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 Title     ( HK -  All ) Year   Director(s)
 CIB Files 2006
 CID - first season 1976 Ann Hui On Wah , Patrick Tam Kar Ming , Yim Ho
 CID - second season 1977 Alex Cheung Kwok Ming
 Cinderella And Her Little Angels 1959 Tong Wong
 Cinema Of Vengeance 1993 Toby Russell
 Circle Of Iron 1978 Richard Moore
 Circus Kid 1994 Wu Ma
 Circus, The 1958 Ma Jun Doi
 Citizen King 2008 Ching Long , Johnson Lee Sze Chit
 Citizen Shaw 1980 Maurice Frydland
 City Called Dragon 1969 Larry Tu Chong Hsun
 City Cop 2 1995 Herman Yau Lai To
 City Cops 1989 Lau Kar Wing
 City Crisis 2004 Ally Wong Ka Fai
 City Girl 1987 David Ho Dai Wai
 City Hero 1985 Dennis Yu Wan Kwong
 City Hunter 1993 Jackie Chan , Wong Jing
 City Kids 1989 Poon Man Kit
 City Maniac 1995 Wei Han Tao
 City Monkey 2010 Patrick Kong Ling Cheng
 City Of Angel 2000 Joe Hau Wing Choi
 City Of Darkness 1999 Heaven Yiu Tin Hung
 City Of Desire 2001 Raymond Yip Wai Man
 City Of Fantasy 1964 Wu Jiaxiang
 City Of Glass 1998 Mabel Cheung Yueng Ting
 City Of Sadness 1989 Hou Hsiao Hsien
 City Of SARS 2003 Steve Cheng Wai Man
 City On Fire 1993 Chow Cheung
 City On Fire 1987 Ringo Lam Ling Tung
 City Squeeze 1989 Clifton Ko Chi Sum
 City Under Siege 2010 Benny Chan Muk Sing
 City War 1988 Sun Chung
 City Warriors 1988 Johnny Wang Lung Wei
 City Without Baseball 2008 Lawrence Ah Mon , Scud
 Ciyun's Farewell In Storm And Fire (Part 1) 1950 Chu Kei
 CJ7 2008 Stephen Chow Sing Chi
 CJ7: The Cartoon 2010 Yuen Kun To
 Clan Feuds 1982 Cheung Paang Yik
 Clan Of Amazons 1996 Chan Muk Chuen
 Clan Of Amazons 1978 Chu Yuan
 Clan Of Righteousness 1979 Fong Cheung
 Clan Of The White Lotus 1980 Lo Lieh
 Clans Of Intrigue 1977 Chu Yuan
 Clash Of The Professionals 1985 Yeung Jing Chan
 Class Of Distinction 1994
 Classmate Party 1988 Lam Ching Gaai
 Claustrophobia 2008 Ivy Ho Sai Hong
 Claw And The Whip, The 1963 Wong Hok Sing
 Claws Of Horror, The 1963 Wong Hok Sing
 Clean 2004 Olivier Assayas
 Clean My Name, Mr Coroner ! 2000 James Yuen Sai Sang
 Cleopatra Jones And The Casino Of Gold 1975 Charles Bail
 Cliff, The 1961 Chung Yau
 Clones Of Bruce Lee, The 1977 Joseph Kong Hung
 Close Combat 1937 Chiu Shu San
 Close Encounter Of Vampire, The 1986 Yuen Woo Ping
 Close Escape 1989 Chow Jan Wing
 Close Kung Fu Encounter 1975 Kim Si Hyeon
 Close To You 2010 Cheng Hsiao Tse
 Closed Chamber 1953 Tu Guangqi
 Closer The Better, The 1952 Tu Guangqi
 Closet, The 2007 Dick Cho Kin Nam
 Cloud Of Romance 1977 Chen Hung Lieh
 Club Girl 1994 Li Jian Ping
 Club Girls 1989 Wai Lit
 Club Girls Romance 1992
 Club Of Magic Flame, The 1964 Wong Hok Sing
 Club, The 1981 Kirk Wong Chi Keung
 Clueless 2001 Ally Wong Ka Fai
 Clumsy Gambler, The 1977 Luk Bong
 Clumsy Hero, The 1956 Wong Toi
 Clutch Of Power 1977 Cheung Paang Yik
 Cobra Girl 1977 Sun Chung
 Cobra Vs. Ninja 1987 Joseph Lai San Lun
 Cocktail 2006 Herman Yau Lai To
 Code Name Flash 1987 Jue Aau , Leung Chi Keung
 Code Name Panther 1974
 Code Puma 1999 Axel de Roche
 Code Puma 2000 Axel de Roche , Donnie Yen Chi Tan
