
Jerry Trimble
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Page 2 : Competition

Jerry Trimble is one of the great kickboxing champions who managed to make the transition from the ring to the cinema big screen. Based in Hollywood, he has mostly worked for US films but has also participated in several HK productions. He kindly agreed to talk with us of his career and his involvement in HK films.

Jerry instructing for a seminar in Texas

Martial Background

HKCinemagic : It is said you started to train in martial arts after watching Bruce Lee movies. What did you find so inspirational in them?
Jerry Trimble : As many fourteen year olds, I had a very low confidence level. I was somewhat of a loner, with only a handful of friends. Every week me and a friend would head to the local movie theater to escape and be inspired by something or someone on the big screen. One weekend we decided to sneak into an R rated movie, it was Chinese Connection. I couldn't believe my eyes. When this guy went into action, I thought to myself, that's what I want to do. Something hit me that changed my life forever and his name was Bruce Lee. The seed was planted.

Bruce Lee exhibited everything I wanted. Confidence, power, speed, awesome ability and he would not back down from anyone. He was true to himself. He became my new hero. I wanted to be like him. I decided that I was going to learn how to be like Bruce. No more school bullies were going to pick on me without standing up for myself. When I asked my parents to enrol me into a martial arts school, they didn't take me seriously. Boy, were they wrong. Anyhow, that didn't stop me, so I went to the newsstand and bought as many martial arts magazines as I could and begin my training via the magazine master. A few months later, a Taekwon-Do school opened up in the town shopping center and after lots of jumping around in my upstairs bedroom, my parents thought, if we don't get him proper instruction, he will probably kill himself or break the furniture. It's amazing what happens when you put the energy out their. Anway, my uncle took me to the dojo and enrolled me in TaeKwon-Do. I decided that I was going to be Bruce Lee bad, and the rest is history.

Jerry demonstrating Tae Kwon Do at his high school

HKCinemagic : Why learn Tae Kwon Do and not Wing Chun or Jeet Kun Do?
J T : Honestly, I think if a Wing Chun or Jeet Kun Do school opened, instead of a TKD school, I would have probably joined it. It was meant to be, because I had a passion for kicking.
HKCinemagic : What was your training routine at the time?
J T : I knew that to be the best you had to train like the best. I trained six days a week. As I learned more about TKD. I wanted to be the best and fastest kicker in the world. I would go to school until 10:45 am , then co-op (where they let you out to work to work at a job) I would then go to the dojo from 11:00 until closing, 9:00pm . Five days a week, then would go in on a Saturday and spar. I loved fighting. I would train for hours a day, in class and out of class. In the mirror, on the bags, focus pads and sparring as often as I could with as many different people as I could. Sparring was my favourite thing to do. I was addicted. You might say I was obsessed. I then discovered tournament competition, won a slew of trophies and awards and became one of the top tournament competitors in the U.S.
HKCinemagic : Did you quickly get the ambition to make martial arts your life?
J T : Immediately, I found something that was for ME. I give so much credit to those teachers I've had along the way and continue to engage with. Martial arts became my life. Then one afternoon, I was watching TV and saw a kickboxing match on TV. Ahh, another spark of inspiration.
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Page 2 : Competition

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