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Jeet Kune Do
Literally 'the way of the fist which intercepts', this martial art was founded by Bruce Lee.

Like its founder, Jeet Kune Do is a blend of Oriental and Occidental philosophies. From the Orient, Bruce Lee takes some Wing Chunn foundations and other elements from other traditional martial arts, from the Occident he takes this quest for maximum practical efficiency and the strong individualism. Thus, Jeet Kune Do attempts to integrate all the efficient techniques found in martial arts and rejects all that is considered as useless. It also recommends a martial search adapted to the individual, in relation to one's personality and physique. After Bruce Lee's death, the world of Jeet Kune Do will witness deep conflicts about who is Bruce Lee's legitimate successor. ref="people.asp?id=3732" class="peopleintext">Dan Inosanto (one of his scholars seen in The Game of Death or Chinese Stuntman) seems to have gathered the most votes but the debate still rages. Of course, the best illustrations of Jeet Kune Do are seen in Bruce's last films (his first ones were under the influence of the choreographer Han Ying Chieh) such as The Way of the Dragon or The Game of Death (the parts shot by Bruce).

Arnaud Lanuque

Jiang Hu
Jiang Hu (Mandarin) literally means 'rivers and lakes'. The phrase covers by extension the world of adventurers, paladins (wu xia), bandits and other typical characters in wu xia literature with its school struggles, quests for martial techniques…. It's also a lifestyle made of wandering, loneliness, adventures and danger. In Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon, Li Mu-Bai uses this term to designate the world he belongs to; he even talks of a Jiang Hu brotherhood.

This world formed the subject of numerous books, TV series and films, of course. Among the most famous ones, one can name the Swordsman trilogy produced by Tsui Hark. It's also the second title of Ronny Yu's film The Bride With White Hair.

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 Jeet Kune Do
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