 Code Puma 1999 Donnie Yen Chi Tan
 Coffee Girl 1963 Wu Pang
 Coffee, Wine, Lemonade 1974
 Cohabitation 1993 Roman Cheung Shiu Lung
 Cohabitation 1975 Sun Chung
 Coin, The 1964 Li Han Hsiang
 Cold Blade 1970 Chu Yuan
 Cold Blood Warm Heart 1996
 Cold Blooded Murder, The 1981 Albert Law Diy Bong
 Cold Flame, The 2008 Leon Yang Shu Peng
 Cold Nights 1955 Lee Sun Fung
 Cold Pupil 2013 Cheung Kwok Kuen
 Cold Steel 2011 David Wu Tai Wai
 Cold War 2000 Leung Kar Yan
 Cold War 2012 Longmond Leung Lok Man , Sunny Luk Kim Ching
 Cold War 2 2016 Longmond Leung Lok Man , Sunny Luk Kim Ching
 Cold Wind Hands 1972
 Coldest Winter In Peking, The 1981 Pai Ching Jui
 Collegian 1970 Bao Fang
 Color Me Love 2010 Alexi Tan
 Color Of Pain 2002 Sam Leung Tak Sam
 Colorful Ripples, The 1974
 Colorful Tokyo 1956 Chow See Luk
 Colour Blossoms 2004 Yon Fan
 Colour Of Loyalty 2005 Billy Chung Siu Hung , Wong Jing
 Colour Of The Truth 2003 Marco Mak Chi Sin , Wong Jing
 Colourful Life 2001
 Colourful Paradise 1969 Chu Kei
 Colourful Partners 1968
 Colourful Youth 1966 Chan Wan
 Colt in mano del diavolo, Un 1972 Gianfranco Baldanello
 Combat At Heaven's Gate 1993 Chui Chik Lim
 Combat Between Seven Swords And Five Dragons 1961 Wu Pang
 Combo Cops 1996 Wong Siu Ming (1) , Yiu Man Kei
 Come Drink With Me 1966 King Hu
 Come Fly The Dragon 1993 Eric Tsang Chi Wai
 Come Fly With Me 1976
 Come From China 1992 To Pak Hon
 Come Haunt With Me 1971 Sit Kwan
 Come On Girls 1993
 Come Rain Or Come Shine 1974 Richard Chen Yao Chi
 Come Rain, Come Shine 1962 Tong Wong
 Come Together 1975 Alex Cheung Kwok Ming
 Comédie Humaine, La 2010 Chan Hing Kar , Janet Chun Siu Jan
 Comedy 1984 Dennis Yu Wan Kwong
 Comedy Of Mismatches, The 1964 Law Chun , Sit Kwan
 Comes The Black Dog 2003 Yin Chi
 Comet Strikes, The 1971 Lo Wei
 Comeuppance 2000 Derek Chiu Sung Kei
 Comfort Women 1992 Bruce Le
 Comic Dreams Of ‘97 1994 Chan Ta
 Comic King 2001 O Sing Pui
 Coming Back 2011 Li Yuan (2)
 Coming Home 2014 Zhang Yimou
 Coming With A Gun 1984 To Pak Hon
 Commander Underground 1967 Li Han Hsiang
 Commando Fury 1981 Chester Yang
 Company, The 1984 Tommy Leung Ka Chun
 Compassion 1936 Man Yat Man , Runje Shaw
 Complicated Raping Case, The 1993 Lok Daai Yue
 Complicated Story, A 2013 Kiwi Chow Kwun Wai
 Comrades, Almost A Love Story 1996 Peter Chan Ho Sun
 Concrete Jungle, The 1974 Law Chun
 Condemned, The 1976 David Chiang Da Wei
 Condor Heroes Return, The 1994
 Conduct Zero 1986 Yip Wong
 Confession Of Pain 2007 Andrew Lau Wai Keung , Alan Mak Siu Fai
 Confessions Of A Private Secretary 1977 Steve Chan Ho
 Conflict 1978
 Confucian Confusion, A 1994 Edward Yang
 Confucius 2010 Hu Mei
 Confused Love 1977 Patrick Tse Yin
 Confusing Honeymoon, A 1962
 Conjugal Affairs 1994 Sylvia Chang Ai Chi , Samson Chiu Leung Chun , Yon Fan
 Conjugation 2001 Emily Tang Xiao Bai
 Conjuring Spirit At Midnight 1964 Cheung Ying
 Conman 2002, The 2002 Aman Cheung Min
 Conman In Tokyo 2000 Tony Ching Siu Tung
 Conman, The 1998 Aman Cheung Min , Wong Jing
 Conmen In Vegas, The 1999 Wong Jing
