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A day at the Shaw Brothers’
Entering in Movietown 1/1 - Page 1
Author(s) : David Vivier
Thomas Podvin
Date : 10/7/2007
Type(s) : Information
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People :
Teddy Chen Tak Sum
Run Run Shaw
Kirk Wong Chi Keung
Movies :
Dirty Ho
The Five Venoms
The Flying Guillotine
Legendary Weapons Of China
Lexic :
Clearwater Bay
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Page 2 : The studio buildings
© All photos by David Vivier for HKCinemagic.com.

No picture can be used without prior consent of HKCinemagic.com.

David Vivier had the chance to visit the Shaw Studios in Clearwater Bay. It has never really changed since the reign of Sir Run Run, the 100-year-old mogul who left his entire cinema heritage into the hands of Celestial.

To set up the context, here is a quick outline of the Shaw Brothers history.

- In 1957, Sir Run Run Shaw came to Hong Kong from Singapore and founded the new company, Shaw Brothers (Hong Kong) Ltd.

- In 1958, Shaw Movietown (a literal translation of the Chinese name of Shaw Studio), a new and large studio built in Clearwater Bay (Kowloon) went into operation in 1960.

- In 2000, Shaw sold its entire film library (more than 750 films) to Celestial Pictures, a subsidiary of Malaysian Conglomerate, Astro All Asian Networks. Celestial Pictures rented the legendary Shaw Building as its headquarters.

David met also with William Pfeiffer, Chief Executive Officer at Celestial, whom we warmly thank for the opportunity. Below is an exceptional guided tour within the wall of the mythic film studio.



The entrance to the Show Building, Celestial's operation center.

The Shaw Building is still located within the Shaw Studios in Clearwater Bay, in the far Eastern side of Kowloon, Hong Kong . But the Studios will soon move to Tseung Kwan O, where a new movie city has been built.

William Pfeiffer

Celestial's CEO William Pfeiffer, who used to work with Disney, and then Sony Pictures Columbia Tri-Star kindly welcomed HKcinemagic.com and opened the doors to the legendary studio. He was our tour guide during these few unforgettable hours.

Celestial has jointly developed and published a series of six books from the two official publications "Southern Screen" (1957-79) and "Hong Kong Movie News" (1966-79) and documentaries on the Shaw films, all of which being the perfect movie fan's guide to the Shaw Film library. “Shaw produced some of the greatest martial arts films ever made,” said Pfeiffer.

After distributing films into cinemas, home video, television, Celestial prepares new ways for audience to experience the incredibly everlasting SB legacy.

In 2007, Celestial Pictures expands the world's largest Chinese film collection to the mobile platform and reaches new audiences. Celestial has launched Kung Fu TV, a mobile TV channel in Thailand featuring selected content from the SB film library. It will consist of bite-sized segments - video clips that run for up to three minutes - of some of the most brilliant fight sequences from King Boxer, Dirty Ho, Legendary Weapons of China, etc.

Remakes are also underway, like The Flying Guillotine by Teddy Chen and Five Deadly Venoms by Che Kirk Wong.

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Page 2 : The studio buildings

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