 Connected 2008 Benny Chan Muk Sing
 Conqueress Of Dong Jiang, The 1963 Go Leung
 Conquering Sword, The 1963 Miu Hong Nee
 Conqueror's Story, The 2004 Huang Guo Qiang , Wong Kin Fan
 Conscience 1961
 Conscience 1933 Chow Wing Loi , Mak Siu Ha
 Conscience And Guilt 1960 Yuan Cong Mei
 Consider Yourself A Cadre 2007 Du Min , Feng Gong
 Conspiracy 2000 Sam Ho Shu Pui
 Conspiracy Of Thieves 1975 Larry Tu Chong Hsun
 Conspiracy, The 1987
 Conspirators 2013 Oxide Pang Shun
 Constable, The 2013 Dennis Law Sau Yiu
 Contract Lover 2007 Alfred Cheung Kin Ting
 Contract, The 1978 Michael Hui Kun Man
 Contract, The 2005 Lu Xuechang
 Control 2013 Kenneth Bi
 Convict Killer, The 1980 Chu Yuan
 Convivial Trio 1970
 Cookbook Of Birth Control, A 1975 Steve Chan Ho
 Cool Sword 2004 Kuk Kok Leung
 Cool Young 2011 Zhao Yan Guo Zhang
 Coolie Killer 1982 Terry Tong Gei Ming
 Cop 1999 Jacky Wu Zong Xian
 Cop Busters 1985 Danny Lee Sau Yin
 Cop Image 1994 Herman Yau Lai To
 Cop Of The Town 1985 Wong Chung
 Cop On A Mission 2001 Marco Mak Chi Sin
 Cop Shop Babes 2001 Aman Cheung Min
 Cop Unbowed 2004 Wai Tat
 Cops And Robbers 1979 Alex Cheung Kwok Ming
 Cops Killer 2000 Wen Weiji
 Corn In Ripe For Plucking, The 1948
 Corpse At Sea, A 1956 Cho Kei
 Corpse Mania 1981 Kuei Chih Hung
 Corpse Spirit Is Pressing, The 2005 Ally Wong Ka Fai
 Corpses at Large 1960 Evan Yang
 Corrosion 1950 Huang Zuo Lin
 Corruptor, The 1999 James Foley
 Cosmetics Of Market 1933 Zhang Shi Chuan
 Cosplayers, The 2013 Pan Shi
 Could You Kill My Husband Please? 2001
 Counting House, The 2006 Carlo Giudice , Paolo Marcellini
 Country Boy Goes To Town 1965
 Country Bumpkin In Style, The 1974 Richard Yeung Kuen
 Country Bumpkin Tours The City, Part Three, The 1935 Runje Shaw
 Country Bumpkin Tours The City, The 1935 Runje Shaw
 Country Bumpkin Tours The City, The Sequel, The 1935 Runje Shaw
 Country Bumpkin Visits His In-Laws, The 1937 Run Run Shaw
 Country Bumpking Looks For His Son, A 1956 Wong Hok Sing
 Country Cousin, The 1941 Hung Suk Wan
 Country Girl Goes to Town 1965 Wong Yiu
 Country Girl Looks For Her Husband 1956 Suen Wai
 Country Man And The Scavenger 1976 Tam Bing Man
 Country Spirit 2001
 Country Teacher 1994 Hoh Kwan
 Country Woman Joins The Army, The 1937 Chiu Shu San
 Coup de Grace 1990 Yuen Cheung Yan
 Couple Forever, A 1943 Ko Lei Hen
 Couple In Cold War, A 1962
 Couple In Love, A 1952 Cheung Wai Gwong
 Couple In Name Only, A 1927 Bu Wan Cang
 Couple With Double Identities, A 1951 Cheung Wai Gwong
 Couples, Couples, Couples 1988 Cheung Chi Kok
 Couples, The 1979
 Courthouse On Horseback 2006 Liu Jie
 Cow 2009 Guan Hu
 Cow Boy And The Sewing Girl, The 1949
 Coward Bastard 1980 Kuei Chih Hung
 Cowboy And A Girl Whorehouse 1998 Keung Suk Ngo
 Coweb 2008 Hung Yan Yan
 [ Top  C'-Ch CI-Co Cr Cu-Cy
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Conspirators (2013)


The Constable (2013)

Control (2013)

Confucius (2010) x20
City Under Siege (2010) x1
CJ7 (2008) x20
Connected (2008) x16

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